Sexy lady sells tiara and gets smashed

Sexy lady sells tiara and gets smashed
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Late Friday afternoon, Jenna called me before I left the office telling me she was waiting for me at the penthouse. Waiting for me to pick her up for dinner at a favorite restaurant, and since she has a few extra minutes, she decides to have a quick shower, to freshen up.

She figures she didn't need much time, just wanted to wash her hair and shave herself smooth in all the right places, babe facialized at orgy group sex hardcore she stood with her back to the wall, enjoying the steam and letting the warm water flow over her body, she closed her eyes and slowly begin to run her fingers across her chest and between her legs, thinking of me.

She'd noticed a certain something in my voice this afternoon when she called to confirm our dinner plans, and she is very much anticipating dinner, dessert, some wine and maybe a little foreplay?

Maybe more? Suddenly she hears her cellphone beep the distinctive tone that indicated a text message from me has arrived, and she quickly turns off the water, steps out of the shower, grabs the phone from her jeans on the floor, and flipped it open to read: " Hey babe, just leaving the office, will be there shortly, I'm hungry, looking forward to eating out!" She feels a shiver run up her spine, and smiles again, a bit dreamy-eyed, as she nods her head, knowingly.

She had known me for one month, she knows my reputation and is oiled blondie gets muff rammed hardcore massage comfortable with me than she'd ever been with anyone else, to this day I have a way about me that makes her feel a little shy sometimes, and leaves her with butterflies in her stomach, not that she is nervous, really, just that I get to her in ways that other men hadn't and couldn't, in ways that often leave her feeling more vulnerable than she likes to admit, and yet oh-so-very-safe, all the same.

She is smiling as she towels off her well-proportioned frame, slips her silky-smooth legs into pink lace panties, her heart skips a beat as she hears my car pull into the driveway, hears the sound of my shoes on the sidewalk, hears the door open slowly. I walk in closing the door turning the lock and surprised Jenna is not greeting me. Jenna calls out " John, come to the dining room." I walk into the dining room seeing Jenna laying on her stomach on the table with her panties pulled down to her knees.

" God, you look gorgeous, I've been hungry for you all day," I growl, leaning in kissing her as if to devour her. I slid my hands down her body to her ass caressing the cheeks. She slides to the edge of the table laying on her back, legs dangling at the knees over the edge of the table. She protests with a laugh that maybe we should move to the bedroom, I gently nibbled her left earlobe and covered her neck with wet kisses, I whisper, "our reservations aren't for another hour, but I'm hungry for something to eat, here and now!" She purrs knowingly, " mmmm, that sounds lovely." I place my elbows on the table kissing her on the mouth again, biting her lower lip gently, stroking it with my tongue as I run the tips of my fingers over her breasts, and down her stomach.

I kiss her full on the mouth once again, as she tilts her head back, I draw a line with my tongue down her chin and neck, all the way to her lovely tits, taking her now-hard nipples full in my mouth, circling my tongue round and round, left then right, while gently fingering her belly-button and running my hands up and down her smooth firm thighs.

She lets out a soft moan as I drop to my knees, sliding her panties down and off her stunning legs, then move my head between her knees. She locks her ankles behind my head, and knit her fingers in my hair, I slid my hands under her ass, and begin to kiss the insides of her thighs, working my way up till she feels my warm breath and my tongue caressing her pussy, sliding my tongue in and out of her like a soft, wet cock, drawing her wetness up to her clit, gliding up and down, round and round, slow-fast-slow-fast, as I french-kiss her there with increasingly wild and passionate abandonment, faster and harder, building, building.

"Oh god, don't stop!" She cries, panting and trembling on the precipice as I continue lisa ann pov cow girl ravish her, probing her over and over, kissing and licking her pussy. She didn't want to finish, but she reaches the place where she had to let go, and with a muffled groan she begins convulsing and shaking. " I'm gonna cum! John! I love you so fucking much!" She gasps, as her back arches and her body writhes with waves of electric pleasure coursing up her back and belly to her brain, and down again, over and over for what feels like forever, til I finally slow down and eventually stop, and she is still and breathing quietly again.

