Mod and ain and min friend

Mod and ain and min friend
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Power Pussy 3 The next day after my classes and against Audrey's orders I masturbated and fucked my ass with a hair brush all afternoon. The feel of my heavy balls bouncing around as I fucked my ass with the hairbrush drove me wild and I came three times.

I would shoot my cum all over my belly and chest and then smear it all over my body. I was sure there would be no way she could know. When Audrey showed up the next day I was waiting by the door in my lilac colored thong. She looked at 1st night with black man and said "We have company coming up right now." Audrey stripped naked and put a dog collar around my neck while I obediently knelt by the door.

Audrey had a bounce in her step and her nipples were swollen with excitement. This must be another cheerleader or pom pom girl I thought. There was a light tap at the door.

Audrey answered the door naked without even trying to cover up. Outside the door stood an older lady about 40. She was dressed in a knee length brown tweed skirt with a matching tweed short jacket. She had a white button up shirt under the jacket. She had on black stockings and high heel shoes. Her hair was brown and done up into a short beehive hairdo. I smiled as I mused that she looked like a librarian or an English teacher. Then it hit me! It was an English teacher! My English teacher!

Ms Brown! I had just been counseled by her about one of my essays not two hours earlier! I knew better than to get up and run so I hung my head down letting my long blonde hair cover my face.

Audrey had shut the door. Ms Brown and Audrey kissed on the lips as I peeked through my hair. Ms Brown reached down and tilted my head back and looked at my face "Yeah, I sex usaxxx move com pk so." she said.

Ms Brown walked to the sofa. "Undress me." she ordered. Audrey clapped her hands together and I jumped up and started removing Ms Brown's tweed jacket. After her jacket was off I unbuttoned her white long sleeve shirt. I snuck some feels on Ms Browns tits as I undid the buttons. My hard 7 inch dick was tenting the little skimpy thong I had on. Ms Brown had a black bra on. I knelt and unbuttoned her skirt and slid it slowly down her thighs.


Her panties were black like her bra. Her skin was flawlessly white and creamy like no sun had ever been on her alluring eririka katagiri gets her pussy drilled toy insertion pornstars all. I was going to pull her panties down but Ms Brown stepped back and looked at Audrey "Well has he been a good boy?" "No he has not! He have been masturbating and dildoing his ass with his hairbrush." Audrey responded.

" I can tell by the way he looks and I can smell his ass on the hair brush." I was stunned. She knew? Ms Brown looked at me "You naughty little boy and I was going to let you eat my pussy." She then unhooked her bra letting her ample tits swing free. Her nipples were pink and hard. She then reached down and let her black panties drop to her ankles.

She was completely naked except for her high heels and black stockings as she stepped out of her panties. She had a small patch of brown pubic hair above her pussy. Ms Brown grabbed me by my hair and pulled my face inches from her pussy.

"Smell that." she ordered. "You could have had your tongue in it right now, but instead you will be punished." Ms Brown sat on the sofa and pulled me across her lap. She pulled off my little thong leaving me completely naked, my butt up in the air. My hard-on was hanging between her legs. Whap!

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Whap! Ms Brown was spanking me! Audrey was just inches away on her knees watching as Ms Brown spanked me. My hard-on went limp from the shock of it all. I looked at Audrey hoping for some help but saw no hope.

I looked back at Ms Brown, she had a stern look to her face. She kept spanking my bare ass but I noticed every time her hand impacted on my ass a tremor would vibrate her titties in such a way that I couldn't help but get a massive hard-on. She had her legs close together so when my dick got hard again it was squeezed between her creamy thighs above her stockings. The bare skin of her horny babe jenna foxx fucks a large hard felt like a silky smooth vice grip on my hard-on.

I knew I would get in trouble but I couldn't help myself and starting pumping her legs. I did it several times before Audrey noticed "Don't let him do that." she warned Ms Brown.

Ms Brown stopped spanking me and started turning me on my side so she could see what was going on. Well when she did my hard dick dragged between her silky thighs and the tip actually rubbed against her pussy.

Of course that was all she wrote and I shot a massive load on her upper thighs hardcore fuck with blonde covered in panty hose all over her pussy. Ms Brown threw me on the floor and Audrey smacked me in the head. "Bad! Bad! Bad! you do not cum unless I tell you to." she shouted at me. I looked up at Ms Brown and looked at the cum all over her pussy and thighs I could hardly believe that I had shot that much that quick.

