Mom caught companions daughter and girlassociate backwoods bartering

Mom caught companions daughter and girlassociate backwoods bartering
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An Exchange Student Gets Some Real Sex Education! Chapter 2 Andi had gone to "Pillow Talk" the adult arcade and toy store to tell Don and Penny that she had been offered, and has accepted this nine month tuition and all expense paid accredited college level?. Course! They, were both sorry to see this kinky young woman go, especially after just getting to know her, they wished her well, and as a going away present had given her two things. One, was a gigantic and very expensive 10" lifelike replica of a notorious black slaves male tool!

It was something new, they had just received, and she had been drooling over it because of her earlier fantasies about black men along with the real one she had actually, and briefly sucked in the booth, but had been unable to afford!

The other thing they gave her was something she really wanted, and that was a pair of red hi heels! Andi was speechless at their selfless generosity!

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She had packed the few clothes she needed as her clothing requirement to attend was minimal, and the acceptances papers clearly stated not to bring much. Only a few personal items as everything else she would need would be provide! She had put on some bright red laudry is made for fucking busty whore gloss and decided to wear a reasonably modest pleated skirt and a white matching tube top.

This modest skirt on on a 5' 8" tall slim girl with a round shapely bottom and long legs, was not so modest after all!.

She had also worn the other present that Don and Penny had given her as a going away present, and that was the new pair of shinny bright red 3" heels a color that matched her lips! The tube top and especially the heels made her feel older, attractive and sexy, as her small breasts and hard little nipples plainly showed through, the thin tight fabric!

Andi had never considered herself attractive, more of a plain girl. But her first boyfriend and especially the men at the adult arcade, had shown her that a naked or nearly naked girl could be more than just attractive! She decided to wear her mack so it would cover her up anyplace she went. To and from the plane, and that way in Chicago or Portland if she had to go anywhere from the airport, or while changing planes, her tube top and short dress would not be so obvious or a problem.


Someone had told her that Oregon much like the UK was rainy and wet a lot of the time, so with this coat, she would be ready? In reality though it did not rain nearly as much as people though, and besides in Portland spring was just starting!. With all of her things packed including this big black realistic phallic replica and, as an after thought she decided to bring her pocket rocket!

This was her favorite little vibrator and had been a close and very intimate personal friend, for some time! The two had become quite inseparable! But where to put it? She was normally a shy and naive young girl barely18, and had no real world experience about air travel, especially on an airliner or even what kind of security measures would be in place at the airport. She had heard that some sort of X-Ray machine was used to inspect the luggage for bomb threats. But was unaware that most airlines and airports also had all sorts of security measures in place such as scanners, and metal detectors that checked everyone!

So she reasoned that the big black realistic rubber dildo in her suitcase would not cause a problem, but her pocket rocket now, that was another thing, where would she put it? She had decided to just stick it up her pussy, once past her small little pelvic opening it would slip right in, and pretty much stay there! All she had to do was wear a tight fitting little thong that would hold it in place once the vibrator was up inside her, it was rubberized plastic and thought it should not be a problem either?.

She had done this before while playing around in the movie theaters when she wanted to get off and pleasure herself while watching a certain erotic movie She had also done the very same thing when she was on her way to flash someone in the park, walking in the lanes or at the train station!.

It had worked fine before and no one seemed to even notice? So, she innocently thought that on the long plane trip she could fantasize about all that awaited her in the north west USA, and pleasure herself by just putting her folded mack over her lap! She had already started to think about where she was going, and what kind of kinky sexual pleasures and abuse might be waiting for her, and especially in a city and part of the world she new so little about?

Her parents were quite happy she had been accepted into this educational program not knowing at all, the exact details? They only thought she would be able to get a better education after dropping out of school. They also thought that it might help her job prospects and perhaps even help her find a lasting male relationship, (Husband) once back in Great Britain!

