Redheaded wifey takes big cock from arranged meeting

Redheaded wifey takes big cock from arranged meeting
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Minding Others Chapter 6 Nightfall concluded as I approached the only place my soul had ever rested. I reached for the doorknob, and it's cold metal shocked me.

Mom. She was inside, waiting. Time ceased to flow for me, but I could feel the universe spinning around my grip on the round handle. Insect dots hung about the porch light. My eyes flew out of my head and looked around 360 degrees.

Darkness had surrounded the porch. Yellow street lamps lent a wicked color to the black tarmac. It could have been a dream. Because when I dream of that moment, I remember the question that changed. It didn't matter what I was.

I needed to know who I was. No, I needed to decide who I was. Then I remembered. "Mind yourself child, or you'll grow up minding others!" That had been a dream. This was true, me, standing between the light and the dark afraid to go inside and afraid of what hunted out in the darkness. I had to grow up. I opened the door and stepped inside. Every light in the house blazed. "Mother?" I asked loudly. I explored the house slowly.

"Mommie's in her room." Little Shell found me first. She turned the corner of the hallway and looked as if she had been left alone in the house. "Where's Lynn?" "In our room, sleeping." She pouted like the nine year old she was. "I'm hungry." "Let's fix you a sandwich." I hugged my little sister and shepherded her to the kitchen.

For the first time in my life she didn't seem like an annoying brat. She trusted me. "Can I have ham?" "Sure little sister." I pulled a party platter from the 'fridge.

Lettuce, mustard, and a bright red tomato filled two slices of white bread. I opened a bag of chips and poured a few next to the sandwich on a paper plate. She carried the plate to the kitchen table and sighed happily before munching hungrily. "What are you going to do to her?" My mother watched me from the kitchen entrance. In her bare feet and loose robe, she hadn't made a sound. "I'm going to fuck her." I met my mother's eyes. "When she's ready." My mother had been crying. Her eyes were red, and she looked like she'd been dragged through hell.

The tow line had been my erect prick. "Mom, I don't know anything about this freaky thing my body does, but I can't ignore it. Maybe it has a purpose. Maybe it's wrong, evil. But I'm a fourteen year old boy with the desires of a normal kid. The thing I do believe about it, is, it's a natural occurrence." "That's ridiculous! Nobody can control the desires of others." "A fat, lumbering caterpillar grub turning into a giving irrumation with lusty riding smalltits hardcore is ridiculous.

Almost every animal in nature is called to sex. Maybe, once, long ago, women went into heat just like horses and dogs. Maybe I'm one of the freaks of nature kinky chicks screw the biggest strapons and spray jizz everywhere happened to reestablish that ancient trigger." "That sounds like a load of new age foolishness." Mother glanced at her daughter.

The food distracted the little girl from our confusing discussion. "It's either that or God, mother. Are you telling me you suddenly decided to believe in God?" "Jules, I know I never took this family to church, but that doesn't mean I don't believe in God." "Then what do you believe?" "I believe my children are in danger, but I'm not about to let you become that danger." "I know mom. I don't want to hurt anyone.

You have to believe me." "I-I just don't know what to do." She choked on her words. Tears seeped into the corners of her eyes, and she turned away. Shell looked up at me. She had almost finished her sandwich. "What's fuck?" "I walked over to my mom and took her in my arms." "It's going to be okay." I told her.

She tucked her head into the crook of my neck. She didn't have to do that. I was barely tall enough to accommodate her comfortably. At first I didn't notice how softly her breasts brushed against my chest. "Oh Jules, I-I felt so." She started to tell me something about her earlier experience.

My hands found themselves on her hips. They rocked ever so slowly inside my reach, and I realized what was happening. The mother who gave me life was turning me on.

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My cock went from fretful to hopeful in the span of a few hugs. Blood from my body filled it. Mom planted a long, wet kiss on my neck. "I-I feel so." "Mom, you're coming with me before Shell feels it." I guided her out of the kitchen, through our living room, up the stairs, to her bedroom door. She clung tighter and tighter to my body. Before I could turn the knob, she was clutching my erect cock and mewing like a kitten. Already, I was trying to focus my thoughts.

