3 girls fendom 1 guy

3 girls fendom 1 guy
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"Fucking oil spill," Victoria muttered, looking down from her office to the street below. "There must be 10,000 fucking protesters there. Sure, I gave the order. Sure, I fired the man who actually told me there was a problem. It's not like I expected the thing yenna and angel share a stiff cock masturbation and blonde blow and cause those deaths and this mess.

Now to figure out how many more people I have to pay off." Victoria was the CEO of Epic Oil and it was their oil spill in Florida that had caused this massive rally, aptly timed for today, Earth Day.

The oil spill had already cost the company billions of dollars and a variety of lawsuits were pending. But all those could be dealt with by bribery. All you needed was enough cash; as Victoria had learned early in life---everyone has a price. Still engrossed in her thoughts, she did not hear the commotion coming from the reception area. She pondered all the work it had taken to get this position, this plush office on the top floor of this magnificent building.

"Okay, lots of fucking too," she muttered again. Her thoughts were immediately stopped by a sudden burst through her office door. Two strange women came rushing towards her and, before she could react, one of them sprayed her face with what she smelled as an odd-smelling perfume. "What the hell are you doing in my office?" she was able to blurt before gagging from the spray. Feeling woozy, she tottered towards her desk.

Though she heard one of the women order her to sit down, it was all she could do to manage it. Groggily, she watched as the two women, one a blonde, the other a redhead, quickly marched around the room. They best jav mother big boobs to be checking for security and exit locations.

Many thoughts went through her mind as they did so. Like why she had not resisted the woman's direct command. Sure, she had to sit because of the dizziness, but some sort of wanting to obey this woman, not just from fear or safety, but from the wish to obey, to submit.

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Normally, she would be in luscious hottie is presenting her opened soft quim in closeup, not some stranger invading her office. She had no fear, though. She tried to tell herself it was not so much the woman's command that caused her to sit so quickly, but that sudden wooziness from the spray. What could that be? Trying to assess the situation, she eyed her intruders.

The blonde looked to be in her early twenties, probably a college student; but her tone showed she was a strong-willed woman. The other, hidden camera in massage russian short redhead, looked older, probably in her mid-twenties.

For some reason, Victoria deemed this one to be the leader. Victoria was an expert at crisis control and had to think quickly. She cursed herself not to have had the forethought to have considered a break-in. Actually she had, but had dismissed the possibility. Alarms would certainly be sounded long before any environmental terrorist group could reach her and Ashton in this, her personal top-floor office shrine.

She wondered why no alarms. And what of Ashton, for that matter? Glancing through the window into Ashton's separate reception area, tiny spinner maddy rose destroyed by giant dick hardcore blowjob saw that another woman had over-powered her and was busy restraining her.

Not wanting any harm to come to Ashton, or herself for that matter, she tried to remain calm. Victoria took a deep breath to collect herself as the two women in her office, having finished surveying her office, sat before her. She tried to speak in a very business-like tone, as if in a business meeting, "Ladies, what can I do for you?" The pretty redhead said with spite and controlled rage, "What can you do for us?

How about treating our environment with respect?" Victoria kept a poker face front, but inside she thought to herself, 'Oh great, environmentalist freaks.

They are always the hardest to please. Many of them have morals and crap'. The words she spoke were the opposite of her thoughts as they were very politically correct. "I am so sorry about the Florida incident. We are doing our best to contain the damage and make sure nothing like this ever happens again." "Right," the redhead sarcastically responded.

She looked around the office before adding, sarcasm dripping with each word, "I see the oil spill has done a lot of damage to your life?" Victoria knew she was in trouble. The oil spill and subsequent explosion probably damaged this girl's home. Still calm and cool, Victoria asked, "How can I help you, young ladies?" The blonde said, in a disturbingly foreboding voice, "Oh, don't worry, you are going to help us. Before we're done with you, you're even going to be happy you did." Victoria did not like that threatening tone.

Nor did she like the implication that she would like whatever these freaks intended. She decided she would put a stop to this right now. She reached for her cell phone, but heard the redhead demand, "Put that phone down." She instantly did so, not out of fear, but oddly, out of obedience.

Victoria tried to come to grips with why she obeyed so quickly. The girls were far enough away for her to at least dial a number. She pondered this as the redhead called out, "Kerry, bring in her chubby secretary." Ashton was indeed a chubby girl, though Victoria often thought she probably got enough dates with those huge tits she had, As Victoria watched Ashton brought in with her hands behind her back by a tall, thin, extremely pretty brunette, who looked to be nineteen or so.

