Angelina valentine stroking that massive ego

Angelina valentine stroking that massive ego
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Hey guys this a continuation of "kid of the house' a story i wrote some time ago, a couple of friends asked me to keep writing about that particular story, it can be read as a stand alone, but you can also find the old one in this site. its not finishedits work a work in progress, please excuse my bad grammarI'm not a writer. Any input is welcome I was 32 when my sisters moved in with me, for Kim I had built a new annex to the house it had japanese game show mon n son own ramp and easy access for a handicap person it had its own kitchen and living room, bathroom etc.

it was a full house. Sara and her kids got the second floor, Isabel who was 13 and Danny who was almost 15I got the first floor, I had a huge room at the end of the house and also a studio plus the basement that was kind of my game/TV roomI had done good for myself, gone to law school after the service and became a pretty good lawyer mostly taking care of wills and divorce cases, Sara had been struggling all her life, she never kept a good job and always had bad relationships, her husband had walked out on her and had left her with two kids, I never blamed him Sara was always a wild one and hard to get along with, he was a pretty good guy and always tried to make an seductive busty cougar leena sky deepthroats a big cock in pov living, they just didn't get along so it ended, Sara worked at the DMV and it sucked, Kim kept on working online, mom and dad had moved to Florida and my other sister Marie had gotten married and moved out of town, I guess one of the main reasons I invited my sisters to live with me was because I felt lonely, I had the money and I knew they were lonely as well Sara and me had been having sex since I was 16 (she was 23) at the time, we kept on going at it for years, it was great sex always we did things together we couldn't do with anyone else, Kim was aware of it and sometimes we let her watch.

After some years we stopped I don't know why, we never talked about it, it was always natural and we never made a big deal. After a month of living together we finally got in a routine, everyone kept on with their lives and I kept on with mine, the kids were great and I loved having them around.

One weekend the kids packed up to go to their fathers, it wasn't planned or anything they just wanted to spend time with him, Sara and I ended up going out for a couple of drinks at our regular bar, a couple of beers later we started talking about the past "Remember how much fun we used to have " Sara said softly-,I nodded in response taking a sip of beer "You used to love to have sex with me" she told me- "And you with me" I added "That I did" she nodded and smiled" you were always the best" "Hmm " I replied "you dick" she hit me on the arm, "you're suppose to say I was your best as well" "Hmm" I replied again smiling "you asshole" ," I'm going to hurt you!" "noo I'm kidding I'm kidding you know it!!


I loved having sex with you, all the time, you were the best!!" I told her and I meant it We continued to drink some more, and talk, it had been years since we had bonded this way and had time to have a long chat, she asked me If I ever regretted it, us being together, I said nevershe agreed with me, we started remembering all the times we did it and in all the different places, and how our boyfriends and girlfriend's were never the wiser, not even our respective spouseswe talked about the times we were almost caught and about a couple of people we knew who we suspected had an incestuous relationship with a family member, she told me about a co-worker of hers who had the hot's for me, we had tons of fun and tons of drinks.

I think it must've been around 3 when we decided to go home, as I was walking towards her pick up I started to notice Sara's great ass, believe me at 39 my sister still had it, she was hot!, she was MILF she had a couple of pounds on her but it could have been worse, her tits were still big and firm, she had a little tummy and a big ass.

"Why don't you drive" she told me "I'm drunker than you are" I nodded and took her keys, as I was driving home Sara got closer to me, she grabbed my right hand and put it between her legs " feel that" she told me, -"it's all wet because of you" "I don't believe you "I said, stating a fact "ahh no?" she said, and started to unbuckle her belt and unbutton her jeans, she grabbed my hand again and guided it inside her pants and group group girl and boys her panties, she was wet, she was very wet, I touched her mound and put my middle finger inside her, it felt great she hugged my arm with both hands and pulled it closer she squeezed her legs capturing my hand "hmmm, it feels great, I missed that" she said in a low sexy voice "What about you?" " What about me?" I asked her in her return She rubbed her hand over my crotch I was already hard I had to take my hand out of her jeans and focus on the driving it was snowing a little and even though I was driving slowly I need to keep my eyes on the road, she was getting to me and being a little drunk didn't help.

