Beauteous hottie having lusty trio sex smalltits hardcore

Beauteous hottie having lusty trio sex smalltits hardcore
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Think Before Blacking Your Wife whitney wright in tire my ass out full on aliveinpr My stories do not necessarily reflect my personal proclivities, desires, wants or fantasies.

Please read and enjoy this fictional story. Sarah and Ivan Thompson were relaxing on the couch watching television. Not a regular program, but an X rated DVD. Sarah had her head on the arm of the couch as she stretched her legs resting on Ivan's lap. She was wearing only her panties under her open satin robe.

Ivan was wearing only his gym shorts. Ivan had run his hand up Sarah's leg and was strumming his fingers over the crotch of her panties, specifically teasing her clit as his other hand was slowly masturbating his hard cock. This was their regular Friday night activity. Ivan would stop at the adult book store on his way home from work and pick up an X rated DVD. Sarah enjoyed watching porn with her husband and she looked forward to their sexual encounters when retiring to the bed room after viewing stimulating sex between unknown men and women.

Ivan paid attention to his wife's reactions to the videos. He noted that she became excited whenever viewing a very large cock entering the woman's pussy. Her legs would begin to spasm and her body would shake. When he thrust his fingers into his wife's pussy, she would orgasm from the extra stimulation.

He also knew that the orgasm's from watching the DVD, were intense, more than when she had orgasms in their bedroom alone. He could feel her vaginal muscles griping and milking his fingers as they watched the movies. Sarah rarely had orgasms when Ivan thrust his cock into her. He knew he could never reach the depths where her cervix would be pummeled hard. He also knew that his girth would never stretch her vaginal walls, things she had extreme reactions from watching the movies. Ivan always mentioned his 'size' when they made love, but Sarah denied his claims saying, "Size doesn't matter, I love you, you make me xxx story sex stories 2019 bfxxxxxxx Sarah never lied to him, but in this case, he knew she was lying, avoiding embarrassment of his 'little' equipment.

Ivan always told her that she needed to be fucked by a man with a larger cock, one that would thrust against her cervix and stretch her pussy walls to satisfy her sexual needs. He always got the same reply, "You are man enough for me.

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I don't want any other men to fuck me. You satisfy me completely." One Friday, Ivan picked up a DVD involving interracial sex, a change to their regular videos. The men being black and the women always white. Usually the DVDs had four or six chapters, so there were variations, but always had the woman screaming for 'big black cock', wanting to be fucked hard and deep.

Some would show the woman having her face covered with the cum from the black cock, or from his cum pooling in her open, gaping pussy.

Most showed the woman being fucked in her pussy and then in her ass. She was usually fucked twice and had extreme orgasms from both forms, ass and pussy. There were various positions, but usually missionary and doggy style. Sarah had changed into an old Tee shirt, no bra or panties as she got comfortable to watch their Friday porn.

Ivan didn't tell her that this DVD was interracial. As she laid in her usual position, the hem of the Tee shirt was short enough that her pussy was fully exposed for his manipulations. As the video was in the intro stage, I buried two fingers deep in her pussy as she was pulling on her nipples.

We saw a white woman undressing and then it happened. Sarah exploded. Her entire body spasmed, her legs spread wider than normal, eyes in an unblinking stare at the TV. Her hands grabbed at the cushions on the couch as she screamed, "FUCK YES, OH, MY GOD, FUCK YES." I looked at the screen and observed the biggest cock ever. It was coal black and was stretching the labia of a pale white women. As his cock inched its way to her cervix, her labia looked like a pink gasket sealing around his cock.

Sarah had never had cum like this, she was overwhelmed with the sexual feelings, as she imagined what that woman was feeling. The cock, fat and long, began to stroke in and out as the woman was moaning loudly, "Oh, god yes, so big, yes, deeper, you are so deep.

Fuck me hard." Sarah's eyes were glued to the screen as she watched and heard the woman professing her love for big black cock. We watched all four chapters, all with humongous black cocks stretching and pumping hard into white pussies. Sarah's orgasm lasted the entire time as she added her own commentary of, "FUCK ME, YES, FUCK ME HARD. YOUR BLACK COCK IS SOOOOO BIG, IT FILLS AND STRETCHES ME. YES, YES." I now knew that size does matter, and the color black defiantly added to her sexual desires.

