Pov amateur wanks cock till huge cumload

Pov amateur wanks cock till huge cumload
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I was driving on a beautiful sunny day down the country roads towards my mansion when I saw a stunning blond country girl walking on the grassy roadside. Her tight round butt showed through the light, short summer dress, and she was carrying a fat woman fuck big cock of vegetables from the harvest.

I wanted a closer look and to see if she was attractive for my purposes, so I pulled up to her to ask directions. She was very beautiful and had a sweet smile, large eyes, and an innocent yet sexy feeling.

She could be perfect for my collection, so I set myself up to find out. I asked her about a nearby village and she leaned on the open passenger window to tell me.


Then I asked her to show my on the map I was holding and enticed her to lean in further. As she did so I wound up the window which caught her just below the ribs. She jumped from surprise and looked at me on shock. I just smiled as I turned off the car and got out. i walked around behind her, lifted up her dress and caressed her gorgeous, youthful ass. She started to scream and protest as they all did. I ignored her, taking down her country underwear and ripping them as I forced her legs apart.

With a swift spit her anus was lubricated and I was already erect from when I first saw her, so I slid my shaft directly into her tight asshole to see if she really had the merits to come with me. And oh she did, I loved plunging in and out of her tight butt as she fought with the car window and screamed. No one was around for miles and I just nika and magda pleasures a thick member creampie brunette her squirming on my hard cock as I rammed her again and again.

I put my hand up her wet vagina, and stretched it open, massaging her g-spot so she came over and over again. Then I pulled out of her ass, and with two fingers from each hand opened her gape so she gasped with pain before I fucked it again. I was slapping her hard the whole time, and I could feel she was breaking.

Eventually she stopped struggling and was just sobbing in the car. I pulled out and did up my pants, opened the back seat door and got my special hand-cuffs. She was crying so much, she didn't resist when I put her hands through the window behind her and cuffed them together. Then I slid the long butt plug which was attached to the handcuff chain up her ass so her hands were stuck on the anal dildo.

I opened the window and put on a collar which also hooked on to the dildo pulling her head back slightly.

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Then I pushed her into the trunk and carried on my way home. When I got there, I called Mistress Eva to come and see what I had found.

Eva was one of the most perverted lesbian dominatrices I had ever found, and she helped me run the dungeon. She was a tall blond vixen with a full form, and a harsh tone. She came out and knelt at my feet on hands and knees ready to suck my cock, as she always did when she greeted me.

I took it out and made her lick the fresh ass juice from my new find. "You taste that Eva?" I asked as she took me deep in her throat and went down to lick the juice from my balls. "Yes master, who is the lucky ass who left you this?" "Come and see." She gt up and followed me to the trunk where the sobbing country girl was bound.

I took her out, and she stood proud as the collar pulled her head back. Eva ripped off her dress to get a better look at her. She had a gorgeous natural body, full breasts and thighs. Eva squeezed her nipples and she let out a small shriek. "What is your name?" "Sarah" the girl sobbed.

"Welcome Sarah, to my domain. Now kneel!" Eva was stern and Sarah, still in pain from my anal rape and the butt plug was obedient. Eva turned around and lifted up her long sleek dress revealing thigh high stockings, a garter belt and nothing else. She bent over and put her ass in Sarah's face and said, "if you don't want to suffer here til you beg for the chance to do this, then lick and fuck my ass with your tongue!" Sarah cried and shoved her face between Eva's full cheeks.

She was really scared and disoriented, like she had landed on a strange planet and sexy blonde slut takes with two big black cocks to follow local customs. She licked Eva's crack and stuck her tongue in and out, kneeling and still handcuffed. I helped her a bit, pushing her head forward and back and up and down.

Eva was moaning with pleasure as the long tongue penetrated her anus; she reached back and spread her cheeks so Sarah could get deeper inside. Sarah continued to sob and lick and suck and rim Eva. Then Eva stood up and slapped her. She smiled, "you will make a good ass slave." Then turning to me she said, "thanks for bringing me some fresh toilet paper. Come on Sarah follow me." Eva attached a leash to Sarah's collar and lead her to the dungeon.

She went down the outside cellar stairs to charming sex kitten is exposing her stretched pink quim in closeup basement of the mansion.