They had gone with her early that morning to Heathrow to see her off and wish her well. She blondes licking each other in an orgy been to the ticket counter check in, the flight was a United super 767 jet service from London to Chicago, with a connecting flight on to Portland.

She had checked her one this girl is bored but jerks cock, her parents had hugged and kissed her goodby, and had left her in one of the long lines that everyone has to go through for their personal security check! She had a small purse with the usual girl stuff lip gloss make up spending money, and a zip up folder with school acceptance papers, and her passport and visa information.

She had not brought any carry on luggage, and had removed her red shoes as instructed ,and had placed her spectacular masseur arianna marie rides stiffed cock wildly pornstars and hardcore folded mackinaw and a small silver bracelet on the security tray along with them. She was then guided through one, of several metal detectors that promptly went off!

This was a normal thing that happened quite often, and at first no one paid any attention, but after the third time through with more and more people held up behind her, and obviously something wrong a rather large crowd had gathered to watch! This had made Andi all ready dressed in this skimpy outfit the center of attention.

The security agent had told her to hold her hands up over her head as she went through each time, there is just something about an attractive young long legged dark headed woman in a tight fitting tube top and short pleated skirt with her hands over her head and wearing bright red lip gloss that will attract more than just casual attention!

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This scrutiny had left her fair untanned British skin quite flush! It was pretty obvious to all who were watching, that the thin white top, and what they could see of her tiny thong, as a lot of her bare bottom was showing, especially with her hands up, and the short skirt now higher than ever. Provided little in the way of modesty much less was able to hide something sinister under it.

Whatever was setting off the detector, pardon the pun was apparently more than just skin deep! Things became even more embarrassing as in her twisting, turning and the tightening of her pubic muscles, as she went back an forth through the detector, had somehow turned it on!. The results were predictable, as at first she just tried to squeezed her thighs and pubic muscles aletta ocean got fucked in the ass as tight, as she could!

She of course, could not do this for very long, and the fact she was a young horny girl being helplessly stimulated, embarrassed, and close to orgasm, in front of a large crowd of people? Who were all now looking at her intently, as if she was having some sort of mild seizure!

This had culminated moments later with a spine tingling orgasm!. One of the female security agents sensing she had some sort of female problem?. At first asked her. young lady. young lady.

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are you all right? Andi as she gasped for breath was just barely able to say, that yes, she was okay, just fine! This woman now sure that there was a problem, had led her away from the crowded security area and into a small and more discrete room off the concourse where full body scans and searches were conducted!

Once in the room a less than friendly matron of a security agent had told her to remove her top and her skirt! With Andi trembling and the vibrator still doing its thing, hesitantly did as she was told!

This woman then took a body scanner and proceeded to run it over Andi's naked body. Nothing happened until it reached her bare bottom.

At this point the device started to hum, the woman told her put your arms up and turn around! When Andi did this, she stuck the scanner directly on the small triangle patch of her thong! As she did so the scanner went nuts, squealing and warbling as if it had hit some sort of gamblers jackpot!

She, then pushed Andi towards a desk and told her to bend over ! With several other female security guards looking on she hooked her fingers in the waist band of the little thong and unceremoniously jerked it down, ripping it off, and leaving it in several pieces!

This was followed by Andi having another shameless muscle squeezing orgasm as she stood bent over trying to hold it in, naked and still trembling in front of everyone! This woman with a satisfied smirk on her face watched the little vibrator still buzzing slowly squeeze out of Andi's, now very wet and over stimulated little pussy! She grabbed the offending item and expertly shut it off!

Andi was then told to get dressed and was handed her now silent vibrator along with the remnants of her very wet thong! Both were now safely wrapped in a clear plastic bag!

The woman then in a booming voice that could be heard out in the terminal said that she, Andi would have to hand carry this item on to the plane and through every inspection point, and present it for close inspection to any security agent that asked! Then saying she was free to go, and now even more embarrassed, was escorted back to lea magic believe me i wanna dp security line and with no thong or the offending item, as both were now safely in the bag on the tray with her purse, folder and mack!

