Frisky czech teen gapes her narrowed honey pot to the bizarre

Frisky czech teen gapes her narrowed honey pot to the bizarre
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RAISING PETER, Chapter Four (a cumming together) ************************************************************************************************************* This a total work of fiction.

The story includes incest bi-sexual and group sex, water sports, among other things. If you are offended with these subjects, this is not the story for you.

If you're reading just to make smart remarks about the errors in the story, save your time, they are there. I just do the best I can and try to improve with each story.

To those who have given constructive criticism, thank you for your advice. ************************************************************************************************************* When we entered the bedroom we found Alex, Susan and James in the middle of the king size bed hooked up in a daisy chain.

Susan was sucking Alex's cock, he was sucking James' cock while James was eating his Milf rides big black dick and interracial condom we got a tip of a possible robbery pussy. From the sounds they were making, I would say they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. "Just find a spot and jump in" Susan told us while she continued to stroke Alex's cock.

I looked around at the action and knew exactly what I wanted to do. I whispered to Kay, telling her what I had in mind. Kay kissed me on the cheek then slapped her hands together to get everyone's attention.

"Hey everyone, my piss licking lover wants to move it up a notch." Everyone stopped and set up on the bed and listened. "My brave lover would like to do a 69 with me while my sweet brother fucks him in the ass. Mom and Dad can pick their spots to play with us any way they would like." They all let out a big yell as they all moved over. Kay told me to lay down in the bed, she had me raise my hips up so she could slip a pillow under my them. Then she turned and straddled my head, lowering her hot, dripping wet pussy just above my mouth.

She reached her arms around my legs and pulled them back toward my chest. Kay then took my cock in her mouth and licked around the head. I felt her fingers take a firm hold on the butt plug and slowly pulled it out of my asshole As soon as the plug was pulled out Kay let my cocks slip out of her mouth and lay flat against my stomach. She used her very wet tongue to lick down the underside of my shaft, across my scrotum and down to my asshole. I felt her warm spit as it hit my little rosebud then she pushed her tongue against my sphincter.

She pushed a little harder and her tongue slipped past my sphincter and into my anal passage.

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I pushed down trying to get more of her tongue inside of me. She pulled her tongue out, then quickly pushed it back in. WONDERFUL would be an understatement. To date, I had never experienced anything that felt so good or turned me on so much.

She wiggled her tongue a little, then pulled it out of my ass again, "Get that hard cock up here little brother, let me line you up with this hot little asshole" Kay said as she aligned James' slick rigid cock with my ready and willing hole.

I felt the head of his cock touch and then push against my sphincter.

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Susan was there, whispering in my ear, "Just relax, take a deep breath and push down a little, like you're trying to take a shit." I anissa kate kimber selice in double team on cock help but laugh at her comments but I followed her instructions. James pushed a little harder and the head of his cock slipped inside my inside.

I expected more discomfort as James pushed his hard shaft deeper into my shit hole. Instead, I found it to be a big turn on. As I felt James' pubic hair push against my cheeks, Kay sucked my cock back in her mouth. After a detention clean up tube porn of short strokes to soak my cock she pushed down until my cock hit the back of her mouth and into her throat…The attention from both James and Kay brought a loud moan as I pushed two fingers into Kay's tight, hot pussy and sucked her clit into my mouth.

I looked up between Kay's legs to see her Mother pull her ass cheeks apart and slowly push her tongue into Kay's ass. I picked up her rhythm and started pushing my fingers into her pussy as Susan pushed her tongue into her ass. Kay pushed her pussy hard against my mouth and let out a long, loud moan around my cock as her hot, sweet nectar flooded my mouth.

I swallowed as fast as I could and managed to catch most of the hot liquid. Susan pulled me away from Kay's pussycovered my mouth with hers.

She sucked my tongue into her mouth then licked around my mouth and chin, gathering up every drop of Kay's sweet pussy juice that I hadn't swallowed. When Susan moved back my mouth went straight back to Kay's clit. She and James had synchronized there moves, As Kay took my cock down her throat and James would pull his cock out of my ass. When he pushed back in Kay would pull her hot mouth back to the head of my cock. Alex had moved up behind Kay and aligned his cock with her tight little hole.

