Very very sex mother fucks son

Very very sex mother fucks son
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I found a much better rewritten version of this story once online, and regretted erasing it from my computer. Here's the origanal written by someone else.I take no credit it for this, but thought many of you might like it.

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I only which I could get my hands on the rewritten copy so if anyone has it or knows where to get it, much apreasiated. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I must have dozed off just a bit after that, because I was abruptly aware that someone was above me.and that it was an adult woman.

I could barely see anything, because her slippery cunt was hardly an inch from my lips. All that I could really tell was that her smooth labia were shaven and her slit was open. I was pretty sure that this was Eloise and I was determined to make her a good climax. I thrust my tongue up inside her, unbidden, and began to lick the slippery groove.probing my tongue into her tight vaginal opening. At the same instant she slipped her lips over the tip of my newly stiff prick and began an inspired blowjob.

Though I was rapidly approaching the fourth ejaculation in just a few hours, her mouth was so skillful that I knew it was going to be a big one! She ground her cunt into my face as she came, over and over.but never stopped sucking till I spurted into her mouth. I heard her moan in ecstasy, grunting as she slurped up my semen.and then we both collapsed in happy exhaustion. "Having fun?" I heard and looked up, the woman lying atop me had slipped down just enough to allow me to peer up between her parted ass cheeks.

I saw the slender nude form of Eloise standing there, her arms crossed under her tits as she looked down with a smile. "Yeah.yeah.the time of my life," I managed to say. "How many of the girls did you have?" she asked.

"I really don't know," I answered, my hand rising to stroke my partner's sweaty buttocks, "seven.maybe eight or so.I came three times." "Think you want to be a part of this group again?" she laughed. "Damn right," I responded eagerly. "'ll have to bring your wife into the group," Eloise said, with a smile, "we can't have any cheating." spicy czech sweetie gapes her pink pussy to the bizarre amateur and babe wife!" I was startled.

"I really doubt that she'd understand this sort of life style. I'll never get her here." "Don't be too sure," came a muffled voice from near my knees and my sex partner rolled off. She sat up.and I saw that it was Sue!

My wife! "Sue!

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I don't.I don't understand!" I stammered as I struggled to a sitting position. "How.where.your pussy hair." The women laughed together and filled me in. "We had to wait till Mindy was old enough before I could do this," Sue explained, holding my hand. "None of the girls can join the club till they are either nine years old.or until George, our club doctor says their sex organs are matured enough.


Mindy was a late bloomer. "I've wanted to bring you into this for all of our married life," she said, smiling, "this club has been going on a long time.and my daddy first fucked me when we were on a vacation in Switzerland when I was nine.and he brought mom seduces son friend blowjob here when I was ten.

These people have given me a rich, full sexual life.and I've continued to be a member sporadically over the years. Daddy and I still come to the meetings once in a while.not the children's section any more, but the older adult sections." "But," I asked, confused.

"Thank goodness you've never liked Band Parents, PTA, or any of the other volunteer groups I told you I belonged to," Sue giggled. "I'm sorry I lied.but the club won't let a father in without a daughter.and Mindy wasn't old enough before.


"George clipped her maidenhead in his office just a few weeks ago.and we waited so that Mindy could let you be the one to have her cherry. The club has a sort of "preschool" for the new candidate girls, and Mindy's been going to group meetings with the other newcomer girls for over a year now.

They meet with the new young boys and learn to do oral sex, the advanced techniques of love-making, and learning to easily reach their orgasms. "Oh, darling.please say you really aren't angry with me," Sue pleaded, suddenly very earnest, "and that you'll join us so our whole family can be part of this wonderful group." "Our whole family?" I parroted stupidly.


"Well, Polly will be ready for you to fuck her in three years.and Suzy will get her turn in perhaps six or seven.the way the girls are spaced out, you and I will be able to stay with the young group for a long time." My dazed brain struggled with what I was learning. My wife had been a member here since she was a titless, little girl with a hairless pussy.and now I was being offered not only a chance to fuck her and Mindy, but a chance to spend the next dozen or more years rutting among these fine hard bodied little nymphets.

My mental images of my two younger girls from our last family skinny dipping adventure brought my cock to hardness again. "Even though you can't fuck Polly or Suzy for quite a while yet," Sue went on, " the club allows families to start preparing the girls a lot sooner. When Polly turns eight we can introduce her to oral sex so our little family orgies ought to be pretty interesting soon.

What do you say to all this? I think your prick votes 'yes'," Eloise said, with a laugh. " could I refuse such an offer," I chuckled, pulling my wife's warm naked body to mine, "I add my "yes" vote to the one my cock's casting.

Where do I sign up?" We stayed tiny ebony spinner takes monster dick interracial petitefuck at the mansion that night.

I slept in a huge bed cuddled up with Sue, Eloise, Mindy and two of the other naked little girls. We fucked till I fell asleep.and then resumed the games in the morning. I was a wreck by the time we got home Sunday evening.but I've never regretted the decision to become a member of the group. The local club is affiliated with a nationwide network of similar groups and all our vacations since that summer have been at juvenile sex resorts.

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The best trip was last year when Sue, Mindy and I went on a two week vacation to a club whose headquarters were on a small island in the Caribbean. The lovely grounds hosted about two hundred people.a hundred were husbands and wives and the other hundred were sixty little girls and forty little boys.all under fourteen years of age.

The rules were one wore clothes at any time.and anyone could fuck anyone anywhere and anytime. We all had to crawl back onto the airplane at the end of that one. That was last year.and last Monday was Polly's tenth birthday.

We celebrated with a nice dinner and a birthday cake.and then had a rather unusual party. Leaving Suzy with a of the girls from the sex club, Sue, Mindy, Polly and myself went to a motel in a town some twenty miles away.

There we got a pair of adjoining rooms. Sue and Mindy helped Polly ready herself.and then all three females got naked and came into the other room. I was naked, too, and waiting for them to join me on the king-sized bed. There her mother and sister assisted as I laid the giggling little girl down on the bed and lovingly took her maidenhead. The four of us fucked and sucked and fingered each other all night long.

Each evening this week since then, Polly and I ebony hottie cecilia lion enjoys pool boys big cock fucked at least once more. That week of home sex came to a climax today, Saturday. This afternoon I personally drove Polly to the mansion, helped strip off her clothes, and escorted her to her first meeting of the club.

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She'd been taking the preparation classes and had been an enthusiastic oral partner to the home orgies for quite some time. Today she was trembling with eagerness as we walked hand-in-hand, naked, across the grassy lawn to introduce her to the club for her first orgy. There I held her hand as she squatted over Allen's belly and accepted his cock.the first penis to enter her recently virgin vagina after mine. With nicolle bexley hot teen latina beach blowjob nude mother watching on one side and her naked sister squatting on the other, she fucked Allen with great delight and became a full-fledged member of the club.

I can hardly wait for the next few years to pass. This is Mindy's last year with the juniors and then since I have a girl in both sections, I will be able to pick sex partners from both the 9-14 year old girls and the 15-18 year olds in the upper teen group.

In two more years, the four of us will introduce little Suzy to the home orgies and allow her to have oral sex with us. Two years after that, I'll finally be able to deflower her, too.and complete the cycle by bringing her into our loving circle of friends.