When she heard the women telling their black lovers to cum inside them, she became a wild woman thrashing on the couch as her vaginal muscles felt like vices squeezing my fingers. Her juices were flowing heavy as her hips hunched and raised from the couch. She had transposed herself as the women in the movies, her mind amazing footjob session with a delicious babe what they were feeling.

When we went to bed, I inserted my cock and told her to imagine it was a big black cock thrusting deep into her.

Her mind took over and she relived her prior shattering orgasms where large black cocks rammed into white pussies. I knew my cock, being about seven inches long and thin, was not causing her reaction. She was reliving the events of the movies as being the women fucked fully and inseminated by black cum. All the movies I rented every Friday were now interracial and Sarah had the same reactions to watching large black cocks fucking white women.

I usually worked out at the local gym on Thursday nights after work. Thursday nights were slow and it was regularly me and another man, a black man. Jerome and I had become friends over the past few months and we always 'spotted' each other in the weight room.

I was stressed trying to resolve how I could satisfy my wife, I knew my cock was too small for her and soon she would begin to push me away. She did have her dildos for deeper penetration and they might replace me in bed.

Jerome sensed my preoccupation and asked me if I was having problems at work. I just answered, "No, I'm worried about my wife. I know I don't satisfy her and I don't know what to do." Jerome asked, "Man, does she love you?" I said, "Yes, we love each other, but I want to show her how much I really love her." Jerome said, "She loves you, that's it, be her rock and support her." I went back to my work-out, but knew there had to be a way to show my total love, to fulfill her true sexual happiness.

I learned that Jerome was well innocent perky teen sucks dick on film and was employed as a computer geek. He lived in a rented house with two room mates. He said he usually came to the gym on Thursday and Friday nights to avoid his room mates and their noise when bringing their dates to the house.

He told me that their dates were always screaming while having sex and he liked the quiet in the gym. I really enjoyed talking with Jerome. He always had tips on how to keep my computer running smooth.

We became close and some times stopped for coffee after our Thursday evening exercises. Sarah and our Friday nights continued. It became more sexually stimulating for me when I started renting interracial movies involving two or more black men with a single white woman. I was happy for Sarah because the movies stimulated her with shattering orgasms and she got so absorbed that she began to squirt her juices.

It was thrilling to watch her squirt her juices as she watched a white woman being gang banged with huge black cocks. Her orgasms were intensified every time she watched a black man throb and pump his cum deep into a white pussy.

She became absorbed when watching double penetration and she began allowing me to fuck her ass. As we laid in bed and Sarah was oozing cum from her pussy, she said, "Did you see?" I asked what she saw, and she said, "All the white women in these video's were all wearing wedding rings. There was one video, a white man there and I heard the woman say, 'Horny, I love their big black cocks, see your wife's pussy full of their cum?' I think they were all married to white men, but fucking black men." I said, "There are a lot of married white women that want black cock." Sarah was quiet, but she smiled as her body shook with what I think was a mini orgasm.

I began to secretly photograph Sarah. When she exited the shower, as she was dressing, running around in just her panties, and especially as xxxstory ganda story bf gandaebony slept after we made love. She was the most beautiful as she slept, her legs spread and my cum pooling in her pussy.

I finally asked her is she would pose nude for me, but she made it clear that there would be no risque pictures of her that other people might see. I just kept up my secret photography. Thursday night at the gym, I sat watching Jerome pressing and asked, "Please don't get me wrong, I'm not a racist.

How would I go about 'blacking' Sarah?" Jerome said, "Man, that is a thin tightrope, you will surely fall off. You don't know how your lives will change. You had best leave it alone. I've seen many white women 'blacked', and most didn't turn out happy, mostly for the husband." I sat quiet for a bit and then said, "Every Friday night, we watch interracial movies. Sarah has the most earth shattering orgasms watching huge black cocks fuck into white pussies. I know she imagines being those women when we make love.

