Fucked on cam for the first time natural tits and doggystyle

Fucked on cam for the first time natural tits and doggystyle
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This story takes a little setup, but I think it will be worth it.

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Ch. 1, Flashback. I was blindfolded, naked and wearing specialized ankle and waist straps of my own design. The strangeness of the situation almost caused me to chuckle out loud, but I did not want to give the beautiful and bound lady any tranny fucks husband as wife watches to what was really going on. As I waited in the dark for her to wake up, I spent my time reviewing the events that led me to this hopefully rewarding situation.

I was a fairly wealthy individual, mostly because of the time spent focused on programming and electronics in school, since I had such bad luck with the ladies.

My first attempt at dating when I was about 15 really messed me up, and since then I could hardly talk to attractive women. Even through college I devoted my time to my major of engineering instead of women. This of course explained why I was still a virgin at 24, but hopefully that would change soon.

About two months ago I returned to my Manhattan apartment, to find two rather expensive pieces of artwork missing from my walls. I only spent about 25% of my time in town, the rest out in the country, so I had a pretty good alarm system, which I had just turned off.

Whoever had stolen the pictures had not only bypassed my security system, they had turned it back on when they left! I immediately called the cops of course, and when they came to investigate, I was left with a feeling of anger and resignation. They found no fingerprints, the video surveillance had been erased from the hard drive, and they said it was unlikely they would ever catch the thief.

It was a couple of hours after they left that I saw the teddy bear on the mantle, which gave me a spark of that luscious babe like to sit on his face squirting and japanese. Before I had the security system installed, I had a dog sitter come to walk my beagle when I was away on short trips. To make sure the young lady that walked my dog was being trustworthy, I had bought a cheap nanny-cam that was inside the teddy bear.

It had its own storage system, and was keyed on motion detection, so maybe I had something to give the police a chance after all! I had quickly setup my laptop and connected to the storage system, and reviewed the few video entries for the last couple of days. The video showed a fairly small person in sweat pants and a hoody, walking around inspecting my artwork. When the next video clip showed the person walking out with my favorite Andy Warhol print, I finally got a look at the face, and my jaw dropped in surprise.

The face I saw under the gray hoody was almost certainly that of a beautiful young brunette that I saw fairly often, although I of course had not talked with her because of my problem with women. She lived one floor beneath my apartment, and had borrowed a couple of eggs from me for a baking project about 2 weeks previously.

I remember blushing when she smiled and said hi when I opened the door, and getting totally tongue tied when she tried to make conversation. She was amazingly beautiful, with full lips, bright green eyes, and a body that distracted me so much I had a hard time carrying the eggs back out to give her. Her name came to me suddenly, I think it was Tess. She must have checked out my artwork when I went into the kitchen. My surprise quickly turned to anger, mixed with some other emotions, so I almost called the cops back to give them the tape.

I was not sure the tape would be able to prove it was her though, since the resolution was not that great. Looking at her face on my laptop, and remembering how amazing she looked gave me the beginnings of an idea. That is how I ended up blindfolded in the special room at my ranch.

I had hired a private eye who I had been told by a good friend could 'get things done' and had him check out the brunette who had ripped me off. While he was doing that, I developed my plan and put it into motion. I spent some time at my ranch, converting the big basement in the house into this special room, and built the electronics I would need.

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I had setup a laptop and written a program to release different locks under certain circumstances. When I was done, I called the P.I., and was told she was apparently a very successful thief, who had no record, and only been talked to by the cops once a few years previously, but never charged. She was only 22 years old, so whomever she had learned her art from had obviously been a good teacher.

Her name was Alberta Johnson, not Tess, so either it was a nickname, or an alias. With a name like Alberta, maybe it was a nickname. I decided she needed to pay for her crimes, and since the painting was almost certainly long gone, I might as well get rid of my virginity problem at the same time. I knew I could not simply confront hairy pusdy huge tits and ass, I would be almost unable to talk.

Therefore I put my plan into motion. I had the P.I. drug some food in her apartment, and deliver her to my car about 3:00 in the morning.

I had to pay $25 grand to get it done, and only after disclosing enough of my plan that the P.I. was convinced I was not going to kill her or something. When she was delivered to my car, I drove carefully out to the country to the ranch, and carried her to the room. I took off all her clothes, and admired her unconscious body for a few moments.

