Hope howell and india summer horny some

Hope howell and india summer horny some
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Next week I'll be on spring break and looking for action, but now I'm in my dorm room alone and feeling horny, so decided to search the internet for porn.


I found a site that said it contained amateur porn, pictures and videos. I've always been a bit skeptical, thinking the amateurs were really porn stars.

Since I just wanted to look, it really didn't matter if the girls were amateurs or not, just so long as the pictures and videos were hot! So I clicked on the URL. There were about 10 pictures per web page of girls in various stages of undress. Many of the pictures were pretty hot, videos even hotter, in no time I was stroking my hard dick.

As I glanced over the second web page, my eyes were drawn to a sexy, nude woman, nice tits and an even nicer bush.


Her long dark brown hair covered most of her face. I had to see more, so I 'clicked' on the girl's picture to bring up her web page, and realized the pictures were of my sister Beth. When she was younger, I'd get an occasional glimpse of her body, but that was years ago.

To find her online was a quite a surprise, but surprise or no surprise, I spent a lot of time studying each one of the dozen or so reveling pictures of Beth. She was posing for the camera, standing up straight, bent over, sitting with her legs spread, and those close ups were fantastic! I saved all the pictures to my hard drive. At the bottom of the page were pictures of other girls and links to their web pages.

Some of the girls I recognized as Beth's friends, others were total strangers to me. I'd made a note to myself to check out the other links later. Right now all I want to do is focus on the video attached to Beth's web page, titled High School Four asian gorgeous hotties and boys japanese hardcore Party. I was sure this would be worth watching.

So I downloaded the video as quickly as my internet connection would permit. Once downloaded, I played it, not sure what I'd find there, but knowing, no matter what, I'd see my sister in a whole new way.

The video started out in a living room setting, the person taking the video panned around a large room, showing an interracial group of guys and girls standing, talking, drinking, and what looked like popping pills. Beth was in the video, along with several of her friends, a few guys' I'd seen hanging around with Beth.

There was an obvious pause in the video timeline, the video resumed with girls dancing seductively, guys touching girls, then girls and guys removing each others clothes. I caught occasional glimpses of Beth, dancing, than nude, being touched by a white guy, then a black guy working his way over to her.

From there the party shifted into high gear, guys and girls fucking everywhere in the room, on the floor, couch, table, everywhere. As one pair would finish, they'd switch partners and start fucking again.

There were several close ups of Beth being pounded by her guy of the moment, Beth on top of a guy, and Beth and of her girl friends in a 69 position, being cheered on by a couple of guys and girls. The video went on for well over an hour, and while they may have been amateurs, the video was pure porn!!!

I played the video back several times, until I was sure I'd seen all of my sister's sex acts there were in this video. I never knew she was such a slut! Over the next several days searched and I found a few more amateur High School Fuck videos made at the same location, with Beth and her friends playing starring roles.

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I didn't plan to confront her with the videos, in fact I wasn't really sure what I'd do with the videos, but knew my innocent sister wasn't innocent at all. Spring break finally arrived, and I drove home, getting into my home town late Friday night.

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Mom and dad were still up, watching TV when I walked in the front door. As always, I got a big hug and kiss from mom, and a quick pat on the back from Dad.

I said where's Beth? Mom she's out with friends, I'll see her in the morning. Saturday morning, Beth gave me one of her usual cold greetings, and then went on with whatever she was doing. She's 17 and I'm 22, we never had much in common, different friends, music, and hung out in different circles. I casually asked mom about Saturday night dinner, and would we all be together. Mom said we'd all be together for dinner, but after dinner, Beth was going to a party at the Hanson's place.

Hanson's, they have a daughter Beth's age, big house and travel a lot. Sounds like a likely place for a party to me. And just the place I want to go to get in on the action. I dubbed around all day, kept busy doing nothing special. Before I knew it was dinner time, mom gave us the 5 min warning, letting us know we had 5 minutes to get ready. Beth was the last to join us at the dinner table, I recognized her outfit immediately, and it was the same one I'd seen in the video.

So I was feeling more confident then ever that she was going to another fuck party. After dinner, mom and Beth took care of the clean up. To my surprise, Beth didn't rush off. About 8, the door bell rang, I opened the door, and it was Amy, Beth's best friend, looking for Beth. Amy flashed a smile hot samantha parker takes a mighty huge cock for cash way.

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As if on cue, Beth came down the stairs, said good bye, and was gone. I looked out the window as they drove off, towards the Hanson's house. I told mom and dad I was going out for the evening to meet up with some high school friends.

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They didn't ask, and I didn't volunteer any more information. I left the house shortly after 9:30, I figured that gave the party goers enough time to get into high gear, and for the action to begin. I arrived at the Hanson's shortly before 10, Amy's car was in the driveway, so I knew I was at the right place and parked my car.

Wasn't sure how I'd crash party, so tried the simple approach, I knocked on the front door, a girl opened the door, my eyes feasted on her scantily clad body, she let right in, no questions asked. As I expected, the party was in full swing, most of guys and girls naked and appeared to be either drunk or high on drugs, or both.

This was a sex rich environment, and I wanted sex, perfect match. So I stripped and tried to blend in with the crowd. I did a quick scan around the room and found Beth, bent over a table, being fucked by one of the guys. A black guy was close by, waiting his turn at Beth, which came soon enough.

Beth was rocking her body, doing her best to keep in rhythm with her sex partner's strokes. I saw the guy's butt stiffen, and give a hard thrust, so figured he was shooting his load caught jerking by neighbor in window and balcony her. When he pulled out, I got a brief look at Beth's cunt, and the cum running out of it before the black guy got between Beth's legs, lined himself up, and drove his dick deep inside her.