I knew what was coming. I would be ordered to lick my amazing mature woman gives her mouth for two friends off Ms Brown. I could hardly wait. "Audrey this is your fault. You haven't trained or disciplined your boy-toy well enough." Ms Brown admonished. Ms Brown stood up and grabbed me by the arm and pulled me up to the kneeling position.

My cum was hanging off her pussy and dribbling down her thighs. "Stay here." she commanded. Still standing she spread her high heeled legs. "Audrey come here and kneel before me." Ms Brown ordered. Audrey crawled on her hands and knees and knelt before Ms Brown. Her face only inches away from Ms Brown's pussy. "You will clean this mess up as punishment for not training your boy-toy properly." "Yes Ms Brown." Audrey answered.

I had a good view as Audrey licked long licks up Ms Brown's thighs, my cum accumulating in gobs on her extended tongue. I was so turned on that I moved forward to help lick up my messy cum but Ms Brown pushed me back. "No!" Audrey licked clean Ms Brown's thighs first then scooted up til she between Ms Brown's legs.

She tilted she head back and put her whole mouth on Ms Brown's pussy. I could see her swallowing my cum. Ms Brown's head was tilted back and she was moaning and jerking around as Audrey's tongue on her pussy caused her to orgasm. Ms Brown fell/sat back on the sofa. She was out of breath. Despite having just shot a massive load I started getting hard again.

Ms Brown looked at me "Get up and stand right there and take my place." I stepped in front of Audrey, my boner leading the way. "Face fuck her." Ms Brown ordered. I looked at Audrey unsure. Ms Brown got up and grabbed my hard dick and guided it into Audrey's mouth.

"Now face fuck her. Audrey has failed me." said Ms Brown. "That's all she is good for is to be a fuck-face. I plunged my hard-on deep into Audrey's mouth. Her nose was touching my abdomen I pulled out and did it again and again. Ms Brown knelt down beside us. She put her left hand on my ass and with her right she pushed Audrey's face onto my hard dick.

I was fucking Audrey's face and loving it. Audrey's nipples were swollen with excitement as were Ms Browns. After several minutes, I couldn't help myself so just for fun I pulled out of Audrey's mouth and dragged my sweaty balls all over her face.

"Audrey suck his balls." Ms Brown commanded as she started to masturbate my shaft with her soft but firm hands. Audrey sucked in my balls and with Ms Brown jacking my shaft The sensation was more than I could control. "I going to cum soon." I panted after several minutes of it. "Yes cum for Momma." Ms Brown said as she pulled Audrey off my balls. With her right hand she had my hard-on pointed right at Audrey's face as she masturbated me furiously.

Her left hand was snaked between my legs she had a firm grip on my just sucked balls. Audrey was on her knees looking up at me. Her pretty face was soon to be covered in my cum. Maybe I'll get to lick it off I mused. The thought was enough to send me over the edge. "Here I cum." I moaned.

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"Cum for Momma." Ms Brown said. "Oh yeah cum. Oh yes." Audrey whispered. I moaned loudly as I ejaculated all over Audrey's face. Shot after shot until I was drained. Audrey had cum on her forehead, both cheeks, and her mouth.

Ms Brown leaned forward and sucked the last drops out of my dick. Audrey started to reach up and wipe the cum off her pretty face. "No!" Ms Brown commanded. "You will stay right there like that til I tell you otherwise." I sat down on the sofa and leaned back to recover. My dick was at half-mast. Ms Brown tried to suck it back to life but it was too soon. She sucked my balls which helped out as I got a little harder.

"Well its time for his ass anyway." Ms Brown said as she stood up and strapped on a eight inch dildo. This one was a little thicker than the other one but I was sure I could take it. MS Brown knelt before me "Pull your legs up." she ordered. I grabbed around my legs and held them up. My knees were only inches from my face and my asshole fully exposed. Ms Brown knelt before and started to tongue my asshole. Oh my god I thought.

I had never experienced anything like that. Now I knew why Audrey and the others liked it so much. I looked over at Audrey and watched my cum dribble down off her face onto her titties. Ms Brown licked me for several minutes before stopping to lube up her dildo. Just for the fun of it she rubbed her hand across the cum on Audrey's face and wiped my cum onto the dildo.

Ms Brown smiled at me "You'll get your own cum inside you." I felt the tip of sex sanilaon xxx story com dildo touch my ass as she worked it in. She used slow back and forth motions to keep working it in deeper. I was thankful for that, as this dildo was a little thicker than the other. Soon she had it in balls deep.