Her ass was amazing, round, smooth and muscular. Her breasts were about average size, but looked large on her since she was probably about 5' 1". She was obviously in great shape, with toned legs and arms, and an almost flat stomach. With only a little difficulty I lifted her onto the special bench I had made, face down.

I locked her arms to the supports near her head, and then lifted and bent each leg to put her knees on to the pads. I spread her legs enough to lock her ankles to the back supports. When I was done, her head was supported tilted slightly upward, her arms and legs were down, and she was kneeling reclined forward at about 20 degrees from horizontal.

I strapped the electronic belt around her waist, and the upper part of her thighs.


There were two sets of sensors on the belt and thighs that were connected to the computer. I swung the laptop into place under her head, squeezed one perfect ass cheek, and got ready myself. After taking off all my clothes, and putting hers and mine out of the room, I locked the door and put on my special bracelets and harness.

My bracelets and harness had similar sensors to the ones on Tess, with the addition of a few hidden buttons that would allow me to control the locks and other things in the room. It was a little tricky getting the blindfold buckled in place, since it was designed to be un-removable by me. I powered up the system and sat down on the cot to wait. Since I had no idea when the sedative would wear off, I laid down for a nap, as it had been a long night.

She Awakes. I had dozed off for maybe an hour or two, when I heard some groans. I awakened quickly as I remembered where I was, and what I had planned. The groans quickly turned to words, as she started struggling against the straps. "What the fuck! What's going on!" I heard in the dark as she moved the little she could on the bench.

"Who's there?" I called out, playing my part as well as I could. Since I could not see Tess's beauty, I was confident enough to be able to talk sexy babe lucia fernandez enjoys hung stud dicking her.

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I was laying back on the padded cot against the far wall, about 12 feet from where Tess lay bound. She could turn her head slightly to the side to see me, as I imagine she would now. "Get me out of here you son of a bitch!" she yelled when she caught sight of me.

I sat up and moved my hands in front of my crotch, aware she would be able to see me clearly now. As planned, the harness I wore made a loud beep as my hands got too close to my crotch, and gave me a small electric shock on my thigh. I yelled out in apparent agony, jerking my hands away and out to my sides. The little shock gave me the courage to reply "What do you mean get you out of here? Take this shock collar off of my nuts!" I yelled back with what I hoped was an angry look on my face, with my hot babe with hot big tits toying her pink still out to the side.

She could see now that I was blindfolded, and apparently in much the same situation she was in. "I can't do anything, I'm tied up" she said in a slightly calmer voice. "Come untie me and I will untie you". "Ok, I'll try, but you will have to tell me what to do, I can't see a thing" I said as I got up and start slowly walking toward her, with my hand held out in front of me. I knew there was a chair somewhere in-between us, one of the few pieces of furniture I had left in the room.

Since she did not warn me of the chair, I walked right into it and stubbed my toe, cursing and hopping back a little. "Ow! Son of a ." I said, hopping back a bit. "Sorry", she said apologetically, "I wasn't quick enough to tell you about the chair". "No problem," I said, "I have nine other toes" as I slowly felt my way around the chair.

As I took another hesitant step towards her she said "Ok, stop there, my arms are tied down below me. I felt forward, touching her bare shoulder with one hand, and the top of her head with the other. "Are you naked too?" I asked suddenly. "Never mind that" she said angrily, "Just get me off this thing." "I'm trying to help you" I replied in the same tone. "You could at least be polite since we're in this together you know." "Sorry, I've just never been tied up before, and I don't like it" she said in a softer voice.

"Me either lady, so forget it" I said as I felt down her left arm toward her hand. As I was getting close to her wrist, my harness again beeped, and I got another slight shock. I played it up like I got hit by a cattle prod though, jumped back, tripped over the chair and yelled "Shit!

Not again" "What happened?" " Well, unless someone is watching us, I can't untie you any more than I can untie me." "Can you see anyone?" I asked quietly.

After a second of hearing slight movements as she craned her neck around as much as she could, she said "No, nothing. I don't see any windows or anything". Somewhat relieved that she had not spotted the cameras I had very carefully hidden around the room, I replied " Got any more bright ideas? I don't want to get shocked again, that hurts like a mother!" "Well, why don't you take off your blindfold, and see what is behind me?" "I can't", shaking my head, "I tried earlier and got shocked.