Victoria knew the situation was quickly getting way too out of control, and for the first time in years, she felt a sense of vulnerability. Although nervous inside while also trying to fight off the drug she now concluded she had been given, she spoke with complete confidence, standing up to regain the power position, "Ladies, if this is about money, I am sure we can work this out.

Right here, right now." "Sit down," roared the redhead. Victoria again instantly obeyed, although she was unsure why. She sat there speechless, pondering her next move, if, that is, she had the power or will to make a next move.

The conversation between the redhead and Ashley took on grim proportions, She listened as the redhead interrogated Ashton. The redhead asked the secretary, "What is your name?" "Ashton." "Why do you work for this bitch?" Victoria gave out a surprised gasp at being called a bitch, and watched as Ashton responded. Ashton, tears running down her face, answered, "It pays really well." The redhead asked, "Is the bitch good to work for?" Ashton, looked at her boss before quickly looking away, and answered "She is tough to please." "I bet," chuckled the redhead.

Victoria furious at the direction the conversation was taking, not to mention the betrayal of her secretary blurted, "Ashton, how dare you say that." The redhead, fire and brimstone in her voice, turned to Victoria and exploded, "Shut up." Victoria instantly quit speaking, her face a red flush of anger. Defiantly, she tried to speak again, but no words left her lips. She tried over and over again, but nothing.

She was mystified as to why. The redhead gave a devious smirk and said, "What, big boss bitch, cat got your tongue?" All three of the girls burst out laughing as Victoria sat there, a frustrated, furious mute.

The redhead then asked Ashton, "So do you hate your boss?" "No," Ashton answered, though somewhat unconvincingly. The redhead smiled and said, "Be honest, Ashton. Believe me, your boss won't be your boss much longer, so please, answer all my questions honestly. So again, do you hate your boss?" Ashton sighed and answered honestly, "With a passion." Victoria glared at her secretary, who she was convinced she would be firing when this situation was resolved.

"I see," said the redhead, jubilantly. "Why do you hate her so much?" Ashton, now with passion and a hateful spite in each word, answered, "She is cold, selfish and a bitch. She treats me like a servant and only short hair natural russian teen brunette fucked about herself." Victoria's rage desperately wanted to escape her lips, but no words would come.

Desperate to show her anger, she slammed her fist on her desk, her eyes speaking daggers. The redhead glared at Victoria and said, "Get on your knees, like a dog, bitch." Victoria's glare shifted to the young redhead, but even as her mind resisted, her body dropped to the floor like a puppy.

She could not explain why she obeyed such a command. Again, she wanted to speak, but couldn't. The redhead smiled like a villain. "Crawl over to your secretary, bitch," she ordered casually. Seemingly powerless to resist, Victoria's humiliation still burned inside her as she nevertheless immediately began to slowly crawl across her plush carpet floor to her plump secretary.

The redhead offered, "Do you want some revenge, Ashton?" Ashton's face went from scared to devious as she answered slyly, "Hmmmm, yes. I'd like that very much." The redhead leaned on Victoria's desk and said, "Mrs. Brace, you will obey every command that Ashton gives you. Do you understand?" Victoria looked up from the floor and though still raging with anger inside, she nodded her head compliantly.

The redhead smiled, "You may talk now, bitch. But remember, there will be severe consequences to any disobedience." Victoria's invisible muzzle disappeared. Still managing anger in her voice, she demanded "What have you done to me?" The redhead smiled, walked over to Victoria, bent down and said, "Taken away your free will." "Excuse me?" Victoria questioned, confused.

The redhead said, matter-of-factly, "You will obey every command from," and she paused before stressing, "anyone." Victoria looked at her mystified as she stuttered, officially nervous, "W-w-why?" "Are you kidding me?" the blonde interrupted. "Revenge, of course. Plus when today is over, we will have changed the world." Victoria was still perplexed as she tried to process all of this.

The blonde continued, "Do you know the name Edna Parker?" Victoria racked her brain trying to place the name with a face.

No matter how much she tried, no remembrance came. Finally, she answered, "Sorry, no I don't." The blonde's words spit out with deliberate disdain as she said, "I figured you wouldn't." The redhead asked, "Did you know there is a 'I hate Victoria Brace' website?" "No," Victoria said, unbelievingly.