Which was headed through the x-ray machine, and visible to anyone that cared to look, this time she easily went through, the now silent detector! She was worried, once trough security that she might miss her plane as she hopped along slipping on her new red heels, and hurried down the concourse with the purse and folder in one hand and her mack and rocket in the other.

With her short skirt flying and barely covering her bare young bottom as she went, much to the enjoyable amusement of anyone that was directly behind her!


She had barely made it to the departure gate, and the United agent had, after checking her boarding pass reopened the ramp to the aircraft entrance! Everyone was already seated and the plane was ready to push back for departure. To those watching she was the. young attractive dark haired girl, the one who had caused considerable commotion earlier! So most all eyes were on her, she was most certainly under dressed in this rather revealing outfit, as she finally made her way to the assigned seat in coach.

Her seat was between an older attractive red headed woman who had the one next to the windowand a mom a son xxx bad share man just a bit older than she, probably in his early 20s that had the aisle seat.

In coach class this left everyone close and seated tightly together. It also had required Andi to practically climb over him! He was young and no gentleman, and made no effort whatsoever to move, get up or easily let her by! He though, was more than surprised when she had little choice but to stick her bare bottom shapely almost directly in his face as she wiggled through!

Once by, she had reached up, and opened the overhead storage bin that was already crammed full! She had tried to stick her purse folder and the plastic bag in, and then latch the door! After struggling with it, one of the stewardess's tried to assist, and as she did the bag popped out! She grabbed it and then handed it to Andi! After which she was able to latch the overhead, the planes engines were starting, and with the push back procedure complete, was told to set down!

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Andi had tried to protest, with the bag and its obvious content now in her hand, but the stewardess told her again more sternly to set down, be quiet, and buckle up! Andi was now more embarrassed than ever, although the young man did not seem to have any idea what was in the bag, as her thong now folded up inside along with the vibrator, and had made its true function less apparent!

The older red headed woman with the most beautiful green eyes, gave her a knowing smile as she looked her straight in the eye. Andi, was wondering, did she just wink at me.and. was not sure? The aircraft's departure and climb to its cruising altitude was uneventful. Andi with her folded mack now on her lap and under it the bag, still tightly clutched in her hand ! After the seat belt sign was turned out and the announcement made she was able to relax a little, but was still wondering what in the world she was going to do with it?

The young man after his initial shock did not seem to be all that bothered by what had happened, had ordered a head set donned it and had promptly gone to sleep!.

It was going to be a long flight about 8 hrs depending on the jet stream and the weather over the North Atlantic! The following is what Andi later and in her own words described to me about her plane trip and what happened to her while waiting in Chicago for her connecting flight!. She began, This older woman with the beautiful green eyes was staring at me again.

I think she told me her name, and said that I was a beautiful young girl, but it was the way she said it that even I, knew that the true meaning was more than just being rhaya shyne in vacation with bro and sis I don't remember what she said after that or what we talked about, I Just sat there saying little, which was not like me. I was just speechless by what she had said and the fact that she was so euro floozy is very dirty minded hardcore groupsex. She had asked for several drinks as the stewardess took orders, saying that it helped calm her nerves when she flew!

When the drinks arrived she had slipped her hand under my mack and had placed it quite firmly on my bare thigh as she leaned over me to get her first drink. She apologized, as one of her big breasts was almost in my face! I tried to give her some room, but her hand did not leave my thigh and apparently had exceptional peach is showcasing her gaped pink hole in closeup intention of doing so!

The conversation continued as she asked my name, and where in the states I was headed. I told her, still wondering about her hand? She then commented on what a charming English accent I had, and went on to say that she had been in England on business and was returning to Chicago. Commenting offhandedly that I had caused quite a, as she characterized it an enjoyable diversion in the terminal as her hand then squeezed my thigh much higher harder, and closer to my already stimulated private's than it had been before!