Sara started to unbuckle my belt and open my jeans; she reached in and pulled my hard cock out "hmm, big and hard like always" she whispered I adjusted the seat a little so she could move in, I knew what was coming, she opened her mouth and took me in, she started sucking my cock while I was driving us home, it was great, Sara loved to suck my cock, she was great at it, not as good as Kim, she was the best (but I never told Sara) still it was excellent, she used her tongue a lot and licked the head every couple of strokes.

I finally got home and pulled inside the garage, Sara was still working on my cock, she looked up at me and told me"come on baby I want you to finish" she continued to suck meI relaxed and put one hand over her head and the other on her back fakeagent hd black haired temptress loves doggy style kept on going faster and faster," I'm almost ready Sara" I finally said she mumbled something and continued doing what she was doing, it happened and it felt great, I exploded inside my sisters mouth, she swallowed twice and kept on sucking for a couple of seconds, she swallowed once more and then she took it out of her mouth squeezed my sora aoi in front of a little and licked the tip and the head, she put her lips against the head of throbbing cock and sucked every last drop that came out of me "hmmthat was a lot baby"she told me "I know" I said "wow" "Your room or mine?

" She asked" I want you to fuck me all night, I want you so much" "My room" I told her before she could finish the full sentence. She fixed her pants and got out of the pick-up, I fixed mine turned the truck off and headed inside. I hadn't finished walking in my room when Sara jumped me, I managed to lock the door behind me as we both dropped on my bed, we were kissing and touching, I was trying to take her jacket off she was trying to do the same to me, I took off her jeansshe took off mine, I took her shirtshe took mine, we were rolling around the bed in our underwear kissing and touching I don't know when I lost mine, but I know I took off her bra with one hand while at the same time I ripped her panties, Sara was still very hot I started kissing her large breasts and was about to go down and start licking her pussy when she grabbed me and pulled me up "just fuck me please, put it in me Randy, I've missed you so much" she told me softly Of course I obliged, I put my cock in her and started fucking her missionary styleshe was kissing me and holding me close very hard, hugging meshe started to move as well, our glances met and we were staring at each other eye to eye.

"I love you baby, I love you so much, you're the man of my life, I love you" She just kept on saying that, it was weird I mean she's my sister and I love her and I know she loved me but it wasn't this kind of love, I always thought that having sex with Sara was just that, sex, not like sex with a strange girl, or casual sex, but still not so intense as making love with the girl you love over anything else in the world, it was weird but at that moment I didn't give it much importance.

We changed positions after she came, she started riding me and I started doing one of the things I loved most, playing with her large tits, I loved it, I just loved those big things bouncing up and down in front of me, I touched, squeezed, grabbedlicked, bitsmelledsqueezed together, I tried to prevent them from bouncing but they had a mind of their own, I just loved it when she rode me, she leaned forward and grab her tits and pointed them in my direction she would grab my head and squeeze it with her tits, she would guide one nipple in my mouth and then the other, I was having a ball.

We were both sweating a lot, Sara got off me and got on all fours on top of the bed, she had a great ass, what a viewI started to do her doggy style and before I knew it she was coming for a second time, she laid flat on her stomach with her ass up in the air, I kept on pumping and pumpingSara was moaning and moaning ,finally I pulled out of her and finished all over back.

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We both laid there for some time just staring and touching each other, we slept naked in each other's arms that night The next morning I woke up to my cock being sucked, what a great way to start a day!, I just laid in my bed with my hands behind my head while my sister sucked me, before I knew it she was riding me again and I was playing with those big pair of tits that I loved so much, Sara always spoiled me, she knew I loved that pair like nothing in the world.

After that it was sex all the time, just like the old days, every other night Sara would come down to my room and we would fuck, and after she would go back to her room, I would never go upstairs to her room because I thought the kids might notice, whenever we had the chance we would do it, we kept Kim out of the loop but I suspected she already knew we were back at our old ways, this continued for a couple of months, life went back to normal, except that I was getting some from my sisterand boy did I like it.


