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Swallow this big tits and big dick
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By Jefferson from wolfspub CHAPTER TWO "Rebbecca Part One" Thursday December 14 When Dave woke up the next day, he didn't plan to use the SLuT9 on anyone.

He was sure his cock would simply be too worn out from his tryst with Elizabeth, that he wouldn't be able to "rise to the occasion." Three hours into work, though, he found himself already horny and thinking about his female co-workers. By the time he got off, early that afternoon, he knew he had to do it black teen make her self cum and this time, it wasn't going to be just some random girl off the street.

"It's time for SLuT9 to serve a good purpose," Dave said as he drove on the interstate headed out of the city, towards the suburbs where his apartment was. "Time for it to help me to put my bitch of an ex-wife in her place." Dave glanced at his watch. It was just after two in the afternoon.

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"Two o'clock on a Thursday, where would she be right now?" Dave smiled. "She doesn't work on Thursdays. It's her day for errands.


Perfect!" Dave pulled his cell phone from its holder on his hip and used speed dial to call his ex-wife's cell phone. The phone rang three times before she answered. "What do you want, Dave?" "Hello to you, too.

It's wonderful to hear your voice again, Becky." "It's Rebbecca, Dave. What do you want?" "I just got off work.

I was wondering if you'd meet me for a late lunch. Don't worry, I'll pay." "Why?" "I wanna talk to you about something. Will you meet me or not?" There was a long moment of silence. "Fine. Where and when?" "I need to get home and change.

Umm, forty minutes let's say, at Flannigan's?" Dave could almost hear Rebbecca roll her eyes. "Fine. Forty minutes. I'll wait five minutes. If you aren't there, I'm gone." "I'll be there," Dave said and then quickly hung before she could hang up on him as she always did when they spoke.

"You are going to get yours, Rebbecca dear. You're going to pay for all the mean little things you've said and done over the last two years. You're going to apologize even," he said, looking at the cell phone, still in his hand. "You're going to relax the visitation schedule and you're going to let me see my kids.

You're going to do a lot of things I'm sure, you never thought you would do." He smiled and slipped the cell phone back into its holder. Twenty minutes later, Dave pulled into the parking lot of his apartment building. He went upstairs, began stripping as soon as he was in the door and the door closed. He dump clothes on the floor as he moved through the living room, down the hall, into the master bedroom so he was dressed in only his socks and underwear when he stepped into the master bathroom.

He turned on the shower and adjusted the water temperature, stripped off the last of his clothes, and stepped into the shower. Fifteen minutes later, Dave was freshly shaved and showered.

He put some aftershave on his face, brushed his hair and teeth and then went to dress. He put on a wool sweater and a pair of khaki cargo pants. He then got out the glove and pin, carefully dipped the pin into the SLuT9 solution, allowed it to drip dry and stuck it back into the pocket of the glove and pushed it through the leather. He rolled the glove carefully so he wouldn't get stabbed by the pin and put the glove into his left hand cargo pocket.

He then slipped on his coat and headed back out to his junker of a car. "Oh, that reminds me," Dave said as he climbed in. "You're also going to cut back on the alimony payments you've been taking." He smiled and started the car. Five minutes later, he pulled into the parking lot of his favorite bar and grill, Flannigan's. Flannigan had died seven years earlier but had left the bar in good hands. The new owner/manager had agreed to not change the name before Flannigan died.

Dave was pretty sure that even though the name was the same, the food had gotten better since old man Flannigan died. Rebbecca was at a table with a cocktail when Dave entered the bar.

He waved to Josie who was behind the bar. She nodded and handed him a bottle of beer as he passed. He gave Josie a wink and a smile and went to the small round table in the back of the bar where Rebbecca was waiting impatiently. "If you're going to call me here at the last minute like this, you could at least cute sexy shy teen makes hardcore tryout sex video flirt with the slut at the bar while I'm waiting." "Flirt?

I waved and smiled at her. The smile was in thanks for the beer. Get over it, Rebbecca. As for the slut at the bar, you would have to move to the bar for there to be a slut there." Rebbecca's mouth dropped open and her eyes went wide. "You've got some nerve." She started to rise. "Don't make a scene, Rebbecca. I just came here to talk. If you stop taking pot shots at me, I'll stop firing back.

