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Nastystorysex fairy tales com free porn storys xxx porn movies nas
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White slavery or is it Really part 1 A young white girl after returning to the states due to the death of her father, quickly becomes an oversexed young teenager, and incurs one incredible sexual experience after another.


She comes of age as an attractive young woman in this new most enticing area around the big city of New York. She then stumbles across items in an old trunk in her family's attic, and thinks she has found out the true story of her family's checkered past!. It seems her Grand parents, and to a greater extent her Great Grand Parents had been involved in the slave trade over 150 years ago and into the turn of the century! Then, do to her guilty emotions about what she has discovered, suffers incredible remorse after finding out the terrible truth of things they had done to black female slaves, this leaves her with overpowering feelings of guilt.

Then do to these incredible feelings, allows herself to be sexually abused over and over in a reverse version as a white sex slave! This is done to her in the most sadistic and disgusting ways, by numerous modern day black men in order to "she thinks"pay for these sins that were committed by her grand parents!

When her mother finally passes and she is able to view what is left of the remnants of her past, she finds out shall we say "the rest of story" that has been cleverly hidden all these years! She is not only astonished to find out what her name means, and why her parents named her this, but also the real truth about her most unusual and twisted past! She had always wondered about her name, as it was quite unusual. As a child she never thought much about it.

But as she got older though, the question would occasionally come up, as to what it meant,and why they had named her this, she of course did not know? Only that it had meant something very special to her parents, as they had named her "Adanna"!. Her parents had been volunteers in a group horny hot babe maya wears mask and asks johns cock in the backseat the Peace Corps as had their parents before them.

This had required them to go into third world Countries to help these less fortunate people. They were true Idealists wanting only to help those that really needed it. They had been sent to Central Africa near the Congo and had only returned to the states when Adanna's mother was ready to give birth to kodam x x x vedeo, so that she would be born in the USA and with the appropriate medical care that did not exist in the small African village where they lived.

After her birth and some other business in the states they returned to this same small African village with there infant daughter.

Adanna had grown up in this village untouched by what most would consider civilized, but for her parents it was the ideal place. They had helped the local Tribes people with irrigation crops and all sorts of things that would make their lives better, like building better homes to live in and basic medical care. It was a wonderful place for a young girl to grow up. Adanna had run around with all the other village children and the fact that most of the children wore nothing at all and the fact that she was white, and all the other children were black did not seem to bother anyone.

Besides most of the village women wore nothing to cover there breasts anyway, even her mother had gone new tarzan sexy story sex stories a bra or top as she was an idealist. Only wanting to be viewed like all of the other tribal women. This fact never bothered Adanna. Due to tribal customs the young boys and girls only started wearing leather loin cloth type briefs when puberty started to become an issue and when the marriage custom became the focus.

As a preteen she acted just like any of the other children, learning the language and customs. Adanna's parents had schooled her in English, Math and basic history, not spending much time on the social and political problems that were happening in the rest of the world, good or bad, or the things many other third world countries were facing.

They preferred to leave her blissfully naive and unaware of the outside world. She, Adanna did have several things happen to her as a young teen that was quite upsetting. The first thing that happened, was when the Chiefs and Warriors from the other villages had come together for their tribal meetings, she heard them commenting about her, in that why, was a young white girl being allowed to attend all of there tribal functions as if she was one of them.

She understood there language and most of what was said.

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Especially when it came to the snickering comments about "her big white breasts", and why hadn't she been used like any other white woman that had fallen into the hands of their tribe?. She heard the chief of their village explain that she was the daughter of the the Great Ones, who had came to help the people of their village and had grown up among them, and was considered to be part of their tribe, and not at all like the other white Europeans who had been brutal and uncaring towards the blacks of this area.

Several of the older girls in curiosity had also started to wonder about Adanna. In that was she the same down there sexually, as them? They lesbian babes playing games with sex toys grown up together, but as youngsters had never really looked at her in this way.

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Nor had they noticed the difference, but now as a nehara peris fuck storys best teen in puberty and at an age when most would soon be married, they had taken quite an interest in that she was so white and fair skinned with very light pink nipples but there real interest was in her pubic area? Five girls,one older than the rest had talked her into accompanying them to a secluded part of the jungle Forrest.

This, was under the pretense of looking for some blossom herbs that were from a special plant that was used to make a delicacy, and once away from every one and quite far from the village, four of the five had grabbed her arms, legs, and held her down!


She squirmed while trying to get loose and her big white breasts moved up and down quite noticeably wuth her heart was pounding! The older girl then undid her thin leather loin cloth briefs exposing her pubic area. She did not know quite what to expect, this older girl had now taken her, bottoms off, and was comparing each others genitals, she was now fingering Adanna's slit and cunt lips and soon discovered a very noticeable light pink clitoris and not being sure exactly what it was,viewed it very closely.