That was the first time, before you woke up I guess". "If my hands get too college hoe lena paul sucks and rides the dean pornstars and hardcore to my head, or my waist, I get shocked. NOT pleasant" I said emphatically.

"So how long have you been here anyway?" she asked. "A couple of hours I guess, I woke up kind of dizzy. I don't know what happened, I went to sleep last night in my apartment, and woke up here." "How about you?" I asked.

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"Same thing I guess. Hey, you look kinda familiar". "Do I?

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I'd say the same but… " I smiled in response and pointed satp dad son couch satpsister hands at my blindfold.

"I'm John by the way". "My name is Tess" she said in reply. Apparently it was her nickname. "Can you see anything to drink in here? I'm really getting thirsty" I said as I stood up again. "Me too!" she said. "I don't see anything in front of me, maybe behind?" I started to carefully walk in that direction.

As soon as I was sure I was out of her view, I hit the first hidden button on my wrist. The laptop directly beneath her head beeped twice as the screen came on, showing the instructions I had written there, and the time of 8:00. I had no idea what time it was, but this would make it look like the computer came on automatically at 8. "What was that?" I said as I turned back towards her.

"A computer just turned on" she said. "It has instructions on it". "What does it say" I asked. "It says 'You must be thirsty by now. To get a drink, operate the panel on the back wall. Select what you want on the screen after typing in this code'" "It has a 12 digit code after that" she said. "How can I type anything if I can't see it?" "Just try please" she said.

"Ok, I'll give it a shot". I turned back towards the back wall and slowly walked with my hands out. I ran into the wall, and inspected it with my hands. "There is a screen of some kind I think, but no keyboard. There is also a little alcove in the wall, but I can't find anything else" I said in reporting my findings to her. "Nothing else? She said despairingly.

"Nope, sorry. Is that all that it says on the mam and son fuck mom I asked innocently. "Well, not quite" she answered reluctantly. "So what's the rest say? I'm getting really thirsty here!" I said impatiently. There was silence for a few moments.

"What's the problem Tess?" I waited for an answer. "It says 'You've been a bad girl, and before you get water, your partner must be able to see. For him to see, you must swallow all your partner gives you'". "What does it mean? I don't have anything to give you" I said with a question in my voice. I also knew that what is really said was swallow all the cum your partner gives you, since I wrote it.


After another pause, she said "I think it means I have to swallow from your penis" "It says you have to drink my urine?" I said. "That's gross!" I put a note of surprise and disgust in my voice. "Um, no, it means you have to come inside of my mouth" I let the silence drag out of several seconds after that. "I've uh. I mean… I've never done that" I slowly said. It was not hard to be convincing since it was true.

"Have you, uh, ever…" I let her figure out the rest of the question. "Actually, no." she said. "I mean I have but I never let anyone finish in my mouth before." The conversation was having an effect on me. I was already halfway hard.

"Is there anything else on the screen?" I asked. "Afraid not." She said quietly. "Okaaay." I let the silence drag on. "Well, I don't see any alternative." She said. "Are you sure?" I asked, "I mean…" I knew there was no alternative, since I designed it that way.

"Might as well get it over with" she said. "Ok, um, how do I, where. I stammered to a halt, my shyness overwhelming me for a moment. "Since I obviously can't move, you will have to come here." she said. "Stand in front of me, and let's see if this will work." I shuffled forward, my hands out in front of me.

I purposely angled to the right a little, knowing I would run into her. My outstretched hand glided right onto her left butt cheek, and I snatched my hand back and said "Sorry" just as she said "Hey!, hands off!" I shuffled around in front of her saying "I didn't mean to touch you there, I just can't see too good" I lied as I smiled a little.

I felt myself blushing furiously in spite of myself, which is when she recognized me. "Hey, you're that guy that. Um, I mean I borrowed some eggs from you!" she finished lamely, realizing she almost admitted stealing my artwork.

"You mean you're that Tess, the one that lives in the floor below me?" I blushed even deeper, if possible. My erection had subsided most of the way by now, due to embarrassment, and the same shyness I was trying to overcome. "Uh, yes, that's me" she said. "Small world, huh?" as she chuckled a bit. As I stood in front of her for several seconds, with her mouth about a foot away from my cock, she finally said "well, you need to move closer, so I can&hellip." "Okay" I said, as I moved about an inch closer.

"Come on!" she coaxed, "Closer, I won't bite" I laughed nervously, and shuffled forward several times, until my stomach touched her forehead. My nervousness and shyness were fighting my arousal, so I was still only slightly hard. "Um, we have a problem" she said.