My eyes were only inches away as he pushed his stiff rod slowly into Kay's ass. That's all it took, I could feel my balls tightening up and my cock throbbing. I knew I was about to shoot my hot load down Kay's throat. She must have felt it too, she pulled her mouth off my cock and squeezed down on my balls. I hollered out, wondering what the hell she was doing.

"You're not gonna cum right now my sweet lover" she said as she relaxed the grip on my balls. Kay call for Susan to come closer to her. When Susan knelt beside Kay I could hear her talking to her Mom but I couldn't understand what she was saying.

Then I heard Susan say, "Are you sure baby girl. It's up to you, I just want you to be sure, you can only do it once in your life?" I heard Kay's reply, "Yes Mom, I sure." "Okay honey, let me help James finish up here and we'll get right along with it" Susan said and I could tell she was moving around on the bed.

I heard James groan as he slammed into my asshole even harder. Just a few strokes later and I could feel James' hot cum as he shot line after line into my gut. Kay had a firm grip on my cock shaft and a soft grip on my balls as James pumped the last drops of cum into my ass.

I could hear him breathing heavy and felt him relax against the back of my legs for a couple of seconds. As soon as he pulled his cock out of my ass Kay leaned over and placed her mouth over my asshole and started to suck the cum out of my ass. I heard a moan from James and even though I couldn't see it, I knew Susan had his cock in her mouth, licking and sucking him clean.

Alex was still pumping in and out of his daughter's ass. He told me, "Push down Pete, give our little darling all the cum you have in your ass." I did as I was told and I could feel Kay sucking and pushing her tongue into my ass.

When Susan had finished with James she moved around and whispered something to Alex. I still had my fingers in Kat's pussy and lightly sucking on her clit. Alex looked down at me with a big smile on his face. He slowly pulled his cock out of Kay's ass and it dropped down just inches from my mouth. I tilted my head back and licked the head of his wet cock. He pushed forward just a little and I took his cock head in my mouth. I sucked on the hard shaft just a little then Alex pulled back, "We'll have plenty of time for that later, we have more important tings to do right now.

Kay raised up, turned around and straddled my hips. We were looking deep into each other's eyes as I grabbed my throbbing cock and lined it up with her ass.

My cock was only a couple of inches from her hot little asshole and I was ready and waiting for her to lower herself down onto my shaft. She reached down and pulled my hand away from my cock then wrapped her hand around the shaft. She smiled down at me and I could see her eyes water up and a tear run down her cheek.

She pulled my cock forward and rubbed the head against the swollen lips of her hot, wet pussy. Everyone was watching in total silence as Kay mouthed "I love you Peter Bishop" then ever so slowly lowered herself down, letting my cock side into her virgin pussy. No one else said a work, it wasn't necessary, everyone, including me, knew what this meant. The first pussy my cock had ever entered and it was the first cock that had ever entered her pussy. As Kay started riding me, moving her hips back and forth, I was overwhelmed by the emotion of what this meant.

The person she intended to marry and spend the rest of her life with would be the first person to penetrate her pussy. Susan straddled my legs and moved close up behind Kay. I could hear Susan giving words of encouragement as she reached around and started massaging Kay's clit. I was trying to match Kay's movement until she started moving her hips back and forth like a person possessed.

We were both soaking wet with our sweat and her thigh pussy was pulling the cum up from my balls. I simply pushed up with my hips and held on. My first shot of cum into her hot pussy sent her over the edge and I could fell her hot woman cum mixing with mine.

She was so full of our cum it was leaking out of her pussy, running down the side of my scrotum then down across my asshole. I knew this was much more than just fucking. Our fluids mixing together was a symbol of our two bodies becoming as one. Our eyes were still locked on each other and I could tell she felt the same way I did.

As we began to wind down a little, Kay leaned back and whispered something to her Mom. "Yes, that sounds great, that would be a great ending to a great evening," Susan said as she moved around, kneeling next to me. Kay leaned down and kissed me firmly on the lips then quickly raised up and turned around to a 69 position.

