She fucks better than she studies facial cumshot and natural tits

She fucks better than she studies facial cumshot and natural tits
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My wife and I had just bought our first apartment and needless to say, we were pretty excited. It was a beautiful two bedroom corner suite on the second story of three story building. Having more floor space was nice of course, but we were especially happy about how many windows we now had. Our last apartment was on the ground floor and had only two windows.

Of course, neither of these windows looked out onto any kind of view. The new place was at the back of the building and all of the windows looked out into a forest of trees. A ravine and creek wound its way behind all of the nearby buildings. People would walk their dogs along a path that went by our window. You could hear the occasional group of kids getting drunk and hanging out sometimes as they would pass by, but mostly it was all trees. On frisky czech teen gapes her narrowed honey pot to the bizarre first night in the new place as we unpacked, we decided to christen the new apartment.

We started to fool around in front of the window. The next thing we knew, I had her pants down at her ankles and my cock deep inside her. We fucked for ten minutes, her hands on the glass, bent forward as I drove myself into her again and again. Suddenly, a man appeared on the path, walking his dog. We both noticed but didn't stop. He hadn't looked up! As he passed, we both came. It was pretty thrilling. The thought of getting caught, the excitement, all of it was good.

Afterwards, we talked about what happened. We talked about if he could even see us from down there on the path. The view from up here was quite clear. I proposed an idea to find out and she was all up for it. I would go down to the path and take our camera. She would stay in the apartment and put on a show in the window while I took pictures. This got her wet just thinking about it.

Days passed before we decided to try it. We had a few drinks, well maybe more than a few and I went out into the night. I found the path easily enough and made my way over to the part in front of our window. The view was quite clear and at night it was pitch black so the window was lit up from the light from inside making it easy to see as my wife strode up to the window in her shear mesh camisole and black thong.

I was already hard. She made little kissy faces at me and shook her ass. Now you should know, my wife Cathy's ass is amazing! It's big, round and pretty damn firm. Her tits are a nice, small handful and a bunch of fun. Her legs are great; nice and meaty in the thighs but look sensational in heels. And she's a great lay, but all that said, her ass is by far her most sought after asset. I fumbled around with the camera until I could zoom in on the window and snap some pics of her slapping her ass and pressing it on the window.

Her hands moved over her body and started to take off her top. She pressed her tits up against the glass, clearly turned on by this whole thing. I was having such fun watching, I almost didn't hear the two guys coming down the path. I put the camera away in time, but as they got near, they both looked to see what I was so interested in that I was just standing there in the dark. "Oh my fucking god!" One of them said.

I looked back and Cathy was dancing in front of the window, clearly unaware that someone other than me was watching her.

The two guys were thrilled and smart enough not to make too much noise about it. The crazy thing was; they thought I'd just stumbled into the show just as they had. What was I going to say?

That she was my wife? "What a show! How long have you been watching this girl, man?" I realized that he was talking to me. "About ten minutes I guess." They were clearly drunk themselves. I could smell it on them. They were about twenty, one dressed in a hoody and the other a jersey. Neither looked particularly bright, kinda tough and a little on the poor side.

"This was worth walking through the dark, man! Look at that fucking ass!" He other took a swig from a bottle and passed it to sunny leone anybunny xxx storys downlode. "I would fuck her so hard, she'd split in two." I took the bottle and knocked back what had to be bourbon.

They were staring at my wife's bare tits and aside from a black string thong, she was for all intents and purposes, naked. I wondered how she would feel if she knew about her audience. Would I tell her? Her finger slipped under the strap on her hip and started to pull the last remaining piece of clothing off of her. As she did so, she turned away from the window and bent at the waist, clearly displaying herself in a show that was meant for me and not the two delinquents next to me.

She returned to the window with a little smirk on her face and put on leg up on the window sill exposing herself.


One hand spread her lips and the other put fingers in her mouth playfully to get wet. She started rubbing her clit. She was obviously enjoying herself, lost in the moment. "Oh FUCK!" One of the yahoos yelled out. It was clear that she heard this, because she slowed down and the expression on her face changed a little. It didn't really sound like me, but who else could it be?

Would she chicken out? Even more excited, she continued on touching herself and pushing her fingers in and out. She was titillated by the uncertainty and possible danger and I could see now that she was trying to see lets cam or join me irl tube porn onto the path where we were standing. The reflection of herself inside must have been too bright, because if she could see these other guys beside me, she didn't let on.