I help her sit up slowly, then rose to my feet to kiss her full on the mouth again, and with a twinkle in my eye I whisper "God, I love you - you taste so amazing." " Well, you blonde in uniform and stockings stripping for older british guy tube porn pretty amazing yourself, mister," She said with a giggle.

I kiss her again, then proceeds to help her off the table, telling her with a smile and a wink that I will call and move our reservation to a later time.

Jenna is a hot sexy 35 year old woman with a fine ass that I love caressing. This is the first time she has invited me to fuck her tight ass. I unzip my trousers immediately, she hears the sound and Jenna wriggles her ass, " Yes!" she breathes.

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She turns facing the table bending over it spreading her legs apart. I walk between her legs grabbing my hard cock rubbing my cock up and down her crack. " You're so beautiful, Jenna," I whisper, inches from her right ear. " So delicate. So beautiful," I continue.

" You smell divine," I said as she feels my head lean down to kiss that magic spot where her shoulder meets her neck. My kiss is light and nonthreatening, sending a wave of desire coursing through her like she has never known before.

She caught her breath, and I heard. I knew she is mine. Jenna feels my large hands on her bare shoulders, squeezing and rubbing them gently. I place my hands on her upper arms leaning down again to kiss her neck, just below her ear.

Jenna feels so vulnerable on the one hand; being enveloped and surrounded by this big powerful man. Yet she feels so safe and warm on the other; a feeling of trust and security permeates every cell of her being.

" Oh, Jenna," I whisper. She isn't sure what to do. She closes her eyes, leaning her head back and to the right, opening her mouth, hoping I will find her. I did. She feels my lips lightly brush hers and feels and hears both of us breathing with barely controlled restraint.

Our mouths open our tongues exploring, she hears a sexy amateur brunette woman gets railed at the pawnshop hardcore and big dick throaty moan realizing it is her. As my kiss deepens she feels me press my body against her back and ass, she feels my heat and incredible hardness that must be so constrained in my tight trousers.

Jenna wraps her right hand up and behind my neck to hold me close. She didn't want me going anywhere. The sound of our rapid breathing and sloppy wet kisses are an extreme aphrodisiac, at least for her. Despite the depth and mounting passion of our kiss, she feels my hands move across from her arms to big booty bbw superstar tiffany star real tits and pornstars upper chest, then begin a slow gentle descent over the slopes of her breasts, exposed her nipples are rock hard.

The palms of my hands envelope them entirely and she feels me use the tips of my calloused fingers to draw tight little circles around the distended nubbins of her swollen nipples. She sluts throat and pussy acquire rammed hardcore and blowjob her breath as another wave of desire sweeps over and through her.

Jenna can't believe how softly I touch her with my hands. Jenna looks down gasping at their physical presence; so pale and pink and hard. " Oh my God, Jenna. You're so unbelievably beautiful. So sooo beautiful," She moans as she looks over her shoulder at the protruding display of her sexual excitement; my smooth voice caressing her ears. My hands follow to explore her body responds involuntarily as my fingertips graze the tips and circled the small areolas.

She hears my breathing hard, keeping tempo with her own, as I press my hardness against her, nestling what feels like a huge erection into the cleft of her ass. " Oh, John.

Please. I want you to touch me. Everywhere," She manages to pant. I didn't answer; no verbal response is necessary. I begin to mold and massage the soft flesh of her breasts with my hands. I left my mouth kissing my way down her neck as I fondle her.

Her head is swept back, her eyes are closed she feels real rape story sex com slowly yielding to my touch. I kiss along the back of her neck beginning to work the other side, she feels my hands wandering down her arms, then over her hips, continuing down the outside of her thighs.

As I reach her smooth thighs caressing inch by inch. It is like a dream; happening so fast. Jenna is lost in a rising tide of arousal and feeling her pulse racing and her pussy oozing with anticipation. The sweet smell of her sex permeated the air I know how turned on she is; how completely mine she is. I continue to caress her ass and hips, whispering in her ear. " Oh, Jenna," I said. She holds on to the table with one hand as her other reaches back and behind to feel the heaviness and girth of the material-clad bulge that she feels pressing against her backside.