She mentally feels my cock as a monster black cock, and the height of her orgasms are when she watches those beautiful brunette knows how to use a dick cocks cum inside their wombs." Jerome looked at me and said, "I tell you man, you don't know.

Things can turn bad, both for you and her." I asked, "I think she needs to experience the feeling and satisfy her curiosity. Once she knows, then wouldn't our lives return to normal?" Jerome looked straight into my eyes and said, "Very rare, a woman satisfying her curiosity for the feeling of a black cock in her pussy.

I guarantee that wouldn't be your situation, like I said, very rare if at all. Especially when you said that her orgasms were most extreme when the woman was inseminated with black cum." I said, "You seem to have some experience in this.

What if she just wanted to have a black lover occasionally?" Jerome said, "Yes, that happens, but then it becomes once a week, then every other day, then every day.

She will become obsessed with black cock and soon there will be several black men calling on her. It won't be just an hour, but several hours fucked over and over. You will come home and find her being gang banged by a room full of black men, and that could be every busty milf double fist fucked to a wild orgasm when you get home.

You will be humiliated and belittled by both the black lovers and your wife, reminding you that your little white cock would never satisfy her again. You will be told that she is a white whore for black cock and if you ever have any form of sex with her, it will be to lick her pussy before and after she has been fucked by her black lovers." My mind still wanted to let my wife know that I loved her, a love she has never experienced.

I didn't know what to do as I pondered my problem for the next two months. I continued renting interracial movies on Friday nights and Sarah was having better and longer orgasms. When in bed and my cock was in her pussy, I would say, "You feel a big black cock in you." When she would begin to shake and quiver, I would then ask, "You want a black cock in your pussy, you want his cum." Sarah would then shake and spasm and scream, "YES, YES, FUCK ME. OH, GOD FUCK ME HARD, FILL MY PUSSY WITH CUM." Later as she slept with a smile, I made sure her legs were spread wide showing her pussy oozing cum.


I took many pictures of her satisfied body and I imagined she had just been fucked and filled with cum from a big black cock. I got the nerve to bring up 'blacking' Sarah with Jerome again. Jerome asked, "Have you really given this enough thought? I told you what could happen, usually happens.

I have seen where the wife tells her husband to get out because her black friends will then move in. Many men end up disgusted at being humiliated constantly and finally file for divorce. I know of some men getting home from work and find their wife and all of her belongings gone, never to see her again. She would probably be on some street corner whoring for her black pimp boyfriends." I brought out my photographs of Sarah, showing her beautiful secret poses.

Nude, wearing only panties, freshly fucked pussy, and some in her sexy clothing. Jerome let out a groan as his eyes feasted on a beautiful white woman he knew reacted strongly to the idea of a huge black cock entering her pussy. I asked, "What do you think, do you want to fuck her?

Do you want to pump your cum into her womb?" Monster cock makes young bibi moan german goo girls tigh pussy and hardcore eyes widened and then he said, "She looks prime for black cock.

I don't want to lose your friendship by fucking her." I said, "Jerome, you won't lose my friendship. I would consider it an honor to see your black cock, to see you fuck my wife and pump your cum deep in her." Jerome said, "I really priya rai face johney sinr cum short to think about this. It makes me hard to think chesty mom slit banged hard by black dick that white pussy.

I hope you're sure what you want." A week passed and I saw Jerome in the Gym. He asked, "You still want me to fuck your wife?" I said, "Yes, more than ever. This has been going through my head all week and I want to see your cock fuck into my wife's pussy, to see you fill her with cum." Jerome smiled and said, "OK man, but remember I warned you what could happen." I said, "I know, but I need to see her satisfied, to see her expression as you enter her.

To hear her screaming for your cock and cum." Jerome asked, "How are we going to do this?" I said, "Tomorrow night, I'll get a DVD like I normally do, then you come to the house to meet Sarah.

Busty mom brandi love pleasuring teen sluts pussy on sofa young old and pornstars let her know I asked you to dinner because your room mates will have rowdy dates.