Instead she kept on playing with herself, faster and faster until… "Yeah! You are one hot, horny bitch!" That was definitely not my voice. She stopped mid-stroke like a deer in headlights, not able to see who was looking at her. Her leg came down and she slowly leaned latinas twerking perfect ass white girl booty shake compilation tube porn to the glass, using her hands to shield the reflection and peer into the darkness.

She could see us now, her husband and two thugs gawking at her nude and exposed body. "Don't stop, baby! Put'em on the glass!" Slowly, as if in a trance she did it! Her hands went back down to her pussy and continued their work. Her tongue slobbered on the pane desperately. What a cock tease! She was purposely taunting them now! Pushing her fingers deep inside herself and then tasting them. The guys were going nuts. Calling out requests now and getting them answered.

"Push your ass on the glass!" "Spread yourself open again!" She started listening to the demands, pressing her cheeks on the window pane and leaving a wet spot on the glass and then turning around to taste it. As she dropped to her knees and brought her face close enough to the glass to lick her wetness from it her hand came up and blocked out the light reflecting in her eyes so she could see out again. She called out, "Are you enjoying yourself?" I didn't know whether this was aimed at me or her new audience.

The guys said they were. They wanted more. She slapped her ass and called again. "Is this what you want?" I couldn't believe she was taunting them! They were going nuts, telling her how hard they were, how hot she was, how much they wanted to fuck her.

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She moaned and played with herself as they told her. "You want me to fuck total strangers?" She must be talking to me.

What could I say? No? I was hard as a rock watching my wife tease these idiots. What could I say? No? What would these guys say if they knew she was my wife?

So I didn't say anything. One of the guys decided it was time to show her what she was missing and whipped out his cock. It was big.


He told her what he wanted to do with it. She looked through the glass again. "Wow! Stroke it baby! Think you can handle this?" Could I handle this was the question. Maybe she was asking me? No. Sandra romain sucking balls for her pathetic slave couldn't be serious. "Well I don't hear you telling me you don't want me fucking random big, huge, saori hara handjob xnxx full story, do I?" While I thought about how I couldn't say anything about that, the two guys were telling her they did in fact want her to fuck huge cocks, theirs.

She was daring me! I couldn't believe it. Maybe she thought I wanted this. Did I? Was this some sick game? "Tell us your apartment number!" The guy with his cock out was taking it to the next level now. She didn't say anything. Maybe she was waiting to see if I was going to end this charade now. I couldn't say anything. The silence felt like forever. She just stared out the window at us, my heart racing until she said, "210." The two guys took of around the building yelling, "We'll buzz you." What could I do but follow?

The door rang for a long time. Each ring went by I hoped this was the end of this weird adventure. The guys were feeling like she had chickened out. "Fuckin tease!" They were getting pissed off which isn't difficult to do when you drunk, when the ringing stopped and was replaced with the sound of the door buzzing.

She let us in! We found the door quickly and knocked. Cathy answered the door in panties and a bra. She was scared. I could tell. She invited them in. Once we were all inside and the door closed behind us, the touching started. The guy who had pulled his dick out started grabbing her ass and eyeing her. "Why'd you put clothes on?" He asked. "You know why we came up here and we already seen the goods." She smiled at this.

"Be nice." "Fuck nice," he said with a lecherous sneer on his face, "You wanted to know if I could handle this? Right?" He grabbed a big handful of ass in a rough paw and squeezed it. Her mouth opened in a pant of surprise mixed with lust and probably a little pain. "Well I'm gonna show missa playing hookie gets nookie pulled away from him and out of his grip and turned away saying, "Don't you know how to treat a lady?" She was still trying to tease these guys.

"I didn't come up here to fuck a lady. I came to fuck the whore in the window." She stuck up her nose, "Who says I'm a whore?" She was playing with fire. She glared from the first guy to the second and then at me with a look that said, this is what you wanted.

I don't know what she wanted me to say. Taunting these guys didn't really seem like the smartest thing to do. He grabbed her and threw her roughly over to the couch. "Well let's find out." With one quick motion he ripped her panties from her and for a second I thought he was going to mount her right there. Her big ass was free again for everyone to see.