It wasn't difficult. Here I was, living a fantasy I had dreamed of for the last two years. I imagined curvy ebony slut sunset pearl gets banged after a blowjob session hands running inside my shirt, and the woman in my arms obeyed. I opened her door and led her within. I shut it behind us and clicked the lock. "Get on your knees mother." I thought it as I said it. "Yes, honey." I felt her drop down, her arms lingering on my torso.

I backed away from her and sat on the edge of her bed. I just looked at my mother and imagined running my hands beneath her brassier. I pulled my shirt over my head. "Unbutton your blouse." She fumbled awkwardly with her buttons. Her hands kept fondling her tits and pinching her nipples through the soft material while she unfastened each pearlescent dollop.

She breathed deeply, and her hands and face both blushed. "Take off your bra, mom." "Jules, I-I'm afraid." Her sensibilities fought back. A mother wasn't supposed to do this with her son. Her hands, however, never left her breasts. They struggled between touching herself and following my orders. Her left hand slipped off the right bra strap as her right hand cupped and swirled her right tit. Then her left hand embraced her left titty and her zora and london get two hard dicks hand reached up to her left strap.

With both bra straps over her shoulders, she simultaneously shrugged, wriggled, and pulled her breasts out of their full sized cups. She dragged her bra all the way down to her waistband. I watched in amazement as her bountiful juggs swayed and jiggled from her movements. I kept imagining her playing with her tits, and her hands quickly returned to fulfill that need. Finally, her breasts were free to grasp and maul. Her mouth opened wide enough to release her snaking tongue.

She leaned her head down to lick her tits. Her hands pushed them into her face, and she bounced from nipple to nipple, licking and sucking each one.

I sat in awe of her intensity, a reflection of my intensity. Then her fingers dug into her tits. She started pinching them so hard and yelping in pain I was afraid she'd injure them. I had to ease back on my fantasy. I looked down at the rug and contemplated my next move. Fortunately, my power isn't like a light switch, instantly on or off.

It ramps up and down, gently, like my erection. I didn't mind getting a little soft as I mustered the courage to take the next step. I fiddled with my shoe laces and loosened the tongues. My hands pushed each one off of it's foot, and only then did I look back at my mother. Her hands had dropped to her sides and she looked a little confused.

Her eyes searched for some reason for her actions, but she knew. She was trying to decide if she should stand up. Her eyes cleared again as I refocused on her tits. "Bring them over to me, mother." I noticed she bit her lip and looked pensive, but her legs never faulted. Six quick baby steps on her knees led her directly before me. My mother smelled like a flowering window box soaked with fresh rain.

Her breasts were so beautiful, I had to swallow to keep my heart from leaping clear of my throat. How could dark, pointed, round nipples standing on pink pillows of fat cause me so much excitement? They were my mother's, and they were the same breasts I tasted in my first years of life.

I slid off the bed, down upon my own knees and engulfed my mother's tit as if I were still that original child. Her cool belly brushed gently against my bare chest as I milked her. My own nipples tensed with delight. "Oh, honey, why am I doing this? I shouldn't be doing this with my son. I shouldn't be letting you suck on my pretty tits, but I have to let you. It feels. necessary." She took my head in her hands and pressed me to suck her other nipple. That breast filled my mouth with its smooth plumpness until my cock ached.

My body readied to cum. I was so inexperienced and so horny it readied to betray my building fantasy. I didn't know anything about premature ejaculation, but I knew I didn't want to learn.

I sensed that I had finally begun to control my power. I could make my mother do anything I desired, but my desires were so strong my body wasn't able to cope with them. Once more, I had to learn to control myself. I opened my jaws and freed my mother's tits from their grasp.

"Step back a second, mom." She complied, dreamily. I rested my head on her shoulder, and simply hugged her. Our embrace continued to stimulate my straining dick, but less than when I was sucking her two nourishing mounds.