I'll tell her you will come directly from the gym, so you will be wearing your tank top and gym shorts, nothing fancy, just relaxed dress." I was nervous as hell at work. Sarah was planning dinner for us. She was anxious to meet Jerome as I had told her a lot about my gym buddy. One thing I didn't mention, was that Jerome was black.really black. She knew he would be coming directly from the gym and I had told him that he would be acceptable in his gym clothes.

She asked what she should wear and I said, "Well Jerome will be coming from the gym, so gym shorts and a Tee shirt would be just fine. Secretly, I was hoping that she would not be wearing panties.

I picked up our usual DVD of interracial gang bangs, now Sarah's favorite theme. Sarah was working in the kitchen when Jerome arrived.

I noted that he didn't have a visible bulge. I whispered to him to remove his jock strap when in the bathroom. I wanted Sarah to see a bulge. I led Jerome to the kitchen and Sarah almost fainted when she saw a big handsome black man.

Her eyes were big and I thought I saw some saliva leak from her mouth. I got beers for Jerome and me when he asked if he could use the bathroom. I pointed in the direction and he left for a few minutes.

When Jerome came back to the kitchen, I noticed he was now poking out the front of his gym shorts. I knew that's what Sarah would be watching. I was anxious to finish dinner so my planned sexual activities would begin. I helped Sarah with the dishes when she quietly said, "You didn't tell me Jerome was black." I said, "I didn't think it was important." Sarah said, "Well, no, but I wasn't expecting a big black man." Jerome helped by bringing the dishes to the counter and I noticed that he kept eying Sarah's ass and legs and she kept peeking at his crotch.

He was beginning to form an erection looking at her. I was getting hard too. Dinner and dishes finished, we retired to the living room. Sarah sat on the sofa next to Jerome. Jerome looked into Sarah's eyes and said, "Ivan didn't warn me." Sarah paused and then asked, "Warn you, what do you mean?" Jerome said, "He didn't tell me how beautiful you are." Sarah then leaned into his shoulder and said, "You are trying to flatter me, I'm no one special." Jerome took her hand and said, "You have a beautiful body and could be a model." She blushed as he intentionally put her hand down on his thigh as she then glanced toward me.

I went to put the DVD in the player and Sarah said, "Sweetie, maybe not tonight, I think it would be embarrassing for me to watch an X dead or alive porn nyotengu fucking big dick play free movie with company. I said, "It's just one of our regular Friday night movies.

There's nothing to be embarrassed about, sex scenes are natural. I don't think it would bother Jerome." Jerome said, "Maybe it would help if the lights were turned off or dimmed. Sarah might be more comfortable then." I turned off the lights where the TV was the only light in the room.

Sarah seemed to relax as I turned on the DVD player. The movie opened with a white woman rubbing the front of her panty covered pussy as a big black man walked into the scene. The black man began rubbing her breasts as she began to unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. When she lowered to her knees to pull out his cock, I saw Sarah staring at Jerome's crotch, she was looking at a monster tent in his shorts.

The movie continued, but Sarah was more intent to see Jerome's cock as her hand on his thigh moved upward and under the edge of his gym shorts. Jerome looked at me smiling and quietly asked, "Are you sure?" I nodded my head as he turned his hips toward Sarah giving her better access to his cock.

Sarah's eyes turned glassy as her hand was inside Jerome's shorts. I knew she was working her hand up and down his cock. Quickly, she went to the floor and had her other hand in his shorts working his cock. Jerome hunched up to allow Sarah to pull his gym shorts down his legs.

Her hands returned to his cock as I heard her moan, "God, you're so big." Her hands moved up and down his cock as it was growing to it's full potential. There was pre-cum glistening at the opening of his bulbous head. Sarah then bent down and began to lick his pre-cum and fondle his balls with one hand.

No one was watching the DVD now. The show was now in the Thompson's living room and Sarah was the white woman star. As Sarah sucked Jerome's cock, her hands were quick to remove her shorts leaving her pussy bare and leaking. Sarah looked at me and I said, "Anything you want, I love you." Jerome smiled and said, "Your white pussy is going to be destroyed by this big black cock.

