Bootylicious babe strips off her bikini smalltits and hardcore

Bootylicious babe strips off her bikini smalltits and hardcore
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One day we were at home and I told your mom the you signed up for wood shop and I was going to take you and make sure that you were ok!

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I come and get you from your room and tell you the story and we head out! When we get in the truck you ask what was up and I dont say anything!

You ask again and I tell you that you have been a bad girl and Daddy has plans to punish you!

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Just me telling you that got my dick going !You keep asking what did I do Daddy what did I do! Kat you know what you did! You say no I dont Daddy! And where are you taking me this is out in the woods!

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Then you see a old horse barn In the middle of the woods just off the road. We pull you and stop! I tell you to get out and wait for me on the other side of the truck. So you do and you see me getting a bag out of the truck ! By this time you no your going to get something special ! Your all excited and your trying to picture whats going to happen! You fell your panties geting wet!

I come and get you and I grab your arm and turn you around an put a blind fold on you and slap your ass an tell you to move! Im guiding you in and your triping on sticks and all you can see is a little Light at the very bottom of your blindfold. You stop and I run into the back of you and you can feel my cock up against you butt! You getting more excited! You smell the old musty barn and can barely make out the smell of the horses! I tell you to stop and you stop !

I grab your arm and pull it up to one side and put a soft cloth on your wrist and then hook it up high and I get your other wrist and do the same to it so now your arms are up like your doing the jump and jacks!

You have tiffany preston love to get mouth full of cum little button down shirt on and real tight blue jeans on ! I come up to you and tell you that you have been bad and that daddy has to take care of bad girl ! so I get close to you and start breathing real hard next to your neck !

It gave you chills and then I blow on your neck and it felt good to you because you were sweating and it was a cool breeze and my best friends mom helps me cum amber chase se were hot! I see that and ask you is my little slut hot and I tell you Daddys going to brand sistar indin sax story that!

so you hear me moving around and your try to figure out what im doing ! then I grab your hair and its in a ponytail and you feel me tying somthing in it and then you feel a tug on it and it stays up ! Then I come around and rip the buttons off your shirt! and You feel me cutting the shirt off your body!

I see you have a strapless bra on you slut and I take it off to see you awesome breast! your nipples are so hard and the cool air hitting the felt so good to you! Daddy loves you perfect breast! I can play with them for Hours! I lick the sweet off your breast that formed under you breast and worked my way up till I got to your nipples and then I bit then lightly !

Your nipples are perfect and pink I love pink nipples! Then I lick them All around your nipple! i can feel you getting into it and starting to moan! and I barely head you say yes Daddy! I hear you and I ask you what you said and you say Yes Daddy! What is my babygirl liking what Daddys doing to her! You hear me walk away and that I stop and get something and I come back and get behind you !

You feel the pop of a whip across your ass !

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So you like what daddys doing now! ? I ask you if you want more ? You say yes Daddy I need more because Im a bad girl ! I pop you again and you scream ! and again I pop you! You still hav your tight jeans on ! But you can still feel the sting of that whip!


I come around and start to pull your pants off and I see Daddys favorite Pink panties on you ! Im dick is do hard and I have so much precum the the front of my pants is wet! After I get your pant off ! I put my face in your pussy and its so wet I think you came in your panties ! You smell and taste so good! I start to lick all the juices from your panties! I pull your panties off and expose your pussy ! You hav a little heart over the top of your pussy and you tell me it for me! I began to lick you pussy and suck on your clit !

You just wrap your legs around my head and your moaning and saying punish me Daddy ! Ill sucking ong your clit so hard and then you feel me bit it and you scream! O daddy Please! You cum in my mouth and Naughty cutie was brought in anal nuthouse for uninhibited therapy clean you up !

Your so sweet and with the sweet pouring off you your salty to and awesome taste! I move behind you and kneel and you hear the sound of a vibrator and the u feel it its on your clit!

I tie it to your leg and your over welmed ! I have a little paddle and I spank your already red ass! and You Like the pain with the pleasure! I spank you again and you scream more Daddy! I grab your ass and rub it and its so hot and soft I want it! I pull my close off and come up behind you and I grab you and hold our bodies tight !


Just skin on skin! let the love began!! I grab your fine breast and you feel my cock in between your ass! I m trying to shove it up you tight ass ! Its to tight and I can barely get the head of my dick in it!


between the vibrator and me sticking my dick in you ass your about to cum! You little slut Daddy wants your ass!

so I shove it in and start fucking you hard and I have my hands on your shoulders shoving you down on my cock! Then I stop ! You whore I almost came in your ass! and I havent had your pussy yet! I clean my dick off and I move to the front and kiss you and tell you I Love You and Your Daddys Angel!

Then I kiss you again and while I kissing you I have three fingers in your pussy fucking you! and your on fire and soaking wet I love your wet pussy ! I pull your blind fold off and look you in the eyes and see nothing but pure pleasure and I no that Daddy has done his girl right! You look around and see that your tied up like the horses when the are getting ready to be mounted ! Then I pull the vibrator off you pussy and your so sensitive now !

I ease my dick in your wet pussy ! I fuck you hard and you got your legs wrapped around me and I m driving in your tight pussy ! I reach up and I have a quick release on your hands and release you and untie your hair and you wrap your arms around me and claw my back ! The pain and the pleasure was awesome! O babygirl your so fucking tight! I push you up against the stall walls and I fucking you hard! Im cumming !!! You jump off me and grab my cock in your mouth and shove it to the back of your throat and gag and I cum In your mouth and you clean Daddy up Like a good little girl!!!

Im week need and I can barely stand and We move over to where I hav us some Ice Water on a table and You see that I bought you a new shirt and I had a bucket there with a lid.

I go over and open it and pull out a rag and began to bath you and clean my little girl you before we leave ! then I bet a towel out of my bag and dry you off and kiss you ! We get dressed and head home and I ask If your going to do it again and You say Yes Daddy Ill do it again!

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