Begging for orgasm bdsm and bondage power play did you ever wonder what happens when a

Begging for orgasm bdsm and bondage power play did you ever wonder what happens when a
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Cole Gets a Surprise Cole Givens heaved himself up and down with great, ragged, moist, sweaty breaths as the young girl's body below him made appropriately cushioned wet noises but the feeling had left him.

A minute or two ago he was okay. A moment ago he was…he was there, right there, but now something had intervened. The movement was good but something was just not right. Eighteen she said back at the Shell Key Bar. Cole thought as he squeezed her breasts and teased her nipples. That had turned into seventeen and only just seventeen when Cole did the math off of her driver's license but he wasn't complaining and neither was she when she saw either the color of his cash or the size of his need out in the parking lot.

Cole 's penis was large and that always impressed to girls. Nothing like a big stiff cock on display to get a woman wet. Then it was a ride back here and a wonderful prelude of discovery. Stripping her velvety soft body was an adventure and a promise. The beginning was easy, it always was, but now all Cole was managing sweet blonde babe gets nailed by pervert guy for cash to enlarge some rug burns on his knees and wrists.

The magic, omni feeling had vanished! He had to concentrate. This dizzy little bitch was in for an experience when he finally managed to… And all he needed was a little more…a little more. Just&hellip. "Oh! " He exclaimed as he ground his fingers into her buttocks in desperation.

It was so close and so.gone! It was just. so mother fucking gone! Cole felt the desperation as his erection cooled. He thought about the girl next. Arranged as she was he could see the entirety of her sex. At the top of his vision was her anus. Moist and ripe it was moving in and out against the butt plug he had insisted on at the start and she was teasing him, teasing him harder with every little upward jerk of that thick black vinyl plug.

His erection began to grow again at the sight of her sex. The girl's cunt was wet enough and as he watched a drop of her lubricating juices dripped onto the couch leather. Cole spread those pink lips and stretched them wide.

It was time and slowly he reinserted his penis. So warm, so soft against his skin he entered her further and further and quickly he was bottomed out against her cervix. Cole pressed deeper and the girl emitted a short gasp. He was hurting her and so Cole gave her another deep push eliciting another gasp of pain. Her pain excited him and later tonight she would be voicing more than just gasps. Later tonight… But his erection was cooling again.

No matter how hard he tried, no matter which direction he pushed or pulled…even with his free hand helping at the base of his penis it wasn't working. He just couldn't… Something wasn't working. It just wasn't. This was taking too long. He had to concentrate better. That was it. Concentrate! Concentrate and stroke evenly, smoothly, just like always.concentrate! Cole gathered himself one more time and tried with all he had.

He focused. He fondled, he probed and he moved. He even moved with her…feeling her feeling him. He listened to the slurpy wet slapping noises and the tactilely expectorated little girl whimpering sighs but still the concentration he needed escaped his psyche into the room at large.

It all evaporated in a confusion of images, all of it. He simply could not focus. It had never been this difficult for him to do that before but recent events now filled Cole 's thoughts to overflowing at every corner and even the ample charms of this pale vacationing sylph were not enough to drive them away.

He centered himself and his thoughts and tried again…and again…and mightily, he squeezed his erection harder and tried one more time and then…it was over. Not finished, not completed, but…over. Cole pulled himself free of her cunt and rolled back to a sitting position on his heels as he heard the girl pull her head out of the cushion. As she me la encuentro tocandose y me la follo up for air she asked.

"What's the matter, daddy?" But Cole Givens, the successful developer, didn't want to discuss either his failure or his inadequacy. He spoke in clipped phrases. "It's nothing. Just some business I've been worried about. We'll finish it later." The vestiges of a rare smile feebly attempted an uncertain je ne sais quoi as he playfully slapped the girl's warm, damp and exceedingly ample rump. She looked petulant as Cole Givens made his excuses.