There she first saw the two black slaves who were enjoying their lunch. These African women had perfect ebony skin, large butts which were thrust into the air and soft breasts which brushed the hard floor as the drank from doggy bowls. One was thinner than the other and had longer hair, while the other had a big Mama butt and a beautiful fro. They were chained to a post by the feet and hands so that they stayed on their knees with their hands behind their backs cuffed to a long chain attached to the top of the post.

They were lapping milk from the bowls on the floor which they could just reach with their tongues if the stretched their arms behind them and pushed their chests towards the ground. They looked up and gave a mischievous smile and continued to drink. Sarah was lead past the three Asian girls, two oriental and one India who were all curled up on the floor, naked, collared to posts and resting.

Then she came to a white but very tanned brunet who was lashed to a post at the neck and was softly moaning with closed eyes as she masturbated. She gave a lustful glance and then watched Sarah's full form as she walked by. Sarah began to come to her senses, and asked Eva "What is this place?" "This is our masters pleasure chamber, and we do whatever he commands.

You also do whatever I command. Good behaviour will be rewarded. Bad behaviour will be punished." "How long do they stay here?" "As long as he wants, and until fresh slaves arrive.

Maybe on of these girls will get the chance to earn her freedom now that you are here. Your initiation will begin soon, you better rest." I was happy with my new find, and I looked forward to enjoying her more. But first I thought I should relax and take care of business. "Tiara!" My cute little black servant girl came running in. She was wearing a white mini skirt and a push bra which barely fit her full breasts. I sat on my sofa and she fell at my feet, took my shoes and socks off and started massaging my feet.

She put my big toes on her mouth and licked my soles with a big wet tongue. She massaged, sucked and drooled on my feet while I was opening envelopes and checking mail. Then she put one foot between her legs and slipped my toes up her wet pussy while she tried to fit the other foot all in her mouth and bite gently like a massage.

I noticed I'd received a big check for exclusive rights to my latest lesbian bondage series.

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Eva had become a star as she anally punished my slaves on film. I was very happy and decided to celebrate with an orgy, but first more foot massage. I buzzed down to Eva. "Eva, send up Liz and Tina." The Chinese and Japanese girls came running up, but as soon as they saw me, got on hands and knees and crawled across the room.

"Tiara, you and the girls give me the full treatment" I said kicking my foot up her cunt a little. She took my foot from her mouth to say, "You desire is my command master." I continued reading as Liz, the beautiful long haired Chinese acrobat started brushing her face on my foot wet with Tiara's cum.

Tiara stuck her butt in the air which stuck out of the white skirt with a beautiful contrast t her black skin. Tina looked unhappy but knew what she had to do and started slobbering all over Tiara's anus and fingering it to get her saliva inside.

Tina didn't like sucking black ass, so I always made her do it. Liz was caressing my feet with her hair when Tiara turned her anus to my big toe. She was riding sucking it in with anal contractions while Tina prepared Liz's butt santa baby haley reed drilled by hunky strager in public reality and outdoor the other foot.

Tina was brutally anal finger fucking Liz. The two Asians had some rivalry, but Liz was taking it and moaning. Tina was spitting on the anus, then tonguing it to be sure it was wet enough for me.


"Master, I see a little dirt on my fingers, yellow juice from Liz's ass, sir." Liz froze and looked mortified. "Make her lick it." I said casually looking up. Tina smiled and shoved her juicy yellow fingers in Liz's regal face, she grimaced but obediently sucked up her ass cum. Then she turned and anal fucked my other foot next to Tiara who was still pumping up and down with her wet gape.

Tina was smiling as my anal slaves serviced my feet. After a little while I said, "that's enough girls, now Tina just you for clean up." She was unhappy again, but she learned to obey and the girls took my feet from their asses and Tina licked all the ass juice from between my toes. She put Liz's foot in her mouth and Liz grabbed her head and pushed down on it making her gag on my foot. I pushed my foot in her mouth too, and she choked and gagged an winced.

I smiled at Liz and told her to spank her. She slapped Tina's ass and made her gag on both my dirty feet.


Then I told Tina to lick up the juices from the floor, I sent Tiara away, and told Liz she could have the privilege of being my mistress in the orgy tonight.