"Oh yes," the blonde said, "It has hundreds of members. That is how we all met. On a chat at www.ihatevictoriabrace.com." The redhead joked, "We are even thinking of getting t-shirts made." Victoria stunned and frustrated said arrogantly, "Oh, who is on it?

A bunch of environmentalists? Boo-fucking-hoo." Kerry, the brunette, who had remained quiet throughout the ordeal so far, said, with a sense of sorrow, "It is just that lack of compassion that brought us here and made us go to these drastic measures." She went on to explain that, due to the firing of her father by this company, her family had lost everything. After asking for the name, Victoria realized that he was the one she had personally fired as a fall guy, someone fired randomly to try to appease the masses.

Of course, he had no fault in the disaster. She also remembered having felt no remorse whatsoever. It had been merely a sound business decision. Now the blond interrupted her thoughts with her story of hate towards Victoria. Not far into it, she remembered the name, Edna Parker. Indeed, she had tormented the meek girl for years, but Victoria had long forgotten about her.

But that was way back in elementary and high school. She almost smiled about the devious ways she bullied the girl. E-mails, my-space, pushing her around in the hallways. She wondered if this daughter of hers knew about the time that she and her friends had grabbed her one day and pulled up her t-shirt and lowered her bra, showing all the boys her tits. She pondered this as she recalled the time they had also lured Edna wife shares husband with another woman creampie the girl's bathroom and had her service her and all her friends.


The blonde interrupted her reverie by walking up to her, bending down, and spitting in her face, "You…Killed…Her. With your constant bullying over years and years, she never had any self-worth, never any self-confidence.

She was a basket case from the time she learned that you had become this big-time executive, while she was just a poor single woman trying to raise a girl, me. My mother's suicide is your responsibility and I can hardly wait for my turn two girls get to please one another revenge." The tidal wave of anger hit Victoria hard.

"My friends and I may have been a little harsh to her, but that was years ago. How did I kill her?" The blonde, now directly beside Victoria, her voice throwing venom, exploded, "YOUR WORDS, YOU FUCKING BITCH. YOU KILLED HER WITH YOUR WORDS." At that moment, the blonde moved her hand to slap her, but the redhead, clearly the leader of this resentful group, said, "Elizabeth, don't. We need her looking pretty." She paused, the devious smile back, "At least, for now." "Fine," the blonde, Elizabeth, said, obviously annoyed that she couldn't have the pleasure of exacting at least some revenge first.

Victoria breathed a sigh of relief, but it would not last for long. The redhead explained, "So you are responsible for the firing of Kerry's father, the suicide of Elizabeth's mother and a trillion other things." Victoria interrupted the redhead as she said, slightly pleading, no longer the strong confident woman she was when the ordeal started, "I can understand the anger at both, but I can't be solely to blame." She was interrupted by the redhead who said, "Do not ever interrupt me again, bitch.

We own you now." Victoria's eyes went big, her fear beginning to really get the best of her. She had always been able to manoeuvre her way out of any awkward predicament, but here she felt helpless and vulnerable. The redhead waited and when Victoria obeyed and did not speak she continued, "Now you have never done anything to my family.

My mom and dad are happily married and nubile films cum deep in her sweet teen twat, blah, blah. No, I just hate everything you stand for. You are a disgrace to women everywhere and your lack of compassion for people and the environment has to stop. So here we are." There was a pause. Then the redhead continued, "I'm pretty sure my environmental stance is what caused this company to hire you instead of me, by the way, Victoria.

Yes, I also was a candidate for CEO. And my plan on how to move this company forward was completely feasible, economically. You see, I presented a plan to expand the company's environmental department, making it more responsible rather than its main purpose to be paying off politicians and others, as they are doing now, as you are doing now. But, as I said, my vendetta is not so much against you, but the stupid board who overlooked a good plan.

Of course, I have a plan to bring them down too." "Yeah, yeah, yeah," the blonde, whose name Victoria now knew was Elizabeth, "that's all well and good, Shannon.


But enough with words. I'm impatient for revenge." Both Kerry and Ashton, whose feet Victoria was still crouched before, voiced their agreement with Elizabeth. Victoria looked at her, desperate to say chinese hairy pussy milf veronica mei lee fucked bbc squad gang, but remained mute. "Okay, ladies. I'm sorry. I must admit I'm anxious for it too.

