Nasty big ass hoes scene black booty productions

Nasty big ass hoes scene black booty productions
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True Parental Love, Part 1 I first became really interested in sex was when I was about fourteen years old, and I discovered that my penis was good for more than just relieving myself of pee.

It also felt good to fondle it and play with my balls, and then I discovered that it would get hard and feel even better when I rubbed my hand up and down on it and made it shoot that creamy stuff out.

What a thrilling feeling it was to have my whole body quiver in pleasure as the stuff rose up from my groin and spurted all over my hand and even up to my chin sometimes.

One night I was busy playing with myself and looking forward to that "one, singular sensation" when I heard an unusual sound coming from my parents' bedroom. It sounded like moaning or groaning, and I thought maybe my mother was sick or something. I stole out of my bed, not thinking about the fact that my little dong was hanging out of my pajama bottoms, and went to the door of my parents' bedroom, which was open just a crack.

I peeked in and saw, in the light of a bedside lamp, my father, lying on top of my mother, and pushing in and out of between her outspread legs. I could see my father's testicles banging against my mother's ass cheeks as he apparently was slamming his penis into her pussy place. I had learned about the anatomy of a woman, and knew that my mother had a place that was covered with hair, and that her pee-pee place was used april oneil way sex with busty stepmom vanilla deville more than getting rid of her liquid waste.

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As I saw what they were doing, my little cock hardened even more than it had in bed, and I couldn't help milking it the way my mother's vagina was milking my father's penis. When dad let out a louder groan than my mother had been making, I decided I had better split.


As I turned to leave the place where I could see into their room, my bare foot slipped on the floor and I made a clunking sound as I landed on my derriere. I hurried to get up, but there was no question in my mind that my parents had heard the sound of my clumsy pratfall.

After returning to my bed I waited for a few minutes to settle down. Then I couldn't remove from my mind the vision of my parents copulating.

I got all hard again, and was just starting to feel a tingle in my cock when I saw the shadow of my father in the doorway of my room.

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I pretended I was asleep, but didn't have time to cover the fact that my cock was sticking out of my pajama bottoms. My father stepped into the room, and peeking out of one eye I could see that he was still naked. He approached my bed and placed a hand on my head and tousled my hair, saying that I must be growing up from what he could see.

I sheepishly nodded my head and opened my eyes to see my father's huge cock, stretching out just inches from my face. When he bent over and took my penis in his hand and began to fondle it, his cock actually brushed my cheek, and I could feel the wetness from my mother's pussy and his own semen, which still dripped from the head of his cock.

Some instinct made me reach up and lick the stuff off the tip of my father's cock, and the taste was strange but stimulating. He let his cock slide into my open mouth, and I eagerly began to suck on it like a baby sucking on his bottle, or his mother's breast. Then Dad took my cock in his mouth, and at the very touch of his tongue as he began lapping at it, I shot my first wad of semen, and it went into his mouth.

He kept sucking on me until I finished throbbing in an exquisite orgasm, and then he spread his legs on both sides of my face and began to plunge his cock into my mouth the way he had plunged it into my mother's cunt.

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I took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could, but it was too big to get more than the purplish head into my mouth. I grasped the stalk of his cock and manipulated it as I had been doing to my own cock. After a few strokes I almost choked on the spewing semen that gushed from his manly cock, some of it going right down my throat and the rest running down my chin and cheeks.

My father then turned around and held me to his body, kissing me and sharing his cum and mine as his tongue entered my mouth and licked around my face. I hugged my father tightly around the neck and enjoyed the feeling of his large cock rubbing on my smaller one as we embraced.

When I woke up the next morning, my cock was hard again, but I thought it was just my morning hard-on because I needed to pee. However, as I held my cock over the toilet to pee, I started massaging it the way Dad had done the night before, and it stayed hard.

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I was actually beginning to feel that special sensation in the base of my boyhood when I heard Mom call from downstairs that breakfast was ready. Still in my pajamas, I went downstairs and found Mom in the kitchen, wearing only a thin nightgown that allowed the curves of her body to show through new pashtfilm jawarger xxx porn. My hard-on had not gone away, and as I gazed at my Mom's mature body it started to throb again.

Mom said that Dad had already left for the office, but he had told her about his visit to me the night before. She asked me whether I had enjoyed spying on them and the visit from my Dad, and I had to admit that it was exciting to me to be a part of their sexual life.

When Mom poured my milk she bent over and I could get a good glimpse of her full breasts down the neck of her nightie all the way to her big, pink nipples, the same nipples I had fed upon as an infant. My cock almost popped out of my pj's but I put my hand on it to hold it down.


I watched Mom move about the kitchen, her ass cheeks swaying sensually beneath the thin material of her night gown.

When she faced me I could also see the shadow of her pubic hair through the thin material, and I was mesmerized by the view.


I was barely able to finish my breakfast, and when I did, and stood up, it was obvious that I had an erection. Mom looked smilingly at me and asked me whether I would like her to help me get rid of that bulge in my pj's. I could only nod, as she came over and pulled down my pj pants and had me sit back down on my chair. She knelt before me and began fondling my dildo in fresh gorgeous teen bawdy cleft and testicles, then gently pumping my cock, finally bending her sweet face down to kiss the head, and then take the whole of my hardened flesh into her soft, wet mouth.

Mother looked up at me with loving eyes, and it didn't take more than a couple of sucks for me to shoot my creamy wad into her welcoming mouth.

She actually swallowed my cum, and licking the residue from the head of my penis she shooed me upstairs to get dressed and go to school. (to be continued)

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