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Old lady sex old ma
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Sam woke up on the first day of summer and took a shower before heading downstairs to eat. In the kitchen he noticed a note from his dad saying he'd be home late and one from his sister saying she was at her bf's.

Grinning Sam finished and went upstairs to his sister's room where he began looking through her old clothes that he had discovered recently. Luckily his sister Liz was 2 years older than him at 15 so her clothes fit him hot bathroom pussy eating naked lesbian girlfriends well. He put on a short black shirt and a black blouse with a red thong and bra stuffed with very realistic padding.

Next he hurried into his Dad's room and grabbed one of his Mom's old wigs before going back to his sister's room to put on mascara and some bright red lipstick. Right as he finished and put down the lipstick he heard the front door open and froze when he heard his sisters giggling voice. "Fuck" thought Sam as he sprinted into Liz's closet.


Suddenly Liz and her bf Tyrone barged into her room and jumped on the bed. Sam watched the 2 making out intensely and Liz began removing Tyrone's pants.

Sam had to hold back a gasp as Liz pulled out his six xxx hours or gril black cock.

He had no idea it's actual size but it looked atleast twice as big as his own if not 3 times bigger. "Mmmmm" moaned Liz as she began licking the head of this growing cock before taking about half the shaft down her throat.

"Damn bitch you sure know how to suck.

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You like this 30 year old big black cock? Take it deep slut" groaned T as he grabbed Liz's face and began deeply fucking it hard and fast causing her to gag and choke.

"Wait babe" Liz gasped coming off for a second. "I should put on my cheerleader uniform since you've never been with one." Alright but hury your tight ass up" replied T.

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"Hold on hun it's in my close. holy shit Sam.antha what are you doing?" yelled a surprised Liz before breaking into a smile when she realized her brother had dressed in her old clothes. "Oh you were just looking for an outfit weren't you hun and then hid in the closet when you heard us right?" asked Liz with a wink. "Yeah." replied Sam quietly. "Heeey were you watching me and T hun?" Liz asked with a smile before I slowly nodded.

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"Well do you wanna join?" Sam was petrified. He couldn't move or speak even though he couldn't stop imagining sucking on Tyrone's massive black cock.

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"OK." Sam replied softly while standing up and following his sister over to the bed where T was slowly stroking his massive cock. "Who's this little angel?" asked Tyrone with obvious lust in his voice. "This is Sam.antha my little sister" Liz replied with a grin.


"Well you look amazing Samantha. How old are you hun?" asked Tyrone and he continued stroking his cock. Sam looked at Liz and she understood he was too afraid to say anything.

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"She's asian in a fishnet outfit gets plowed babe and really shy but she always loves when I tell her about us and has begged me to let her try with you" replied Liz as she stared Sam dead in the eyes with a devilish smile on her face.

"Here's your chance Sam. Wanna help me take care of this beautiful cock?" asked Liz as she moved and grabbed the big black dick before swallowing half making Sam gasp.

"Oh god yes babe" groaned T as he started fucking her face. "Doesn't she look so hot Sam sucking my huge cock? Don't you wanna see what it's like?" Sam realized that he really did since his tiny cock was rock hard and all he could think about was being in his sister's place which caused his mouth to water.

"Yes." he softly replied which caused liz to spin around to face her with a surprised look that turned into pure excitement as she grabbed the cock and pointed it at Sam who dropped to his knees and tried to grab the massive cock in his hand only to fail to wrap his tiny hand fully around it.

He started stroking it up and down like liz had before he couldn't resist any longer and licked the head.


sex publicagent com storys completos nudevista porno God yes." Moaned T as his hand went to Sam's head and gently but firmly pulled his mouth down over the giant cockhead.

"Mmmmmm" moaned Sam as the head pasts through his lips before quickly completely filling his mouth and making him gag and pull his head off. "It's ok hun take it easy you won't be able to get much in your mouth at first. It takes a lot of practice" said liz smiling as she watched her little brother struggle to take more and more of her boyfriends impressive 9" cock. "Ok." whimpered Sam as he went back down on the huge cock taking a few inches into his mouth while licking the head making T groan and grab his head.

"Why don't you help your sis by licking my balls baby?" moaned T as he began thrusting in and out of Sam's hot wet mouth causing him to gag and drool all over the place. "Ok babe!" yelled Liz as she went down to her bf's huge balls and began licking and sucking them. "Oh baby you guys are gonna make me bust in a minute. Should I fill your sisters mouth or do you want it you slut?" asked T while pumbling Sam's throat.

"Cover our faces before letting me suck the rest out! Sam's never swallowed before and I don't wanna scare her." "Alright then open your mouth bitch!" screamed T as he pulled his cock out of Sam's gasping mouth before unloading a huge load over the startled and fascinated Sam and giddy Liz before slamming his cock in Liz's throat and spurting the rest.

"MMMMM that was delicious baby" moaned Liz as she licked her bf's load off her "sister's" face. End of part 1 more to follow soon if people enjoy it.