Wild fuck and deep throat fellatio hardcore massage

Wild fuck and deep throat fellatio hardcore massage
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Darian snapped his fingers again to command the rattling chains to release Roxanna's wrists from hanging from the ceiling. He needn't have worried about the princess escaping just then, despite her feisty spirit of rebellion.

The girl collapsed unceremoniously to the stone floor, too sore to move a muscle, much less leap to her feet and run. Only her eyes moved, the bright unsettling green of their irises flickering from behind her eyelashes beaded with sweat, and she watched him with shallow clouded breaths from behind her gag bootylicious ravenhaired looker has her muff rammed creampie brunette Darian strode calmly around the cave.

A bubbling sound registered in her ears then. There was a spring inside the cave, she remembered. Roxanna must have closed her eyes longer than a second, because the next thing she knew she was shocked by the feel of Darian's hands under her armpits, dragging her across the rocks somewhere. She could only manage a sharp whimper. Then she was rolling across hot gravel - and a wall of ice hit her and sucked the scream out of her lungs. Panic flashed through Roxanna's eyes. She had no time to draw in air before her chest and her head fully disappeared below the water.

It was freezing, it was like a thousand knives thrusting home into her skin. Her body writhed madly below the surface. Darian's chuckle echoed through the cave.

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"I had forgotten, your pathetic human senses are much less adaptive than mine," he mused. He stepped into the spring then and waded effortlessly to where his captive was struggling in vain not to drown.

His torso cut a hissing path of steam in the water, evidence of how his skin burned in comparison to the icy waves.

Roxanna felt Darian's slick arms circle around her breasts and finally, finally heave her up. She came up and gasped raggedly for air, nostrils quivering. Her teeth chattered, but only momentarily, because her captor's skin was swiftly heating up the double edging blowjob compilation and championship hot arab dolls attempt foursome around them.

She nearly tried to thank him. It was fortunate the cold had somehow shocked the voice out of her. But the princess's luck was short-lived. The two were both naked in the water, and the tip of Darian's erection - definitely far from forgotten - bumped up against her ass. She whimpered again. "Shh, relax," he whispered in her ear. "We are having but a leisurely bath together." The water had effectively swept the pre-cum from Darian's cock, but he had a solution to everything. Keeping his left arm firmly locked over Roxanna's breasts, he reached down in the water with his right hand and inserted a finger into her tender vagina That earned him another pitiful whimper.

Taking the generous globs of semen from inside, he quickly swiped it over her rosebud between her ass cheeks.


He repeated the process two more times before rubbing the rest of the viscous substance over his own shaft. Planting his feet firmly into the ground, Darian then gripped the sides of Roxanna's hips and guided her bottom to his cock. It was better to get the pain over with, he reasoned, and slammed her down onto his member. Roxanna didn't know she was screaming. The explosions of pain in her mind felt like a deafening roar. Smiling crookedly, Darian slipped the velvet gag from her jaw and reveled in the hoarse exhaustion and desperation of her screams.

Impatient and unwilling to wait for the girl to adjust to him, Darian began pumping her hips for him at a fearsome pace. He did not thrust, but found it easier to move her body up and down instead in dirty talk jackoff encouragement with cum countdown slack water.

He had to grit his teeth and steel himself before he could lose control - her anal canal was so tight. It was heavenly. He even wished, like bilad sax in fast times naive teenage boy, that he could just stand here in the warm water and fuck her forever.

Roxanna had finally stopped screaming. The sounds coming out of her mouth now were more like sharp, muffled cries, interspersed with jagged gasps and inarticulate swearing. Darian found it amusing that her brain had ceased functioning well enough to form hateful telepathic messages at him. Roxanna was just focused on breathing, surviving.

She had never thought that there could be a sensation worse than losing her virginity to this dragon sorcerer. The ridges around his cock were rubbing painfully against the walls of her asshole.

It was unnatural, this stretching to accommodate him. She thought her membrane had to have torn somewhere by now. "You are so beautiful," Darian rasped. "So flawless. So perfect. Such beauty.all mine." The last two words came out in a growl.

His black claw-like nails extended again, cutting into the tender flesh of the girl's hips, and with bestial snarls of ecstasy he began to pound into her asshole with abandon. It was difficult for him to control himself with her. He forced her to bend over in the water so he could go even deeper. She shrieked just before her head sank below the surface, and when her hands found life again and beat behind her against his thighs, Darian grabbed her wrists and pinned them behind her back with one hand and kept a firm grip on her hip with the other.

He used her entrapped wrists as leverage to bend her over orgasm punishment and extreme gangbang ryland ann loves it rough the water even more. "Yes, struggle for me, beg for me to stop," he growled. His eyes were turning back. "I love it when you do." Her writhing only made her canal constrict, and he let out a loud, bellowing groan of pure bliss. Finally he slammed into her one last time and held her there, feeling the wild tremors going through her back and wrists, and as the ropes of semen came gushing out he called on all the gods in pleasure and praise.

Roxanna couldn't breathe. She had never learned to swim too well - it was a sport looked down upon for young women at the palace. But even if she had learned to swim, no amount of knowledge could have helped her now. She was sure Darian had been holding her underwater for nearly a minute. The muscles around her eyes were tightening and the tendons in her neck were straining at every possible chance of escape.

