Tushy gf cassidy klein gives her man an anal anniversary present

Tushy gf cassidy klein gives her man an anal anniversary present
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Before my last sex voyage I had set up a video camera to record myself as I lay there asleep. When I returned I examined the tape carefully and discovered that there was nothing unusual, except for the green hue permeating the room and my body.

My curiousity satisfied I promised myself that I would begin a series of experiments with the strange black icon, at some later date, to discover it's true potential.which I highly suspected was almost limitless. The artifact was apparently some kind of extremely advanced entertainment device left by some highly developed civilization long ago.either by accident, or on purpose.

I wanted to be very careful about capitalizing on the abilities of the artifact.and feared that if I tried using it to gain monetary reward, or power.the effects would be negative, possibly disasterous. There was so much left to explore that I decided to take one small step at a time.and enjoy myself to the fullest on the way.

In the back of my mind thoughts were running wild.for one thing I wondered if it would be possible to use the artifact at another location.merely by having it on my body. If so.what could I do with it? Could I affect the people and circumstances around me?

These were a few of many possibilites that I contemplated on a subliminal level, and I vowed to find answers to the many big tits babe got ass fucked hard flowing from my curiousity as time went by. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The artifact had been a source of incredible sex and lust from the day I found it, and there's no way I could have asked for more.

I had visited many strange sexual venues and real beauty recorded on live cam tube porn the raunchiest most disgusting sexual activities imaginable. Now I had a desire to explore my own sexual past, and accomplish forbidden dreams I had given up as impossible a long time ago.

The high school cheerleaders, my music teacher, the neighborhood girl who had fucked everyone but me.and a host of other females I had jacked off to since puberty, but could never have.

I could have them now. My aunt had been the most intense fantasy in my life.though many others ranked high on the list. When I was nineteen my aunt was about thirty five. She was pretty, petite, about five foot three, and had the most perfect little ass I had ever seen. She had dark hair, on the shortish side I had jerked my load off many times thinking of her.and in my fantasies, I had imagined that she knew about my activities.

-------------------------------------------------------------- After a good shower.on a friday evening.I lay down on my bed and situated myself for optimum comfort.

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I was going downtown with the gang tomorrow night.but for now I needed to find out just how intense my sexual imagination could be while on a journey inside my most intimate libido space.

-------------------------------------------------------------- I arrived at the hallway.and stood looking down the long dimly lit tunnel. I jumped in the cart and drove wildly for what must have been a half mile, and screeched to a halt when something caught my eye. My inner desire knew what I was looking for.and brought me to it instinctively.

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A myriad of doors lined the passageway.the theme was just what I had desired. I read from several doors as the cart followed closely behind. 'HOt sex with highschool teacher'. 'Fucking the neighborhood girls'.'Fucking the cheerleaders'.'Getting oral sex from sleeping members of sister's slumber party'.'Licking the pretty lady's asshole in the dime store'.

Primative desire ruled here.unfullfilled dreams that lay dormant. here, the nastiest fantasies that I had ever had were layed out for my enjoyment. Soon Red xxx com wap virgin girl sex came to the one I had been looking for.'Fucking and sucking with aunt'.

I opened the door slowly and peered inside. The familiar ante room was there.and the same table, and long wall seat. I grinned slyly as I played with my long dick.

Cum was oozing out and onto my hand. MY pecker stuck out from my fly and no power on earth could get it back in until my mission was accomplished. A large, full length picture of my aunt hung on the wall.her pretty face.and great tits.and that magnificent ass. I closed the door and stated outloud; 'suitable time period', letting the artifact choose for me. I walked slowly to the end of the ante room to the outer door. I knew that my own psyche would construct the scene.and I followed the unknown script mindlessly.

-------------------------------------------------------------- I stepped into my own childhood livingroom.the one that I had grown up in, and stood, mystified. Dad and mom were there.dad was reading the paper and mom was doing dishes in the kitchen. My dad looked impassively at me."Oh there you are son.your mother and I wanted to talk to you for a minute please".

I came over and sat down, looking all around me.absolutely flabbergasted at this incredible situation. Mom came in and smiled and sat down also. My dad looked knowingly at me. "Steve your mother's sister Bonnie has asked us if it would be alright for you to visit with her for awhile.since this is summer vacation.just get away for awhile and enjoy another locale for a month or so. She's very fond of you as you know".

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Mom grinned widely and smoothed her apron. "Yes Robert.Bonnie gets very lonely by herself since the divorce, and she would just love to have you stay at her place for awhile.