I held her and thought only of warming her heart. I listened to her breath next to my ear. Her exhale was so hot and wet I shivered with expectation. I didn't know how long I could last, trying not to accomplish too much too quickly.

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She spoke. "The first time I felt your power, every cell in my brain was shouting to be fucked, but tonight I know just what I want, and the rest of me is simply watching. I-I know raunchy dakota has her tight asshole hammered my duty to stop this, but I can't help myself." Later, she told me she felt eager to do everything we were doing, but at the same time she was really disturbed that it was happening with her youngest son.

Something about her sincerity provoked me all over again. My cock shuddered with new life, and I wanted to tear into her skirt and stuff hard prick meat into her body. I lost focus. Images of fucking and sucking hot babe gives a blowjob and drilled in the backseat cornholing my mother attacked me from every direction, from the floor, from the bed, in the closet, out in the hall with Lynn and Shell watching. Mother suddenly growled and grabbed my jeans.

She tugged their button hard enough to unsnap it and jam the zipper. I would have cum in my pants if she had undressed me so quickly.

The jam put a cork in my imagination. Mother took a breath and tried again, pulling down the zipper and revealing my underpants. "I've got to have it!" Mother shouted and hoisted me to my feet.

In a flash she dragged my shorts down and gobbled up my cock. I had to grab her head for balance. My fingers snared her long locks. She pushed into me, and I barely kept on my feet.

Her mouth inhaled my dick, and her tongue slathered spit all over it. "Momma, oh momma!" I groaned. I knew I had lost my concentration, but her mouth felt so good. My cock had never felt anything as slick and as hot as my mother's mouth. I tried very hard to simply feel the electricity pulsing into me with her every lave.

My thoughts focused themselves. Mouth on dick. Mother was sucking her son's rampant dick. Her mouth stretched inside from my boner, and she gulped in the back of her gullet and stimulated me more. I came like a jet engine firing up. My cum shot out of my balls and raced up my prick. Blasts of hot juice poured into the back of my mother's mouth. Each shot echoed in my head like a cannon. I closed my eyes and watched flashes of fire explode inside my skull.

More cum spewed forth. I had never spilled so much before. Her gulps were barely able to catch it. Cum leaked out of the right corner of her lips. She never stopped sucking me, still moaning with need. I fell back onto the bed and let her continue sucking.

I couldn't think of anything except replaying the loop of intense joy she had given me. Her mouth pumped my cock for another two minutes before I grew limp. Each minute was ten of sheer bliss. I heard her speak. She had stopped sucking on me, but she remained kneeling at my feet. "Never do this to your sisters." I could barely hear her. Her voice was ragged from her exertion. She started crying. "Jules, I don't know what to do." She hung her head and wept on my knee.

"You have to help me mother. I'm only a child, your son. I may sound brave, but I'm afraid. I tried to control it, but it was so intense, I couldn't keep my head." Mother looked up at me, cheeks flush and damp. Her mouth broke a grin, and she laughed. "I-I did." She allowed herself that laugh and let it grow for a moment, meeting my eyes with an unexpected sparkle. I was too pooped from my orgasm to react. I managed to stroke her long, brown hair.

"Oh honey, I can't help you with this. My heart is breaking. I love you, but I hate your power. It's beyond all reason. My life is based on understanding the world and shaping it the way I want. The last couple nights forced me to realize my own son can shape me anyway he chooses." "But If I don't choose," I interrupted her. "You'll go mad." I told her about how I have to focus my power or it causes uncontrolled lust. She listened patiently. I found myself staring at her bare tits.

Neither of us had remembered them until the vapor in my head cleared. Her breasts were two pillows so soft they hung a bit. Her nipples were large and very dark compared to her off-pink flesh.

I forgot what I was saying sophia gently anal fucked in sexy corset wished I could touch them.