I did not know what to say, and just sat there frozen with my face flush once again! She said as she flashed me a knowing smile again with those beautiful eyes of hers. things like that happen all the time! Her hand had now in its travels upward felt the plastic bag and had grabbed hold! In shock I had loosened my grip and this woman easily pulled it from my hand and out from under the mack, and was now eying it very closely! I was absolutely mortified and paralyzed with fear that this woman, the one I just met, had in her hand, two of my most intimate and personal possessions !

Noting my discomfort, and in a very matter of fact and disarming way said, Oh don't worry dear. I have one just like it! Only mine is much bigger! Going on to say as she rolled her eyes in a pleasurable sigh, that hers was quite powerful and would I like to try it in the ladies room? Going on to say, that way I could then, join the mile high club, although only by self infliction! I was speechless and wondering what the mile high club was?

I could not believe that this woman I had just met for the first time would say something like this to a total stranger! But if this was not bad enough, she eyed the thong as she opened the bag and pulled it free!

It was still quite damp.she said with a sheepish grin. I just can't seem to wear these anymore, holding it up to her nose first smelling the feminine aroma, and then devilishly licking the small wet triangle puckering a bit and then sucking the moisture lovingly through the thin fabric and into her pursed lips!. This triangle, was the part that had been next to my most intimate place! My heart was pounding as I tried, not to let what she said or did bother me!

Then she said, as she reached under the seat, in front, and grabbed her purse. Pulling it out and sticking both in, saying that she would be more than happy to keep them oriental masseuse fucked on the massage table me!

Her hand then returned to the same place under my mack! At first she just inched my skirt up a little, and then a little more, as her well trained fingers finally found my bare and now very wet little slit!

This attractive woman continued casually talking about England, the States, Chicago and the kind of business she was in, still with one hand on me, and the other holding a drink as if what she was doing was just a normal and natural thing! Again I could not remember one thing she said, my eyes were getting bigger and bigger as I stared straight ahead .and then! OMG! It was all I could do, not to move, I tried to clinch my thighs togetherbut with her hand down there all this did was was make it worse!

I placed my hand over my mouth bit my lip and was helplessly pleasured once again from the result of her most intimate and apparently expert touch! I just set there trembling in shock not believing what had just happened, as she said my goodness you are so sweetand such a dear, as she pulled her hand free licking her wet fingers, saying young, and tender, I could just .eat you!. I was young, she was certainly right about that. But had no idea what to say or do, and so continued to just sit there almost numb.well not really numb!.

I still could not believe what she had just done and of course almost choked on the words she had said, "eat me"! The stewardess was back, as this woman ordered more drinks. My mouth was dry and I needed something to drink as well!.

Then she asked the stewardess to bring her a blanket, when the blanket came she folded it up and placed it on her lap and had taken this next drink and quickly downed it! Oh my goodness I thought, in less than two hrs I have already had three incredible orgasm's, whats next!

I certainly did not have long to wait, it was still early morning, but since we had just experienced such an intimate experience together I easily relaxed in her company and started to feel as if I had known her all my life, becoming more comfortable by the minute. After I finally settled down the words she said earlier I had paid little attention to, now started to make sense. Her name was Lanashe lived in the Lake Shore district of Chicago in a condo overlooking lake Michigan, she was divorced had bitch gets fucked inside the office hardcore blowjob children and was in the novelty business!

Again I almost choked as she told me that it was a sex novelty business, and had pulled a small brochure out of her purse and discreetly thumbed through several pages, lingerie, heels adult C/Ds and of course she had to show me a picture of her vibrator!

But one of the pages had left me speechless! It was of lifelike male organs, "Dildos" and the one picture that was so ironic and depicted, was the exact one, that of notorious black slave the one I had received from Don and Penny the owners of Pillow Talk as a going away present, and that was now in my suit case! Traveling along with us ! My mum had always told me that sometimes things happen for a reason and I guessed that wow!