She spread her legs slightly to let him in, but instead of pushing his cock into her, he thrust two big fingers inside. She closed her eyes and her mouth dropped open. The fingers went in easily. He started working them in and out. "You're fucking wet, aren't you?" "Mmmm Hmm!" Was all she could manage.

"Well only a whore could be this wet. So stop pretending. You're a nasty little slut sex with large a hole beauteous hottie going to get fucked, right?" She didn't say anything until he slapped his big hand on her ass hard.

"Right?" "Yes I am." "Good, then start acting like it." He pulled his fingers from her and put them to her lips. She licked them and sucked them clean like an animal. "Good girl." They started kissing, gross, open mouth, tongue twisting slobber as he felt her body. He put her hand on his crotch and she rubbed against it. The other guy came over now and took his pants off. He unfastened my wife's bra from behind, letting it drop to the floor. He grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled her away from her make out partner.

He pulled her to her knees and put his big cock in her face. "Suck it." She looked dazed. So much had happened in the last ten minutes, but she was a trooper. She looked up at him, opened her mouth and said, "Okay." Starting with her tongue, she licked the tip and down the shaft. My stomach was churning. It was like I wasn't there. Every once in a while I would catch her eye for a moment and she would look knowingly as if daring me to stop her.

She was taunting as she dived onto the cock again and again as I watched my wife act like a cheap hooker in dire straits. It made me sick watching her, but I was hard and wondered how far she'd take this. It didn't seem like there was any way out of it at this point. The first guy was behind her again, working his fingers in and out of her sopping wet pussy.

She was wet! This was doing it for her! She was turned on and I knew my wife, if she was horny, she wanted to get fucked! I just never thought she'd be such a skeevy skank! I noticed son forced mom in bathroom xxx the first guy wasn't pushing his fingers into her anymore. No, it was her that was pushing her ass onto him, grinding up to the knuckle and moaning softly with a mouthful of cock.

He stood and walked in front of her, pulling her mouth onto him and there she was, servicing both of them. Moving from cock to cock, stroking one while trying to swallow the other. She was trying to please them, doing everything she could to get them off, things she had learned from being with me; fast, hard strokes with one hand while taking as much shaft in her mouth as possible.

She would go all the way down, burying her nose in his pubic hair and then, looking up at him, stick her tongue out and lick his balls. This was having the right effect and within minutes he pulled out of her mouth and got behind her. "You wanna get fucked?" In response she bent down and put her ass up in the air.

"Only if you're gonna fuck me hard." His response was simple enough. He threw himself into her pussy, no rubber, no warning. She spread her arms out to better brace herself as began to pound against her big ass, sending it flying around. His cock was pretty fucking big. Maybe even too big. She started flinching in anticipation of him bottoming out inside her, almost trying to get away.

She panted like a dog and whimpered, "So fucking deep!" She was starting to make little cries of pain with each deep thrust of his cock and I thought maybe it was time to do something, but before I could even think about what to do or say, he reached down and grabbed both of her arms and pulled them behind her.

Holding each wrist like a rein she was completely vulnerable to his attacks and could no longer pull away. He pushed deep inside her again all the way, pulling her back onto him further than he had ever gone and she inhaled sharply. His face twisted into a nasty smirk. "Stop trying to jav collection big asian tits cm h cup away from this dick." With that he started fucking her harder and twice as fast, making her scream out!

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Her face was twisted in pain and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. "FUCK!" she cried out over and over again and within the span of thirty seconds she screamed, "I'm fucking cumming!

Right now!" her body twisted and bucked and spasmed hard, grinding down on his cock as hard as she could. He paused for a moment and let her fall forward on the floor in front of him, cock still inside her. After a brief moment of trying to catch her breath, he slowly started moving his cock again, in and out.

She let out a low groan that had to be in sympathy for her worn out pussy. She now knew she wasn't done yet. Like a trooper she got back up on all fours and started to rhythmically fuck his cock again, letting her head hang down limp. She had done the unimaginable and let a complete stranger violate her, without protection and she had cum all over his cock!

There was no thinking about it anymore. It was all physical and she was going to finish what she'd started.

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Through all of the fucking his friend and I had just stood there watching, dumbfounded. I knew why I hadn't moved from the spot. What could I say or do? It was so surreal, watching my wife fuck some guy on my living room floor.

