Teen cutie gets fucked by a senior

Teen cutie gets fucked by a senior
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Chapter 1 She was just a petty thief, it wasn't fair, she should've gotten a fine or something it was ridiculous to sentence her to a three year imprisonment. April looked out of the window as the barbed wired fence came closer and closer. A three year sentence just for some stolen nail polish. She banged her head against the window and the officer that was driving looked at her with a stern look on his face. 'Sorry,' April mumbled. A deep sigh. The gates opened and they drove onto the grounds.

She got out of the van and she was led inside. She got a check-up and some clothes and then she got appointed a bunk. She just had so much anger pinned up inside of her. She threw the blanket on the bed and mumbled a grumpy hello to her bunkmate. It was so unfair. It was all so unfair. All her life she had lived in a group home, and even after she'd turned eighteen she had to live in cheep apartments with lots of roommates.

Right when things would turn around, she had a job interview, she could almost afford an apartment of her own, she was put in jail. 'Dr. Ksabrilov wants to talk to you.' Another inmate stood next to her and came to get her.

April sighed, then she followed the other girl through the building. She was brought into an office and told to sit on a chair. 'He'll be here in a few moments.' The girl said.

Then she left. April sat in the chair. It was quite a large office, it was messy and chaotic. Lot's of piles of papers on the desk, a bookcase overflowing with books, a cabinet with some antique looking medical instruments, posters with pictures of brains and muscles and neurons and what not.

April dangled her feet back and forth. 'Welcome Lad fucks raunchy luscious bitch hardcore and blowjob A warm low voice sounded. April turned around and entering the room was a tall handsome man. He had grey hair and a grey beard, and warm blue eyes. With a curious but kind look on his face his eyes wandered over April.

'Good.' He said. 'Very good.' He closed the door behind him and walked over to the desk. He got a yellow folder out and opened it.

Then he started to recant Aprils history. 'I know.' April said disinterested. 'I know who I am, no need to tell me.' 'I just need to be sure my information is correct.' He said while he kept on reading from the file. April nodded. 'Very good, very good,' he said when he was finally done and he slammed the folder shut. 'So you'll qualify. You're exactly the type of girl we're looking for.' 'I qualify for what?' April said 'We have a special program.

It's intended for girls like you. You're not a criminal. You aren't actually a bad person. It is my believe that you're deep down a very good girl, but there just lacked some love and parental guiding in your upbringing.' April shrugged.

She thought about the orphanage, with some of the volunteer workers she did have quite a strong connection, she always assumed that was a type of love. She pressed her lips together and didn't say a word. 'I believe I can help that good girl come out, basically by raising you and educating you all over again. What do you think?' He looked at her inquisitively. A long pause. The silence grew longer and longer.

'The choice is up to you, April. If you enter my correctional program, then you're sentence will automatically be reduced to the time it takes to turn you into a good little girl, usually three to her anal fantasies caught on camera tube porn days and after you've successfully finished that program, you will be released and relocated, you will be placed in the care of a mentor.' April pulled her foot on the chair and embraced her own knee.

With her head slightly tilted she examined the doctor. He was tall and his shoulders where wide and strong, with big biceps bulking under his white lab coat. His face friendly and quite attractive. Three days. Only three days was way better than three full years. What was the catch? 'Sure.' She said. 'I'll join your program.' A contract was shoved under her nose and he told her to sign it.

She quickly skimmed over it, most words were way too complicated to understand. "Reprogramming neurological pathways and igniting new brain chemistries." She saw, and: "Adjustments by chemical reinforcements and repetitive cognitive stimuli." She turned the page she was about to skim the paragraph that would explain about mentors and what would happen after the program when the doctor grabbed the papers and turned to the last page.

'You just have to sign here.' He said. 'And we'll start right away.' April hesitated for a moment, then she shrugged and put her name on the dotted line. The doctor blew against the ink to make it dry, put the contract into a drawer, and he locked the drawer.

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She was told to follow him. He opened a door and what she saw amazed her. It was not at all a sight she would have expected in a gloomy colorless prison like this.

They entered a nursery. Bright walls, an adult sized cot with a dangling mobile, an adult sized high chair, some cheerful stuffed animals and toys carelessly laying on the floor.

But it wasn't all nursery, there were also some computers, some machines and medical equipment with lots of wires and cables and tubes. 'What is this place.' April said full of wonderment. The doctor gently lied his hand on her shoulder and pushed her inside. 'This is the reprogramming area.' He said. 'We need to erase all bad behavior, all bad thoughts from your brain and then we'll start to reprogram you into the girl you're meant to be.' April frowned.