My nervousness got worse suddenly. "What's wrong?" I said, with a shaky voice. "Well, unless you get aroused, I can't get you in my mouth. You are hanging down too far." "Oh," I said. I'm just nervous I mean…" "You really never did this before?" she said wonderingly. "Nope, not even close." I replied quietly.

"Why not?" she asked. "You're a good looking guy. You're not gay are you?" "NO!" I said quickly. I just never really had a girlfriend, except once, when I was 15, and it just… I mean it did not go well, and since then I…" I stammered to a halt again, remembering in spite of myself, the embarrassment of my first attempt at a kiss.

"You mean you never had a girlfriend since you were 15?" she asked incredulously. "Nope" I answered embarrassedly. By this point I was totally un-aroused. "Wow, that's hard to imagine." "Sorry." I said quietly. "Hey, nothing to be sorry about!" she replied. "We'll just have to talk you through it I guess." First off, when you get hard, I will kiss the end of your penis, then maybe kiss the side of it.

Then I will open my mouth, and take just the head inside, and use my tongue all around the head. I think you'll like that" I felt myself swelling as I concentrated on her words. "Then you will need to move your hips some, and slowly move back and forth in my mouth. NOT too far in though!" she cautioned. "Ok" I said. "How far is too far?" "Well, if I cough or gag, that is too far, ok?" she replied. "OK. Gotcha". My cock had subsided slightly during the discussion. "Then, you will slide your penis back and forth, and I will try to use my tongue and make you come.

When you come, be careful you don't push too far ok?" "Ok" I promised. The visual she had made cause my to swell almost all the way, far enough that she could touch me with her lips. "Ok, here we go" she said, as I trembled in anticipation. I felt her breath on the head of my cock, and suddenly my arousal intensified greatly, causing me to get rock hard in about 2 seconds.

I felt her kiss the head, just like she said she would, and I groaned out loud. She put her tongue out, and licked the tip, and I almost jumped back from the sensation.

Warm, and slippery, with a texture very different from my hand. When her mouth closed around the head of my cock, I almost came right then.

I was in heaven, and any trepidation I felt earlier was washed away with the movement of her tongue. As she swirled her tongue on me, I groaned again, and involuntarily jerked my hips forward some. I remembered not to go too far though, and the wave of pleasure that washed through me, made me repeat the motion.

Soon I was gliding my cock in to the back of her mouth, and then retreating to the edge of her lips. About 10 or 12 strokes like that, and the pressure building at the base of my cock built rapidly, to the point where I could no longer control my thrusting. I increased the speed of my hips, and with a few sharp thrusts forward, starting coming. I groaned out "Fuck Yeah!" as the first spurt of my cum washed into the back of Brunette slots sucking hard knob striptease and hardcore mouth.

I quickly followed with horny college sluts love playing games at college parties thrusts, and more jets of cum, pushing further into her mouth as she swallowed. The third thrust as I was coming made me push too far and as she swallowed my cum, she also swallowed about a third of my cock.

The increased sensation was almost too much for me, and I pulled back as she coughed, and pushed forward again until she gagged. I remembered then not to go too far, and held my cock still for the last 2 or the blasts of cum deep into her mouth.

She swallowed what was in her mouth, and the sensation on the head of my cock was suddenly too much, and I pulled out with a gasp.

I did not realize my hands were held on either side of her head, until I used my grip to keep from falling over.

As I let go, she coughed again, and I said "I'm Sorry, I didn't mean to go so far, I mean… That was just incredible&hellip." I ran out of breath, since I was still breathing pretty hard. "That's Ok" she said. "I know you did not mean to, and it only made me gag the one busty puffy peach teens pussy pump fun As she and I caught our breath, I reached to finger the hidden button on my wrist, and the computer beeped cuffed bdsm sub gets panty insertion in trio threesome and fingering, followed by a beep on my blindfold.

"What's that?" I said. "The computer screen changed. It says you can take off the blindfold now." "Are you sure? I REALLY don't want to get shocked again!" "I'm sure" she said. I slowly raised my hands to my head, and felt around to get to the buckles.

I took my time, to make sure it did not look like I knew how to take it off. As I undid the last buckle, I pulled the blindfold off my eyes, and blinked in the suddenly bright light. (Chapter 2 to follow)