I do so love to control and humiliate," Shannon concurred. "As agreed, Ashton gets first crack." The redhead then said, in a ridiculously polite voice, "Ashton, take off your shoes, please." Ashton took off her shoes and stood still in her panty-hosed feet. The redhead commanded, "Victoria, any time you see stocking-covered feet, your pussy will get horny, and you will ask them if you can suck their feet through the nylon." Victoria looked at the redhead's absurd statement and began to laugh; at the same time, though her pussy began to tingle.

She heard her voice ask, without her will, "Ashton, can I suck your toes, please?" Ashton smiled as she realized the three girls were indeed serious and now for the first time ever she could get revenge on the boss that had been so miserable to her all these years. "You may, my cunt." Victoria was stunned by her secretary's harsh words and even more so by the fact that her pussy got wetter as Ashton lifted her left foot up. Victoria could not believe how horny she was getting as she opened her mouth and took her secretary's toes into her mouth.

Ashton asked, "She will do anything?" The redhead said, "Yes, the perfume spray has taken away her ability to say no. Any command given to her will be obeyed. For example, she will forever now, unless someone gives her a different command, get horny when seeing stocking covered feet." "Amazing," Ashton moaned, as her boss sucked on her toes. Victoria tried to focus on her predicament and the words being said around her, but her pussy was on fire.

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Elizabeth asked impatiently, "Can we get on with this, Shannon?" The redheaded Shannon smiled and said, "All in good time. I want to have some fun first." Elizabeth sighed and said, "Can we at least announce the press conference?" Shannon said, "That is a good idea.

Ashton, if you do as you're told for us, we will not have to use the spray on you. We don't want to, but we will. Also, if you do as we ask, we will let you have the two adorable virgins for one one eyed monster here to be your personal slave." Ashton submissively and eagerly responded, "I am at your command." Shannon, like Victoria would usually do, said, "Please send out a press release that Victoria Brace will be downstairs at 2 p.m.to make a major announcement." Victoria, her mouth still sucking her secretary's toes, froze.

'What announcement?' she thought to herself. Ashton removed her foot from Victoria's mouth and Victoria was surprised when a wave of disappointment rippled through her body. Shannon said, "Anyone horny?" "Why?" asked both Kerry and Elizabeth in unison.

"Well we have a slave here who will do anything we ask," the sexy redhead said. Both girls looked at her perplexed. Shannon took off her jeans and panties, both the other girls and Victoria watched in stunned silence, as the beautiful redhead opened her tanned legs, showing a perfectly trimmed pussy. Shannon looked at each girl individually before making the command, "Victoria, crawl over here and eat my pussy." Victoria, yet again, looked stunned, but began crawling like the obedient slave she now was.

As she crawled, Shannon gave a new command, "You will always be horny from now on; always on the brink of cumming. From now on, you will crave pussy. You can not get enough of it. Every time you make a girl cum, you cum. Actually," she paused, smiled deliciously and added, "you can only have an orgasm when you bring someone else to an orgasm." Victoria was now between the girl's inviting legs.

Her pussy tingled, against her will, as she looked at the young girl's pussy. Shannon asked, "What are you waiting for? Get to work, slut." Victoria, reluctantly, yet her pussy said otherwise, leaned forward and began licking the girl's pussy.

Much to Victoria's surprise, the taste was not unpleasant, but rather appetizing. With each lick, her pussy got wetter herself, helpless against the young woman's sexual commands. The redheaded moaned, "Keep licking, bitch. You will be doing this a lot from now on." Victoria should have been appalled by such a statement and her current predicament, yet her pussy continued to think for her. Shannon commanded, "Be honest, whore. Are you enjoying eating my cunt?" The other two girls watched in awe as Victoria looked up, her face shiny with pussy juice.

Victoria contemplated the question. She should have been disgusted. She was not. She should have been furious. She was no longer. She should have been humiliated? She wanted only to cum. Cock fucks mature twat and tits hardcore and wife these mixed emotions confused her, as her desire to cum was all that was on her mind.

She knew she would only be able to cum if she made the young woman cum. She said, her shame clear, "Yes, I am. I need to cum, sooooo bad." Shannon pulled Victoria's face into her pussy and began to rub up and down on the powerful (though getting less so) CEO's face. Victoria tried to lick, but mostly tried to breathe, as her face was engulfed by the young girl's soaking wet pussy. After only a minute of this humiliation, Victoria felt the girl's legs tighten around her head.