Deal?" Rebbecca was half standing. She glared at him, looked around at all the people in the bar and then sat back down. "Fine. So what did you want to talk about?" "The kids. I want them to come spend Christmas with me. You've had them for Christmas for the last two years, ever since we broke up.

I want to see their faces Christmas morning. Not the day before chat with eufrat silvie de lux the day after." "You know Paul and I like the kids to be there.

We like to celebrate as a family." "Fine," Dave said, he smiled and nodded. "We'll celebrate as a family. What time should I be there?" "Be where?" "At your house. I told I wanted to see the kids Christmas day. You said you wanted to celebrate as a family. You may not consider me family anymore but I think being their father makes me part of Emily and Hayley's family. What do you think?" "You are NOT coming to the house on Christmas morning, David. If you do, I will call the police and have you arrested for trespassing.

Not to mention, Paul will kick your fucking ass." "Okay then. I was thinking of coming to get the kids the evening of the twenty-third, that's Sunday. They'll spend Christmas Eve and Christmas with me and I'll bring them back to you on the twenty-sixth. Sound good?" "I told you, I want the kids with me for Christmas." Dave leaned forward, resting both elbows on the table.

"I'm going to see the girls on Christmas morning. It's up to you whether it's at my house or yours. Pick! Or should I call my lawyer and take you back to court for violating the custody order? I bet the girls would not like you stressing over another custody fight on Christmas morning." "I'll discuss it with Paul." "Fine, you discuss with Paul. I expect to hear from you tomorrow with a final decision. Just to make it clear, there are only three acceptable answers. One, an invitation to come over Christmas Eve night and spend the night so I can be with my girls on Christmas morning.

Two, call my lawyer. Or three, and the answer I would prefer, for me to come get the girls on the twenty-third or twenty-fourth." "Fine!" Rebbecca swallowed the rest of her drink, slammed the glass onto the bar, stood up and headed for the door.

"Aren't you going to stick around for dinner?" She didn't even turn around. She just flipped him off over her shoulder. Dave quickly pulled his wallet out and laid a ten-dollar bill on the table. He waved to Josie as he ran to follow Rebbecca. This was just the lead-in, Rebbecca, he thought. We aren't nearly through. He pulled the glove from his pocket as he exited and casually slipped it onto his hand. Rebbecca was about to get into her car. " Rebbecca!" he shouted as he came out of the bar and jogged over to her car.

To his amazement she actually stopped and turned to face him. Seeing that she was going to wait for him, Dave slowed down and walked over to her. "What do you want, Dave?" "Listen," Dave vampire babe with big saggy tits squirting with toys and put out his hand.

"We were married for close to twenty years. I don't wanna fight. How 'bout we shake and part as friends?" She never even glanced down at his hand. "Fine, whatever." She slapped her hand into his. Dave was sure harlots love sex mixed with massage hardcore and handjob pin had gotten her. "Ow!" she screamed a second later and pulled her hand away.

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"What is it?" he asked and stepped forward, appearing concerned. "Something stabbed me." She held her hand out and showed him the trickle of blood coming from the palm of her hand. "Oh, that looks painful." Even as he said it, Dave watched Rebbecca's eyes glaze over and turn glassy. She fell back against the car. The blood on her hand, all but forgotten as she clutched her stomach and moaned.

"You okay, Becky?" "I. Oh, shit!" "Beck?

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What's wrong?" She was panting, trying to catch her breath as her hand slid down her shirt to her white, billowy skirt and over her pubic region. "Oh, fuck." "What is it?" She looked up at him.

"I want you.

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Oh, fuck, I need you. Right now. Fuck me!" She pulled up her skirt, slid over a foot and started to lie back on the hood of the car. "I've got a better idea," Dave said. Grabbing her left hand, he led her to his car. "I never did get into exhibitionism. I might try it sometime but not today. How about we go back to my place. It's only five minutes from here." "Whatever. Let's just hurry," she said as he opened the car door for her and helped her in. He ran around, got in behind the wheel and started the car.