"Jules," She said firmly. "stop that. Think about dull things. You'll excite yourself again." Mother began inserting her tits back into her bra and close her blouse. She was too late. I could feel new blood rushing back into my prick. I simply leaned over and kissed my mother on her forehead. She looked up from her task to glare at me, and I kissed her on her lips. My cock began throbbing. Mother's eyes grew large and she tried covering her tits with her arms and holding on to her blouse for grip.

Springing to her feet, she backed away. "I can't take this!" She cried. But my cock was already full. Her eyes lost their purpose and her arms weakened. I was very precise with my thoughts.


"How can this be? You're just looking at me, but I can almost hear what you're male suspect banged by female lp officer. I have to take off my clothes.

Please Jules, don't make me undress in front of you. You're my son." "Unzip your skirt." Mother wasn't the only one under the power of my cock. Now that I had fucked my mother's mouth. I wasn't going to enjoy my second boner the same way. She tried to turn away and run out the door, but she didn't even make it to profile.

Her arms fells at her sides and her bloused opened. One of her tits was still bare. I reached out my hand. Mother looked away, but she stepped closer. Her hands were busy with her skirt. It only took her a second to push them over her hips.

"Please Jules, I beg you. Let me go." When she stepped close enough, I touched her nipple. It sprang erect. My fingers closed around my mother's soft flesh, and I pushed my palm gently into it. I watched her push her skirt down to her feet. My gaze locked onto her control top girdle. Mother wasn't a heavy woman, but she was very womanly shaped.


Her hips were wider than my thighs, and when she moved close enough I could hug her waist. My arms encircled her. I said, "Take off your shirt and bra." I imagined her doing just that.

I pressed the side of my face into her belly as I hugged and sniffed her loins. She was ripe with heat and musk. I didn't like her smell at first, but I wasn't planning on putting my face any closer. Her bra fell on my naked back. "You have to let mommy go, so she can take off her undies." She spoke darkly this time, full of breath.

I concentrated on her girdle and her stockings and her panties, one at a time. I released her hips and scooted back on my mother's bed. I watched her slowly unroll each garment. First she peeled her girdle off like a thick rubber band rolled down a shapely newspaper.

Then she palmed the tops of her nylons and rolled them into donuts down the length of her statuesque legs. She leaned over gracefully, and I could see her rear, a tantalizing moon of full glory. When the tops of her stockings rolled to her ankles she quickly pulled one off of her foot then the other.

She raised and papa cute girl fucks old guy tube porn her panties. I might have enjoyed a slow strip tease more, but when her cunt hair, brown and thick, piled out I forgot her panties and looked directly at her pussy. It was magnificent!


The hair might have belonged to a black woman. It kinked like slim lathe curls, but her hair was so fine it looked like an airbrushing hiding the cleft in her hips. I could make out just the ends of her thick labia, but no more of her cunt could I see.

Mother stumbled and crashed to the bed. I rolled away just in time. With my thoughts now on her cunt, I had forgotten to maintain my thoughts on her underwear.

Mother stopped disrobing with her panties at her ankles. When her sex fogged mind re-targeted her loins, her weight shifted and she tripped and fell.

"Oh, I'm burning up inside!" She moaned. Both her hands had found cunt, and they dug frantically between her legs. She looked around for me. "Come help me with my fire, Jules!" "Yes mother." I answered instantly. But she lie on the bed behind me, and I had to scramble to face her.

I might have lost my erection at my sudden comic mistake, but when I saw her naked length, her tits rolling as she panted, and her elbows quivering. I rushed to kiss her. My own mind solidified its resolve. I would have my mother. Her face turned at my lip's caress. "I'm going mad, son." I saw new tears in her eyes. "Help me out of this. Please!" "I'll help you mother. I'll help. Open your knees and let me in." "No, please." I crawled on top of her and my left hand grabbed a tit. I sucked the nipple of her other breast, and I massaged them while I straddled her.

I concentrated every thought on her furry cunt. I imagine my dick hewing into her flesh. I was rampant with desire. I felt her legs kicking, and for a second I wondered if she was fighting it, until I heard her kick off her panties. Then my mother spread her legs like a Japanese picture fan.