When I looked up I could see Kay's cum soaked pussy. There was a thin line of cum hanging from her pussy lips. I grabbed her by the cheeks of her ass and pulled her wet pussy to my opened mouth. I felt her suck my softening cock into her mouth as I sucked and licked our mixed cum from her pussy. I could hear Alex and James slut teases the poor guy before making him cum sounds of pleasure even louder that Kay and me.

I quick looked toward the side of the bed to see Susan setting on the edge, with Alex stand on one side and James on the other. She was sucking James' cock while she was pumping Alex's hard cock. When Kay and I had licked and sucked each other clean, she turned around and laid down beside me as we watched Susan working hard to bringing both Alex and James to their last climax of the night.

She was sucking Alex and he started to cum, she clamped down on his cock and pulled it out of her mouth. "I need a little help her," Susan said then turned and sucked James into her mouth. Kay pushed against my back, "Go ahead and finish him off baby, Dad would love that." I moved over to the edge of the bed and sucked the head of Alex's cock into my mouth.

As soon as my lips touched Susan's hand, she let go and Alex's cum imminently shot into my mouth. I had to swallow quickly to be able to take all of his cum. When his cock stopped shooting cum into my mouth, I started sucking his cock as I gently massaged his balls. I managed to get a little more cum tiny teen massage and webcam small tits stepdads side of the bed before his cock start going soft.

Then I let it slip out of my mouth. Kay moved up beside of me and we shared a passionate kiss, with our tongues pushing back and forth, enjoying the last bits of all the mixtures of cum. James was making all the sounds of a person about to reach his peek. He was hold the back of his Mothers head and he was fucking her mouth. She had her hand wrapped around his shaft, limiting his penetration. James pushed in as far as she would let him go and dumped his load into her waiting mouth.

When Susan had drained the last of cum for his cock, she let it slip out of her mouth and James leaned down and kissed her on the lips, taking part of his own cum into his mouth and swallowed it. Susan looked over at Kay and me, "Okay, you both knew what you were about to do.

You knew it wasn't just about fucking but a commitment for both of you. My question is, are you still pleased with your decision?" I took Kay in my arms and kissed her gently, then we turned toward Susan and with a big smile on our faces we simply said, "YES." "Alright everyone, it's bedtime. James you can sleep with us tonight so you are not the only one it the house sleeping alone," Susan said as she gave Kay and I a goodnight kiss.

I took Kay's hand and we headed down the hall toward her bedroom. I asked which shower she wanted to use. "Neither one, I want us to smell like sex when we wake up tomorrow morning." That little "the devil made me do it" part of my brain kicked in and when we reached the bedroom, I held on to her hand and went straight to the bathroom. I lead her over to the toiled, sit her down and as I took my cock in my hand, she smiled and opened her mouth.

As I touched my cock to her lips, I let a stream of piss flow into her mouth. I clamped down on my cock to stop the flow as Kay threw her head back, gargled a little then swallowed.

I released my cock and a little more of the piss went into her mouth, when I directed the remainder of it down across her tits, stomach and ended by holding her pussy lips open with my other hand and pissing directly on her tender clit. The look on her face was priceless. She looked like a child naughty teens plow the biggest strapon dildos and spray sperm everywhere Christmas morning who had gotten everything they had ask for and more.

She rubbed my piss around her chest, tits and stomach like it was some kind of magical cream. We switched places on the toilet and I had to bend forward a little to get my mouth over her piss hole. As soon as I did I was rewarded with a mouth full of her warm piss. It was a little salty and had just a little bitter taste to it as I followed Kay's actions and gargled then swallowed. She used her fingers to direct the flow as she covered everything from my mouth to my cock.

Again I followed her lead as I rubbed the piss into my skin. By the time we had reached the bed, everything was dry and we both smelled like hot sex and warm piss. Kay slipped into bed and I spooned up behind her and put my arm around her stomach. She quickly moved it up to her right tit and held her hand over mine.

"You know, this will all be pleasant memories we can tell our grandchildren about cheating bbw wife having fun with a black stud home made and homemade day," Kay laughed. Then we lay quietly and in just seconds Kay was sleeping peacefully. I had trouble getting to sleep. My mind just wouldn't shut down. I was fourteen, almost fifteen and I had already experienced many sexual activities that most people would never experience in a life time.

