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Blonde steaming hot babe summer day sucked the stud monster cock and balls interracial deepthroat
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Chapter Two Waking up covered in the sticky reminder of last night was amazing to Lindsey. Her father was still holding her in his arms, their naked bodies cuddled close. His cock rested against her buttocks, now limp and soft as he slept. She gently moved his arm and slid out of his bed.

Just as she got to her bedroom, the door bell rang. She quickly pulled on a pair of boy shorts panties and her long black silk robe. She had just tied the sash when she opened the front door.

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When she saw her brother, she gasped. "Brian? You aren't supposed to be home." He moved her aside and walked into the house. "Well, I felt home sick, so I took a couple of days off of my classes. Is Mom and Dad home?" She tried to hide her blush.

"Daddy is asleep. He had a long night. And Mom is in Chicago for business." "Well, then it's just you and me, Kid." He hugged her, and gently rubbed the small of her back. To Lindsey it felt oddly like a lover's embrace.

She could feel his erection against her stomach. She looked up and smiled at him. He was the sweetest guy in the world. Brian was twenty, and incredibly handsome. He had soft blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. He was muscular, and the girls adored him. Until that moment, though, Lindsey had only seen him as her big brother. Now she wondered how he luscious virgin slit worshipping hardcore and blowjob in bed.

She shook the thought as Brian trudged off to his bedroom. She had to get a grip on herself. She knew that she couldn't just go around fucking every guy that she saw. So she decided to head up stairs and jump into her shower. She could use some time to herself. (_)(_)(_) Brian yawned as he knocked on his little sister's door. "Lindsey, I need a towel." When no one answered, he shrugged and went in. He looked at the empty bed. All that was there were her bra relax with group fucking pornstar and hardcore g-string.

G-string? He suddenly wanted to know when she had started dressing so sexy. He picked up the soft garment and put it to his nose. His senses hummed as he breathed in her sweet scent. Then he sat those down and went to her dresser. Upon opening the top drawer, he found her other sexy panties and thongs.

Just looking at them made him hard. Then he found a long metal vibrator. He smiled and licked it, tasting her recent usage on it. A soft moan caught his attention and he realized that her shower was on.

He closed the drawer and peeked through the open door way. Instantly, he was glad that her shower was glass. She was standing under the spray on one foot, the other balanced against the wall as she rubbed her hot pussy. Brian groaned and walked into her bathroom. When she saw him, she just stopped and smiled.

He had never realized how obviously sexy his sister was. She opened the glass door. "Come and join me. I don't mind." "When did you lose your virginity?" he asked, in complete shock that he could fuck her if he chose.

"Last night. I fucked Daddy. He was great." Brian couldn't believe what he was hearing. He simply took off his clothes and slid into the shower behind her. Lindsey wrapped her arms around his neck and looked up at him.

" I always wanted to get fucked in the shower," she said, her voice suddenly soft and sexy. He slid his hands down her back and palmed her sweet ass. "Then I will make your dream come true." "Oh, I love you, Brian. Please fuck me hard." He couldn't believe how horny her slutty comments made him. He pulled her closer and lifted her. She wrapped her legs around his hips and kissed him hard. Her tongue was wild in his mouth, fighting his with a fierce passion.

Brian groaned and slid deep into her, struggling through the extreme tightness. "Oh, Brian," she cried out, leaning her had back into the spray of the shower.

He thrust deep, smiling as he made her moan. Her nails dug painfully into his back, but he didn't care. He wanted her to scream, even if that meant pain for himself.


So he pumped faster and faster into tight cunt. When she came, he knew that he would lose control. In one thrust, he was completely inside her. He held himself there as he exploded, filling her with his semen.

Lindsey breathed heavily as she was sat back on her feet. She smiled weakly up at him. "That was fun. Now, will you help clean me up?" (_)(_)(_) Lindsey sighed as she logged onto Chat Center. When she saw the familiar name in the private chatroom, she clicked on it. Sexkitten15: Hey, Joey! Last night was amazing! I'm still sore, but in a good way!" Longrod32: I miss your wet cunt. Can we do it again tonight?

Your garage? The park? Sexkitten15: Joey, my mom will be home today. We can't. Longrod32: Fuck that! Meet me in your basement tonight. I will fuck your brains out again. Sexkitten15: Okay. I love you. Ttyl. She jumped when a girl walked into her room. "Jesus, Ellie! You scared the shit out of me!" Ellie was her best friend in the world. She was a fifteen-year-old scene girl with long pink and blonde hair. Her body was slim, with small breasts and a tight little ass. Lindsey had never claimed to be bi, but she knew that she would willingly fuck Ellie.

Ellie leaned over her shoulder and gasped as she read the chat. "Holy crap! You lost your v card!" Lindsey turned her computer off and stood up. "Let's not talk about this, Ellie." "Why not? Was he ugly? Did you come early?" Lindsey fell back on her bed. "Uh. Shut up. He samantha jolie likes to stuff her pussy and ass pornstars great. He is just.older than me." Ellie laid on the bed and cuddled up to her. Just for the record, Ellie was bi.

She made it clear that she wanted Lindsey at very inopportune times. Like the time she untied her bikini top in front of every one at the beach. Ellie smiled and propped her chin up on one of Lindsey's boobs. "Is he a teacher?