The forces of nature along with some incredible karma had conspired to not only put us on the same plane, it had also seated us next to one another! From that point on we talked about everything, mostly about our intimate feelings. I really opened up about teen amateur wanking cock in classroom reality entire life and especially the things about sex and kinky sex, and the fact that I was traveling to a sex school that trained women to be sexually submissive in all sorts of kinky and abusive ways that accomplished such things, along with the classes they offered!

She was quite fascinated by all I had told her. She then made a comment that in her business she traveled to San Se la coje asta con la mano, Seattle and Portland quite often. She went on to say that all three cities were very liberal especially when it came to the acceptance of alternative life styles and easily excepted the sale of sex toys novelties and porn movies in all of these fair cities!

Lana also said that she would see about signing up for, and attending several of the courses the school was offering the next time she was in Portland! The young man next to me had been sleeping most of the time not paying any attention to us only waking up to eat.

And go to the men's room, an opportunity that I took also now that he was gone for the moment. We talked for hrs and hrs had a less than tasty coach lunch along with more drinks to the point where I was getting sleepy. Since I had been up late and with all of the excitement had slept little last night. Even though it was now early afternoon most of the cabin lights were out and many people were sleeping or trying to, in order to reduce the effects of jet lag and all of the time zones we were crossing!

Lana still had the folded blanket on her lap, had taken my hand and had guided it under the blanket, she was wearing a business suit and had unzipped xxx story full sex stories deshi motki mogi side nearest me!

With her hand clutching two of my fingers, had taken them further through the loose business suit's opening and had continued guiding them into her panties and directly to her clit! Yes, we touched each others clitoris with our fingers ! She had the most amazing clit it was probably three times s big as mine, very meaty and the warm fleshy membrane and hood it was attached to was much longer than mine, it felt so wonderful to touch it and was very moist to the touch!

I felt her thighs barely trembling as she squeezed them together again, and again! I thought she got off but if she did, was able to show little emotion at least to me as her eyes were closed and she had the most blissful look on her face! Slowly and with her incredible clit comfortably in my hand, I fell off into a deep sleep that was followed by several really crazy dreams!

Dreams can be anything and everything! It is, as if ones most subtle to the most bazaar thoughts were like a filing cabinet that had been dumped on the floor and scattered all over.

Your mind then for no apparent reason picks this, and that and the couples them together along with your recent experiences! Like me, who had just experienced three incredible orgasms, and all had been caused by things that were out of my control!

As my total thoughts were and had been entirely about sex!. My dream started. I was totally naked wearing only my red hi heels, my hands were bound behind my back and a slave collar with a leash was attached! A man big naked and wearing a hood with an enormous cock was leading me around among many other men that were seated in comfortable and very expensive looking reclining chairs, all were masturbating!

As each got close to cumming it my job was to make sure that none of their cum would soil these expensive chairs! I was led to the first one that was ready, the leash was pulled down toward his crotch and my lips and mouth were forced by this man over his hard cock just as he ejaculated! I was just barely able to suck him as an incredible amount of warm cum gushed up onto the roof of my mouth, I sucked and sucked swallowing all of it!

He thanked me and the leash holder said good girl! I was then almost dragged over to the next, and again was just barely able to get there in time this is repeated over and over until I have sucked and swallowed more sperm from more men than I had ever thought possible!

Next my dream has jumped to where I am running out in the woods still naked and again wearing only red heels more men, and this time several dogs are chasing me, the the dogs are howling I am terrified and can only run and stumble along as the heels dig in to the soft dirt in the woods slowing me down! They are getting closer and closer short haired babe sucks my cock telsev I trip!

Now one of the dogs easily reaches me, leaps onto my prostrate form! My legs are spread wide as he bites in between the apex with his sharp teeth, OMG! The pain is incredible and I just pass out! When I wake up my dream is even crazier, this time I am now a puppet, a marionette! Again I am totally nude my black hair is in a pony tail but it is straight up on top of my head and heavy strings are attached to it, my arms elbows knees and toes and the red heels are now open toed!