One night I was down at the basement/game room/TV room when Sara came down, she was only wearing a long shirt I could tell she was naked under it, she sat down next to me and we started talking about the daily things, that was one of the good things about my relationship with Sara we always got along it was never awkward or weird, just like any normal brother and sister, we never fool around in the basement It had the best TV and the best sound in the house, plus some pretty comfortable sofas so the kids would occasionally come down and hang out, the only part that was off limits to them was my studio and my room, they were free to roam around anywhere else after all I kept on telling them it was their house too.

I don't know what got in to me, Sara was the one who usually initiate contact, but this time I was so horny just from seeing her sitting next to me in that long shirt, her large tits pressed against it, I could clearly see her nipples, I pull down my shorts and whipped out my cock "You bad boy" Sara said, and at once got down and started to suck me, about five minutes later I had my eyes closed on hand behind my head and the other on Sara's, just caressing her silky black hair, she had one hand beauteous hottie having lusty trio sex smalltits hardcore my shaft and her lips locked on my cock when suddenly I heard a noise, I opened my eyes and Isabel my sisters 13 year old niece was standing next to the couch, she was in her pj's and had something in her hand, her mouth was open and I could tell she was in shock "Mommmmm" she said in a harsh tone, she dropped whatever she was holding and ran out.

"Shit"-Sara said and got up and ran after her "Crap"- I said to myselfthis was bad, arggg I felt terrible how could we have been so carless, we were always so carful and now my niece had seen us, how could I have let myself get so sloppy and not think, I knew the kids always came down to the basement to watch TV, stupid, stupid, a million thoughts passed through my head, and not only that, but the consequences of our actions, what was Sara going to tell her, she was helping me… helping me what!!!, the kid had obviously seen what we were doing, there was no denying it, her mother with her uncle's cock in her mouth, crap.

I had to keep my cool and think straight, the best way to go was play dumb and pretend nothing had happened until I had a chance to talk to Sara, I went to my room and that night I couldn't sleep.

The next morning I left for my office early hoping not to cross paths with anyone from my house hold, around 11 am I couldn't take it any more so I called Sara on her cell "Well" I said as soon as she picked up "Don't worry about it, I talked to her a lot and its ok" she told me " it's not ok, How could we be so stupid"- I told her "don't worry about it baby, we'll talk about it tonight ok?" her voice was calm "ok"- I replied I couldn't get any work done that day.

Once I got home, I went to spicy adult play with insolent milf rui shiina more at avs com kitchen to get something to eat, the first person I met was Isabel, crap!, she hugged me and it was normal like if nothing had happened, Isabel was a nice little girl, she took from her dad, she had nice dirty brown hair, kind of curly and was tall for a 13 year old, she had blue eyes and a cute little button nose, all her father's, the only part she took from Sara was on her bosom she had a large chest, poor girl I think she was the only one in her class who had so big breasts.

Danny was telling me about how some bullies were bothering him at school, I had a talk with him and told him that sometimes you had to stand up to bullies, Danny was a nice kid, he was 15 he was a small for his age, he was very smart, I guess you could say he was a good looking nerd, I told him about when I was 16 and I busty milf barbie gets her wet cunt rammed in a test car to fight two guys who were older and bigger than me.


"Did you win?" he asked curiously "Nope" I told him" They beat the crap out of me" "wow, but you're big and in shape" he very sweet teen arab girl hafida hard fuck me "I wasn't always big and in shape" I corrected him, "when I was a kid I was only a little bigger than you are, I didn't get in shape until I was in the Army"- "But why did you fight if you knew you couldn't win" he asked me again "well sometimes you have to fight even if you know you can't win" I told him, then I proceeded to explain to him that you should only fight as a last resort, the guys who were bulling me in school took it so far that I had to fight or they would've never stopped, violence isn't always the answer, but sometimes people only understand violencelike the bullies at school, and sometimes you have no choice but to use it," If you want I could talk to the principal at your school, but only if you want" I told him.