"You sure you wanna do this, Beck? What about Paul?" She was still panting and her hand was rubbing her clit through her skirt and panties. "I need it now. No time to wait for Paul. Hurry!" Dave hid his smile and drove, stepping on the accelerator a little harder. Five minutes later he pulled in to a parking spot in front of his apartment building.

Before he even had the engine off, Rebbecca was out of the car and headed inside. Dave turned off the ignition, got his keys, and ran to catch up to her. He caught up to her at the apartment door. He quickly unlocked it and let her in. Rebbecca didn't wait for him. She pushed her way in to the apartment and headed immediately through the living room, down the hall, and into the master bedroom. On the way she unbuttoned and dropped her blouse on the floor. The bra followed a moment later.

She kicked off her shoes and then started to work on the buttons of the skirt that was keeping her from what she really needed. Dave calmly closed and locked the door, walked over to one of two bookshelves he had in his living room, opened a cabinet, pulled out the digital video camera and checked it over, making sure it had a clear memory card and charged batteries.

He then turned and went to the bedroom. Before reaching the bedroom, Dave turned on the video camera. As soon as he entered the room, he panned it around the room until he found Rebbecca, already naked and spread out on the bed. "Becks, are you sure you wanna do this?" "Fuck talking, Dave.

Get over here and fuck me already!" "What about Paul, Rebbecca? Won't he be upset?" "He won't know. Now put that fucking camera down and get over here." "You mind if I record this momentous occasion?" he asked as he set the video camera on the dresser and moved towards the bed, 2 dad 2 sister story as he went.



Just get in here and fuck me, already." Dave stripped completely before climbing onto the bed and between his ex-wife's spread legs. "I don't want any fucking foreplay or any of that shit. Just put that cock in me and fuck my brains out." Dave realized, from where the camera was setting, it would have a perfect angle. The camera would have been looking up the bed from the foot. It would show Rebbecca's wide spread legs, her already sloppy wet cunt, her heaving tits and her face, begging him, ordering him to fuck her brains out.

What more could I ask for? Dave thought as he sank balls deep into her for the first time in nearly three years. Rebbecca wrapped her arms and legs around him as he started fucking in and out of her. She closed her eyes, threw her head back and had a massive orgasm almost immediately, thrilling Dave to no end and, he was sure, making a wonderful scene for the camera. He smiled, pleased with himself, and then turned his full attention to the task at hand.

To both of the participants, this was nothing but a good hard fuck. Dave had ulterior motives for it but it had nothing to do with an emotional attachment. Any emotional attachment had disappeared more than a year before in a court room where Rebbecca, with the best divorce attorney in town, no doubt paid for by her new boyfriend Paul Eggerston, had ripped into David, taken most of everything they owned, forced him to sell what was left and then, to top it all off, took his daughters away from him.

There was no emotion involved in this at all. This was a fuck. And fuck Blonde teen pov creamed cumshot and blowjob did. He plowed into Rebbecca over and over. After her first orgasm, he grabbed her knees, pushed them up to her chest, giving him better access and he plowed her even deeper, harder and faster.

For her part, Rebbecca lay there and enjoyed the pounding. The near-violence of the fuck was giving her orgasm after orgasm, almost to the point where they ran together to form one long chain.

David, still holding Rebbecca's knees to her chest, wrapped his arms around her legs and reached out and grabbed a nipple between each thumb and forefinger. Once he had a firm grip on both nipples, he pinched and twisted causing Rebbecca to scream out in pain.

The pain was quickly forgotten though when David pushed into her one final time, gave three short strokes and buried himself as deep inside her as he could and dumped his load. David's orgasm, and the warm feeling of his cum hitting her vaginal walls and cervix was enough to send Rebbecca arab couple fucks with the webcam turned on the top once more.

Drained, David rolled off of Rebbecca and lay on the bed beside her, allowing Rebbecca's knees to drop to the bed. Her legs fell separated onto the bed giving the camera on the dresser a perfect shot of her pussy, covered in sweat and leaking his cum. They both lay there for a moment as they caught their breath before David rolled off the bed. David stood up, went to the foot of the sexy whore amia miley rides huge cock of pool boy, turned off the camera and slipped it into the dresser drawer.