I was holding a fifteen year old girl in my arms, both our bodies covered in cum and piss and I knew she would be the girl I would marry one day and we would have children together. Someday she would be my wife and I had already had sex with her, her mother, father and brother. The kind of sex most people would consider kinky, forbidden, dirty and illegal. Yet, as I visualized the pussy and ass fucking, pussy eating and cock sucking, piss drinking and ass licking, I felt no shame.

Instead I felt a little tingle in my cock as it was wedged against Kay's ass cheeks. I wondered if I was just a sick fuck that had stumbled into another bunch of sick fucks. So what if that was the case, we were all happy and life was good and I felt like it would only get better. I tried to think what life would be like if there had never been a Mrs.

Molly Wheeler or if the Morgan hadn't moved in next door when Mrs. Molly moved away. I tried to imagine what my life would be like with only my Mom and Dad. I though about James' comment about Mom having fire in the furnace and I tried to picture her naked or having sex with her and Dad. I would either draw a blank or visions of Kay and Susan would come to mind.

It was after midnight before I finally fell asleep and I was awake again just as the first light of day was creeping into the room. I don't think Kay had moved at all during the night. I had a rigid piss hard on so I eased out of bed and headed to the bathroom. I was almost to the toilet when I was startled by a sudden noise behind me. Kay come scooting around with a big smile on her face.

She set on the stool, spread her legs and used her fingers to hold her pussy lips apart to expose her hard clit. Damn baby, don't you ever get enough?" I asked as I knelt down in front of her. "NO, I don't my darling, is that going to be a problem?" I laughed, "No baby, it's not a problem, as a matter of fact, I wouldn't want it any other way," I said as my hard stream of piss splashed against her clit.

She sighed as she put her arms around my neck and kissed me hard on the lips. Just as we stepped into the shower, Susan walked in the bathroom. She told us they all had their showers and she was on the way to the kitchen to start breakfast. She said she had laid out clothes for us that she would like for us to wear today if we didn't mind. Kay and I were a little curious as to what she had picked out for us, so we showered and dried off quickly then headed back to Kay's bedroom.

We found two orange Under Armor pullovers with the small black logo two pare of black Hero pants with orange trim. One set was a boys cut and the other was a girls cut. There was a black thong and lace bra for Kay but the pants, shirt, socks and shoes was all I saw for me. When we entered the kitchen, we were not at all surprised to see James dressed the same as me. Susan was at the stove, taking up the sex makes playgirl reach the sky hardcore and blowjob and eggs.

She was naked except for the apron she was wearing. Kay went over, hugged and kissed her Asian hot legal age teenager enjoys sucking pecker schoolgirl japanese. As soon as Kay stepped aside I moved up to hug and kiss Susan. Just as I was stepping away for her, she reached down and grabbed my cock through my pants, "OH, you bad boy, going commando on your first day of high school. We all laughed and Susan kissed me and squeezed my cock again before she released me.

When Alex walked into the kitchen he was dressed and ready for work. He was wearing a pair of dress slacks about the same color as our pants with a white golf shirt with the company logo on it. He made his way around the kitchen, hugging and kissing each of us. It was still a little awkward for me to kiss a man on the lips but I was sure he meant it as a sign of affection. While we were eating, I remembered I had some papers at my house that I needed for school.

Susan told me as soon as I finished eating to run home and pick them up while she was getting dressed. Alex was going on to the office and she was going to drop us of at school before she went to work.

When I entered my house, it was very quite. As I passed the master bedroom I heard Dad cough a couple of times. I walked on toward my bedroom.

Just as I opened my door I heard the door to the guest bedroom open and saw Mom walk out into the hall. She made several steps toward me before she saw me standing by my door. She blushed a bright red and just glared at me for a second. Then she looked down at the floor as she quickly walked passed me.

I wanted to say something to her but no words come to mind, so I just watched as she walked on down the hall. I went into my bedroom, picked up the papers off my dresser and headed out. Just as started past the other bedroom, Dad open the door. We both stopped and looked at each other for a couple of seconds then Dad grunted and slammed the door. I was going through an array of emotions, confusion, arguer, sorrow and hurtamong other things. I could hear Mom in the kitchen as I walked through the den.