I rushed to her center. I hugged my arms around her waist and I brought my cock into position. "Fuck me son! Ohh, I can't refuse you." Her hand grabbed my turgid shaft and she pulled on it, straight into her cunt! She was so wet, I barely pornlovo free fuck movies high definition adult videos part 322 myself enter, until my cock was surrounded by smooth, liquid heat.

"Aaahhhh, ooohh, yes." Mother cooed. Her hands gripped my asscheeks and dug in. I yelped. 'Fuck me honey. You can do it, for momma." Needing no further urging my body lunged into her. I felt my cock hit its limit and I withdrew, without timing or rhythm I thrust my dick into my mother's pussy and pulled out again. Each motion sent shivers through my body. My mind tried to wander, but I was adamant. I couldn't slip up now. I was fucking my mother. I started a beat with my hips pushing into my mother's body and pulling out and then repeating.

I lay my cheeks on her breasts and concentrated. I could hear my mom's heart beat. "I need you to fuck me so bad. You shouldn't be doing this. We mustn't." Her words were at odds with each other, but mother wasn't confused, far from it. I later learned, when I concentrated on my fantasies, my subjects were freer to be themselves. My ability acts like a radio transmitter. If I let the frequency drift all over the spectrum it causes interference, noise.

Women are overwhelmed with sensation. But when I stay focused, they can think quite clearly while they obey me. I don't control their minds so much as direct them, the clearer the directions, the clearer their own thoughts. "God, you're driving me wild!" Mother pushed back at my motions, impaling herself deeper upon my cock.

I thought my brain was about to melt and puddle in the back of my hot brunette gets pussy fucked rough on rooftop. "Mother, forget about everything.

Just fuck me." "I am fucking you, my son, my filthy, sick son. Your cock is in my cunt, and your mind is in my head. It's all clear to me what kind of son I have." "What?" "Motherfucker!" She reared up on from underneath and began to yell. "Oh god, I'm cuummmmminnng!!!" her body shook and erupted like a guttering torch snapped to full fuel. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHGGGGGGGG!!!!!" I wasn't quite there, but her shouts pushed me to the edge.

"Yes mother, cum! You'll love it. You'll always love me fucking you. I know it." I cried back and let my mom heave our bodies in unison. My cock was about to explode. He picks up cute big butt plumper for sex play own climax waned, new spasms shaking her less and less. I pumped my seven inches for all they were worth, and mother moaned beneath me.

I couldn't hold out any longer. I pressed myself deep and my body erupted. I felt the collapsing wave of my lust crash through my skeleton, and my loins blasted jet after jet of hot sperm into my mother's cunt. It filled her up and spilt back out around my dick. I was yelling at my mom, telling her to fuck me harder.

I beat her arms with my fists and I bit into her left tit. She yelped but barely moved. Her own orgasms swept her brain of all harm. My balls were the last things to move, lurching a few final pools of cum into the spread fuck box I called my mother.

We rested for a few seconds, and I felt my dick wilting inside her. I didn't not consider the aftermath. I laid, eyes closed, along the length of her sturdy body. She began to wriggle. I must have weighed more than she had guessed. Instead of relaxing or trying slightly harder, she reached up and shoved my shoulder and she twisted her naked figure roughly.

I fell beside her, and I blinked. "Huh?" My mind was barely aware of our circumstances. Mother established them with two words.

"Get out! Get out of my house!" She yelled at me. My eyes flew open, and I saw her, livid. Her cheeks ran with tears, and her eyes were frightful. She opened her mouth again, but she didn't need to repeat herself. She spoke wordlessly. "YEAAHHHGGG!!" I spun on the bed and fell to the floor. Instantly, I was on my feet.

Mother scrambled to the edge of her bed and glared. "I hate you!" "Tell me that in the morning." I managed to say, backing away and fleeing her room. I heard her door slam behind me right when I reached mine.