Mom dad sister brother full family sex

Mom dad sister brother full family sex
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Car Trouble My wife and I were travelling down the freeway when our car started over heating. We pulled over and stopped, getting out to raise the hood. After a few minutes of watching the radiator steam, I started to wonder what we were going to do.

My wife was standing beside the car. "There's a station over there," she said, pointing off to the right. "Lets walk over and get some help." I agreed and started over the railing and down the slope. My wife followed me and soon we were at the station.

A woman met us and after I explained what had happened, she said she would get her husband and he would tow the car. She picked up the phone and called her husband. We waited for a few minutes then an older man came into the station and the woman explained what we were there for.

He grinned and asked me if I wanted to come with him to get the car. I agreed and off we went, leaving my wife in the station with the other woman. I helped get the car into the garage and closed the door. I wondered where my wife was and the man said that she was probably in having a coffee with his wife. It sounded plausible so I really didn't think anything about it for a while. I helped where I could with the car but in the back of my mind, I was still wondering about the whereabouts of my wife.

Again I asked the husband about my wife and he kind of grinned then frowned. "Would you like to see where she is?" he asked. I nodded. "Follow me," he said, leading me into a small room off to the side of the garage. "Have mom seduces son friend blowjob seat." I was really wondering what was going on as I watched him go over to a big screen TV and video machine.

He flicked them both on and while we were waiting for it to warm up, he walked back and sat down beside me. I heard moans before the TV picture came on then I found myself watching people having sex. It took me a minute to realize that one of the people was my wife.

She was on back with her legs over the woman's shoulders while the woman was thrusting a large strap on dildo in and out of her cunt. There was a younger man standing at my wife's head with his hard cock buried in her mouth. I could see her cheeks bulge every time he thrust his cock in and her cheeks would concave when he pulled it out. Obviously, she was sucking on his cock very sporty legal age teenager gets a fuck. I was mesmerized by the scene unfolding in front of me.

I watched my wife get fucked hard by the woman as the young man fucked her face at the same time. Finally, in what seemed like an eternity, the young man came in my wife's mouth and some of his sperm flowed out of the corner of her mouth and down her chin.

It was then I realized that my cock was hard and straining against the front of my shorts.


The old man noticed too as he grinned even wider while staring at my crotch. "It looks like you are enjoying this," he said. "Maybe you would like to join in the fun." I was still staring at the screen when I felt the old man run his hand down the inside of my thigh and rub my cock.


I must have groaned a little because he rubbed it harder and harder. "Oh, I see you like that," he said. "Maybe you would like something more too." Again, as I was still watching the screen, I must have mumbled something because the next thing I knew, my shorts were undone and my hard cock was free of them. The man's hand was immediately around it, pumping up and down my length. I kept watching the screen while the old man pumped my cock. I leaned back a little to give him easier access which made him grin even more.

"Stand up," Samantha mack joi cei instructions heard him say. I did as if I was told in a fog.

He quickly pulled my shorts right down to my ankles and turned me towards him.

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Without hesitation, he leaned forward and engulfed my cock, swirling his tongue around my head and through my slit before taking it fully into his throat. I closed my eyes and started to enjoy what he was doing to me when I felt a hand on my cheeks.

I opened my eyes quickly and half turned my head to find the young man standing behind me, completely nude and with a very hard cock. He started to rub and caress my cheeks which also felt terrific so I closed my eyes again, letting the two men do what they wanted.

As the young man caressed my cheeks, he pulled them apart and ran a finger up and down my crack, stopping only once and that was to press his finger against my ass hole. He did this several times and it felt so good that i leaned forward a little and thrust my ass out towards him. He knew what I wanted and the next thing I knew, his hot tongue was lashing at my hole, up and down my crack and under my thighs to my balls.

God, it felt good and I groaned again at the feeling these two men were giving me. I felt my cock twitch in the old man's mouth and I came with a blast of hot sperm into his throat. He sucked and sucked, swallowing all I could give him which was more than I had ever dirty ebony bad words story before.

After he finished licking and sucking my cock clean, he stood up and put his arms around me and pulled my face to his. His tongue slithered between my lips and started to explore the insides of my mouth. I stood there and andy san dimas gives nasty foot job them have their way with me. I didn't even think about what was happening to my wife as I was in such an exotic sensual state, that I didn't care about her.

An hour earlier, we were on the road. Now, here we were, both of getting fucked and sucked while forgetting about the car troubles. I wrapped my arms around the old man and we kissed and sucked each others tongues while the young man continues to lick up and down my crack. After a few more minutes, I felt the young man stop licking me and I felt a finger pressing against my hole.

I leaned forward a little bit more and soon felt the young man's finger pop inside me. It felt so good and when he started to move it in and out of me, I thought I was going to explode. Here I was, a man's tongue buried deep inside my mouth while my ass hole was getting finger fucked. After a few more minutes, the young man pulled his finger out of me and I felt a softer projectile pressing against my hole.

It was his cock and soon it too had popped inside me, giving me a feeling of being stuffed.

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It hurt a little but not too bad but when he moved it deeper, I really felt it and it hurt a little more.

He pushed it further and further until I could feel his balls resting against the back of my thighs. He waited for a minute to let me get used to his size then slowly pulled his cock back almost completely out of me. What a feeling. He slowly thrust himself back fully up into me again before pulling out slowly as he did before. He did this several more times then started speeding up as the pain had gone away and I was pushing my ass back at him as he fucked me. The old man in the mean time had moved away from me and had undressed.

His hard cock was pointing straight at me as he walked back towards me. I reached out and grabbed his cock and he groaned. He stopped just short of me while I rubbed and slid my hand up and down his length. I even reached forward enough to caress his balls which were hanging down between his legs invitingly.

I felt the young man's cock twitch suddenly and then a hot feeling spread all over me as he came inside my ass. He spurted his hot fluid up into exxxtrasmall petite latina sophia torres gets stretched over and over again and when he pulled his spent cock out of me, a lot of his come came with it and ran down the back of my thighs.

The old man quickly turned me around and having me lean forward, thrust his hard cock up into me, starting right away to thrust in and out, fucking me hard.

As I leaned forward, the young man offered me his spent wet cock and I took it in my mouth and started to lick and suck on it while the old man continued fucking me.

I heard a gasp and out of the corner of my eye, I saw my wife and the woman standing in the doorway. They were watching the three of us and I think it was my wife that I heard gasp. Here I was getting fucked by the old man while sucking on the hard cock of the young man. It was something neither of us would ever had imagined would happen to us in our lives but here we were.

The old man fucked me until he came and added his hot liquid to his son's inside my ass. The young man had pulled his now hard cock out of my mouth and had turned my wife around and was fucking her ass while the woman sucked on her cunt. The old man and I relaxed for a minute while watching the other three then he turned to me, noticed I still had a hard cock and offered me his ass, pulling his cheeks apart to give me access to his hole. I quickly moved into him and started thrusting.

It didn't take long for me to fill his canal with my fluid and then I was really spent so I sat down and just watched the others for a while. Before the afternoon was over, I was fucked by both village school girl field porn sex men again, once by the woman with her strap on and then be my wife who borrowed the strap on.

My wife was fucked by all the others at least once and by a couple of them, more than once. By the way, when we left with the car fixed, there was no charge for the work that was done.