I didn't stop, I just wanted to get the hell out of there as quick as I could. Alex was coming out his front door as I came up the walk. "Good luck Pete, hope you get your classes lined up the way you want them.

Susan is going to pick you guys up after school and bring you to the office. All three of you can go on the payroll today," Alex said as he hugged me again.

This time, I hugged him back. It wasn't sexual, it was what I had always wanted for my own Mom ad Dad. Just a sign that someone cared, that they were glad you were alive and pleased that they knew you.

Alex pulled me closer and whispered, "Hang in there Pete, trust me, things will work out." He walked on to his car and I went into the house. Susan, Kay and James were all in the den waiting for me.

Susan took one look at me, then told Kay and James to wait for us in the car. "Okay honey, we don't have much time so just tell me what the fuck happen to you when you went home." I had to fight hard to keep for breaking down and crying.

I quickly told Susan what happened at my house and I asked if I could just move in with them. Susan come right back with an answer, "NO, you can't move in here and call this home. The door is always open and even though you are a part of our secret family, you can't call this home. That's your Mother And Father and no matter how bad it gets nothing will change that. Just hang with us and give it some time and lets see what happens. You're here with us most of the time so you are among people who love you.

Just remember, I love you very much and I expect to be your mother-in-law some day but that is old bitch seduces her daughters man tube porn Mother and always will be. I want you to love and try to understand her. None of us know what tomorrow holds, so just keep your hopes up and know that you're among people who love you." Susan pulled me to her, giving me a soft, loving kiss on the lips, then, hand in hand, we headed to the car.

James set in the front seat with Susan and Kay and I were in the back seat. As Susan backed out into the street, Kay reached over and started to unzip my pants. I started moving around, wondering what the hell she was trying to do. I saw Susan looking in the rear view morrow, "What are you two doing back there?" "Mom, I don't know what went on this morning but Pete is all tense and up tight. I thought a good blow-job would help him relax." "Good idea my sweet daughter.

You'll have to hurry and be neat and not get all messed up," Susan said, smiling at me in the morrow. I stopped struggling, unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, jerked them down around my thighs giving Kay complete access to my cock. She got on her knees beside me, bent down and sucked my cock head into her mouth.

I could feel a little of her spit run down my shaft and she wrapped her warm hand around the shaft, spreading the spit around my shaft. She was using her wet lips and tongue to lick and suck the top half of my cock while she used her hand to pump up and down on the shaft.


big tits milf fucked in the ass on casting couch I glanced up and noticed that Susan was just pulling on the freeway.

"Oh shit, cars could little sam takes huge cum on tits after creampie on both sides of us for the next few mile. They may see me getting my cocked sucked. I would have thought this would make me nervous but the thought of getting caught only make it more exciting.

Kay used her other hand to reach down and gently massage my balls. I knew it wouldn't be long now. I could feel my ball tightening up and my cock was rock hard and tingling. "Damn, this is hot, sis you sure know how to give head." "Of course she does you silly boy, just remember who taught her," Susan said whit a little chuckle. I would have to agree, Kay would moan every time her mouth went down on my cock, she was really getting into it and it was really getting to me.

I pushed my hips up just as I shot my first line of cum into Kay's mouth. She increased the speed with her hand and mouth as I continued to shoot my cum into her hot mouth. After she had drained my cock and ball of my seed, I settled my ass back on the seat. Kay kept her hand wrapped tightly around my shaft as she turned and leaned over the seat to kiss James.

Letting my cum flow from her mouth to his. Kay and I watched as James turned so he could lock his lips the his Mothers without her having to take her eyes off the road. "MMMMMMM, I just love the taste of young cum in the morning," Susan laughed as she gave us a quick glance in the mirror.

We were all laughing as Kay leaned down and sucked my cock ball deep into her mouth. She tightened her lips around my cock and slowly pulled her mouth back, cleaning every little drop of my cum as she let my cock slip out of her mouth. "We've only got about five blocks left before we get to school, you need to hurry and get everything straighten up before we get there," Susan said as she exited the freeway. Kay quickly pulled her pants and thong down, shoved two fingers into her soaking wet pussy.

She pulled them out and held them up to my mouth. I sucked them into my mouth and licked my tongue around them, savoring the flavor of her love juice.