Her small slender hand feels so tiny and weak against the hard steely strength that lays inside my trousers. She is feeling so turned on, my right hand reaches around and I place it on the gentle rise of her belly.

She gasps audibly as my warm fingers begin to slide lower and lower on her tummy; reaching down with purpose as my palm cups the mound of her pussy. Jenna spreads her legs slightly to allow my large fingers to slip into the tight nubile films ass licking lesbians in tongue fucking threesome of her crotch.

With a subtle motion, I big tits sexy pinch pussies the moist warm flesh of her labia and a gorgeous babe midtwenties with perfect tits and platinum locks pornstars fingering a soft groan to her lips. " Oh my God, John," is all she can muster, as she pushes her hips forward to let me know she wants and needs my touch. I press my fingers in the lubricated recesses of her labia, the pad of my middle finger two big booty slut and one big black cock quick circles around the tiny thumb of her clit.

With little effort, I slid the same finger into her dipped flesh against flesh. She feels my finger dip deep probing the hot asian slut fisted in her gaping asshole slick folds. Her hips move grinding to meet my exploration. Then, as I pull away for a second leaning forward to look her in the eyes, I pull my finger out of her pussy reaching up to put it in my mouth.

Jenna watches in awe as I took the finger that had just been inside her tasting the juices that I collected. I close my eyes sucking my finger; a sexy smile spreading across my face as I savor her essences. I slowly withdraw my finger between my puckered lips. " Oh, Jenna. You taste so good. I'm going to have to go to the source for that," I said with a wicked smile. " You can taste me all you want, John. In fact, you can do anything you want to me," She replies, giving up any semblance of modesty or decorum.

I giggle in a low sexy growl, making her want her ear against my mouth. I reach to her hips turning her around to face me. She stood leaning against the table edge naked, I sweep the errant strands of hair aside, placing my hand behind her neck and pulling her to me for a kiss. We are beyond the soft kissing stage; she is naked in front of me, I open my mouth wide, as did she, our tongues swirling, dancing and probing. As hard and passionate as my kiss is, there is a softness to my lips and tongue that belied the innate intensity of our deep open-mouth kiss.

My hands circle down to cup the tight cheeks of her ass and she feels me pull her to me, pulling her mound against the thick presence hidden in my trousers.

Our kiss broke as I passionately kiss her neck whispering in her ear, telling her how beautiful she is. Her hands weave into the thick hair on the back of my head pulling my mouth against her. I begin sliding down her shoulders, onto her upper chest and eased up with my kisses as I nibbled along the upper slope of her left breast.

As I arrive at her nipple, my mouth opens in a wide circle, descending over the entire tip of her breast. Jenna feels the suction as I draw my breath against her flesh, then feels the flat of my tongue as I lash her rock hard nipple moaning my approval.

I suckle one nipple, then the other, squeezing the supple cheeks of her ass with my hands as I did so. " Oh, yes, John. Suck my nipple. Oh fuck! It feels so good, " She moans. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, she feels me cup her buttocks hard and lift.

Jenna suddenly found herself sitting on the table as I continue to lick and suck her nipples like I can't get enough. My sudden intensity scares her a little, also excites her. I return to her breasts with a determined look in my eyes.

Between my hot panting breath on her soft pink tips and my deep moans of satisfaction, her nipples feel like they are ready to erupt. I cup her breasts with a hard grip, feeding on her; alternating between violent swirls of my tongue and deep sucks of her entire areolas.

Then I stop standing tall, looming over her, standing like a giant between her spread thighs. My eyes never left hers, looking at her with deep lust in my eyes. I push her back into the middle of the huge table lifting and spreading her legs.

While Jenna feels a little self-conscious being so totally exposed, she is so turned on watching me look at her smiling wantonly at the gaping pink display of her open pussy. " Oh my God, Jenna. Your pussy is perfection. Absolute perfection," I croon in a smooth voice, as I look at her pussy with a wild aroused look in my eyes.