I worked my way across the room, getting in line to fuck Beth next. At one point Beth looked up, I thought I was busted. I looked at her eyes and wasn't sure if she was drunk or high, but she was acting totally wasted. She just smiled at me, put her head back down on the table. The fucking was interrupted at all. I was amazed, looking at the black guy's dick, it was long and thick, at full penetration, he still had several inches left over. No problem knowing when he was about to cum, caused he yelled out, "Beth baby, here comes the mother load!".

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He stopped pumping and grabbed hold of Beth's hips as he blew his load emo bondage training my little teenager arse whore her.

He wasn't one to hang around, he pulled out right after he came and moved on to his next target. There was a towel next to Beth, which I used to clean up some of the cum pouring out of her cunt. Beth lifted her head, smiled as I was taking hold of her body and flipped her over on her back. I couldn't help but admire the view of Beth, completely naked and ready for fucking. I positioned myself and drove my cock into her juicy wet cunt. I didn't care if I was getting sloppy seconds or thirds, I just wanted to fuck the hell out of my sister, and that's what I was about to do.

Beth was well liberated, so I knew my dick would slide right in, as I pushed in, I was surprised that she was still somewhat tight after the fucking she'd just gotten. I continued pushing, and like that, I was in all the way up to my balls. I held it there a minute, reached down to feel her tits and play with her hard nipples, something I'd always wanted to do.

They were firm, young and firm, nipples hard and ready for sucking.


But enough of that, I wanted to fuck her, so let go of her tits and started working up to a good pounding, that turned more into like slamming. At one point I stopped to savor the moment. Beth seemed to take over, working my shaft with her cunt while I stood there and watched.

I was even more surprised to feel her cunt muscles tighten around my cock as we both came, this was way better than I expected. As I was pulling out of Beth's cunt, she turned and smiled at me again. I started to wonder if Beth was really wasted or not. I felt a tap on my shoulder which killed that train of thought. I turned to find Amy's smiling face staring back at me.

Amy broke the silence between us, saying she's seen me fucking Beth, and that really turned her on, she's next. With that, Amy took my hand and led me kianna has a different look from the other sluts. I turned back, another guy had already taken my place and was 'hard' at work fucking Beth's pussy, no doubt adding his cum to the mix she already had.

As Amy was leading me off, I was taking in the curves of her body, and liking the view. I realized, she was the only girl in the room still wearing her bra and panties. Once out of the 'fuck' room, Amy told me she's always had a crush on me, and she wanted me to be the first one to make love to her tonight. She had me follow her to a private room, so she could have me all to herself. After we'd entered the room, Amy closed and locked the door… We moved to the center of the room, where she dropped to her knees, took hold of my soft cock, and stated licking sucking and stoking my cock with her hands.

In no time my dick was hard and ready. She kept sucking, bringing me to the point where I was about to cum, than she abruptly stopped.

I was almost in a state of disbelief, never has any girl brought me to the brink and then stopped like that. I was about to say something innocenthigh petite blonde learns to fuck and cheer Amy stood, threw her arms around my neck and gave me a long passionate kiss. Then she did a little strip tease for me. Okay, now it's your turn. I want you to lick my pussy, bring me to the verge of cumming, than stop. After that, I'm yours, you can do what ever you want to me.

What a strange fetish! She laid down on the push rug, spread legs wide. I got down on the floor, let my tongue work its way from her toes to her slit, licked her clit, then slid my tongue down to her love tunnel, and back to her clit, before burying my tongue in her moist love tunnel. Amy was moaning louder and louder, getting wetter and wetter, with small shudders building into larger ones. About the time I though she was getting close to an orgasm, I stopped.

There was a pleading look in her eyes, so I started licking her clit. Amy wrapped her legs around my head and squeezed as she came with a flood of love juices, her body shook like she was having a convolution. It seemed like minutes before she released me. I wasn't sure if she wanted more, or wanted to relax a minute or two.

My answer came quickly&hellip. Amy sprang up, took hold of me, and pulled me down on top of her. Please fuck me, I need you inside me now!!

I was more than happy to oblige. At this point, I wasn't sure who wanted who more. I started to reach down, to take hold of my throbbing dick, and line up to penetrate her, when she said she wanted to guide me in. It was as if she was using my dick as a toy, sliding it up and down her slit several time before lining me up with her love tunnel, and letting me push in. We started off slow, totally in sync with each other's rhythm.

She whispered in my ear that she'd been dreaming about this for years and she wanted to enjoy everything she was feeling. Wasn't long before the intensity of love making built to two fantastic orgasms. We laid there on the floor and cuddled for a time, and explored each other's body.

Then made love a second, and third time. Each time better and more emotionally intense than the time before. We talked, about our love making and her feeling for me. Amy said that she doesn't want tonight to end here.

She wants this to be our start. I didn't want it to end here either, realizing I'd found someone special… We spent the rest of the night and the entire next day together, making love several more times.

I arrived home Sunday evening, wasn't sure if Beth would remember anything or not, she seemed pretty wasted when I fucked her. Beth was standing by the front door, when I walked in. She gave me a hug in front of mom and dad, very uncharacteristically of her.

Mom asked what's up. I said beats me. Beth then said, come on big brother, we need to talk, as she led me to her room and closed the door. I was waiting for the yelling to start, but to my surprise Beth was very calm. She asked how I knew about the party, so I told her about the website, the pictures, and the videos of her.

Beth said, bet you thought I was wasted last night, I wasn't. Guys seem to fuck better, when they think the girls are wasted and they're in control, so I pretend to be wasted. Then with a smirk on her face, so did you like fucking solo hotties playing with sex toys part pussy? Before I could respond… Beth walked over and kissed me.

Then said "There's another party next month, but you don't have to wait 'til then, you can fuck me anytime…"