'But why all this?' She said gesturing towards the nursery. 'It wedding organizer lena gets creampied by her costumer the mood.' The doctor said.

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'Now I need to set some things up, before we actually can get started, and I don't want you to get frightened by my preparations, so I'm going to give you a little something to help you stay relaxed.' He talked to blonde beauty nathaly cherie gets fucked and creamed in a calm and soothing voice while he opened a cabinet and got some little bottles out, he filled a syringe with a mixture of three different liquids then he attached a needle to the syringe.

'What's that?' April asked, staring at the sharp silver needle approaching her. 'Like I said, this is a little something to keep you calm.

Why don't you come sit here on the edge of the bed so you won't hurt yourself.' The doctor patted the mattress to show her were to sit. April hesitated. She inched backwards, back to the door. She wasn't all that sure that she wanted to do this. This was weird. Her fingers touched the doorknob. 'Come here sweety.' The doctor said friendly.

'Don't be scared.' She pushed the handle down but the door didn't open. In fear she stared at the doctor. 'I changed my mind.' She said. 'I choose jail, I rather just do my time.' 'Too late.' The doctor said.

'You've signed a contract, you're in my care now.' 'But, but.' April shuffled from one foot onto another. She looked for a way out. There wasn't, there was just this locked door, there wasn't even a window or something like that. The doctor approached her, the flickering needle coming closer and closer.

April was frantically pulling on the doorknob, kicking against the door, screaming for help. The doctor pushed her against the wall. She was pinned in between his strong arm and the bricks. Very calmly he pushed her sleeve up and yanked the needle into her arm. His thumb on the plunger, releasing the medication into her bloodstream.

She felt some weird tingling numbness shooting up through her arm and her neck. A dizziness. A warm fuzzy feeling. She was loosing her balance. The doctor pushed the last few drops into her arm and then pulled the needle out again.

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He threw the syringe away and held her confined with his strong arms. His eyes curiously examining her face. Her knees were trembling, getting weaker and weaker, her limbs heavy. It was as if she couldn't keep herself standing up straight any more.

She fell into him. The room spinning around, wavering. He embraced her and picked her up as if she weighed nothing. He carried her towards the bed.


She wanted to struggle but she couldn't move. As he laid her down in the cot he gave her a little kiss on the forehead. 'See, that wasn't so bad now was it, don't worry, it'll get even better.' He positioned her limp body on the bed and then tied her down, he twisted some rope around her wrists and ankles and secured her by tying her to the bars of the cot.

'It'll get better,' he said again. 'The muscle relaxer is always the first to kick in, but in a few minutes the other drugs will start to take affect as well, a nice little sedative to keep you calm and compliant, and a little hallucinogenic to prep your brain for what's to come.' 'What's to come?' April asked.

The doctor didn't answer, he just tied her down and then he went to turn on a computer. A few moments later a man appeared on Skype.

'Hey Richard.' The doctor said. 'I've got your girl here, all prepped and ready to go.' April looked at the man on the screen. She vaguely recognized him, hadn't she seen him talking to her judge the other day? She was about 90% sure it was the same man. She recognized his floppy ears. 'Tell me what you want Richard?' 'Well I want her to be my little sexslave, she needs to be submissive, obedient, eager to please, no talking back, and I like her to enjoy it, like she's addicted to my cock, unable to control herself, unable to control her horniness.' 'You want her to be horny on command?

You want her to cum on command?' 'Can you do that?' 'Yeah, sure.' The doctor said. 'Do that. But she also needs to do house bootylicious babe strips off her bikini smalltits and hardcore, make me my coffee, that sort of shit.' April was listening in disbelief, she heard the man on skype discussing the type of girl she would be turned into. She protested, she screamed, she pulled on her bounds, the doctor turned around and briefly looked at her, then he looked at his watch.

'Still nothing kicking in?' He asked. 'You should feel it start working by now.' Even before he was finished speaking she felt a warm wave of calmth washing over her, she tried to resist, but it was way stronger than her, calm soothing waves crashing over her, rocking her to sleep, no it wasn't sleep, but it was a serene calmness. She was happy and satisfied. Her thoughts fuzzy, but that didn't matter, she didn't have to think, she just had to feel this beautiful warm peacefulness.

The voices of the men still discussing her future, she didn't hear what they were saying anymore, the voices were far away, random images, random sounds. She just stared up at the dangling mobile, only just semi-aware of her surroundings, bewitched by the magical tranquility that flowed through her veins. After a while the face of the doctor appeared above her cot. He stared down on her and then smiled. 'That's my little girl.' He said cooing.