She can't control her hips as they undulate and squirm; eager for my touch, for my mouth. I lean down as I gaze at her open slit and patiently begin to kiss my way softly up her thighs. She looks down at my gray-streaked hair, so sharply contrasting with the milky white cream of her inner thighs. Her mind briefly flashes on all the awkward men who she had allowed to explore her body, fumbling, lurching, usually drunk, always more interested in themselves than in her. My patience and focus are both refreshing and a gigantic turn-on.

" Kiss me, John," Jenna pleads. " Kiss my pussy. Kiss it. Hurry." Nothing she says is going to make me hurry. She leans back on both elbows to watch my advance. My blissful pace continues to ratchet up her state of arousal. Jenna's lower body is constantly in motion, doing its best to lure me inside her, to draw me inside her center. She feels my warm breath on her swollen lips as my mouth passes inches from the gaping flower of her cunt.

She reaches down with one hand to open herself to me; to lure me in; to let me know what I can have. Jenna pulls the hood back and shows me her tight glistening cunt. Jenna finally lays back, comfortable in the knowledge that I'm close, so close, to devouring her pussy. When she feels that first long lick of my tongue, sliding slowly along the length of her juice-laden slit, Jenna knew she is in for a treat like no other she has ever experienced.

I'm going to make love to her cunt with my mouth; and she is going to focus on the incredible pleasure that is permeating every cell of her body.

Jenna places her hands lightly on my head; not so much to guide as to feel my movements as I explore and probe her pussy. My tongued curves and cradles her clit, as she feels my upper lips come down to join in a pursed sucking of her sensitive nub. After a few wet passes along her fleshy crease, I lean back with a smile.

My lips are wet from her. " Your pussy is so smooth, Jenna. Did you shave?" I ask. " I did," She admitted. " For me?" " Yes, John. Just for you. I wanted to be smooth for you," She replies. "Suck me." " Open your lips for me, Jenna," I commanded. Jenna is still a bit embarrassed, but far too turned on to resist such a demand.

She reaches both hands down spreading her lips so I can see her innermost core. She watches me as I watch her. Jenna knew she is wet pink and glistening. " That is a beautiful pussy. Jenna. Do you know how gorgeous you are down there?" I queried. " Mmhmm," is all she can muster in reply. Jenna lays there on her back, her legs spread, knees up, fingers framing her pink treasure.

I bent down, surprising her, by kissing and licking her fingers and hand rather than her pussy. Suddenly I take her middle finger into my mouth sucking on it.

Jenna can't believe the jolt of arousal that spirals right down to her pussy. I'm sucking her finger, her clit is throbbing.

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I continue to kiss and suck her fingers, one after the other, along their length, then licking between them. I kiss her wrists, then went back to her fingers, as she rubs herself and fingers her loose wet lips opening her cunt to me and my mouth and my eyes. Never has she been with a man so attuned to finding her sensitive spots; each and every one; some she didn't even know she had. It mia martinez pussy getting rail from behind as if my antennae are on overdrive and picking up on every signal her body emitted.

If I try something and I didn't get a positive response, I move onto the next thing. And when I did strike a chord, I continued exploring and improvising; then came back to that spot later. I'm totally lost in her and her pleasure; a lover for the ages. "God, John," She whispers.

" I've never had anyone suck my fingers before. That feels unbelievable," She offers. I smile at her, knowingly, as I pause pulling back. " Stick a finger inside, Jenna. Deep," I commanded. Jenna did as she is told, totally aroused by the fact that I'm watching her finger disappear into her tight pink hole.

She sinks her middle finger in as far as it will go; amazed at how eager latina slut bounces on dick hardcore and big tits warm and wet her hole feels. Then she withdraws it slowly, knowing full well what I will do. She pointed it at my mouth and, never leaving her gaze, I open wide, took the whole thing in my mouth, closing my lips around the base of ideal schoolgirl is tempted and poked by her elderly teacher glistening finger.

Slowly and seductively, she pulls back, inch by inch. She feels my tongue washing over her fingertip, tasting her juices.

Jenna can not believe how sensuous it is; how amazingly good it feels. " Oh my God, John. Ohhhh." We did this several more times; her feeding me her cum in small doses.

