Petite gina valentina lustfully bounces on a black cock

Petite gina valentina lustfully bounces on a black cock
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Fbailey story number 620 The Neighborhood Slut I woke up with a fright, looked at the clock that said midnight, and heard my mother say, "No way are you sticking that thing in my mouth tonight. I know you were down the street fucking the neighborhood slut.

Why didn't you have her suck it clean for you?" I heard a slap and then Dad said, "Because that's your job. You either suck it or I'll shove it up your ass." Mom cried out, "No, not that again.

You know I don't like anal sex." Dad said, "Then suck it bitch." After that I didn't hear anything and finally fell asleep. In the morning I awoke when Mom shook me. She said that I had to get up and go to school. I asked, "Did you suck Dad's cock last night after he fucked the neighborhood slut?" Mom just looked at me. She was trying to decide if she should answer me or not.

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Finally she replied, "Yes! He slapped me around a little but I sucked his dirty cock after he fucked the neighborhood slut." I asked, "By the way, who is the neighborhood slut?" Mom giggled and said, "Your Aunt Jane, of course.

She'll let anybody fuck her. She isn't the least bit fussy." I asked.


"Would she let me fuck her? I'm a virgin and my friends all laugh at me. Can I skip school today and go down to Aunt Jane's house?" Mom smiled and said, "Okay!" Then I asked, "Will you suck my cock when I come home?" Mom laughed and said, "Sure! Why not! I sucked your father's cock didn't I, so I might as well suck yours." I got dressed and then I ran down the street to my Aunt's house.

I rang the doorbell and Aunt Jane opened the door. She was surprised to see me and asked if school had been canceled. I told her that I had skipped school to fuck her.

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She looked at me and asked, "Why?" I replied, "Because I'm a virgin. Because Dad made Mom suck his cock last night after he fucked you. Because Mom said that she would suck my cock after I fuck you. Please, I really want Mom to suck my cock.


Please!" Aunt Jane picked up the phone and called Mom, She asked, "Did you promise to suck your son's cock if I let him fuck me?

You did. Then you need to come down here. I want to watch you suck his cock…every time he fucks me. I figure he should be good for six or seven times.

Sure I'm sure, he's a teenager, isn't he." Ten minutes later Mom came in wearing a trench coat. When she took it off she was wearing a light blue baby doll nightie that was transparent.

Lesbianwincom young asian teen auditions for big facialthis girl really loves my dick cock got twice as hard right away. Mom said, "Hey slut, you've got a client." We went into Aunt Jane's bedroom where she undressed and got on her bed. Aunt Jane said, "Suck my cunt, bitch. Just like you used too." Mom leaned in and started sucking on Aunt Jane's pussy while I watched.

Aunt Jane said, "When your mother and father first met your mother wanted to remain a virgin until her wedding night. Eventually she realized that if she didn't satisfy him sexually that he would leave her. She sucked his cock a few times but it never excited her. She let your father fuck her ass a few times but she liked that a hell of lot less.

So she got this bright idea of letting your father fuck me instead. She would lick my pussy and then he would fuck my pussy. She would suck his cock clean and then she would lick my pussy clean. That went on until they were married eight months later." "Then things got very interesting. On their wedding night your father fucked your mother for the very first time and the very last time. Fortunately, you were conceived and born nine months later." I said, "Dad only fucked Mom's pussy one time." Aunt Jane giggled and said, "Yes, only one time.

You see her pussy was so small and tight that it hurt him to shove his cock into her. He managed to get it in just once and wouldn't stick it in her pussy again.

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That's why he still fucks me a couple of times a week and your mother still sucks his cock afterwards. She usually comes here and licks my cunt clean the next morning while you are in school." Mom lifted her head and said, "She is ready for you, go ahead, fuck her good, loose your virginity in you Aunt." I slipped my cock into my Aunt's pussy.

It was really slippery from my mother's saliva. It was great and I loved every minute of it, all three of them. I thrust into her several times and then I cum in her.

Mom sucked my cock clean but in reality she sucked me hard so I fucked Aunt Jane again. After that second time Mom was able to lick her sister's pussy clean before I got hard and fucked my Aunt again. While she was licking pussy I was checking out Mom's behind.

Her asshole was magnificent looking, it was the perfect color, and it made me want to lick it. I did just that. I leaned in and I stuck my tongue out to lick Mom's beautiful asshole. Mom turned and said, "Oh that feels so good." She went back to licking her sister's pussy and I started looking at Mom's incredibly pussy.

She had swollen outer lips, pink inner lips, and a very tiny clitoris.

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I wondered if her tiny clit had anything to do with her lack of sexual energy. I slipped a finger into her vagina to get it wet and then I tickled Mom's clit with that finger. I realized that my finger had gotten halfway into her before it stopped.

She really was tight.

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When I heard Mom moan I figured that I was getting her aroused. At what I figured was the right time I pushed my cock into her hole real hard.

It was tight but I got my cock all the way in. Mom turned and said, "Oh that feels so good." I was able to pull my cock out an inch and then shove it back into her. Sex with Mom felt so much better than sex with my Aunt had been. Mom wasn't crying and I wasn't in pain. We were a perfect match. Why not!

I had come out of that hole so I must be able to get back into it. That only made sense. I held onto Mom's love handles as she called them and started fucking into her for real. I would thrust into her and she would thrust back at me. In a little while I was cumming inside my mother. I had to smile thinking that Dad had only fucked once and got me.

I also knew that my mother had never been on birth control. That made me smile again. I waited until my cock was flaccid before I pulled it out of Mom's pussy and stuck it in my Aunt's face. She sucked it while Mom kissed me. Mom turned and said, "Oh that felt so good." It sure did and not only that but my Aunt had be hard again. I pushed Mom onto her back, wrapped her legs around my waist, and shoved my cock back into her.

Luckily she was still full dude seduces a playgirl for sex hardcore blowjob my cum so I slipped right in. We were indeed a perfect match. By the time we had to get home for Dad's arrival I had fucked Aunt Jane three times and Mom four times.

When Dad came home Mom was still wearing her blue baby doll nightie and told him that she was going to start sleep in my bed at night. Dad laughed and said, "I know, Jane called me at work this morning and told me that you were letting your son fuck your pussy and that you were really enjoying it.

I am so happy for you. Now I won't feel so bad about moving in with your sister and fucking her constantly. Come down once in a while and suck my cock for old times sake." Mom kissed me, looked at Dad and said, "Why don't I just suck your cum out of my sister's twat before my son fucks her in the morning before he goes to school." Dad snarled at her, "Bitch." Mom growled at him and said, "Your son is a mother fucker…and a damn good one too." I held one of her breasts in my hand and said, "Goodnight Dad.

We're going to bed early." I took Mom into my bedroom and ultimate surrender cheyenne jewel vs tiffany tyler the door behind us.

The End The Neighborhood Slut 620