He thanked said he was going to think about it and hugged me, before he left he asked me if I could show him some moves just in case, I told him I would, just in case Isabel hugged me as well; before she left to do her things I called her "Isabel, wait" I said " about what you saw yesterday&hellip." "Oh, its ok" she said " mom told me that she was thanking you for being so good to us".

"Oh" I said "she did?" "don't worry about it Uncle Randy, it was only a blow job" she told me I was shocked, " how do you know what it was" - I said "I'm almost 14 I know all about sex and stuff" she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek and left the kitchen. I saw Sara around the house and also Kim who came by but I didn't have the opportunity to talk to her, the instant I was alone with Sara I whispered to her to come to me room tonight, she nodded That night as planned around 10 Sara came to my room, she was wearing her pj witch was basically a big shirt, what happened I demanded as soon as she walked in "Well, its ok" she told me "I know that!, Isabel told me" I told her softly as she came towards my bed "well, Isabel was all freaked at first, she was saying that how was it possible that I was sucking your cock, and that it was so twisted, that we were brother and sister and that it was so wrong, that I was your older sister!!, I had to wait for her to calm down" Sara continued to say " after she said all that she need to say and calmed down a little I explained to her that what we did was as adults and that you and me shared a special bond that not everyone can share or understandI talked to her a lot but basically what I ended up telling her was that I loved you and that I was being grateful to you for all the things you've done for usand that if anyone found out it would be a lot a trouble for all of us.

"So your way of saying thanks is sucking my cock" I told her joking "no you dolt" she hit me in the arm. " I just wanted her to understand, she's my daughter and I know her, I couldn't have told her the complete truth about us and our special relationship because she wouldn't understand, this was simpler, you're alone I'm alone you've been good to usyou were horny and I help you out, plus I didn't want her getting suspicious every time we were alone" "You know I've never wanted anything in return for having you guys around" I told her "I know that!!" she said "its easier for Isabel to think I was just giving you a harmless blow job than for her to find out I've been fucking you since you were 16" "Don't you mean I've been fucking you since I was 16" I corrected her "no way & begged me for sex" she said smiling "oh come on, you know you love it when I do you" I told her -"I do and I love you "she told me and kissed me I kissed her back and asked-"so is she ok?, is everything cool?, did she say anything else"- "yes everything is ok, our secret is safeshe did say on more thing"- Sara said "what?" I asked "she said you had a big dick!!"and started to laugh We both laughed for a while She started to kiss me, and I kissed her back before I knew it we were both naked fooling around in my bed, I was kiss her tits and biting her nipples Sara knew that was my favorite thing in the world playing with her large tits, she grabbed my cock and guided it towards her pussy, it was so wet and moist, after some time Sara changed position and grabbed my cock and guided it towards her ass "I thought it hurt you" I told her "No it's ok; I want to do it" she told me kissing me I didit was a tight squeezeat first I only put half of it in, after some more effort I managed to get it all in, and before I knew it I was fucking my sisters ass, I was loving it, it was so tightI could see Sara's discomfort she was grunting, so I pulled out of her ass, she took a hold of my cock guided her mouth towards it and sucked me a couple of times, then she pushed me so I was completely on my back and straddled me, she was riding me for a while when she got up and guided my cock towards her ass again, she sat on it and began to lower herself on to it until it was all in," Sara what are you doing" I asked, -"shhh" she whispered and guided my hands towards her tits, she rested hers on her ass cheek spreading them a little and started to ride, she started to move faster and faster, I could see her face, she was in pain, I was loving it I squeezed her tits and she grabbed my chest, she kept on going until she saw in my face I was about to finish and started to move faster, it was rough my dick was hurting and I didn't want to imagine what she was felling but she simply kept on going, I exploded inside her, it felt really good, we staid like that for a couple of seconds until Sara got up and got next to me, we embraced and stayed like that for a while.

"ow" she said and touched her ass "why did lovable sweetie spreads wet cunt and gets deflorated amateur babe let me fuck you up the ass" I asked, we had done anal sex in the past but only a couple of times, it wasn't that I didn't like it, it was just so painful for Sara, she had a tight ass, even her pussy was tightand the times we had anal sex it was only for a little bit and it was soft, not as intense as this time.

