Teen loves riding dildo first time unexpected practice with an older gentleman

Teen loves riding dildo first time unexpected practice with an older gentleman
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When we were first married my wife and I would travel quite a bit. In our home town we don't have a good adult store so when we traveled it became a regular thing to find one. Over the years the 2 best we have found are the Adam and Eve locations and a place called The Lions Den, our personal favorite. When we first began she was very shy and would only want to be there for short times.

Now she is willing to browse the store looking at porn and even some of the more adventurous toys. She has even gone as far as having conversations with strangers in the stores. A few years back on a trip headed north we found a lions den on the side of the interstate. As normal we pulled in and had a look. It wasn't the biggest but she noticed right off that it had something none of the other did, an arcade. She wasn't sure what to make of it. Once I saw it I had a different thought. As we were parking I noticed 5 cars outside, but once cartoon xnxx free download pron were in the only people I noticed were the clerk and another couple.

I had recently become intrigued by the idea of her with another man two thoughts came to my mind. The first was the lack of people meant there were some in the back watching porn. The second was, maybe there is a glory hole. I didn't want to spook her so I tried to make it sound normal. "It's basically a porn booth. You go in and pay to watch a porn and jerk off. It could be fun to check it out together." I was trying not to seam eager.

She thought about it for a while as we walked around. After 20 minuets she decided no and we left. Horny and disappointed we continued on to our destination. Some time later we were on another trip. We were beginning to be disappointed as we hadn't had and luck finding a good shop but thanks to google I found one a few blocks from our hotel.

When we walked in I noticed the sign for the video booths off in the back. I didn't give it much thought as I felt nothing would happen. We separated as I went to look at the dildos, always trying to find one she likes better, and she went to look at the porn. After a little bit I noticed she was talking to the clerk and motioned to the back.

As I walked up the clerk was explaining, "Yes the door locks and you just insert cash select what you want to watch and enjoy yourself." My wife turned, "You want to watch some porn?" A stupid question that only needed a nod in response. We made our way to the back and into the vacant booth. I inserted the cash as she began looking through the selection. We had only watched for a few moments before she had her hand on my crotch.

I was already hard and I guess she was excited too. She unzipped my fly and pulled out my cock gave it a couple tugs to make sure it was hard bent over and began to suck me off. My wife is 5'5" 225 lbs with 34d Breast. She isn't a small girl but I love all her curves. As she sucked and jerked I was in heaven. I pulled her shirt and bra up releasing her breasts.


I began to fondle them as she continued. It took a few minutes but I finally came, blowing my load in her warm mouth. She swallowed every drop. As she came upright and we kissed she remarked, "That's a first.

Never sucked someone off in a store before." Before I could respond a voice replied. "Fuck that's hot. Any chance you would suck me off?" Shocked she jumped pulling her shirt down and looked around the small booth. "Who the fuck said that!" A hand came through a hole in the wall my wife looked down at it then to me.

I knew immediately and the thought rushed through my mind. "Fuck yes a glory hole. This fucker just watched her suck me off. HE SAW HER TITS!" I must have had a big grin on my face because when I looked at her she wasn't smiling.

I was trying to think of something to say that would convince her to blow him when he chimed in. "Can I at least touch your tits?" I looked down at her. "He has already seen them and watched you suck cock. I'm sure he would enjoy 8 inch ka land sex as much as I do." She rolled her eyes raised her shirt and squat down to the level of the waiting hand. He cupped and squeezed one then the other. Complementing her as he began to play with her nipples.

She began to stand and you could hear the disappointment in his voice "Wait.

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If you won't suck me will you at least give me a hand job?" I'll never forget the annoyed look on her face because it's the same one I get when I want to fuck and she isn't in the mood. She sighed giving an annoyed "fine".

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It didn't take a moment and an uncut cock came through the hole. She knelt down and began jerking him off. I soon became aware that I had never put my own cock away as I hard again and I began stroking as I watched. My wife turned to see me jerking all I could do was tell her how sexy she looked with a strangers cock in her hand.

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She gave me a sly grin and asked if I wanted to see it in her mouth. I almost came right then. He must have been as horny as I was at that point because he didn't last long before we heard him say he was going to cum. She pulled off and jerked him till he came on her tits.

She continued to stroke his softening cock as I came a moment later.

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The stranger thanked her saying she was by far one of the best cocksuckers he had ever had. We straightened ourselves up and left the booth. There were 3 men in the store and it was everything I could do to not wonder which my wife had blown. We bought a couple products and left for our hotel.

Needles to say we fucked when we got back and it was amazing. Let me know what y'all think of our story's. Let me know what