'That's daddy's little girl, all calm and compliant, ready to start you're program, aren't you? Poor little thing all drugged out of your mind.' He reached into the cot and patted her tummy. He looked at piece of paper. 'Lot's to do, lot's to do.' He mumbled. 'Let's start.' He carefully undressed her, loosening the rope around her wrist for a little while so he could slip her sleeve off of her arm, then securing her to the bars of the cot again, she was completely naked now.

The doctor looked at her body, his fingers caressing her collarbones, her small but perky breasts, the pink nipples. He continued to her ribs, her belly button and then he reached in between her legs, his fingers rubbing her pussy, the soft lips.

A wave of pleasure crashed over her. 'That's right, that's nice isn't it sweety, it feels nice when daddy touches you down there doesn't it.' His hand pressing against her pubis, rubbing her up and down, she was getting wet, panting.

Reality seemed to slip away from her. She only vaguely remembered what was going on, she didn't know whether her memories were real, she didn't know whether the sensations en the situations she was experiencing now were real. It all became a blur. A happy blur, her body and mind just surrendered into the tranquil satisfaction, she didn't fight it, she didn't struggle, she just let it wash all over her. The arousal, his words.

He slipped his finger inside. Moving back and forth, finger fucking her. She panted, sweet sinner sex mobi zoye softly. Usually when she was this horny her body would squirm and rock, her back would arch, but she was too sedated, too limp to move her body. All she could do was just lay there and let all of it just happen.

'Good girl.' Daddy said.


Although she vaguely had the feeling he wasn't her Daddy, he was just a doctor, she didn't know which of the two was a hallucination and which one was actual reality. She was in a cot, the cot was real, wasn't it? He called himself Daddy, in reality he called himself Daddy. He wasn't wearing a doctors coat. He wasn't wearing pants either.

She saw a thick bulge hiding behind the fabric of his boxer. He rubbed his hand over his own crotch, while looking at her. 'That's what you do to Daddy.' He said, 'You make Daddy hard as a rock. Now Daddy can't work on brainwashing you when he's all horny and distracted by your helpless little body tied down and sedated, can't he?' She stared up into his face.

Her thoughts were just so fuzzy, so disconnected. She nodded, then shook her head. She wasn't really sure what was going in. 'Isn't that ava addams massage creep porn nice and compliant little girl.' Daddy said. 'Now be a sweetheart and open your mouth.' April parted her lips a little. He pushed his boxer down and showed her his cock.

It had an average size but it was quite thick and it had a beautiful upward curvature. He laid his shaft on her mouth and told her to kiss and lick. April was drifting in an out of reality. She just felt good and nothing else mattered. She couldn't think, she stuck out her tongue and started to lick the shaft up and down, just like daddy wanted.

Then he pulled her chin down to open her mouth even further and he thrust himself inside of her. His cock completely filled her mouth.

She surrounded him completely with her lips and with her tongue she licked around the head. He fucked her in her mouth for a while. Moaning louder and louder.

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His knee resting on her chest, pushing her into the mattress as if she was trying to escape. Escape didn't even cross her mind and even if it did she wouldn't even have the strength in her muscles or the cognitive awareness to act upon those thoughts. After a while he pulled back.

His cock disappeared from her mouth and somewhat startled she tried to lick and kiss and suckle on the air for a little while. 'You like that?' Daddy asked. 'You want more of that? But Daddy has stepdaughter doing oral sex on her stepfather even better for you.' He crawled on top of her. With his knee he pushed her legs wider and then he slipped his cock inside of her pussy.

For a moment April thought she was about to explode. He was so thick so perfectly curved, the tip of his cock massaged her g-spot every time he thrust deep within her pussy. He rocked his hips and started to fuck her slowly at first but picking up speed as they went.

His face hidden in her neck, he bit her shoulder. His teeth pushing into her skin. He was panting, whispering. 'That's my good girl, that's my girl, good girl, good girl.' April was completely engulfed by all this new sensations, the soft tickling whispers caressing the nape of her neck, his heavy warmth on top of her chest, his cock sliding in and out. She was getting wet. Her mind just stopped working, why think if she could just feel, why analyze if she could just welcome those sensations.

A nagging voice warning her, a nagging voice in the back of her head. She pushed it away and sank deeper and deeper into that compliant arousal, that pleasurable haze. His muscles tensing up, a loud moan, a growl almost. His fingers pushing into her skin, his face all scrunched up, his hips smacking into hers. Deep inside she felt his cock throbbing and ejaculating He kept on lying on top of her.

Motionless. His eyes closed. All he did was just breathing. His panting slowed down to a regular inhale and exhale rhythm. After a while he stretched himself out, he opened his eyes and looked at her. 'You've got a nice cunt, baby. Maybe we can stall your training a little bit, so Daddy can have some more fun.

We'll see.'