"Because I love you" she paused "and I wanted to give you something real big bobs sleeping sister xxx, did you like it?" she asked softly I nodded and kissed her. Life goes on, nothing special happened in the week that followed, Sara would go to my room and we would have sex and after she would go to her room. One Friday evening I was still at the office when a couple of old buddy s called and wanted to hang out ,I agreed and went to join them at the usual watering hole, it had been our regular bar for years, after some chit chat and some beersthe guys start waving to some girls a couple of tables across I hadn't noticed it but it was Sara with some of her friends from the DMV, we invited them to join us, the more the merrier and all, after your regular introductions and hellos everyone settled down fine, I ended up talking to one of the girls that worked with Sara her name was Debbieshe was a petite blond, very nice probably around 25, we hit it out at once, we ended up talking all night and having el hijcoje a la madre mientras hace trampa great time, we exchanged phone numbers and I promised Id call.

A couple of days later we went out on a date, it turned out great, we both had a wonderful time, and before I knew it I we were having sex at her place, she had a great body and was in very good shape, she had very small breasts but I didn't mind. After that we continued to go out on a regular basis. I hadn't had sex with Sara since the night at the bar when I had met Deb, It wasn't planned or anything it just kind of stopped, one night we were all having dinner at the table, it was very rare for all of us to be eating at the same time, we all had different schedules and rarely sat dirty latina selena fucked and cumshot on her tits hardcore, the kids would eat at school, Sara in place near the DMV and I would eat something near my officeso dinner usually meant a sandwich or a bowl of cereal in front of the TV or in your room.

We were all talking at the same time, Danny's confidence had gone up since I was teaching him a little self defense, and Isabel was doing ok in everything, her birthday was a month away, and wanted a party. Isabel asked me "So Uncle Randy,-how are things, you've been coming late at night" she joked "He's been banging this chick I work with" Sara said with a tone "woo hoo way to go Uncle Randall" Danny said and high fived me I returned the high five "Is she hot?" he asked me "She is" I told him "All right" he said and high fived me again "All my friends think your hot Uncle Randy" Isabel told me "Do they now?" Sara asked "Yep when ever Uncle Randy comes to pick me up or drop me at school they always stare and say it" she continued to eat her dinner " Plus the other day he went to talk to the principal and It was recess and all the girls saw him in his suit and said he was so hot" I remember that day, it was when I was talking to the principal about the bullies that were bothering Danny of course I hadn't said anything to Sara, I didn't want her to get involved.

"Why were you talking to the principal?" Sara asked "You wouldn't understand, it's a guy thing-" I told her and winked at Danny He winked back and we continued to eat. After dinner Sara and I stayed cleaning up and doing the dishes, she asked me what had happened with the principal? I told her about Danny and the bullies and that I knew he was embarrassed to talk to her about it, she gave me a hug and thanked me, she said I was more of a father to her children than the real one, I held her and told her not to worry about it.

About a week latter there was a fair all of us decided to go, even Kim came with us, I invite Deb so she could get to know the family, we had food, drinks and pie, we went on the rides, played the games and had a ball, it was a nice afternoon of good American fun. There was a stand with a bb gun and if you hit the target you won a teddy bear, I won 4, one for each of the girls, they were crappy teddy bears but it's the taught that counts.

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Later in the day Isabel asked me if a couple of her friends could stay with us and if I could give them blacked petite riley reid tries huge black cock in her ass reversecowgirl and doggystyle ride home afterword, I told her that I didn't have any problem, besides we had taken Kim's van and there was plenty of room for all of us.

That night Sara came to my room, I was already asleep but she woke me up anyway. "What's up?" I asked her "Nothing I just wanna be with you" she said, and the proceeded to undress I welcomed her to my bed and started to have sex with her, we were doing and she was staring directly into my eyes " I love you so much baby, I missed you, I cuckold loving bitch makes him eat cumshot having you in me" she continued to repeat herself.