To him she appeared far from satisfied in learning that she still had not grown enough as a woman to be capable of driving other thoughts from her lover, but what can you really tell from an expression.


Cole thought that she retreated into herself as he was speaking but as he reasoned it…she was showing youth. That was the way he preferred them. The melissa moore railed by big black cock while being filmed interracial pornstars they were and the more inexperienced, the better. The girl headed off towards the bathroom as sounds of someone knocking at the door startled Cole Givens.

He wasn't expecting anyone. "Yes?" He said as he hesitantly approached the door. "Mister Givens.Jake sent me Mister Givens. We gotta talk." Shit! Cole thought as he chewed at one of his knuckles.

It was some damn functionary of Jake's. Now? Now what? Cole thought for a moment. With Jimmy in the hospital Cole Givens believed that whoever it was couldn't be very dangerous and so he dismissed the man imperiously and at volume in the otherwise quiet room. "I'm afraid it's inconvenient right now. I'm busy! Tell Jake I said, come back in the morning" Cole listened but there was no reply from the other side of the door.

While unexpected, that was easy, too easy, however Cole was too impatient with his own frustrated needs to overanalyze things. In fact, he wasn't thinking clearly at all since right now, at this very awkward and inopportune moment Cole Givens felt his need beginning to rise once again.

He fondled the smooth skin of his penis and pulled his foreskin back from his well lubricated tip. He could smell the girl's cunt and that smell excited as no other earthly perfume could.

With thoughts of the girl bound to the bed upstairs he tickled his glans until pre-cum began to dribble out. It was coming back. Walking back into the living room with his penis jutting out proudly he was determined to finish what he had started but the girl was still in the bathroom futzing around.

She would be back soon enough though. He could wait…until then. Cole Givens lit a smoke and sat down to enjoy and anticipate. He felt good again, not quite omni yet but very much getting there.

There was nothing quite like a cigarette to clear the thoughts, help you focus, help you enjoy. He exhaled the warm comforting first drag into the center of the room and waited for his little tourist to return.


That was when he heard the noise. It almost wasn't a noise…not exactly that is. It was more of a wrenching dragging kind of thing but it was muted in a way and coming from the back of the house. At first, Cole thought it might have been the girl wandering around in the dark and so he went down the hall to find out.

Cole Givens was halfway to his own bedroom when a door leading to his private study was kicked and splintered into the hall. The door was followed by one of the largest men Cole had ever seen and he came through that doorway fast. "I said we gotta talk Mister Givens. That means right now." Cole 's erection cooled rapidly and then shriveled as the larger man approached and then grabbed him by the arm. "That why you're so busy Givens. You got time to play with yourself but no time to talk to Jake…Huh?" "No…Uh you don't understand…I wasn't…I'm.I'm sure Jake&hellip." "Look, Mister Givens, the last time you talked to Jimmy.

The the goddess of reverse rides in a webcam show I see it is you got off easy. Now, you talk to me…And Mister Givens…If-you-bullshit-me-I'll-hurt-you." The man said as he batted a fake towards Cole 's crotch. "Jake said if I had to, it was okay." "Look," Cole said as he instinctively pulled back.

"…I don't know who you are but Jake hasn't called me and I'm&hellip." "I'm Sally Levesque Mister Givens. I work for Jimmy and Jake.

I do all kind of things for them…special things and Jake don't need to call. He sent me instead. When he does that it's better he doesn't call first. "I don't think he trusts you Mister Givens…No! He don't! Not after what happened to Jimmy." "I don't know anything about that.

I&hellip." "That's a good start, real good but that's what we are going to find out Mister Givens." Sally Levesque leaned in closely to say. " Just-what-happened-to-Jimmy.

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Jake is real concerned about that and he thinks you might know something." "But I…I didn't have anything to do with that. After Jimmy left here I never saw him.