Then, once my finger desire has ebbed, I went back to dining expertly on her pussy succulence, she places her hands on my head again to feel me move against her. When I moan, the vibration stimulates her clit to a point that her hips are bucking and spasming to my oral maneuvers. Jenna looks down between her legs in utter amazement. Her naked, legs spread wide, cunt pulsing as a sexy older man eats her pussy making sexual music with my tongue.

" Oh, God, John! That feels so good. That feels soooo fucking good. Don't stop. Oh, John, don't." Suddenly I pick up the pace, grabbing each cheek of her ass with my hands, pulling her slit apart and absolutely accosting her pink juicy flesh with my entire mouth.

Jenna has never had anyone eat her like this -- never. The moment became too much for her; she can't hold back any longer. She feels a wave of arousal rushing through her feeling a steady throbbing of an impending climax. I knew -- I just knew. Jenna looks down at the sharp contrast of our bodies and feels the pleasure coursing through every fiber of her being, an orgasm overtaking her suddenly and violently.

It is like an unexpected wave that crashes over her head when your back is turned unwisely to the sea. " Oh, John. Oh, fuck, I. Don't stop! Don't . Ohhhhh." Her hips bucking as she feels her fingers tightly entwined in my hair, holding on for dear life as she is rocked with an intense climax that came in steady pulses until her body collapses in a drenched heap of post-orgasmic bliss.

She is unable to move; unable to speak. Her breath sounds like she had just run a sprint; her heart pounding. I slowly withdraw from my niche looking down at her with a smile that combines pleasure and care.

My lower face glistens with the traces of her copious lubrication. " I knew you'd taste good," I joked. " I enjoyed the appetizer earlier, but the main course may have been the best thing I've ever tasted, Jenna." She smiles at the compliment, mini after-shocks catching her unaware as her climax slowly subsides. "Oh, John," She coos. " Do you treat all your women like this?" She queries.

I smile and shook my head. " I do not, Jenna. Please know how special you are," I stated. She looks down at my strong hairy tushy babysitter kelsi monroe gets anal at work, casually draped over her pale knees, and the desire to have me, to return the favor in some small way, suddenly overtook her. Jenna needed me and needed to return some modicum of the pleasure I had bestowed on her.

She needed me. She suddenly had an overwhelming desire to suck my cock; to take me in her mouth, much as I had done her. Jenna slides off the table spinning me around so I'm standing, but leaning back against the table edge. She grabs a cushion off a nearby chair throwing it onto the floor at my feet. Then she leans her body against me, letting me know she is all mine, and begins to kiss me deeply.

As our tongues swirl and our kisses regain the passion of only moments ago, her hands went down to my belt buckle. Her fingers working nimbly, but desperately; eager to unleash the hardness that has been hiding in my pants. Once my belt is undone, she unsnapped me reaching her hand down to cup the monster swell of my manhood. Jenna stood up on her tip toes so she can whisper in my ear. " I need you in my mouth, John. Now. I want you to fuck my mouth," She seethes. Jenna can't believe what she is saying to a man she met only two days ago.

My mouth uncorked a flood of physical and emotional arousal, and she wants nothing more than to please me, to give me pleasure, to make me come. " Yes, Jenna.

I want that. Suck me," I implore. "Please." She kneels down on the cushion so that her head is at the very height of my crotch. She sees how fully and tightly I'm engorged; snug in my cotton pants. She reaches up to the zipper beginning to pull down, ever so gently.

She didn't want to catch any tender skin in the teeth. Her eyes almost popped out of her head as the zipper begins its southerly descent, only to discover that my cock is slowly emerging below. I'm not wearing underwear so she has one less layer of clothing to concern herself with. She smiles inwardly and wonders if I went to work commando every day. The zipper reaches the bottom and my cock protruds forth at a steep angle. It had to be the most beautiful cock she has ever seen: longer and thicker like breeding bull, the shaft encased with veins twisting around it and standing straight and true.

Jenna can't take her eyes off of it as her slender fingers try to wrap the turgid flesh of my glorious erection. All blonde teen fucks old guy anal and strap brunette beach bikers can think about is what it is going to feel like in her small tight pussy when we finally get around to fucking.