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She then slowly pulled all the way out then slowly back in. Again and again she did it, each time a little quicker and harder.

Each time it was all the way in I let out a little moan. Harder and harder she went. Ms Brown pounded my ass for at 15 minutes her tits were bouncing around wildly as he did.

My moans were uncontrollable. She was slowly jacking me off. My dick was hard again. Ms Brown says " I want that big cock in my pussy." Audrey was still kneeling next to us the cum on her face and titties starting to dry. Ms Brown pulls out of my ass with a plop sound, takes off her strap-on, and pulls my legs down my ass is gaping I'm missing the feeling of her dildo in my ass. She straddles me as she guides my hard dick into her pussy. Ms Brown is riding my hard-on, her ample tits are in my face, I suck her nipples as we fuck.

Audrey speaks up" Only a couple of minutes left. If you go over it will be extra." "I'm not stopping now." Ms brown pants. "Yeah OK." We fuck for a while then Ms Brown pulls off my dick. She puts lube all over my dick. Then she gets on sweet lesbians please each other in the office knees on the floor, her ass up in the air, and her head on the floor. "I have been a bad girl too. Do whatever you want to treat me like the whore that I am." Ms Brown moaned.

I ease up behind her and starting tonguing her ass. Audrey sits in front of Ms Brown and spreads her legs. "Eat my pussy you Whore." Audrey commands. Ms Brown dives in and licks Audrey's beautiful pussy.

Ms Brown's ass is too high for little me to kneel behind her so I stay on my feet and crouch down. My hard dick goes in her asshole easily.

I am buried to the hilt in her asshole. The feeling was awesome. There's something about ass fucking that is on a whole other level above pussy fucking. Holy shit! I was ass fucking my English teacher, the prim and proper Ms Brown. I go to work fucking her hard and dirty. Having already cum twice I wasn't having any problem holding out.

I reach around and grab her big titties. Audrey had put on the strap-on dildo and was fucking Ms Brown in the mouth. "You deserve to fucked like a whore." Audrey states.


Audrey looks at me "Lay on your back. Pull her on top of you. Don't let your dick leave her ass." I sit down on the floor and pull Ms Brown up by her titties to a sitting position while still impaled on my dick. I then lean back onto the floor pulling Ms Brown down with me so that she was laying on-top of me. I kept fucking her ass the whole way. Audrey kneels between our legs and slides the eight inch strap-on dildo into Ms Brown's pussy.

"You like this don't you, whore." Audrey taunted. "Oh yes." Ms Brown moaned. "Fuck me." Audrey smacks Ms Brown on the side of head. "That's no language for an English teacher." I can feel the dildo in her pussy as I fuck her ass. We go at it for several minutes before I feel a hand grab alexis deen dick and chill with mom isabel balls. It's Audrey. "Cum for me shoot your cum deep into this whore's dirty ass." Audrey commands.

Knowing a order when I hear one and Audrey squeezing my balls I waste no time and let loose another load of cum. This time deep in Ms Brown's ass. Ms Brown starts to shake and convulse swinging her arms wildly. Audrey pulls out of Ms Brown's pussy and Ms Brown rolls off me.

She lays there on the floor catching her jackie ashe knew she was in for a good time. "I need to shower before I go." Ms Brown says. "No! Dirty whores can't use our shower." Audrey taunts. "And we're keeping your bra and panties. Your have go home without any panties or bra on." I'm still laying on back on the floor watching Ms Brown reach down and pick up her skirt.

I can see my cum dribbling out of her asshole down her leg. She dresses and hands Audrey an envelope. She kisses Audrey on the lips and bends over and kisses me on the forehead. And with that she walks out the door. Audrey dresses and pulls out $125. This is for you. And she leaves. For the next couple months Audrey would bring over her friends three or four days a week and I would lick their pussies and asses and they would fuck me in my ass. Audrey had many friends and they were all really good looking.

I enjoyed it all and with the money Audrey was giving me I quit my job at the pizza parlor. Ms Brown would come around every couple weeks. Most times after English class Ms Brown would have me come to her office after class and have me lick her pussy and ass. I gladly obliged. My grade went from a C to an A.

On campus some of the girls would smile and wink at me but only if no one could see them. Once in the school library one of the girls led me to the back rows of books and had me lick her pussy and ass. Another time the head of the cheerleaders led me into a empty classroom and made me lick her ass while her friend watched. They all liked me as long as no one knew.

Once I was being bullied by some football players and four of the cheerleaders came up and stopped it. But then it changed.