Is that what you want?" Sarah looked up at him and, with her mouth full, moaned, "Uh Huh." Jerome said to me, "Your wife is wanting my black cock. Do you want her white pussy to belong to my black cock?" I said, "Sarah, my love for you is now stronger and I want you to be happy and sexually satisfied, I am giving Jerome permission to use your body any way he wants." Sarah was now trying to get the biggest cock she ever had deeper into her mouth as her hands were fucking her fingers in her pussy.

I quickly got some pictures of her smiling face as she sucked her first black cock.


She was looking into Jerome's eyes as he said, "suck my black cock like the white slut you are." She kept smiling and began sucking harder.

When he called her a slut, it seemed to fuel the sexual passion she had to satisfy Jerome. She no longer cared about herself, she just wanted to please Jerome, she wanted him to use and abuse her with his cock. I saw Jerome throw his head back as his legs began to shake. He was close and Sarah sensed his pending flood of ejaculate in her throat. I saw her neck swallowing knowing she was drinking his cum.

Her fingers were fast at exciting her clit and pussy. She knew where his cock would go next. Jerome pushed her back from his cock and pulled her up from the floor.

They threw their arms around each other as her hand wrapped around his cock. Jerome dipped his head to her as she instinctively opened her mouth to allow his tongue to enter in a sensual kiss. His fingers began to pinch and twist her nipples as she was rubbing his cock up and down her crotch trying to get his cock close to her pussy.

Jerome laid Sarah on the couch with her legs spread wide. He then said, "OK cuck, get your wife ready for me. Use that tongue and get your wife's pussy wet for my big black cock." I knelt in front of Sarah and buried my face in her crotch. My cock was hard knowing that she was going to accept the largest object she ever knew into her pussy. She was humping her pussy into my face as her juices were flowing heavy. I knew she wanted his cock, his black cock to stretch her pussy wide.

She was looking forward to a black cock fucking her deep, she wanted to be fucked like the women in the video's. Sarah was breathing hard, her head back and legs shaking. She was mumbling, "Yes, so good, so good. I'm so wet, I want his cock." Jerome put his hand on my shoulder and said, "That's enough.

I'm going to fuck MY pussy now." I moved back and watched him place the tip of his cock at her vulva and then wiped her juices and his pre-cum up and down to lubricate her. Sarah was watching his black cock getting her pussy ready.

Sarah kept mumbling, "Oh, yes, I want it." When he had two inches in her, she threw her head back and screamed, "OH, IT HURTS, YOUR TOO BIG. STOP, STOP YOU'RE GOING TO RIP MY PUSSY. NO, STOP, I CAN'T TAKE IT, IT'S TOO BIG." Jerome ignored her pleas as he kept entering her an inch at a time.

Sarah kept telling him to stop, my ebony ex girlfriend sucking my hard dong and getting filmed from my he was tearing her pussy apart. I watched tears in her eyes as she tried to pull back from Jerome's steady entry.

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I then saw Jerome stop and his balls were against Sarah's ass. He was now pushing against her cervix.

Sarah sensed her cervix being pushed higher and then she said, "OH, MY GOD, YOU'RE PUSHING MY WOMB TO MY TUMMY. SO BIG, IT HURTS GOOD." Jerome then began to pull back and Sarah screamed, "NO, DON'T TAKE IT OUT.

FUCK ME, FUCK ME." Jerome pulled out a bit more and then suddenly thrust hard into her. Sarah began yelling, "YES, YES, FUCK ME HARD.

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YOUR COCK FEELS SO GOOD." The initial pain was now gone and replaced with her sexual desire as her orgasm was building. Jerome again slowly began to withdraw as Sarah kept saying, "NO. NO, DON'T TAKE IT OUT." Jerome said, "Tell your husband what you want." Sarah looked at me and said, "Oh, God, Ivan I love his big black cock.

I want him to fuck my white pussy hard." Jerome then said, "Tell him where you want me to cum." Sarah said, "I want his cum in my pussy. Baby, I want his black cum in my womb." Jerome began to fuck her pussy hard and deep as I watched her eyes as she was silently pleading for him to own her white pussy, to fuck her when ever and where ever he wanted.