Then she said "you're mine and only mine" I stopped. "Sara what the hell?" I told her "Nothing" she said," it just slipped" "Sara you've been acting all weird what's going onyou could know you can always trust me" I told her, while I held her "it's nothing it's just that you dating Deb, and every time I see her at the DMV she's always saying Randy this, Randy that, Randy's the best boy friend ever, Randy's the best at everything…and you know it kind of made me feel, I don't know…"she shrugged "Jealous?"- I asked- "are you feeling scol girl fuck with teacher sex stories blazers storys, no- "she spoke softly " it's not that it's just, I don't knowI mean she's younger than me and so much better looking".

"Sara what the hell?, you've never been jealous before, I thought we were clear on this" I sat up on the bed "I know"-she told me-"it's just, you've been so good to all of us &hellip.I wouldn't want it to end ,I know I couldn't manage the kids without you, look at you you're a saint, you take care of my family you take of your own kids and your ex-wife, you take care of your handicap sister, your good looking your responsible you have great job, you're in great shape, you're simply the catch of the day, and I wouldn't want to lose you"- I think I saw tears in her eyes "and it just so frustrating that we can't be together" "Sara, you don't have to worry, you and the kids will always be with me and will always be taken care of, you're my sister, your family, you're my family and I would never break it apart, you know that what we have is complicated, and we have to be very carefuland about being together were always together, I thought this was water under the bridge"- I told her meaning every last word.

"I know" she got closer and held me tight "it's justI don't know, you know I love you right?" "I know Sara" "You know I would do anything for you" she told me I nodded, she kissed me and we slept in each other's arms. A couple of days later I was in the basement watching TV when my niece Isabel came by, she joined me on the sofa, we were watching TV, fooling around, surfing the channels, she was telling me about her friends, when all of the sudden she gets up, takes of her shirt and sits on top of me and starts to kiss me, I get her away from me and stand up.

"Isabel what are you doing?" I demanded "I … I. I. Wanted to thank you &hellip. you know like mom did" "crap"- I said sat down next to her and relaxed "listen to me Isabel" I put my serious voice "what happened between your mother and me was between adults, and it wasn't her thanking me, it was us just fooling around like we've always done, it's a secret me and her share, and it was suppose to stay secret until you found out, it's been going on for years even before you were born, your mother didn't want to tell you because she thought you might not understand." "But your brother and sister" she continued " its incest, isn't that suppose to be wrong" "well it depends on how you feel about, society views it as wrong but me and your mom don't think it is, we don't hurt anybody and like I said it was our little secret, we have always been very cautious and and it has always been a very beautiful and very special relationship, I'll admit it's not your typical relationship between a brother and sister… but its special and were both special that way" I was speaking as calm as I could "when did it start" she asked curiously "when I was 16 and your mom was 23" I was being as honest as I could " so she was way older.was it…" "it wasn't like that, I wanted it more than anything in the world, and she loved me so much that she allowed it to happen" all this time my 13 year old niece was sitting next to me without her shirt "it was the both of us together, it was no ones fault and no one is to blame, it just happened." She nodded understanding "What's going on?

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why would you think you needed to offer yourself to me like this to me"- I asked "well, it's just that I was talking to mom the other day and she very tight body campus ex girlfriend lucy doll point of view worried about you leaving us like dad did and we would have to start over again on our own, we have never been so happy and we have anything we want or need, it's just that I love it so much up here and you're so good to all of us that I thought that maybe if I gave you what Deb gave you, you wouldn't leave us" she was starting to sob I held her close and told her "I'm never leaving you guys, so there's nothing to worry about, I don't know where you and your mom get these ideas" "I don't know" she said " it's just that mom was telling me that Deb was so young&hellip.

and I know you're hot and all the girls always like you, and my girlfriends always melt when they see you, I thought maybe If you had someone younger you wouldn't need to go to Deb" "oh god" I said "sweetie it's never like that there's nothing serious going on between Deb and me and even if there were I would never consider leaving you guys for herand it has nothing to do with her being young or anything like that, I'm not gonna leave you guys ever ok? Were a family" "you promise?" she asked with tears in her eyes "Cross my heart" I said "Now you understand that what goes on between your mother and me must remain a secret right?" I asked her "Yes, I understand" she said as she started to get up and put on her t-shirt, I hated to admit it but for a 13 year old she had a great rack.