It was hard to think about anything else. I think his friend was the more reasonable of the two. When she started screaming, I think he froze up, not knowing whether this was going too far. But now that she had cum and was continuing to fuck, he started moving toward her again.

He grabbed her hair and lifted her head up, pointing his cock at her lips. With exotic4k petite latina katie murphy and johnny do a 69 vacant look in her eyes she opened her mouth and let him fuck her face.

He held on to her hair to guide her head along his shaft, sometimes holding her head down so that she couldn't breathe and releasing her for just long enough to get a little air. She coughed and choked on his cock, eyes running and face turning red.

She was like a machine piston as she slid along the two cocks. As one slid in, the other slid out as she was spit roasted.

"I want a turn fucking her now," he said, not to her but to his friend. They weren't asking her of course, she was just there to do what she was told. "Okay." The guy fucking her now-loose pussy pulled out and stood up.

The cock in her mouth was removed and as she coughed samantha ryan in passionate bed sex scene pornstars let the drool and precum run from her mouth, he sat himself on our couch.

"Actually I want you to fuck me, sweetie." He said with a smile. She glanced over at me and I couldn't tell whether she was pissed off or embarrassed. The look on her face was one I had never seen before. She was stern, determined. All of a sudden she slightly smiled and said, "Okay." She crawled over to him on her hands and knees and then stood up. Her body was glistening in sweat as she straddled him and lowered herself onto his cock.

She started slowly moving around and he pulled at her nipples and bit them. Slapping her ass, he ordered her to move faster and soon she was fucking like a porn star, telling him that his cock was so big and that he fucked so good. She turned, look for the other cock that had been inside her the last time she came.

"Come over here." She said it almost begging with sincere eyes and a wanting mouth. She stuck her tongue out a little and I had to admit it looked like a great resting place for the tip of a cock. Instead, her first fuck of the day asked, "You want two cocks again, huh?" To which she begged, "Please?" "Alright," he said turning around to get his bearings and strode off into the kitchen, returning a moment later with a tub of margarine.

He flipped off the lid and scooped up two fingers worth. Then, reaching down between her cheeks, he started to smear the butter onto her asshole, gently dipping the tip of his finger in. She looked back, surprised. "My ass? I don't know about…" Before she could finish, he pushed her forward so he could get better access from the rear.

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"Pull your ass cheeks apart." He ordered. She obeyed, uncertain, but clearly excited. Her hands each reached back and spread her cheeks apart, again making her as vulnerable as possible. She was now laying on the chest of the guy fucking her twat, her tits mashed up against his chest, nothing but the filling to a cock sandwich.

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"Good girl, slut. Ready to take it in the butt?" She moaned the grunt of an animal. She wasn't saying no though, was she? The tip of his class me girls xxx storys school cock pressed against her ass for a breath taking minute.

For a brief moment I thought it wasn't going to fit. But she shifted herself slightly to allow easier access and tried to relax. He pushed again and suddenly her sphincter gave in and swallowed just the head.

As it popped in, her fingers dug into her ass cheeks. Her mouth fell open, but before she could say anything, the guy she was riding grabbed her head and forced his tongue into her mouth. She moaned and became unhinged making out with him as she took the entire length of fat cock into her ass.

She was loving it! Cathy did like getting her ass fucked. We would have fun from time to time, but I knew it had to be tight right now, because I hadn't fucked her ass for a while. She could always cum when I fucked her ass and I knew that it wasn't going to be long now before she came again. The fucking started to get rough again and she egged them on by laughing. Of course they just pounded harder, especially the guy in her ass. It was difficult for the other thug to really thrust into her, being on the bottom, so while he busied himself by viciously slapping her face and tits repeatedly, her anal fuck-buddy pulled on her hair with one hand and spanked her ass red and raw with the other.

He was fucking her stupid too. Able to pull out until just the tip remained inside and then shoving his full length into her over and over again. She started to squeal again as another orgasm rippled through her body and she pushed back on the cocks as hard as she could trying to get as much meat inside her as possible.

Now limp and out of breath again, the two guys pulled out of her and threw her around like a rag doll. They told her to turn around. She got up on wobbly legs but didn't really understand what they wanted. So rather than explaining it, the guy on the couch simply pulled her ass back onto his lap, this time with his cock buried in her ass.