A chrome "J" hook is up my bum with a string attached to it and more strings are attached to my hard little nipples with beautifully tied bow's!

But what is most shocking is my small clit it is bigger than ever and one of these strings has lassoed it, all have gone up to this giant mechanical puppet master! It is some sort of mechanical machine that has me dancing a most nasty vulgar dance! We are in some sort of perverse theater, and many perverts are watching. my naked helpless erotic dance, as the mechanical puppet master makes my arms fly with my legs helplessly wide apart!

My clit seems to be getting bigger and bigger the sensation is incredible OMG! I am danced wilder and wilder by the puppet master with my little titties really jiggling!

Just as I think I can go no faster and I am approaching what I know will be and incredible orgasm. I am abruptly waken by the stewardess as she shakes me and tells me to fasten my seat belts and to adjust my seat for the landing!

My goodness what a crazy dream my heart is pounding I still cannot believe it is over, but it is. I am relieved on one hand, but disappointed that I will never have this incredible orgasm I knew was coming or know how it I was so close!. But this is the way most dreams end! Lana is awake and has pulled my hand out of her business suit and is straightening up as if nothing inappropriate has happened.

The approach and landing end with a slight bump great pilots. I have almost two hrs to kill before my connecting flight leaves for Portland. The airplane is at the gate and stopped. All of the passengers are deplaning. The young man next to me is in a hurry, is quickly up and one of the first to leave. I have gotten all of my things together from the overhead and so has Lana who is close behind.

I really have to go to the ladies room, but Lana needs to go even worse, she has drank twice as much as me! I really needed to go pee now! We have left our things at the arrival gate with the agent and am on my way, and before I know it, Lana is beside me and has grabbed my hand. I wasn't sure what to do. Why is it that we girls want go to the ladies room together?

She says with a laugh!. Chicago's O' Hare International Airport is one of the busiest in the nation if not the world so when we finally are in there, it is full. We wait a little while, and try to make small talk. I told her how much I enjoyed our conversation. She tenderly touches my cheek and tells me that it was sweet of me to say.

When one of the stalls become free,she grabs busty mature jerking dick and gets cumontits hand and before I know it practically drags me in saying that we are both girls! It was a tight fit in there,but I really needed to go, so she let me go first.

She was in front of me so we had to squeeze round each other. It was a bit awkward because of her rather large breasts, as they were pressed quite close against me! Her bottom was back against the toilet-paper holder on the door. I felt my little nipples get hard when we touched, and I was feeling very flush again!. I lifted my skirt, and sat down on the potty. As I did so, she started to raise the skirt of her business suit and inched it up over her hips.

She was taller than me, and her pussy with that incredible clit of hers that I could now see closely was only inches from my face. I was fascinated though, because it was completely shaved just like mine, hers was bare and had the most tantalizing white skin surrounding it!. You know, really nice, the inner lips were pink and seemed to be a bit swollen.

It just seemed like a natural thing for me to do as I took a big mouthful of her big clit and lips! I was beginning to feel much warmer now sucking and trying to hurry up peeing at the same time, but my attention was not focused on relieving myself, and you know how hard that is when you've had more to drink than you should, and have been holding it for some time. So my little pee hole was being quite bashful. I finally had done my business, this took a little time as well.

I was not surprised that my little pussy was now really perked up down there. Lana was squirming and kind of dancing around, as I nibbled on her clit ! She was biting her lip at the same time I was biting her, and her thighs were now squeezed tightly together, so I knew she really had to go bad and she was doing everything she could to keep from peeing in my mouth!.

So I reluctantly turned loose and I stood up we were touching closely together again as we switched places. My white pleated skirt was still up above my hips leaving me bare in these tight quarters. I started to bend down, but bumped my bare bottom on the door and lost my balance!

I fell towards her. She put her hands up to stop me from falling, her hands grasped both of my small breasts and easily pinched my hard nipples.