James took two packets of wipes and a small bottle of hygiene spray out of the center console and handed it to Kay. She quickly opened a pack and wiped my cock with it then used one on her pussy along with the spray on the small patch of cloth of her thong. James handed us a stick of gum and the fresh smell of sex was replaced with the scent of peppermint and fresh lemon.

"We don't need to show up for our first day at school with the fresh smell of cum all over us," Kay said. Susan pulled to the curb and we each gave her a little kiss on the lips as we stepped out of the car. I was pointing out different things around the school grounds as we entered the main lobby. There were several kids sanding around.

I knew some of them by name but most of them was in a higher grade and I knew only them by sight. Kay and I started walking over to the table to register, get our locker assignments and a list of our fees.

I looked back to see James looking at a small group of girls standing near the front door. I called him, telling him that we wanted to get our locker assignments at the same in hopes we could get them all together. While we were taking care of all the paper work James asked me if I knew the girl in the light blue dress.

"Yes, that's Kamea McNevin, her Dad is Scottish and her Mom is Hawaiian. I've known her since she was in day car and we were in the 4th, 7th, and 8th grades together.

She's one of my best friends and the smartest person I know, Why do you ask?" I know it sounds childish but I think I'm I love. Kay slapped him on the back and told him, just give it some time little brother, if it's meant to be the it will be. I told him, "I wished you luck, I had never seen her show a romantic interest in anyone, boy or girl.

I'll fill you in on the details later." We left the lobby area and went to check out our lockers. Sure enough, we had three in row. We were putting the extra supplies we had brought with us in the locker when the person who had the locker next to James come and opened their locker very sides striking James on the shoulder. James just looked at us and smiled, I looked around Kay and James to see Kamea putting some things in her locker.


When she saw me she spoke. I spoke back and introduced. her to Kay and James as my new neighbors. She shook hands with Kay first and then with James. I was a little surprised when James continued to hold onto her hand and she make no effort to pull it back.

The four of us compared our schedules. James and I had math together. Kamea had Phys. Ed. with James and me. The four of us had our lunch break and study period at the same time.

We all agreed to make the rounds to find our class rooms then meet back in the main lobby. We headed out, locating our rooms, meeting our teachers and having a little to chat with our classmates. Our paths crossed several times during the morning and we talked and compared notes about the different classes and teachers.

I was the first one to get back the lobby. Kames arrived just seconds later. We talked for just a moment about school. Then she told me she saw us when Susan dropped up off. She smiledthen asked if Kay was more than just a neighbor and friend. I told her we just seem to bond and "YES" she was my girlfriend. She told me she understood, she had just met both of them and she felt like she had now them all her life.

I was trying to tease her a little when I mentioned that she and James really seem to hit it off. She smiled and patted me on the cheek, "From the way you kissed her when you got out of the car, I would say you were very friendly with their Mom also." I was trying to think of something to say to justify my actions when I saw Kay come around the corner.

She walked up, hugged and quickly kissed me on the lips. Then she turned and the girls exchanged hugs and xxx pap not sex mom xxxson on the cheek. "Hey, Hey, what's going on here", I heard James say as he walked up and patted me on the back. Kay waked over and they hugged then kissed each other on the cheek. I saw the mischievous smile on Kamea's face as she started walking toward James.

She put hot lasbian girl xxnx mp4 arms around his neck and lightly kiss him on the lips. James blushed a bright red bbw lisa jones pussy play tube porn not to be outdone, James took Kamea in his arms and planted a long, firm kiss on her lips.

Other kids passing by were stopping to watch. When they broke the kiss, all the kids watching applauded and laughed. Kay and I joined the other kids. Kamea stepped back, blew out a deep breath and used her hand to fan her face.

As soon as she caught her breath Kamea reached out and took James by the hand, "We better get on out of here, our Moms are probably outside, waiting for us by now." When we reached the pick-up area I noticed Kamea's Mom, Maylea was parked a couple of spots ahead of Susan.

We stopped and James opened the car door for Kamea. We all leaned down and Kamea said, " Hi Mom, you know Peter and these are his new friends Kay and James.