You're nineteen now and need to get out more on your own." " "It would be a great experience", she continued, "Of course I know you have your friends here.but this would just be for a month or so and I think you would really enjoy it." I was beside myself with exhuberance.my face beaming as I grinned at them.

"Alright!", I said quickly."oh that sounds like a lot of fun mom, I think aunt Bonnie's terrific!" They were quite happy about this, and dad volunteered to drive me there just as soon as I packed, which didn't take me long. I was excited beyond words.and still in a state of shock busty asians electrifying oral pleasure job japanese and hardcore amazement at the artifact's great talents, and reliving a part of my childhhood that had been so important to me.

As we left mom kissed me and winked slyly as she spoke."I think you're going to have a most enjoyable time Robbie.Bonnie hasn't even been dating for a whole year.and she must be.uh.well quite needful, so to speak." I was stunned at mom's candor and stared blankly at her for a second unable to comprehend what was happening. She whispered to me almost so that even I couldn't hear."Use a condom Robbie unless she's on the pill, ok?" She looked down blushing and I just gawked at her nodding my head.

Dad winked his eye also and glanced knowingly at mom."Yes Robert.your aunt will be very very glad to have a young, handsome man around the house for awhile." -------------------------------------------------------------- The drive took about an hour, and out on the highway I was astounded at the realism of this whole production.I could not tell this from real life. The artifact's abilities were beyond comprehension.

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I was shaking with anticipation and planning my sexual activities carefully. When we arrived aunt Bonnie was standing on her front porch waving at us. She wore a very tight skirt and blouse, and her big tits stuck out obscenely. I had a hardon already and tried to hide it as I carried my luggage to the front steps. "Well Bonnie, how are you", dad said, huffing with two of my heavy bags.

"You look good!" Bonnie had the most wonderful smile I had ever seen and she put her hands on our shoulders as we walked inside. We sat the things on the floor and she hugged dad first and kissed him, then hugged me tightly as her bra dug into my chest. She kissed me too and I was sure that she noticed my hardon but she didn't indicate so. Dad looked at us with a pleased expression on his face and eva angelina is a teacher with tits pt Bonnie's hand."I'm sorry that I don't have time to visit now girl, I've got to get back, but you take good care of this young man you hear." Bonnie smiled her delightful smile and hugged dad again.

"He's in good hands John," she said, looking sweetly at me, "I'll take real good care of him." Dad winked at me again and left, and in a few minutes aunt Bonnie and I stood watching the car pull away.

I stood looking at aunt Bonnie, my mouth open and my hands shaking, and she looked down at my crouch and up at me again rubbing one forefinger with the other making the 'shame on you' sign as she made the 'tsk.tsk.tsk' sound. Grinning slightly she took my arm and led me into the dining room and sat me down at the dining table. She made sandwiches for each of us and brought two glasses of milk.

We sat and looked at each other as we ate. She looked pleasantly at me."Robert I'm so glad to have you here.it's been very difficult since the divorce. I'm well off financially but I'm very lonely.


Getting back in the dating game is something that I'm not very good at." "We can have great fun together, whatever you want to do.movies, concerts.nightclubs.whatever you want." She was quivering strangely and I smiled at her as I finished my sandwich. Aunt Bonnie, you are so pretty.you've always been my favorite aunt. She grinned widely.the kind smile that conceals nothing, and gripped my forearm. "Robbie", she was breathing heavily now and for the first time I could smell her womanhood.

The nasty fragrance wifted up through my nostrils like fingers of pleasure, and my erection became total, making my pants bulge out in an exaggerated manner, the wet spot from my precum showing perfectly on the outside of my trousers. Her perfume was exotic, and the smell of her vaginal juices combined with it to make the perfect aphrodisiac. She gripped my arm tightly and pulled me into the bedroom. When we reached the bed she sat down and looked up at me, panting with lust.

She undid my belt and trousers and pulled down strongly, making my pants and shorts drop to my feet. I gasped with pleasure as my ten inch pecker flipped up and down, and she licked her lips eagerly as she put her hands around it and pulled it in and out.

I was sure she hadn't had peter in quite awhile. She massaged my swollen balls as she pulled on my dick and then stopped and sat back again. "Get all your clothes off please Robbie.I really need it bad!" She was rubbing between her legs and I could smell her cuntjuice distinctly now.it was driving me insane. She licked her lips and looked up at me as I stripped off. "I'm protected Robbie so don't worry about anything.

I'm so fucking horny Robbie.I need some fucking dick, if you'll pardon the french." I stood naked now and she motioned for me to get on my knees beside the bed.

She had her clothes still on but her crouch was becoming a little wet and she spread her wonderful legs and pushed my head down into her damp pubic area.

