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Battering beautys hawt fuck gap hardcore and blowjob
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I stood there, behind my masters tunics, hardly daring to breath, hiding while the Iceni plundered the villa. I was naked, I had been sleeping when the attack started, I hid as the sound of slaughter echoed through the halls.

Now it was quiet, dark. The Iceni invaders had not found me and had left the room. I summoned up all my courage and moved out into the room. The floor was cold, the hypocaust must not be stoked. I moved as silently as I could through the dark room, but must not have been silent enough. An arm caught me round the chest, a blade pressed into my throat. "Halt!" An imperious command. I was still, casting hottie goes home after hardcore penetration and butt hole fucking if I were ice.

"On your knees!" The same harsh imperious voice commanded me. Not the voice of my master as is usual, but still it inflamed my passions. I descended to my knees, the arm letting me go, the blade still at my throat. The shutters were thrown back, the light of early dawn flooded the room. The blade was kept at my throat, but the wielder moved in front of me. I saw powerful legs, bright red hair hung behind them to the knees, and no dick? There was a mount of venus, covered in more bright red hair.

How would the victor mark my defeat with no dick? The voice laughed, "A woman with a knife inflames you so?" The imperious command had inflamed me, Venus' playground did so to. My dick was standing proud, I was inflamed, I was scared, the Iceni had been laying waste to the province, and no one was still alive when they left. I looked up, a powerful chest topped with impressive bosoms, powerful arms, she looked as though she were carved from the purest alabaster, her skin was so white, carved by the most skillful sculpture, her muscles so defined.

This statue was carved twice life size, or so it seemed from my position, certainly taller than any woman I knew. Her face was beautiful, again skillfully carved from purest alabaster, the bright red hair cascaded down from her head, ending at her knees as I'd seen.

It would have made a striking, and modest, cloak if viewed from her rear. I stared into her eyes, I said nothing. "My, you are pretty." Her screeching voice at odds with its message. "Are you Roman?" I gazed lovingly on the vision of Athena before me. She was the most perfect woman I'd ever seen.

"I am a citizen of Rome." I answered.

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Such a declaration would usually ensure safe passage anywhere in the known world. A powerful hand swooped down and hit me across the cheek with its back.


The force of the blow knocked onto my back, I lay there for some moments, stunned. I gathered my wits enough to look up, Athena was now brandishing her spear, making ready to thrust it into my heart. I spread eagled myself, leaving my chest open to her attack. I called out to her, "In the name of Pax and Venus, why have I angered you?" The spear paused, the tip pressed to my breast. "You invoke the most adorable teenage girl i ever sow goddess of love to protect you from the Furies, but you would let me kill you?" "I am yours to do with as you would.

One does not argue with a goddess." She laughed, "Maybe I shall not kill you, Cupid and Venus might be angered. Do you find me alluring?" Of course I did, but I did not want to anger Venus, "You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen, only Venus herself is more so." She smiled, she raised the spear from my chest and stepped forward, standing over me, her legs parted to span me.

Her lower lips were exposed smiling sideways at me, glistening. Not only was she beautiful, she was inflaming me further. My stiff dick was aching for her. She knelt above my head, her lips engorged, her hair tickling my chest. I just wanted to please her, I opened my mouth, but my tongue would not reach.

Her strong womanly scent filled my nostrils, I breathed deeply of the intoxicating scent, it inflamed my desire manyfold. "You want to do that to please me?" "I would do anything to please you." She lowered her lips to my mouth, my tongue could now reach her treasures, her taste was even more intoxicating than the scent.

The scent was intense now, her juices were nectar, my tongue glided across her silky lips. I became just a tongue, my only existence to please my goddess. My tongue spent an eternity pleasing my goddess, I existed with her only on Mount Olympus. Then I was cruelly exiled from Olympus, my goddess removed herself from me. I wept, "How have I displeased you?" was my anguished cry.

A softer voice told me, "You have have not displayed me." I looked up at my goddess, her alabaster skin had taken on a rose hue, her breast heaved.


"You are too pretty to displease me, you will please me further." "Anything." She reached behind her neck and drew her flaming read hair over her shoulders, so it spilled over her breast and onto my chest. She moved herself back to my stiff, aching dick, it met her lips and was swallowed by her sheath. She lent forward, her hair trailed across my chest, her bosom was presented to my mouth.

I suckled on her as the most hungry infant might. Her hips moved inflaming my dick further. Again a blondie jessica hunter shows her tits for some cash took me to Mount Olympus with my goddess I existed in just two places, my lips and my dick in her hearth.

Again I spent an eternity before I was cruelly exiled. Her teat was ripped from my mouth, she rose up above me and rent at her hair. "My sisters I avenge you!" Her heaving bosom inflamed me even further. She picked up the dagger from where it was lying next to us, she held it high in the air in both hands, pointing down at me. I again spread eagled myself before her opening myself to her attack. She cried out, "Roman! Know your fate.

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I am Boudica, Queen of the Iceni." Her passion was too much for me, my dick discharged itself into her sheath. She plunged the dagger into my heart. — Translators note. The above fragment entitled "Marcus" was translated from Latin and is attributed to Paullus Flaminius Flavius, around AD62. Other surviving fragments indicate that Paullus fled from his Villa, somewhere South of modern day Bury St Edmonds, ahead of the revolting British tribes lead by Queen Boudica.

His Villa was destroyed, and most police girls nude sexy xxxx his servants were lost in the attack.

Household accounts also show he had a servant by the name of Marcus, Marcus is presumed lost in the attack as he does not appear in later accounts. There is speculation that the above is a love note to a dead lover (Marcus) or a votive to the judges of the underworld to look kindly on the unfortunate Marcus, hence the display of piety to the presumed deity.

It should be noted that it would be common for a Roman to perform an act of irrumatio on a vanquished opponent to mark his victory, hence the surprise at the absence of a Phallus. It would not be uncommon for a master to do so to his male servants.

I considered leaving the phrase "civis romanus sum" untranslated, it was good enough for both Palmerstone and Kennedy, but decided to use the phrase "I am a citizen of Rome" as its translation. The spelling Boudica is used in the original document, though other sources use variant spellings. All proper nouns in the document are unchanged except to put them in the nominative case. Many Latin words have multiple possible translations, choosing latina blonde milf anal black cock interracial and cumshots different word may alter the flavor of the translation.

A partial list of such words is below. In this translation I use one translation for any particular word throughout. Glossary (English word, original Latin word) Dick Phallus Sheath Vagina Hearth Focus Inflame concito Playground campus Bosom mamma Chest pectus Stun Obstupefaciam Lip labia Fate fatum Alluring illecebrosus