Kay is Peter's girlfriend." "Hello Peter, good to see you again and it is a real pleasure to meet you Kay and James. I sure hope we get to see MORE of you," Maylea said. I'm not sure what it was but something about what she said or maybe the way she said it, caused a little tingle in my cock.

From the way Kay squeezed my hand, I think she felt something also. Kamea told her Mom she was going to go say hello to Susan. I introduced Kamea to Susan and Kamea repeat what her Mom had just said, "It's a pleasure to meet you and I hope we get to see MORE of you all." Susan smiled as though she knew something I didn't know, "Well Kamea, the pleasure's all mine and we'll just have to make arrangements to stay IN TOUCH." James walked Kamea back to her Mom's car and hugged hd months pregnant heather deep final video pregnant before birth kissed again.

As soon as he was in the car Susan pulled away from the curb. Maylea and Kamea pulled out just ahead of us. When we got to the corner, they turned to the rightheaded the their house in the factory row section of town and we turned left, headed to the freeway. As soon as we turned the corner Susan turned to James, "What do you think Romeo?" "I think so and I really hope so.

I really like her Mom," James said with a big smile. Susan glanced back at Kay in the rearview mirror, "What do you think sweetie, do you thing James is right?" "Yes I do Mom, I thing he's definitely correct in his assumptions. So much so that my pussy is soaking wet just think about it" "Pete, are you going to set there and not do a thing about my dear daughter's wet pussy," Susan asked as she glanced back at me in the mirror. "Yes, I intend to do something about it but first I would like to know what the hell you three are talking about?" Kay was smiling when she punched me hawt swap attractive student hardcore and massage the side, "They're like us you silly boy.

We think the three of them are having sex with each other like we do." "No way, I've know Kamea ever since I was two years old, know her Mother and Father. I've never seen or gorgeous chick vienna black gets her pussy drilled her say or do anything in any kind of a forward or sexual way until today." "Well, Mr.

Smarty Pants, did you know she had her mind set on you until she saw us holding hands as we walked in this morning. Then when James got all goofy over her later she decided to pursue him instead. She already thing the three of us are having sex." I was at a total loss for words but Kay wasn't, as she raised up and slid her pants and thong down she said, "Take care of this first, we can talk about the McNevin family later. I pulled her pant and thong down around her ankles, got on my knees between her smooth shapely legs.

Her pussy was very wet and I could smell the pleasantmusky odor. I used my thumbs to pull her pussy lips apart. She was so wet that a thin line of her juice was running down and about to drop off the bottom of her lips. I quickly flicked my tongue and caught the drop, then slowly pulled my tongue up through her wet, swollen lips.

She jumped and let a low moan as I licked across her clit. I heard movement in the front seat and I knew that James had turned in his seat so he could watch us.

It only added to the excitement to know he was watching me licking his sister's pussy. I lowered my mouth back down and pushed my tongue deep into hersucking more of her juice into my mouth. I pushed my nose against her clit and inhaled the intoxicating odor of her young, hot pussy.

I couldn't hardly breath as she grabbed the back of my head, pulling me hard into her throbbing pussy and started fucking my face. She was grunting out loud every time she pushed against my mouth. Suddenly Kay pulled my face even tighter into her as she raised her hips off the seat.

She flooded my mouth with her girl nectar and I licked and swallowed as fast as I could trying not to miss a drop. When Kay settled back in the seat I continued to slowly lick her lips and clit. I heard Susan laugh, "Pete you be sure to think Kamea, it sounded like she just provided you with one hot young pussy to eat.

We all laughed and I told her I would have to agree. We used the wipes to clean up and had everything nice and neat by the time we reached the office. When we walked in the office Margie and Janna was busy work at their desks.

We exchanged greetingsthen walked back to Alex's office. We shared hugs and kisses all around then he started explaining what he wanted us to do to help out. I was a little surprised when he told us we would be working with Margie and Janna. When he had talked about us working at the office, I was thing along the lines of sweeping floors, taking out trash and thing like that. When I told them what I thought, they all laughed and Susan told me we would be doing some of that also.

Alex opened his desk drew and took out three cell phones. He gave one to each of us, laughing as he told us they were our work phones.

Susan walked around the desk and put her arm around Alex's waist, "James has him a girlfriend, very pretty and sexy too but we will talk about later. We all need to get to work now. one