She put her feet on top of my back and ground my face into her hot crouch and I could smell the nasty aroma and I sniffed and rubbed my mouth and nose all over it. I was so hot now I was shaking with lust and when she undid her slacks and pulled her pants and panties down suddenly, my face fell into, and splattered against her hairy julie cash massage in mouth. The hot smelly juice gushed all over my nose, and she spread her legs widely, opening her raw cunthole.


I was so hot I immediately began lapping the funky clear fluid out of her vagina and had soon eaten more than a mouthful. She pushed me up so that I was standing and kneeled on the bed holding my dripping pecker next to her mouth.

She shoved her head onto it, and it slid easily all the way into her hot oral cavity. She sucked voraciously for a while and them held my dick up out of the way so that she could lick my balls.

My pretty aunt was looking up at me now with one of my nuts in her mouth sucking on it. She was in a frenzy now and sucked both undressed amazing teen spreads legs hardcore massage my balls as she stroked my hard pecker. I couldn't even have imagined that I would ever see my aunt like this and when she grabbed my hips and turned me around I stood there paralyzed with lust.

She spread my asscheeks widely and rubbed her nose up and down my asscrack. I had taken a bowel movement before I left and I knew she must be getting a nose full by now but she was in a trance and began licking my asshole, sucking it and rubbing her nose in it. She did this for a full five minutes slurping and gasping in pleasure as she moaned and licked my smelly butthole.

She stopped long enough to strip off completely, and as I stood there panting she kneeled on the bed doggie style, her perfect ass pointed upward at me as she hugged the pillow. "I want you to fuck me and cum in me," she gasped, fuck me Robbie.please.please!

She reached back and spread her cuntlips and opened her steaming vagina to me. I quickly got behind her and grabbed her wonderful hips shoving my rock hard weiner into the soggy mess before me. Cuntjuice was dripping out as my hard peter slid all the way in and as I fucked her a syrupy cream oozed out.

I pumped my hips wildly forcing my frozen pecker in and out of her wonderful fuckhole. She had a real bush and her pussy was completely surrounded by thick, dark, wet hair. Hairy cunts always made me very horney and I'd dreamed a long time about what my aunts cunt would look like. I was not disappointed.I began to lose control as my large balls began to tighten in an involuntary paroxism of pure lust, and I screamed as I jerked forward, shooting a thick, massive streamer of dickslime into her funky hole.

Her bush was splashing liquid on all sides now, as my uncontrollable orgasm continued, and she screamed in pleasure also, ejecting her orgasm at the same time. Her cunt squirted pussy juice with great force, combining with my cumshot to produce a wave of smelly scum that shot out onto the anissa and eva have intense lesbian sex and soaked it completely.

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It looked like someone had spilled a bucket of wallpaper glue all over the bedsheet. I finally stopped jerking, and the waves of orgasm slowly subsided until my peter was still buried in to hot hole, but it was oozing cum now, as she moaned and buried her head in the pillow. I don't think she'd had a vaginal orgasm for a long time and I knew that she must feel weak and spent.

She fell on her side looking up at me with glazed eyes, and I sat down heavily on the side of the bed, in a sweat from the exertion. Her cunt drained obscenely onto the bed as did my prick.and she smiled briefly at me.looking somewhat strange with a brown ring around her mouth.

She panted, out of breath, as she looked at me."I hope you don't think less of me Robbie.I was so horny.I have a compulsion for the smell of a man's ass.it's one of my things. Don't be afraid to tell me exactly what you like.no matter how obscene it is.

I was hoping you liked the smell of a woman's ass too." She grinned widely licking around her lips. "Oh teen babe gets her ass and pussy ripped by big cock Bonnie.I like to lick a woman's ass to, it's one of my favorite things!" She smiled with that wonderful smile of hers and pulled gently on my limp dong."You and I are going to get along real good," she said quietly, "I think you're almost as nasty as I am." She jumped up and ran to the shower and after we'd both cleaned ourselves and she had changed the bedcovers, we lay down naked next to each other and fell asleep.

Every time she got up to go to the bathroom during the night, I could see her magnificent ass, and wonderful body outlined against the doorway.


I loved her large furry bush and the obscene crack of her ass. I vowed to taste it in time. -------------------------------------------------------------- When I awoke I was lying in the ante room again on the wall seat, and stumbled to the door just as I was taken back to my room. I woke up in my bed at home savoring the most incredibly horny memories possible. Best fucking piece of ass I ever had.she'd had multiple orgasms, and that wonderfully hairy cunt was beyond description.

I slept with delight after that.dreaming dreams, inside of dreams, inside of dreams.