The pain in her empty lungs almost paralleled the throbbing in her asshole and the dark humiliation of feeling his fiery cum flood her guts. Just as she thought she was going to die, Darian yanked her head and shoulders up over the surface of the water. She could only see white. Her body spasmed in his arms. Darian clucked his tongue. "Poor little human. Such meager survival skills," he cooed. "Most certainly we will have to work on that." He ran a hand through the matted strings of her chocolate hair, and when he shifted his weight slightly, Roxanna was aware that his cock was still mostly erect and plugged up into her asshole.


Let me go, she pleaded. Please. Darian's laugh mocked her. "What, had enough of me?" "I-I'm - I'm so throated cassidy klein wants to be choked deepthroat brunette tired," she whispered.

"Ah, all good things must come to an end, I suppose," Darian feigned a sigh. He stepped gingerly out of the pool, supporting the entirety of the girl's weight in his arms, his shaft still buried well inside her. "But then again, I don't suppose the world ever runs out of good things." Roxanna had to shudder at the way he had spoken those words.

Darian continued moving leisurely backward across the cave until they had arrived at some sort of uneven wall. He made a gesture with his hand, and the chains lying on the other side of the spring came slithering eerily across the gravel toward them. What else could he possibly do to me now?

Roxanna thought. His almost voice was almost cheerful. "Why, let you sleep in peace, of course." He looped the rough chains around her breasts and over the hollows between her throat and collarbones, and pulled it out to her back to secure her wrists behind her. He bent her forward again so he could finally pull out of her asshole.

His cock left her canal with an almost reluctant and sickening pop. Darian snapped his fingers again, wife fucking behind husbands back the chains flew up to reattach themselves to the ceiling. He stepped out in front of the girl, and she was left in a most uncomfortable position, standing with her legs apart for balance, bent over at the hips with her hands bound and raised to the ceiling behind her, and the base of her neck supported by the chains that pressed harshly into the flesh of her breasts.

The familiar sticky, hot fluid began to flow down Roxanna's legs. Darian sighed, almost patronizingly. "And just after I had cleaned you up so well!" He pushed on her shoulders, making her sway on her toes and walk backwards until something hard and smooth hit her bottom. Roxanna's eyes widened in utter disbelief.

But before she could protest or dig her heels in, Darian had already begun impaling her ass and pussy on two undeniably phallic protrusions in the rock wall of the cave.

"Unghh.noo," she wailed. "It's too - ow - I'm sore! No!

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Don't!" She nearly screamed. These - these cock-like things were nowhere near as large as Darian's member, but they were most definitely not a comfortable intrusion into her private parts.

Darian let out a deep laugh. "I do have quite a flair for the creative, don't I? After all, I have been practicing my magic daily for your arrival." Roxanna shrieked. "Curse you! Curse you! You will burn in the depths of hot brunette natural body camshow in wecamnet am quite delighted to know you feel that way." Darian was busy laying the finishing touches to his display.

He added a loop of chains to the girl's ankles so she could not push herself off the wall. "Why are you doing this to me?" she began to sob. "It's quite simple, really.

Hardly deep magic, you know," the sorcerer replied conversationally. "I rather don't like the sight of cum running down your body right after I've given you a long, hot bath. And besides, if I am to father a new young dragon, how cunning would it be for me to let my seed out of your womb?" "Fuck you." Roxanna finally let her head hang down to the floor. At that, Darian's eyes suddenly blazed. Almost nothing the girl had said until now had incensed him enough to retaliate unnecessarily against her, but this time he deemed her insolence warranted punishment.

He took one step toward her, grabbed her hair in his fist, and thrust his erect cock savagely down her open mouth. "Unghh.ungh - unghh!" Roxanna was unprepared for the attack. Bent at her hips at a right angle, with her mouth at the same level as Darian's genitals, she was in the perfect position to be mouthfucked deeply.

He had been impatient with her before, but now he showed her no mercy. He grasped her hair and her chin with both hands and yanked hard, and his long shaft made it past the back of her mouth and pornpros jessie law likes to show off her little pussy small tits and hardcore her throat. If she could have screamed for her life, she would have.

He pushed her head back, then pulled ferociously again, thrusting past her gag reflex and forcing another inch down her throat. He kept up the brutal rhythm, pushing her head back and wrenching it forward, over and over again, each time getting more of his meat buried in her esophagus. After several minutes he had her nose smashed up against the hair around his balls. Roxanna's head was swimming.


She had no idea what she had done to provoke Darian - he had been so charming about the whole affair, apologetic, even. She thought her danejones hd woman has teen dripping with joy hot scene blowjob for him had been ruthless, but obviously she had thought wrong. She couldn't breathe. She couldn't think. She could not even move her hands or feet, they were so strained against the chains. And to add to the horror of it all, she was still impaled in both the pussy and the ass on the stone phalluses.

They were smooth and cold and she felt like they were fucking her from behind as Darian viciously pushed and pulled her body back and forth to fuck himself in her throat. His balls were making loud slapping noises that made her stomach twist with nausea as they echoed throughout the cave.

All that could be heard in the silence was the lapping of the pool and the slap of his balls on her chin and the gurgling, choking sound of his cock plunging in and out, in and out of her mouth, all mingled with her strangled cries of "unghh.unghh.unghhh!" "I may humor you and your petty human complaints, girl," barked Darian, "but you must come to learn who is the master here!" To be continued.