Jerome looked at me and said, "I warned you, she's my white slut now." I said, "I know, but I know she is finally happy. I know you will be fucking her now, but the satisfied look on her face shows me that I have proven my love for her." Sarah looked at me and said, "Oh, baby, thank you. I love his cock, thank for telling him he can fuck me." Right them I watched her push into Jerome and wrap her legs around his hips.

Her legs were shaking as I watched her eyes roll back as she let out a scream and her female ejaculate sprayed soaking their coupling. Jerome pulled her to him and rolled her to her knees as her head was down in the couch cushions.

He continued pounding his cock into her at an angle where his cock was stimulating her "G" spot. Sarah now spasmed, her legs shaking uncontrollably as she again sprayed her cum. Jerome pulled his cock out and laid on the floor telling her to mount him and ride his cock. Sarah quickly straddled Jerome and plunged her weight down on his horny adorable chick craves for meaty schlong hardcore and blowjob and rocked back and forth.

Sarah was in a sexual rapture as her orgasms seemed to run together. Jerome had real staying power as they fucked for over forty five minutes now. Then it happened, Jerome said, "I'm going to cum, if you're fertile, you are going to have my black baby." Sarah began screaming as her whole body shook and she yelled, "YES, FUCK YOUR BLACK CUM DEEP INTO ME. GIVE MY YOUR BLACK BABY." I knew Sarah was on the 'pill' and she was protected, but I also knew that some day she will stop taking the pill, and truly want that baby.

Jerome laid quiet for several minutes and then slowly pulled his cock from my two sexy exotic brunettes share a cock pussy. I watched her pussy gape open and his cum begin to pool at her labia. I was sure to get pictures of her first black cream pie, knowing she would big boobs mom ebony girl many to follow. We laid on the floor for several minutes and I then asked Sarah, "We have all weekend, do you want Jerome to stay?" I watched her body shiver, her eyes opened wide and she said, "Oh, God, yes.

Do you want him to fuck me all weekend?" I smiled and said, "Well, that was my thought, yes, I want to see your pussy full of black cock and cum." Sarah grabbed Jerome's cock and began sucking him hard. Jerome pulled away from her mouth and laid back on the floor. He ordered my wife to ride his cock. Sarah immediately straddled Jerome and thrust her pussy down on his cock.

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Jerome pulled Sarah to his chest and said, "Ivan, get over here, fuck your cock into her ass. This will probably your last wild cock sharing at the pussy palace sorority to fuck your wife." I was quick to place the head of my 'small white cock' at the entry to her bowels. I shoved in and heard her say, "Oh yes, my first DP, YES, FUCK ME, FUCK ME." I was so sexually charged, I was cumming within minutes, filling her bowels with cum.

I stayed in her ass as Jerome continued to thrust his cock into her pussy. I could feel his cock friction against mine, separated only by a thin membrane.

Sarah was in a constant state of orgasmic bliss as she would push back on Jerome's cock. Sarah's head was beside Jerome's head and she said, "YES, FUCK ME.

Fuck me all weekend, I love your cock.

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FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEEEE." And then Jerome stiffened as his cock swelled in my wife's pussy and Sarah yelled, "YES, FILL ME, I FEEL YOUR COCK THROBBING AND PUMPING MORE CUM IN ME." Jerome continued all weekend fucking my wife and once more, I was allowed to fuck her ass in a DP with Jerome. No one got any sleep. We were tired as I made coffee. As we alina lopez creampie while doing the full split in our bedroom, on a bed covered in cum and female ejaculate, Jerome said, "I did warn you of blacking your wife.

One thing I didn't warn you tho. I didn't tell you that within six months, all the black men within a fifty mile radius, will be well acquainted with your wife's mouth, pussy and ass." Sarah's eyes popped open and asked, "You are going to let other black men fuck me?" Jerome said, "Oh, yes. You are my white whore now and you will fuck any black man that see's your tattoo." Sarah asked, "What tattoo?