That evening I talked to Sara and told her all about what had happened, I was pissed at her for thinking I would kick them out and more pissed for telling Isabel about it, Sara felt embarrassed about the whole thing, I told her to talk to her daughter and set things straight. She did, next morning she told me she had talked pretty chick catrina and agnes on dildo fucking scene Isabel and cleared things with her, I was still pissed at her, poor kid was probably all messed up now.

"fuck Sara I just can't believe you would put your kid trough all this" I scolded her, I was so pissed It was Isabel's birthday, we were throwing her a party, I ended up agreeing to all her demands on the condition that by 12 it would be over, I had a big house and the back yard was big enough for all the guests she wanted to have over, she had invited a lot o people even my boys and my ex wife came, Danny and Isabel's Dad came as well, we had a couple of drinks and talked for a whilehe thanked me for being so good to his kids, Deb was there too, Isabel didn't like the idea so much but I had insisted, there was dancing drinking, no booze for the kids only for the grownups, and of course a D.J, everything went smooth and around midnight everyone was gone or leaving, Danny decided to go with his Dad for the weekendmy boys left with my ex and before I knew it the only ones left were Sara Isabel and me.

The party was a success, Isabel was glowing in joy she was so happy, we were picking up, cleaning and talking, it didn't take long, around 1 am we were ready, we ended up in the kitchen having some left over cake, Isabel came to my side hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, "thank you uncle randy it was the best party ever" "Yes it was " I said and hugged her back Sara hugged me as well and thanked me, we said our teen webcam leggings xxx ivy impresses with her enormous baps and ass and went to our separate rooms, I took a shower and got into bed I was almost asleep when I felt a knock on the door and Sara came in, she was naked, she stood on the door frame for a couple of seconds I just stared at her contemplating her beautiful body, her black hair rested over her shoulders, she was very pale, her big breasts didn't drop one bit and they were all natural, she had a small patch of dark hair between her legs, her hips were wide, a little too much for her frame, and her legs firm and strong, she was a big womanbut not fat, my sister always made you look, she put her hands on her breasts squeezed them and started to play with her nipples using her thumbs and middle finger, she moved one hand down slowly unit it reached her pussyI lifted the blanket the was covering me and pulled down my boxers revealing my fully erect cock I stroked a couple of times and she jumped in bed with me at once she started to kiss me, I responded in kind, her hand found my cock and mine found her pussy we were kissing and masturbating at the same time, a moment later she went down on me and started to suck me, I closed my eyes and relaxed enjoying the good job my sister was doing.

I sensed something like some movement or I don't know what and opened my eyes to my shock my 14 year old niece was standing naked in the door of my room, her breast weren't as mmv films busty blonde mature enjoys a good fuck as Sara's but they were big for a girl her age, her pussy was completely bald and her mound was simply beautiful, her blue eyes fixed on my cock as it was been sucked by her mother, she grabbed one of her breasts and brought it towards her mouth and licked her own pink puffy nipple, her other hand moved down to her two dicks make a hot babe happy place and started to rub herself I don't think 5 seconds past since I opened my eyes.

I pulled away from Sara and said "Isabel what the hell" Sara looked at me and at her daughter and said "shh baby don't worry about it" I was starting to stand when Sara held me down "please…, don't be upset" "Sara" I almost yelled Isabel got closer to me, she was walking towards the bed Sara spoke again "please baby let her.

She wants to, we both want to" "No way" I said trying to get to my feet my brain wanted to get away but my body wasn't responding "Please uncle Randall" Isabel spoke softly " we love you, let me show you" I looked at Sara and then at Isabel "have you two lost your mind" "Please" Isabel said again-"I love you so much let me do this" Sara looked at me and begged me "please let herit's all righteverything is all right, it's just like when we started, we love you" I was in shock, I couldn't believe what was happening, everything was moving in slow motion and I couldn't react or maybe I didn't want to.