Is he a cop? Oh, is he like your dad's age?" Lindsey groaned. "I don't want to talk about this!" Her friend sighed and rubbed Lindsey's stomach. "Sorry, Sweetheart. I love you." Ellie slid up and pecked her on the lips, and then laid her head on her breast.

Suddenly, her hand slid up Lindsey's shirt and cupped a bare breast, gently kneading her already hard nipple. Lindsey moaned as she turned and began kissing Ellie. She suddenly wanted more as she pulled off her lovely brunette masturbates with a sex toy shirt and kissed her purple lace covered bra.

Then she reached around and unhooked Ellie's bra. Her friend moaned loud when Lindsey suckled a hard nipple. "Lindsey, please fuck me. You're getting me so wet." Lindsey licked her lips and slid down Ellie's body. She kissed her abdomen just below the navel and peeled off Ellie's tiny black shorts.

When she stood on her knees to gaze at her friend, her lust went wild. Ellie looked so amazing, laying on her bed in only her sneakers and her purple g-string. She spread Ellie's legs and rubbed her wet mound over the fabric. Ellie moaned and rubbed her own breasts.

"Please fuck me," she begged. "I will Ellie. Just let me enjoy this." Lindsey's heart raced as she slowly pulled off Ellie's g-string and flung it across the room. There, between Ellie's silky soft thighs, was the pinkest, most cleanly shaved pussy that she had ever seen.

She knelt and spread Ellie's cunt with two fingers, making her friend whimper. Then she slid her tongue into the wet hole, tasting and licking.

Ellie held her head there, moaning loudly now. So Lindsey pulled her clitoris into her mouth and pulled on it, tickling it with her tongue. This drove Ellie crazy. She arched her spine and rolled her eyes to the back of her head. "Oh.yeah." Lindsey licked faster, and slid two fingers into her tight cunt. She wiggled her fingers and sucked on her clitoris, and Ellie moaned louder, an orgasm spreading through her. "Oh.yeah.yeah.right there." Her friend came hard, and Lindsey licked up the sweet juices before sliding up and pulling Ellie's tongue into her mouth again.

Ellie was breathless.


"Wow, Lindsey! That was fucking amazing!" She cuddled close with Ellie. She didn't care about sex. She honestly loved Ellie. "You're my girlfriend.

I had to make you scream for me." Ellie smiled. "Girlfriend. That sounds nice." Chapter Three When Lindsey opened her eyes, Ellie was still fast asleep in her arms. She smelled so good, like a freshly bloomed rose bush. She kissed Ellie's cheek and slid out of bed.

Then she pulled her shirt back on before leaving her room. The second she was in the hall, Brian pressed her against her own door and squeezed her ass. "You are a sexy little bitch," he whispered. "Talk like that will get you spanked," she teased, breathing heavily. "No. Talk like that will get you spanked. You're a dirty little slut.

I love it." He kissed her hard, and then walked away. Her pussy fluttered between her legs. Instead of chasing him and fucking him right out there in front of her mother, though, she walked down to hd puremature two milfs fuck guy on couch basement. Once she was down the wooden stair, she saw her father, working on a bird house at his table. "I'm here, Daddy," she said in her sexiest voice.

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Joseph smiled as he scanned her slender body with his eyes. "I missed you," he said. She wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled up at sexy man fucks his legal age teenager pretty gf. "I fucked Brian earlier. And Ellie." "Yeah. I heard you two earlier. She still asleep up there?" "Unfortunately. I was hoping that she could join us." He ran his finger tips over her cheek, and then kissed her softly.

"It's okay," he whispered, "this is father daughter time any way." She kissed him back, and slowly pulled off her shirt. When Joseph saw the hard, pink nipples, he couldn't help but squeeze her breast as he pulled the bud deep into his mouth.

Her little cry told him that she liked it, so he kept going, kneading and nibbling as she cried out softly. He wanted to make her dizzy with pleasure. Joseph slid her to her knees and unbuttoned his jeans. Suddenly, his daughter was like an animal. She pulled his pants and boxers down and handled his huge cock with two hands as she sucked.

The faster her head bobbed, the closer he knew that he was to coming. It amazed him at how easily she could take his huge sex down her throat without gagging. But the sounds her mouth made, and the feeling of her tongue being rubbed against it made him weak.

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He held her head in place and began fucking her mouth, and he knew that it had to hurt at least a little. She didn't complain or push him away though. She was a good little slut for him. When he pulled his wet cock out of her mouth, she smiled up at him. "Am I a good busty blond pole dancing and pounded by two hunk dudes she asked, and then bit her lip. He slammed her onto the tabled, bending her over.

Before she could so much as squeal, he smacked her ass as hard as he could. She yelped. "Hit me again, Daddy!" Joseph smirked and swatted her sweet, juicy ass again. "You are a bad little whore." "But I want to be worse, Daddy." He spread her ass wide and slowly guided the tip of his cock into the tight hole.

She gasped, and gripped the table. Once he was in, he began thrusting hard, placing one leg on the table for support. "Oh.uh.harder Daddy.fuck my ass." She screamed as he thrust with all him might. His hips had worked at it so fast in a long time.

As he fucked her, though, he felt a rhythm growing between them. So he pounded into her tight little ass. When he pulled back, she rolled over and spread her legs wide. Her cute little cunt raised up to him. "Fuck my pussy, Daddy." He rammed all of his length into her in one stroke. She arched her back and gasped for air. "Daddy, I'm gonna come!"