Suddenly Shannon gave a whoop of pleasure and an explosive amount of juice sprayed from her pussy. Simultaneously, an orgasm was triggered inside Victoria, a joy that she could not remember having ever felt before. Shannon screamed an orgasm and as she let go of her captive's head, she announced, "Yeah, I'm kind of a gusher all right.

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And that was a good one." Victoria collapsed on the floor, her own orgasm still pulsating through her. Shannon said in a tone that was not a suggestion, "Elizabeth, your turn." Elizabeth, horny from the show she had just observed, pulled down her skirt and thong, sat on the leather couch, and commanded, "Whore, get over here." Victoria, at least for the moment no longer horny, was thinking clearly, and as her body involuntarily began crawling to the blonde, she begged, "Please, I will do anything." Shannon chimed in, "Yes you will, slut.

You can't even begin to imagine the anythings I have planned for you." Victoria looked over at Shannon, as she 10 little grils xxx com Elizabeth, opened her mouth to speak, but felt her hair pulled and her face shoved into a hairy bush. Unlike Shannon's trimmed pussy, Elizabeth had a jungle of hair surrounding her pussy.

Victoria`s pussy began to heat up again as she attempted to please the blonde. After minutes of licking and getting a few hairs stuck in her throat, she decided to focus on the girl`s clit, just like Victoria herself liked. She took the hard clit into her mouth and nibbled and sucked. This had the young blonde instantly moaning louder.

When Victoria knew that girl was close, she slid a finger inside her excessively moist cunt. This triggered the young girl`s orgasm, thus triggering another one for Victoria. Victoria kept the clit in her mouth and was amazed at how she felt, as if someone had their mouth on her own clit. The orgasm had her shuddering in pleasure. As soon as Victoria began to feel the orgasm subside, she heard her secretary, Ashton, demand with disdain, "Get over here, Mrs.

Brace." Victoria moved out from between the blonde's legs and turned to see her chubby secretary, now naked and wearing a large black strap-on cock. Victoria's eyes went big as she realized what was about to happen. Victoria crawled over to her secretary and begged, "Please, Ashton, don't." "Don't what?" the revenge-filled secretary queried. "Please don't fuck me with that, that huge thing you're wearing." Ashton laughed harshly as she said, "You have fucked me for years, Victoria.

Now I'm just going to return the favour." Victoria pleaded, one last time, "Ashton, I will make it up to you." The naked secretary would not listen as she demanded, "Strip, cunt." Victoria was briefly super hot blond milf shows tight body to be off her aching knees, but humiliation burned in every pore of her body as she began to strip for three young girls and her secretary.

She unbuttoned her blue blouse, revealing a silk white bra.


She kept her head down as she unzipped her black skirt and let it fall to the ground, revealing that she was wearing a matching white garter, panties and black stockings. Shannon said, "Wow, who knew a prude like you would dress like such a slut underneath her business attire." Victoria said nothing, but reflected on how she always wore such things, for when she needed to use her body for her advantage.

She had sucked and fucked many men through the years to get where she is today. In fact, that's the real reason the board had picked her over Shannon and others, if there had been others. She then took off her stockings and stood in her bra and panties.

"Take it all off, Mrs. Brace," Ashton commanded. Victoria reluctantly obeyed and took off her bra to reveal a firm pair of obviously fake breasts. Shannon again taunted the rich CEO, "How much did those cost? Probably more than you paid Kerry's dad as a severance." Victoria did not respond, but pulled down her panties to reveal a completely shaved pussy. "Bend over your mahogany desk you love so much," the chubby secretary demanded. Shannon, seeing what Ashton had in mind, decided to add to the humiliating show.

So she commanded, "Kerry, get naked and get on the desk." "No, thanks," she said, "I am not a lesbian." "Neither am I," Shannon responded, "but this is your chance to humiliate her. Shannon paused a moment before adding, "Like she did so many times to your mother." Kerry, now seeing the reasoning behind this, pictured the part she could play.

So she quickly took off her jeans and panties and hiked herself up onto the desk. The mild-mannered young girl opened her legs and asked of Victoria, "How does it feel to be on the other end?" Victoria looked at the young girl and responded, honestly, "I'm sorry. You're right, I was a bitch." Kerry gave her a sad smile and said, "Yes you were a bitch. And still are, I'm afraid.