My balls are still tucked in at the crotch of the zipper, so she pulls my pants off my waist a little, loosening the access, and reaching in with one hand to cup and lift my balls out of their confines.

My balls are big and full and so hairy. She loves the feel of their slippery roundness as she let my balls lie gently against the outside of my zipper. Jenna leans back to admire this display of masculine flesh -- so hard, so big, so beautiful. " Oh, John. I love your cock. Oh my God. It's.hard" Words failed her. She needs to show me what she thought of it with her actions. She encircles the bulbous tip with her thumb and forefinger sliding the sensitive skin back and forth, watching the huge helmet of my head protrude forth so proudly.

A small drop of pre-cum appears at the slit and she leans in, tongue sticking out, to lick it up. She loves the feel of my spongy head leading the charge. She loves the smooth texture of the thin outer layer of skin as it slides over the rock hard flesh below. She loves the color and veiny ribs that line my shaft. She loves the dark tuft of pubic hair that contrasts so nicely with my smooth shaft and hairy balls. She loves it all. She runs her hand along my length looking up at me.

" It looks like you shaved too, John," She states, as her hand glides along the skin of my straining shaft. " I did," I replied. " Just for you, Jenna." Jenna looks up into my smiling eyes, she opens her mouth wide swallowing the head. I'm so thick she has to stretch her lips to take in my girth. She hears me moan softly and say her name as she begins to rock back and forth, bobbing the first two inches into her hungry mouth; her small hand wrapped around the base of my thick shaft.

She has never had a cock taste so good. She pulls away sinking down low, looking back up into my eyes as she begins licking and kissing big balls. She took the left one in her mouth, swirling her tongue, enjoying the hairy loose texture of the skin. I clearly like the feeling, or perhaps it is the image, of her sucking my testicles. She pulls back and let my left ball pop out with a loud woping sound. Then, not to play favorites, she took my right testicle and sucked it lightly to even the exchange.

"Oh, Jenna. I love looking down and seeing my balls in your mouth. It might be the sexiest sight I have ever seen." After finishing with ball number two, she begins to slowly lick her way up my throbbing shaft, washing her tongue along my sensitive ridge. But it is when she reaches my frenulum that she slows and concentrates. Jenna turns her head sideways, opening her mouth wide, and enveloping that tender ridge that she knows men love so much. She slides her mouth back and forth, just moving about an inch, combining that with a twirling tongue.

As she did that she kneaded my hairy balls carefully with one hand moaning loudly so the vibration of her vocal cords would further stimulate that most sensitive spot.

Jenna feels me gird my loins, unsure whether to let her keep going or stop her so I can fuck her. I chose the latter. " I'm not ready to come yet, Jenna. Stand up," I commanded. She did as I said. Jenna feels like putty in my hands. We took a short break as I discarded my boots and jeans. Lastly, I unbuttoned my shirt and she saw my thick chest, covered in dark hair. I'm naked now, as is Jenna, and my hard cock hadn't subsided.

It wavered and bounced as I disrobed. Jenna looked hungrily at it; wanting it inside her. Suddenly, with no warning, I lift her up in both my arms laying her down on the carpet.

I laid her down sideways along the edge of the carpet, leaning down to kiss her. My right hand begins to run along her legs as she opens them wide to give me ready access, she reaches out to gently stroke my monster cock.

As my kisses become more passionate, my fingers entering her folds beginning to play a tune along the ridges of her labia. She feels my thick meaty fingers exploring her flesh, and she hears the evidence of her excitement as my probing elicited sticky sounds of wetness from her juicy lips. From the sounds of my breathing, I seem to be enjoying this as much as she is. She feels her hips bucking to meet my hand, trying to maximize my touch. Finally, she is overwhelmed by my manual stimulation and has to stop kissing and just enjoy the moment.

I pull my head away, continuing to look at her as my fingers slide off her clit, down through her soaking wet folds, and into her pussy -- all in one motion. Jenna moans loudly and her hips bucking to give my fingers free and unfettered access to her juicy warm slit.

I slid my middle finger all the way in grunting deeply as my palm slams against her mound. Jenna whimpers grinding her hips, wanting me to fuck her hard with my fingers. " Jenna, you're so very tight. So nice and very tight," I growled.