Jerome said, "We are going to get your tattoo today, the 'queen of spades' just above your right breast for all to see. Every black man will know they can fuck you any time and any place." Jerome allowed Sarah to wear only a white Tee shirt as we went to a friend's house for Sarah's tattoo. Jerome made Sarah remove the Tee shirt as his friend was talented with the ink needle. When he finished, Sarah knew, so she laid back and spread her legs and accepted more black cum deep inside her body.


Sarah looked at me and said, "I'm sorry baby, but I need black cock and cum. I love you for introducing me to Jerome." Sarah then rubbed the erection in my pants and said, "I'm sorry you will never fit again." I said, "I just want you to be happy, I knew for many years I couldn't satisfy your sexual desires." Jerome said, "Now that Sarah advertises for black cock, if she is shopping and a black employee sees her tattoo, she will be taken into a back room, stripped and fucked for an hour." Sarah smiled and said, "I guess I should go shopping more now." It was Thursday night at the gym when Jerome pulled a muscle in his back.

I called Sarah and let her know what the problem was and she said, "I have a couple of thermal pads, keep Jerome quiet until I get there." Sarah arrived and decided that Jerome would be better off in his bed with the heat pads. Sarah and I helped Jerome to her car and she drove him home. I helped her get Jerome in his house and we felt he would be better laying on his stomach on the inflexible floor for the heat treatment. I left Sarah as she was applying the pads as she said she would be along soon.

I went home and waited for Girl and mature xxx saxcom. Several hours passed and I finally went to bed. Sarah wasn't home Friday morning, and I called her cell, but it went to voice-mail.

No Sarah Friday night or Saturday and then she came in the front door nude Sunday morning, covered in cum, her pussy and ass leaking cum, her hair matted with cum. She looked tired, but was smiling as she came in and collapsed on the couch. I asked her how she was and she said, "I couldn't find my clothes, but my purse, keys and drivers license were in the car, so I could legally drive home." I asked, "But I left you with Jerome Thursday night, It's now Sunday.

What happened?" Sarah said, "Oh, what a great time. When Jerome was feeling better, he turned over with his big black cock hard, so I mounted him and while we were fucking on the floor, his room mates, TJ and Donovan came home and all three of them took turns double penetrating me, I guess two hours.

Then, I guess, Donovan made a call, so three of his friends came to the house with video equipment and all of them fucked me as we made a DVD. I'm a bit tired right now, I don't know where my clothes are, but I need some sleep." Sunday evening, Sarah woke and I made her dinner.

She hadn't showered yet and was still covered in dried cum, cum still oozing from her pussy and ass, but had the best smile I had ever seen. We sat in the kitchen and I asked her if she was OK. Sarah said, "Yes, I love you for letting me fuck black men.

Fairy tail mirajane strauss porn storys asked her if she got any sleep, Sarah said, "I was too exited, I wanted more black cock.

I am now going to star in gang bang movies and they will be sold to the adult book store where you have been renting our movies.

By the way, a lot of those white women in the movies you rented, they live with their husbands here in town. Those movies were made by Jerome and his friends. There will be times we'll run into them shopping, or when we get together at Jerome's 'black' parties where all you husbands, 'cuckold's, will attend and watch us being fucked all night." Jerome called and asked if Sarah got home safely, I let him know she was safe and now soaking in the tub.

Jerome asked me if I was OK now that Sarah was thoroughly 'blacked' and I said, "Yes, just what I wanted for her, to be happy and sexually satisfied." I asked him if I could be present and watch when they made movies of Sarah, and Jerome said, "Sure, a lot of our whore's husbands, cuck's, help with the video's. Maybe we should use your house Friday night for the next gang bang filming." I said, "I'll make sure there's plenty of food and refreshments.

After being fucked from Thursday night to Sunday morning, I think Sarah can take on fifty or more black cocks." Jerome laughed and akshay kumar ki sexy story sex stories that my wife was exceptional with her obsession for black cock.

My advice to white husbands, be sure, really sure, if you want to 'black' your wives, your lives will totally change, you will no longer have control over your wife's obsession for black cocks.