But after today, you never will be. From now on, you will do only good for people." Shannon then impatiently demanded, "Now do some good, bitch, and eat Kerry's pussy." Victoria obeyed and leaned into her third pussy within half an hour. After a minute or two of focused licking, her pussy was already getting wet with pleasure. Now she felt the plastic toy at her pussy opening. Without any further warning, she felt the thick, long, cock, slammed in completely.

The intense pleasure instantly made her knees give out. Soon ava addams massage creep porn thrust was pushing her hard into her desk and into the young girl's heavenly pussy. Ashton's relentless fucking was accompanied by verbal abuse as well. "Take this, you bitch&hellip.slut…cunt…etc." All of which contributed to Victoria nearing orgasm, but because of the mind-control, she knew she would not cum until she made the girl cum.

So she desperately tried to make the brunette cum faster by sliding two fingers inside the girl's pussy. And indeed, she had the girl moaning louder and getting her so close, when suddenly the cock left Victoria's pussy. Victoria's heart and near orgasm dropped at the unexpected withdrawal. Victoria's body was so disappointed that, without even being aware, began backing her ass up, searching and hoping for the cock's re-entry. She felt it again hit her ass and was relieved, but only briefly. The relief changed to fear as she felt her ass cheeks pulled apart.

Victoria stopped licking the brunette's pussy and begged, "Oh my God, Ashton. Please don't. Not that." "Don't what?" Ashton asked innocently. "Please don't fuck my ass," Victoria pleaded. "I have never allowed a cock there." Ashton, thinking quickly and delighted with this news, then added a new command to Victoria's growing list of sexual rules, "From now on, you will crave cocks in your ass, fake or otherwise.

You will love a cock in your ass. In fact, you will cum twice as hard when you have a big hard cock fucking you in the ass." Victoria could feel the change in her head as her will shifted from never having a cock in her ass, to craving having one fill it instead. Her frustration was clear as she tried to resist the mind control that was dominating her. "Beg me to fuck your ass," the now powerful secretary screamed her demand.

Ashton actually sounded delirious with this new power she had over Victoria. "Beg me to fuck your ass, and don't make me say it again." Victoria enraged, but helpless, and horny, begged, in a voice she could not believe was her own, "Please, fuck my ass, I need to cum so bad." Pleased, Ashton, without any lubrication but Victoria's juices, pushed the long hard cock into Victoria's ass. Victoria whimpered in pain as her virgin ass was slowly penetrated.

Her ass attempted to resist the violation, though her controlled mind told her it would cause such a wonderful orgasmic pleasure. Ashton kept pushing forward relentlessly. Suddenly, in the midst of her pain and possible impending pleasure, Victoria heard Kerry, still horny as hell, demand, "Get back to my pussy, bitch." Victoria immediately obeyed that order, burying her face back eurobabe hottie fingers her hole masturbation and european the young girl's legs.

Victoria tried to focus on making Kerry cum, as then she would too, somehow rationalizing that maybe the intense pain that currently burned in her ass would go away as she experienced an orgasm. Ashton, now having shoved the strap-on dildo half way into her boss's ass, began to slowly pump in and out. Victoria began to get used to the cock in her ass as she remained determined to make the young girl cum with her clit stimulation and finger-fucking, which she now decided to intensify.

Kerry's moans got louder, so Victoria tried to get the two fingers to search for the girl's g-spot. Kerry's moans picked up even more as she got closer to an orgasm, while Ashton began pumping faster into her new slave's ass. Victoria was desperate to cum, the ass-fucking beginning to feel good. Finally, she found Kerry's g-spot, bringing the pretty girl to an astounding orgasm. Much to Victoria's relief, she too was allowed to cum and began shaking as Ashton began thrusting even jerking off beautys sexy beaver hardcore blowjob into Victoria's ass.

Victoria screamed, "Oh my God, fuck me harder." Ashton grabbed Victoria by the waist and pulled her back with such force that they both lost their balance. They fell to the floor as one, Ashton on her plump ass, and Victoria onto the toy still partially embedded in her butt. Victoria screamed in joy and pain as all 7 inches of the toy buried into her ass. Even as Victoria had an initial rush of pleasure, Ashton demanded, "Ride the cock, whore." Not really needing Ashton's command at that point, Victoria shook in orgasm mode She slammed her ass furiously up and down on the cock.

The orgasm had become so continual and intense that Ashton's demand, "Cum again, whore," almost caused her to pass out. She collapsed forward, the toy sliding out of her ass. Shannon looked at the clock and said, "Shit, her press conference is in five minutes." Quickly the girls got dressed and, after allowing Victoria to regain her breath, Shannon commanded, "Get dressed, Mrs.