My finger establishs a asian money and sperm for anal specialist pace and she didn't know that a finger in her pussy could ever feel so good.

I know just how to touch her as the crescendo continues to build. She lifts her hips up off the table, digging her heels into the cover, grinding her hips as I begin to finger her with rapid fire thrusts of my hand. If my middle finger feels this good, she can only imagine how wonderful my monster cock will feel thrusting inside her. I came to the same conclusion at the same time, I stopped abruptly as I jumped up on the table. I pull her legs around so I'm holding them and kneeling between them looking down at the wide open slit of flesh that is hers to offer me.

" Fuck me, John. Now. Hurry," Jenna demands. " Fuck me rough and hard!" I push up on both arms as she reaches down to guide my long thick hard cock toward her oozing opening. Jenna feels the spongy three some white my mom of my cock sink slightly into that warm wet slit, and then push past her labia to gain entrance.

It took a minute of gentle back and forth pushing for my cock to finally slip all the way into her tight hole. Once I'm in, once I filled her with my long thick hard meat, she feels me angle myself just so and begin to fuck her rough and hard.


All pretenses are gone. I may be the wealthy seducer; this may be another young conquest; but at this moment we are just a man and a woman and we are fucking. Jenna moans my name as I begin a steady deep assault, bottoming out on each thrust and grunting in rhythm to my pumping hips. Jenna has never known feeling more filled or more satisfied.

I cradled her knees in my elbows, pushing them back, and slamming into her deeper than she can ever remember a lover going. She had been dreaming for two days about me fucking her, giving irrumation with lusty riding smalltits hardcore now that fantasy is a reality.

" Oh my God,John. Fuck me! Rougher! Harder. Don't stop, John. Don't stop. Awww fuck," Jenna screams. We rearranged on the table several times, trying new positions and establishing new and different angles.

Her previous boyfriends had always come far too quickly once they were inside her, but I had a stamina she had not ever come across before. I'm certainly enjoying myself; there is no doubting that from the sounds of my voice and the movements of my body. But for me it isn't a race to the finish; I'm relishing the pure carnal act of fucking, as is Jenna.

Jenna exhorts me with words and moans; making sure there is no doubt in my mind that she is enjoying every rough, hard deep thrust of my hard cock; every slap of my hips against hers. I lean down to whisper in her ear. " I need you doggie, Jenna," I asserted.


And I need it now." With little fanfare, I slid off the table pulling her body with me. I'm so much bigger and stronger than her, and she knew I could throw her around like a little rag doll, if I chose. But I tempered my strength and force with a tenderness and kindness that made her want me even more, if that is possible.

I pull her onto the floor turning her around roughly to face the table. I push her head forward and spreading her legs. Jenna feels me positioning myself directly behind her, and moments later she feels the huge head of my cock entering her again, now from a rear angle. This position makes my cock seem even bigger than before and she groans shifting her hips upward to accommodate my girth.

As I slid in, inch by inch, taking care not to go too fast, too soon, we both gasps at the intense pleasure washing over us. " Oh, God. Oh, fuck. That feels so good. Right there. Oh, John. Don't stop," Jenna wails as I slam into her with a steady carnal rhythm. Jenna looks up to see the luxary surroundings of the home, it feels so dirty and naughty and strange to be getting fucked face down on the dining room floor. It feel fucking hot and sexy.

Jenna feels me plunge all the way inside her and she grunts approval, lifting her hips slightly to accommodate my hard rough thrusts. Within a minute I'm grinding and pushing deep into her pussy.

I grab her hips with each forward thrust I pull her back onto my throbbing cock. It feels so erotic and so deep. She hears my grunting thrusts and the sexy sound of the flesh of my hips smacking loudly against her ass. Jenna turns to look back at me, my face a grimacing of lust. I'm staring at her ass and cunt, gaping open as I watch my cock slide in and out of her petite body at an increasingly rapid rate. She reaches her right hand down to rub her clit as I pummel her with my heavy cock.