Oh, I'm sorry, she said quite sarcastically smiling at the same time as I heard her start to pee, I tried mumbling something apologetic like it was my fault! Here, she offered, tight busty blonde n ready fucking pov collection lena paul aj applegate hadley viscara lilly ford m me help you!

Her arms went forward to help! But instead of helping She grabbed the ass cheeks of my bum and pulled me towards her, and all of a sudden, she was lovingly kissing my slit!

My hands were on either side of the stall and I was blankly staring at the tile on the wall behind the porcelain. I could not believe what had just happened? Then she started to tongue me! OMG! OMG! She could teach anyone a thing or two about sucking a girls pussy! Her tongue was on the puffy outer folds first, and then she sucked my small labia lips into her mouth followed by running her tongue up and down the inside of each of my bashful lips, that were now not so bashful! I was still standing there with my eyes half closed starting to feel really good!.

My mouth was dry with the taste of her, kept trying to swallowing. But she was expertly going round and round my little clit with her tongue, and my knees were starting to feel very weak, not to mention how very wet I was getting.

I was pushing harder against her lips and had grabbed the back of her head to steady my self and keep me upright. She slowly was able to run her way up to my clitoris. When she touched it, I really thought I was going to collapse right on top of her. She began circling round my clit,again with her tongue and started sucking it, with a mouth full she then would pull it from one side and then to the other!. I was holding my breath, and could hear voices, running water, and the noise of paper towels being pulled from the dispenser.

The toilet next to us flushedI was concerned that someone might figure out what we were doing in there? My pubic muscles were contracting so much from her aggressive sucking.


I opened my eyes as I felt some movement and saw her with little concern use one hand, to lift my leg at the knee. So she could pull me closer, she bent down further and turned her head slightly to get under me better.

Then she slid her tongue just inside my now juicy opening, followed by taking a very firm lip lock on my poor little clitoris! I was gasping and my heart was pounding even harder. I could feel my pelvic muscles contract! I could not help myself from squealing Ohwee!, Oh,!

Oh!, out loud as another wonderful orgasm flooded from and through my over stimulated young body! It was all I could do to keep from falling as I clutched her head tightly holding her to me!. I was really panting and she was still licking and sucking trying to get all of what I had just released as she pushed her nose against my love button, my hands just sort of reached up and gripped the tops of the stall on either side just in time for me to push forward with my second trembling orgasm.

I'm sure the noise I made was heard through out the entire ladies room?, but now I did not care OMG! Five times and the last two were some of the best sexual orgasms I had ever ever experienced in my young life!

I was young, horny as hell and this woman knew exactly what to do to, and with me! Lana took a big handful toilet tissue and stuck it up my pussy and left it there for a moment before pulling out the soaked remnants. Then she patted my mound and gave it a quick kiss, pulled down my skirt and put her hands on my hips pushed me back so she could stand up.

I heard her tear off some more tissue as she wiped her wet lips Young beauty girl big boof was at the perfect height, she bent down slightly in front of me., and then took my face in her hands and kissed me.

Her tongue and mine tasted each other. It tasted wonderful with my female secretions and the smell of her feminine and ambiance as she kissed me again slowly and even more lovingly!. Lana then said, that was okay wasn't it? I nodded my head.

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She smiled again and we kissed some more until I able to stand on my own. The ladies rest room was still a busy place, as we left the stall hand in hand those that were near gave us a most unusual look? I was instantly embarrassed, But Lana just giggled, and pulled me to her again and gave me another andy san dimas gives nasty foot job passionate kiss right in front of them!

Then she tugged me off out of the ladies room to the astonishment of the women who had been watching!. Once back on the concourse she whispered into my ear: thank you, and that what we had just experienced together was wonderful, and we should do it again soon!

I blushed again trying to express the incredible feelings that I had and that this older red headed woman had given me. But could only come up with a lame but genuine thank you! Continued in Chapter 3