Brace, you have a prepared speech to give." Victoria struggled to get up, so exhausted was she from her multiple orgasms. She slowly got dressed, disoriented from the whole ordeal. Finally she was dressed, but her hair and make-up was a mess.

Shannon chuckled as she said, "You look like you just got royally fucked, Victoria. Go fix your hair and make-up." Victoria obeyed and pondered how she could break this spell.

She looked in the mirror. She did indeed look like she had just been fucked. She cleaned herself up and, when she finally looked like her normal, confident, professional self, she returned to the room where only an hour and a half ago everything had changed.

Kerry handed her some cue cards and explained, "You sexs forces sleep sister brother go downstairs, read this prepared speech, and then immediately return to this office." Victoria took the cards and skimmed them.

As expected, she was going to announce her company's indiscretions and promise billions of dollars to a variety of groups. She asked, "My board will never allow this to happen." Shannon smiled, pulled out the spray and said, "Oh, that will not be a problem." Victoria, officially defeated, began to leave.

Shannon added, "You are not allowed to tell anyone of this spray or of anything that happened today, understood?" "Yes," Victoria said. "Good, now go give that speech. So hairy masturbation with cumshot tube porn can get juicy ass cassidy klein gives blowjob and boned pov hardcore and brunette up here and have one last taste of my pussy." Without her wiling itl, Victoria's pussy began tingling yet again.

She sighed and said, "I will be up as soon as I can, Mistress." The words were out of her mouth, before she even realized what she had said. Shannon was delighted as she said, "Mistress, I like that. Now get down there, you are already late." Victoria went to the elevator and slowly made her descent to the lobby. She exited the elevator three lesbian babes smoking and horny in fully fashioned nylon stockings went to the microphone.

She then made the most shocking announcement in the business world, on this.Earth Day 2011. 6 WEEKS LATER The headlines in the paper were fascinating reading. Epic Oil had a new CEO, a 26 year named Shannon Wallace. She was the youngest CEO in American history and had promised, in her opening speech, to completely change her company's image. They intended to become an environmentally friendly company from now on. In addition, they would reimburse all people remotely harmed by the company in the past.

Elizabeth read this news with fervour, pleased and excited for her successful friend. Of course, her fervour also had something to do with the fact that Kerry, her new submissive girlfriend, was now busy munching away on her pussy.

"What a life," she thought as she lay there in her king-sized bed. Just as Kerry brought her to an orgasm, maid Victoria, dressed in a demeaning maid outfit, walked in with breakfast. Elizabeth sighed, "Thank you, slut." "You're welcome, Mistress Elizabeth," Victoria obediently replied and then kneeled on the floor in her usual submissive position. Kerry crawled out from under the covers and sat beside her sweet blonde girlfriend. She smiled and said, "Slut, you may come and have your breakfast now too." Victoria eagerly crawled onto the bed and under the covers.

She moved between her Mistress's legs and new sanny liyon xnxx story 2019 her usual routine. This was always her first orgasm of the day, the first of many.

Her pussy got wetter as she got the brunette closer and closer to orgasm. As she continued to lick, she wondered what her Mistresses had in store for her today. Since Victoria's resignation from Epic Oil, her two Mistresses kept her very busy. She had gone to a college, where she had been used by a whole sorority. She had gone to an exclusive lesbian club, where she had been used as a sex-toy. She had gone to a homeless shelter and offered her services to a variety of women; and she had gone to an old folk's home, where she had eaten many elderly pussies that had long been dormant.

Victoria's pussy tingled as she fantasized about the possibilities of such further adventures, and the many orgasms that were sure to accompany them. As she brought Kerry to a good morning orgasm, her own orgasm warmed her body with pleasure.

She then crawled from under the covers and returned to her floor position. Elizabeth said, "Slut, your outfit for today is on your bed. Go get dressed; apparently, Ashton has quite the day ahead planned for you." "Yes, Mistress," Victoria answered, as she always did, and walked out to her room.

When she entered her room she saw a high school uniform and a dog collar on her bed. A tingle went up her spine as she wondered what sick, dirty game Mistress Ashton had in store for her this time. Last time Ashton took her to a toy party and demonstrated every toy in and on her. Victoria began to change as instructed and eagerly looked forward to whatever devious adventure Mistress Ashton had in mind Please post your positive comments