Jenna feels a familiar vibration beginning to curl up deep in her loins. She pushes up on her hands arching her back, urging me on. " Oh God, John. Fuck me. Fuck me hard -- just like that.

Yes. Right there. Fuck -- right there. Don't stop. Fuck! Unnhh!" I slam my cock head against her cervix. I'm not stopping for anything. My cock is a runaway freight train careening off the tracks.

She hears a high pitch wail come from someplace deep inside me and can tell from my staccato breathing and deep long thrusts that I'm close to climaxing. Jenna arches her back and ass up as far as she can and, then, hears me scream her name as the first stream of cum shoots deep against her vaginal walls, followed by another, and another, and one more. I let out a pitiful cry beautiful asian fucked self with her toy and showed her sexy ass fulfillment as my pace slacks off precipitously and the last drops alluring cookie slamming session hardcore and european cum dribbles into her slippery fluid folds.

"Oh, Jenna. Oh my God, Jenna," is all I growl. She lay still, having had one orgasm and having come so close a second time. She is glad I climaxed, but could have used another minute of my primal fucking. I understood this. I allow myself a moment or two to catch my breath and collect myself. I withdraw my semi-hard cock carefully, slimy and slick with the juices of our union. " Jenna. You were so close, I could tell. Hop back up on the table, baby," I commanded. I lift her up on her ass and she leans back on her arms, spreading her thighs as I pull up a chair.

I grab her calves pulling her legs up over my shoulders to rest on my back. He wasn't going to eat me again, was he?

She feels my cum dripping out of her pussy as I went down on her again. " Relax, Jenna. I'm going to eat you, baby. I'm going to suck my cum right out of you. Come for me, Jenna. Again," I claim as I look her in the eye leaning down to place my mouth on her quivering cunt. Jenna watches closely; infatuated by my hungry mouth.

This man had such an appetite for sex, and she had never had a man eat her after coming inside her. Jenna watches in awe as I lick and kiss her, slurping any combined juices with no hesitation -- eating her like she is my last and most delicious meal. Once she feels my fingers entering her tight pink pussy joining with my tongue as it accosts her clit, She knew she wasn't going to last long.

I bring her to the brink and know it clearly. I lick and finger fuck her non-stop, as she lifts her hips to offer her juicy opening to only me. Her heels dig into my back and her arms supported her upper body, she lifts her ass up to press and hump her cunt against my wailing tongue and flailing fingers. Jenna is on the verge and needs to lock me into her pussy. She clamps her thighs hard around my head as her hips bucks against my mouth. Then, she came. She means, she came so fucking hard.

Her arms give way and collapses on the table as I ate my way through the most intense orgasm she ever remembers having. My legs, had been clamped around my head in a death lock, suddenly relaxes giving way as her orgasm spikes slowly subsiding. Our hearts are pounding and we were both breathing hard. " John," is all she can say.

There are no words. Jenna is truly speechless. She looks up at dining room ceiling, realizing she had never actually seen it from this vantage old man and young sex she finishes up boning both of our folks at the same time. Nothing has ever brought her to lie on her back on the dining room table before. She laughs at the thought running her hands through my hair as I gently nibble her soft white thighs planting tiny soft kisses on her totally splayed open pussy.

" You, young Jenna, taste, and look, so succulent. So succulent. You have given this old man a real treat, dear.


Thank you," I smile, my whiskered face glistening from her, and some of me. It is so erotic. " Has this little incursion thrown you off schedule, John?" Jenna asks with a knowing smile. " It has, but I'll find a way to make it up. Tomorrow. Or the next day." I joked.

" Well, fine. But you're not planning on going back to work, are you?" Jenna askes in a pleading tone. " Well, I don't know, Jenna. Did you have a better idea?" I ask with a broad grin that made her melt the first time She sees it. Jenna leans down curving her fingers around my semi-hard shaft. She feels it warm and thicken slightly with her touch. " Well, if you've still got some wood left, then I have some things that need fixing in my bedroom," She teases.

With that she grabs my hand, hops off the table pulling me toward her room. Jenna feels my eyes on her ass. " Well, Jenna. I'd follow that ass anywhere. You know that. Lead on so I can fuck her tight virgin ass," I added.