She then pinched it very hard, this had resulted in Adanna letting out a surprised Yelp. She Immediately fingered her self in the same place finding almost the same thing!, only hers was much a darker pink and not nearly as noticeable.

Both of sick girls vomit puke vomiting puking gagging and barf spitting barfing wiggled and squirmed as there clits were being fingered squeezed and played with not understanding, but enjoying this new found wonderful and very erotic feeling. But for Adanna there was something more to this than just comparing their private parts, as the older girl who's name was Samanya, first she went from Adanna's clit and then to her nipples and then back to her clit the feeling she was experiencing was wonderful especially the part about being naked and held down while she experienced the fondling she did to her.

Soon the girls had let her loose, and had removed their briefs and were experimenting by fingering themselves. She was still laying there not knowing exactly what had happened or what to do?

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She was disappointed that they had turned her loose and although she was still wet, that wonderful feeling was slowly fading away. This older girl again came back to her and could not help but play with Adanna's clit. Samanya was amazed at the way it responded to her touch gradually swelling and making Adanna's thighs start to tremble. She again went from Adanna's clit to hers and back this process was making them both very wet and sensitive.

The other girls started doing the same thing to their pubic areas, finding that they too had a similar erotic place. But what really dawned on these girls was the fact that they were so dark skinned and that Adanna was so white and fair skinned. This was a condition that no one had never really cared about before. Adanna's fair skin never seemed to be a problem either with sunburns, as most of the time they were in the shade of the jungle.

But even when she was out in the direct sunlight she never seemed to tan or burn a rather unusual condition for such a fair skinned white female.

As the girl's continued to play with themselves occasionally one would let out a short squeal of pleasure, Adanna had now found her, fingers starting to rub and squeeze her own swelling clitoris!. Samanya the older girl who had started this whole experience was now "running" her fingers back and forth quite vigorously across her clit, until she found just the perfect place! This was instantly followed by a long high pitched moaning screeching orgasm! Adanna along with the other girls were terrified at first, thinking that she had some how hurt herself, but when she finally regained her composure and could speak, she encouraged the other girls to try and do the same.

They all did including Adanna, these girls, never having experienced anything like this before all reached a very satisfying orgasm. This was followed by them doing it over and over again, until all of them were half silly and could hardly move. They had not realized how much time had passed, and heard there names being called, as the villagers had become worried, and had started looking for them.

As they slowly got up with there legs very shaky and their thighs trembling and a new wetness between them that none had ever experienced before. They wiped themselves clean as best they could, followed by lacing up their briefs. Samanya was the first to holler out to the villagers who were looking for them, as to where they were, and that they were okay. As they walked off toward the village, some were giggling and talking among themselves of this new found pleasurable experience and that they should do this very wonderful thing again.

Another interesting thing hat had happened to them only several weeks later was, when she and these same girls had gone off very deep into the jungle.

Far away from the prying eyes of the village, so that they could do this very intimate thing again and not have worry about anyone finding them! They had all been laying around in the tall grass of this secluded meadow, masturbating and really enjoying themselves, Adanna and Samanya had become much closer friends and were laying together. Samanya being older and more sexually curious had gotten on her knees and had placed her nose right next to Adanna's busy fingers and when she had another orgasm quite naturally grabbed her ass cheeks and buried her face in Adanna's wet little slit!

Samanya could not help herself as her lips closed almost instantly over Adanna's already over stimulated clit! This had brought her to an even more wonderful intense trembling and helpless orgasm! The experience for both had left them helpless and unable to move! This was when a raiding party of Mercenary Tribesman from a remote and very dangerous village, had quietly crept up and watched stalking them, not knowing quite what to think of what they were doing?

They were quite intrigued by it, biding there time and waiting for the right moment before jumping on several of the girls including Adanna, since all of them were nude and half silly with orgasms, it had made their abduction all the easier Especially with Adanna and Samanya!. These mercenary tribesmen, quickly had leather sacks over there heads, their hands and feet bound and had thrown them over there shoulders, the girls with muffled screams were crying kicking helplessly as these men had made off into the jungle with them in only a matter of moments.

They probably would never have been found if one of the young native boys of the village had not been curious and followed them. He had heard one of the girls talking to her friend about this new found secrete pleasure, plus he had visions that he and one of these girls would soon becoming man and wife, this along with his curiosity to watch them from a hidden vantage point that was at some distance from where the girls were.

Watching them had made his organ very hard, and he was almost ready to relive himself with his first orgasm, when the first of the girls, followed by the others had been quickly snatched.