Sara grabbed my erect cock and stroked it a couple times, she pushed me back Isabel got on the bed, opened her legs and tried to straddle me, Sara guided my cock towards her bald little pussyIsabel parted her lips and started to descend on my fully hard cock, at first it was only the tip of it that started to slide in, Sara guided it towards the right place, after a moment it was the full head, Isabel was moaning I don't know if it was pain or ecstasies, Sara kept on holding my shaft, Isabel descended another inch, inch by inch she was sitting on it, after half of my cock was in her she started to move, up and down, very slowly, she bit her lower lip and with her tongue wet her upper lipshe leaned a little forward and put her hands on my chestshe was clawing my chest, she started to move faster and faster, each time my cock would slide in her some more, she was super wet but was so tight, Sara came to my side and started to kiss me.

"Sara what are we doing, this is insane " I told her "No it's not baby" she told me as she looked in to my eyes " we love you, please enjoy it, let us do this" Little Isabel was riding me, my cock wasn't completely inside of hershe just kept on going at a steady pace while she continued to claw my chest, Sara was to my left and was kissing memy hand buried in her pussy both her arms were wrapped around mine, I could feel her huge breastIsabel grabbed my free hand first she caressed it with both her hands then she wife shares husband with another woman creampie it towards her face and kissed every finger, she moved it down her neck until it reached her chest, I felt those two beautiful teen breasts, they felt so different from her moms, Sara's were big ,hard and firm, hers were soft and delicate, she was moaning again, this time it was pleasure, she hurried her rhythm, it was so tight and she was so light it was just indescribable I knew she wasn't a virgin but still it almost felt that way, it was unbelievable, obviously she didn't have much experience because her movements were very clumsy, I was so hot, Sara was kissing me and I was furiously fingering her, Isabel kept on riding me I looked down and could see as my cock penetrate her young beautiful pussy, I didn't know how to feel, somehow I freed my hand from Sara's grip and put both of them on Isabel's breasts, she pressed her hands over mineher pink nipples responded to my touch I got the urge to kiss them and lick them, I leaned forward and put them in my mouthmy little niece hugged me and held me to her, my hands moved to her hips and started to guide her movements it was so different having sex with her she was so small and tinyI pushed her down and she complained :oww oww it hurts"she said in a low voice.

I lifted her from me and got out of bed at once, I turned around and saw my beautiful sister and her 14 year old daughter sitting there, just staring at me, Sara guided Isabel to lay down and opened her legs I could see her small pussy was red, "just go slow" Sara said as she offered me her daughter "come on" she grabbed my hand and guided me back to bed "it's all right, she can take it just be gentle", she sucked my cock a couple of times and guided me to her 14 year old daughters pussy, she pulled the foreskin completely back and guided my piece it to Isabel's openingI started pumping again, softly, and slowly I put my hands on Isabel's hips and started to generate a nice rhythm ,being as gentle as I could, Sara was kissing me and running her hands all over my body, every now and then she would drift down grab my shaft and cup my balls, I felt her pussy and it was dripping wet, I don't know how long we kept at it, I guess Sara knew when I was about to cum she told me-"not inside her, take it out", Sara herself pulled my cock out of her daughters pussy and started jerking me as I finished all over Euro slut is very dirty minded hardcore groupsex belly some it even reached her breastsI just dropped between them.

A couple of hours later I was fuckin Isabel again, this time I was lying on my side and she was facing me, she had one leg over me and I was holding her ass with one hand the other one was on her back pulling her close to me, her arms were crossed against her chest, Sara was hugging my back I could feel her big tits pressed against me and her hands were caressing my chest and hair, "it feels so good" Isabel kept on repeating and moaning at the same time "yes it does" Sara said I kept on going and going until I was so tired I couldn't go any more.

I kissed Sara and she kissed me back she told me she loved me, so did IsabelI finally fell asleep between Sara and Isabel, they were both hugging me and had their heads on my chest.