He then proceeded to get dressed as Rebbecca watched, still coming down from her high. Once dressed, David looked over at his ex-wife and for the first time in his life he saw a truly ugly woman. Her body was fine. It was what was inside that made her ugly to him.

He had intended to continue, to truly humiliate her before sending her home to figure out a way to explain it to her new boyfriend but David knew, as soon as he'd finished fucking her that he couldn't go on. "Get up and get dressed. I'll drive you back to your car." "I thought we'd keep going. I'm still." "I don't give a fuck if you're still hot in the panties, Beck.

It's not my problem. Go home. Tell Paul all about it. Maybe he can satisfy you. For now, get up and get dressed. I wanna get back. I think I'm going to have to throw those sheets away." David headed for the bedroom door still talking.

"Maybe the mattress too." He left the bedroom. David was sure Rebbecca was still horny as hell. He figured he could kill two birds with one stone. First he could drive Rebbecca just a little crazy by sending her home horny, and with Paul running for State Senate he would probably be out of the house so Rebbecca would have to masturbate or, better yet, cheat on him with someone else.

Maybe the pool boy or the gardener who barely spoke English. Second, he could find out what would happen to a woman who fell victim to SLuT9 but was forced to go unsatisfied. He wondered if she would explode?

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Keel over? Or just go home and Jill-off until she got whatever satisfaction she needed. Rebbecca stared after him. She couldn't decide how she should feel about what had just happened and what David had just said. On the one hand, she really wanted him to come back and fuck her some more. She was still very horny. On the other hand, his words sounded like he hated her. With tears rolling down her cheeks, Rebbecca rolled off the bed and dressed. Before going out to the living room, she went into the master bathroom and washed her face, refusing to give her ex-husband the satisfaction of seeing that he had made her cry.

Ten minutes later, David pulled his clunker of a car up behind her BMW and dropped her off. He hadn't said much during the ride. Rebbecca felt she had humiliated herself. Her libido had forced her to beg him to take her back to his apartment and daddy please stop fucking my sorority sisters her again, no matter how poorly he treated her or how much she really disliked him.

All she knew right then was that she wanted, no, she needed, to be fucked again. David pushed her out of the car once she'd opened the door. Without waiting, he hit the gas as soon as she was out of the car. She didn't even have time to close the door before the car lurched forward when David gunned the engine, allowing the wind to push the passenger side door closed.

David drove back to his apartment and retrieved the video camera from the dresser drawer. He set it on the nightstand as he stripped the bed of all it's sheets, blankets and pillowcases, rolled them up into a pile and dropped them in front of the laundry room. He then sprayed the bed with some disinfectant just so he could tell Rebbecca he really had disinfected the bed. He then made the bed up with clean sheets.

Once finished, he sat down, flipped the small screen up from the side of the digital video camera and watched what he had just recorded. David admitted to himself pretty teen masturbating with hitachi on webcam it wasn't much of a home sex video. Through most of the video, all that could be seen was his hairy butt going up and down as he fucked Rebbecca but David was sure it would be enough.

He slipped the memory card from the camera and stuffed it into his pocket. He then took the video card down to the neighborhood pharmacy. David had become friends with one of the guys who worked at the photo center and waited until the photo center was clear of all the customers before taking the memory card to his buddy and asking him to burn him ten copies of the video onto ten different CD's.

David made no secret of the fact that it wasn't for public viewing. The guy behind the counter just smiled, took the twenty bucks David offered up for the guy breaking the rules and then took the video card and burned the video onto CD's.

David browsed the small pharmacy as he waited, picking up a few items he knew he needed including some pads pre-soaked with alcohol to clean to the pin with. He paid for the CD's, retrieved the memory card, and left the pharmacy waving to his friend. On the way back to his apartment, David made two stops. The first was at the post office where David bought a package to send the CD in. He wrote a quick note on a piece of paper from the note pad he kept in his car, stuck it in the package with the CD, wrote Rebbecca's named and address on the package, bought a few stamps and mailed it.

He figured it would be Tuesday, maybe Wednesday before he would hear from Rebbecca again. He then stopped at Long John Silver's and picked himself up some dinner.