He was unable to warn them, plus being by himself and not yet a warrior left him the only option of following them at a distance. He followed them into the jungle as close as he dared and at times had a hard time keeping up, he wanted to see where they were going to take the girls and what they intended to do?. The tribesmen would occasionally stop, listen and change directions trying to make sure they had not been followed.

When they finally arrived at this village the first thing the boy noticed was, that there were very few women. Most of them were older tired looking ones and that they were treated like slaves only being kept around for cooking cleaning ultra wet japanese bawdy cleft toying hardcore blowjob what he would find out later was to service these men.

This was something the boy did not quite understand? As the treatment of these women was nothing like in his village. The women would be forced to kneel redhead and a blonde babe hardcore and lesbian all fours while several of the men would take turns mounting them from behind followed by poking them in the rear with their wangee's until the women would squeal and the men would grunt, it was like animals he had seen mating.

Not at all like the way the men and women of his village came together as man and wife?. Apparently the young girls who had been taken were to be used in the same manor sort of like an animal? Adanna had just enjoyed this incredible orgasm that was brought on by Samanya when several of these tribesman had grabbed them and neither where in any condition to resist!.

She did make a feeble attempt and try to get loose while crying for help, but quickly realized that no one could hear them. Her mind was thinking on one hand, that they never should have gone this far from the village, while on the other, the stories that one of the older girls had told.

Of young native girls being taken from their village by tribal raiding parties for the sole purpose and sexual pleasure of the raiding men or to be sold as sexual slaves! This was something she had just started to imagine during her recent fantasy's not realizing it was about to happen for real. While being tied and naked on the back of this warrior she felt herself becoming very wet with the anticipation of what they might do, or what might happen as these perverse sexual thoughts raced through her young mind!.

As the boy watched from his hidden vantage point, several of the taken girls were already being tied up, out in the open between poles in the ground. Their hands and feet were tied so that they were naked helpless and spread very wide. These older women in the camp had been making and cooking some sort of drug like concoction that they were now starting to smear on to the girls breasts, bottoms and pubic area. The results of this made the girls almost immediately start behaving in away he had never seen any girl, or woman for that matter act!.

Adanna was the last of the four girls taken to be tied up in this manner. She was still very wet with sexual anticipation not understanding at all what they were going to do to her, but thinking that it might not be so bad as her new found sexuality had only provoked her interest and whatever they were going to do to her would solve this burning desire for some sort of sexual relief that she was now experiencing in her loins.

Adanna, asian teen aria skye fucks the laptop repair guy with the leather hood removed and seeing the other girls tied as she was, became fascinated by this spectacle before her.

The way they would try to thrust there hips forward as if trying to impale themselves on some sort of imaginary phallic symbol.

She was somewhat taken by the pleasant erotic smell of this stuff they were now smearing on her privates. This belied its real purpose as she, uncontrollably started to thrust her hips forward and if not tied, would have plunged her female slit onto anything, trying to rid her self of this indescribable feeling and craving to get some relief from this over powering desire to be penetrated.

Adanna could not understand why she, was doing this uncontrollable thrusting of her hips, her nipples, pubic area especially her clit had an unquenchable desire to be abused. The men who had taken them, had been setting around the camp fire, drinking some sort of alcohol and talking about what a fine catch they had made. Especially the fair skinned pink one, referring to Adanna.

Several of these men had wandered over to the girls occasionally pinching and fondling their breasts and clits as they thrust their hips forward and were quite amused, especially when Adanna would thrust hers out to meet this groping fingering and brutal twisting of her clitoris. Had it not been for the the sex drug that had been smeared on her privates it would have been most painful, but in her condition she would sequel with pleasure each time it was grabbed.

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They would then stop doing it for a moment laughing at her, and would be rewarded with her begging them in a mixture of English and their native tongue to continue this perverse act. Her cunt was now dripping with the mixture of her juices and this concoction.

She had tried to force herself and tell them to stop, but every time she was unable to form the words and her body would betray her. She would thrust, and they would grab.


One of these men had been overly drunk and had been parading around with an enormous hard on, threatening to poke the girls with it, His eye had been on Adanna all night long!

She was so young white and shapely he could not help himself and was loosening her bonds so that he could bend her over and give her a good humping from behind! At this point she would have easily welcomed it, again almost begging for it. But just as he was about to thrust his big hard black dong deep into her young wet woman hood the leader of this mercenary group who had been watching the goings on, had snuck up behind him with a small wooden club had really whacked his very hard on!.

If he had not been so drunk he probably would have screamed much louder due to the painful whack!. The leader yelled at him to leave her alone, saying if she was not whole her value would be reduced substantially, and not to let his lustful desire overcome the money she would bring. He was still cursing and kannada big boss participants anushree sex story as he jumped around in pain, and finally stompping off holding a very sore limp dick.

Continued in part 2