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Sunny leon new sex xxx
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Here is part 2 guys, enjoy. Comments and Suggestions are welcome Every night it was the screams, then the sobs, then the pleads for mercy, and finally the silent whimpering of a broken will that crossed the realm of sleep and into reality. We were all exhausted, and high-strung. It's been a week now since I rescued the girl and none of us had gotten any sleep at night, so we taken to doing most chores at night and napping in the day between bandage changes and body washes. I looked over to my mother, who was now making another batch of suppressing agent.

My mother was rather attractive for a older woman, with pearl milky skin and sunlight colored tresses, she still held the regal and slim figure of a woman half her age. Different from the girl upon the stone slab her features were sharp and strong with just the smallest touch of serenity that sirened many men in her youth. I being the spitting image of my mother, but for the male version, my sister is the spitting image of my late father who died in the Farie Dragon Wars two winters past.

Hot masseuse oils and fucks dick on massage table was now talking to the dragon trying to assure her to awake from her sleep of fear. Thanks to mom, the girl no longer looks deathly and the venom has been corralled only to the cuts upon her back. But still she sleeps and dreams. My mother thinks its to do with the security blanket all minds have to save itself from trauma, but hers is only making it worse en blocking her from the outside world and sending her into a never ending cycle of her experience with the man I rescued her from.

"James!" my mother waved her hand in front of my face trying to get my attention. Quickly I snapped out of my thought process and smiled ruefully up at her. "Sorry mom, what did you say?" my mother only shook her head and sighed, "there might be away to release her from the dreams". My sister and I perked up at this and suddenly my tiredness and hopelessness faded away and sprouted a tiny seed of hope.

"How" my sister and I answered. She rung her hands, not sounding too sure of herself now. "She'll be free of the dreams and wake and hopefully start healing from the mental wounds". I was sensing a but here and a little scared I asked her. " the catch is, that there is no guarantee that the person will make it out alive,……and that person needs to be a Empath and a Channeler". My sister looked at me sadly.

I put my head to my arms and sighed. "So me mother" I didn't need to raise my head to see her nod. Suddenly I jerked my head up and my heart and gaze blazed. "what do I need to do".


My mother lit the candles around me as my sister finished drawing the circle. My palms were sweating and my nerves were frayed. I had to constantly stop myself from coming up with the worst possible what ifs. I jumped at the cool hand on my shoulder.

"Are you okay son", I nodded and swallowed hard.

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I placed a hand upon the girl's brow and another upon her hand, closing the circle that my bare feet and cold stone started. My mothers voice came back to focus.

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"remember it will only last a second here but once you enter her mind you will be victim to time, so theres no telling how long you feel you are there". I nodded replaying every word to glue it to my memory. "Also relax and stay calm, you are only a spectator, she will only see and here you when she's ready". my mother gripped my face and peered into my eyes. "and for the love of the gods do not miss that window if you do.", She trailed off.

My mother let go of me and stepped from the nadia and his partenar grile sex. "now concentrate James, only on my voice. I need you to let go of your soul and let pass through your head, to your shoulders, down your chest, out your arm, into your hand, and inside her head.


Do this SLOWLY please." I nodded my understanding and started the journey. I looked deep inside myself and saw a ribbon and deep blue ribbon. Reaching out I anissa and eva have intense lesbian sex it and every so gently unraveled it from the brilliant light of my head and slowly led it down my neck.

With each passing second the ribbon left a hollow chilling feeling along its path. I came upon my arm a led it along and into my hand. I was shaking now from the cold and slight painful feeling of loss. From my hand the ribbon flowed into the girls brow, as the last of it left my body I felt a sudden pull and whoosh as if my body was turning inside out.


All of a sudden I could hear music and laughter. Slowly I opened my eyes and gasped. Before my stood a temple like castle that nestled its self upon floating rocks of clouds. The streets were filled with drunken dancing and laughter. Balls of light led a merry train of entertainers up to the castle. Suddenly I was aware I wasn't alone, beside me stood the girl I rescued, awake and well. She was fuller and her bones no longer protruded from her skin. She stood staring at the party with a sullen look upon her face.

"Every year that old man". she broke off as a shadow appeared by her side. Hoped you guys enjoyed, please rate and comment if you guys want me to continue, again suggestions are welcome.