I didn't even know he was going to see the commissioner until after DiLauro called here…" "The commissioner called you Mister Givens?" "Last night…Last night he did. Yes! It…It was late. He talked about a…delivery and a message." "He told you Jimmy was there?" "No.

No he, he…he didn't. He told me the delivery was…it was short. He said the delivery was short and made accusations and then…I think I might have mentioned .uh.

I can't remember." "That would not be good if you mentioned Jimmy, not good at all. Now listen real close Mister Givens. You are going to need to remember. Jake is going to insist on that. Now get your pants on so I don't have to look at that little thing.

We're leaving." Cole Givens knew that any resistance was going to be fruitless. All he could do interracial bondage with big tit sophie dee tough this out.

Jake would understand. Cole knew he had not been absolutely honest about events but there was a way to spin that. There always was. Jake would understand. Cole querulously edged past Sally Levesque and past the broken door into his bedroom where he started putting on the same clothes he had just removed in advance of his efforts with the tourist girl. Strange, she still had to be in the bathroom and probably was staying quiet after all the commotion.

She must have heard the conversation with Sally and was probably afraid to come out. That would be logical…It would be smart. Still, Cole wished that he could get her out of the house. He was still evaluating the risks when Sally Levesque entered the room. "C'mon…You playin' with yourself again Mister Givens? Speed it up! Jake is waiting." It was plain that Cole had little choice. He hurriedly fastened his belt and slicked at his remaining hair and then Sally pushed him towards the front door.

The girl still hadn't showed as the door slammed shut. "We'll take my car Mister Givens. That way I can always bring you back…if your story checks out." A forlorn Cole Givens looked back as the car accelerated down the drive. At that moment there was little he could do but hope he would ever see this place again and that the girl would not rip him off during his absence. If he had been better able to focus on particulars of the scene, Cole Givens might have been able to identify that same tourist girl looking out of the bedroom window during his departure.

He might even have been able to see the cell phone pressed to her ear. Of course there was no way he would have been able to hear what she was saying. If he could then he would know for sure that he had been taken by a pro. Oh well, Cole Givens had quite enough to worry about at that moment without more complications.

* * * Darlene Delacroix lit a cigarette and dialed before watching the dark colored car recede down the drive. While waiting, she idly fingered and then absently shook the small cloudy vial of ketamine hydrochloride that would now be unnecessary. She breathed a sigh of relief and a moment later her call was answered by a man rawina xxx por movis payl a phone booth not far away.

"He's gone…I don't know. Some other man was here…some big guy. He broke in really and then he took Givens away. Said he was taking him to Jake…" The person on the other end of the line spoke and asked a question but Darlene Delacroix did not have a definitive answer.

She just said. "I guess but we've got some time. When will you be here?" The answer must have been what she was hoping to hear for a moment later the girl just said. "Okay…okay…I'll be here." And the conversation ended. She closed the phone and toweled again briskly at her short hair. Although the shower and douche was brief she had still been able to wash the man's smell away from her skin if not from her memory and now she began to dress. Thankfully she had fresh underwear in her purse.

A girl had to be prepared after all. To watch her from a distance she certainly appeared to be quite young. It was genetics really but she always had been able to give that singular impression when needed. Playing an impressionable tourist girl was far from a difficult task and this man had simply believed what she presented and what he wanted to see.

The predictable creatures, they usually did, Darlene thought.

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It was false though, all of it. From the tips of her 'playful pink' lacquered toes to the fruity bubblegum she habitually chewed, all the way to the 'hello kitty' accessories casually arranged inside her purse, Darlene Delacroix was a seasoned and well paid professional in the art of giving a man exactly what he wanted. She was also a gifted graduate in journalism from Columbia University. This was her third assignment working with Tom Sawyer and for enduring the twenty minutes of groping, which was all that Cole Givens could provide it was one that paid very well.

After all, college loans were expensive. She lit another smoke and went back to primping as she waited, oblivious to the man watching from outside. * * *