It slid right in this time with little or no complaint from my wife. He wasn't as big as his friend and so it was probably a little easier now that she had been warmed up.


She was doing all the work now, bouncing her ass on his cock and reaming herself out again and again like a woman possessed! The dude standing in front of her started to come forward to fuck her pussy again, but she stopped him. "This cock is dirty," she said before grabbing it and leaning forward to clean it with her tongue. I couldn't believe it! It seemed unimaginable that after everything she had done tonight with these two punks, there could be something that would still surprise me!

We had discussed different fantasies and certainly a lot of dirty talk, mostly things we would never actually do (or at least that's what I thought), but I never thought I'd see my wife going ass-to-mouth with some random, dirty scrub. And now here I was watching her deep throat the same cock that had just moments ago been royally fucking her sweaty ass!

In that moment I suddenly became jealous and piss off! I know that I could have said anything at anytime to try to stop this from happening, but this just seemed like it was too much! And what kind of slut was she anyway?

She had already cum twice and she wasn't done yet by the look of things. She opened her legs for them, she was wet and she let them treat her like a common whore.

Is that what she wanted? Okay then. There was one thing that we had talked about and I could never do it and I had always thought it was just dirty talk until now. Something that she hadn't done to her perfect young body yet. I was so hard thinking about it, I hardly noticed her third orgasm. This time they didn't slow down to let her come down from her high. Instead, the big dick just pushed himself into her sopping wet cunt and continued to drill her hard and fast.

I stepped up to her limp body being thrown about and pulled her head over to me. Her eyes were rolling up inside her head now and it took a moment for her to realize what was going on. She had never been fucked like this before. I rubbed my cock on her lips until she opened her mouth and started to swallow me. I gripped the back of her head and held her in place. Looking at the cock working her pussy over I said, "Who's up for double anal?" Her eyes went wide but if she was going to say anything about it, all that was heard was a muffled moan of dread that could sierra teases her lover to fill her up pornstars and hardcore it around my cock.

"Fuckin' rights." He pulled out of her pussy and then tried to stuff a finger in her ass along next to his buddy's cock. It was tight but it fit. He hooked on the ring and gave it a little pull to stretch it a little. I let her get a breath and she immediately tried to stop us.

"I can't take both of you… please…" But before she could go on I was back to gagging her with my cock. "The words, 'I can't' aren't supposed to be in a whore's vocabulary. And that's what you are, right?" The two idiots fucking her were too drunk to really make sense of all this. All I had to say was, "I got next" and the smile returned to him as he tried to stretch her ass open with his big cock.

He wasn't gentle about it and it probably hurt like hell, but after a minute or so, both cocks fit inside that perfect ass. Thrusting back and forth, my wife now knew what it really meant to be a dirty whore. She only fought as the second cock opened her ass, but once it was in, she settled into a rhythm.

Tears ran down her face and she spat on my cock before going back to devouring it. She was pissed off now for sure and I no longer cared. In fact, she did cum one more time. With two cocks in her ass and one in her mouth she rubbed her clit fast and hard and rocketed into one last orgasm. Within the next fifteen minutes the first cock came deep in her bowels, went limp and fell out.

The second cock pulled out and grabbed her hair yanking her face off of me and onto him. She sucked and slurped and brought him to climax in her throat for the first jet of jism, but for the second load he pulled out and aimed at her face. Rope after rope of sticky cum covered her now tired face.

She fell face down on her knees with her head on the floor and her ass in the air. They pulled their pants on now and said a few rude things to her, grabbed their stuff and headed for the door, grabbing and pocketing various items they decided to steal. One of them even said something about coming back some time if he ever needed a loose ass for the night. He wasn't joking either. From where I was standing her ass was gaping open like it couldn't close anymore.

Curious, I decided to finish myself off. I slid my cock into her abused and worn out asshole, so stretched that it was like fucking a warm glass of water. I said so and slapped her playfully and this was how I knew we were going to be okay after this… She reached back and stuffed as many fingers into her ass as it could fit, so that her ass was tightly filled again and I could cum. I pumped away while she called me vile names for what I had dahlia sky dp pretty dirty double penetration and deepthroat, but when I was ready to cum she turned around and swallowed everything I had.

Will those guys come back again? What will happen to our sex life now? I don't know…