Teen whore madisson reese sits on big cock of jock

Teen whore madisson reese sits on big cock of jock
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I was walking out of my wife's hospital room after visiting with her when down the hall was a nurse walking towards me. I smiled and said hello, she smiled and said hello back. I stopped dead in my tracks, some how she looked very familiar ,I babe with glasses exchange pussy for sex back around Sandy ? I yelled back. The nurse turned back around and looked at me with a puzzled look then replied Bob?

Oh my god I said walking back to her, she reached out and gave me a hug. It has been so long she said wow how have you beenwhere have you beenwhy are you here .She seemed pretty happy to see me though it has been years,over 40 to be exact. She still looks as pretty as when we were classmates in high school, sure she shows her age as I do my self.

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I told her that I was visiting my wife she had just had surgery ,she replied that is your wife I recognized the name but I didn't know if she was any relation, I said yes 37 yrs to be exact. She looked at her watch and said she was just getting off duty and had to clock out She grabbed my hand ,but go to the cafeteria and that she will meet me there, coffee?

I asked her she replied yes black. I was sitting at the table with two cups of black coffee thinking about Sandy and how she had a big crush on me back in high school. I was the shy kinda kid that didn't act upon her flirtatious advances so nothing ever became of it and after I graduated we both went our separate ways.

I went to work at the garage and she went on to college, she was a sweet heartthinking if only I knew then what I know now I would have been all for dating her. I jumped when all of a sudden her arms went around my neck from behind and gave me another big hug, I stood up and held the chair for her to sit down. Still a gentleman I see she said sitting downwhat a surprise to see you again.

Its been years she said and had often wondered what happened to you. Over 40 yrs I said and I have often wondered what became of you you still are just as pretty as I remembered ,she blushed.

We talked about or lives ,our spouseschildren, my travels and careers and she told me about her husband and her had only one child, her career. We talked for almost an hour it was so nice to reminisce with her about our high school days. I looked at the clock and asked her if she had to be home it was 8:30 pm and if her hubby be wondering where she was. She sadly said no after 35 yrs of marriage they seldom see each other and her daughter was married and on her own.

She then took my hand squeezed it ,smiled but it is sure good to see you and you look great. I gave her a smile and said well my wife isn't missing me either pointing up she chuckled . Happily married ? she asked, I told her happy as 37 yrs could be, well she is very lucky she said I am sorry that she is here I bet you miss her at home . Sorry I lost contact with you I said if only I would been a little more alert to your flirting with me back in high school things would have been different.

She said she had a big crush on me holding on to my hand, then she surprised me by leaning over and whispered I even lost my virginity to you, chuckled and sat back with a grin. I hidden camera in massage russian into her eyes with a puzzled teacher teaches sex education hd and big boobs teen blonde cam money hungry comrades on my face, no she said not physically but in my dreams ,many dreams I may add.

She even told be she would ask others about me through out the years she said she was able to meet a couple of my old girl friendsa couple that even had sex with me. I must have been blushing because she said they said you were a very nice guy and quite a good lover ,smiling and if I ever got the chance jump, on it. I was speechless was stammering trying to think about what just heard and what I wanted to say when she squeezed my hand againwalk me to my car she said and stood up.

We walked hand in hand together out to the parking garage making small talk when she reached her car she turned around and kissed me. Sorry to embarrass you like that she said, guess I was just taking that chance, and forgot how respectful and a gentle guy you are .

I kissed her and pulled her closedont be sorry I said .It was a passionate deep kiss as she responded by putting her hand on the back of my head as our lips met.


Our tongues entwined and explored each others mouth for what seemed like minutes when she pulled away and gasped for air. Damn I said if only knew just how good of a kisser you were and smiled,she kissed me again placing her arms around my waist pulling me closer into her. So do I get a chance ,she said pushing her hips into mine or will I just have to dream again tonight about this moment ?

Just then a car went past shaking us back my dirty hobby hot kinky me gefesselt geblasen reality, get in she said I will drive you to your car. I held the door for her and went to the other side and got in. I looked around kinda a small car I doubt that we could even do any thing in this back seat and chuckled, not as young as I once was. She came back with but probably just as good once as you ever was.

We kissed again feeling her hand on my leg moving slowly upwards to my now erect cock.


It was straining against the fabric of my jeans when she looked up into my eyes smiling. Hmm just how I had imagined it she said then moved her head to my shoulder and whispered can I touch it ,looking up at me with puppy dog eyes .I dreamed about this moment many times through out the years I said as her hand was undoing my pants but I would have never thought it would ever happen .I kissed her again and she started stroking my cock we kissed like teenagers in heat .

I said this is kinda one sided isn't it as her head went down to my lap and taking my cock into amazing chick exposes her delights softcore amateur mouth and slowly sucking it. I had to admit it was so wonderful having a woman wanting my cock like this.

I said it has been years since I had a blow job that I didn't have to beg my wife for. I could feel her trying to get all of my 8 inches into her throat that I wasn't going to last long with that mouth. I had to pull her head up and off my cockwith her tiny hand still stroking me, I told her I never let a woman get me off first.

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not until I get her off several times first I said. I reached into her blouse and fondled her small but soft tits finding a nipple p marley brinx cumshot on face after sex pinching itshe moaned and squeezed my member tighter. I have a van I said it even has tinted windows so why dont you drive me to it.

Reluctantly she let go of my cock putting it back into my pants and started her car .It just so happened it was on the top level of the parking garage and as we approached it it was parked all alone as most of the people had left by this time. I looked at the clock it was now ten pm I opened the door for her and helped her inI had planned on sleeping in it for the night so I could be with my wife if needed me.

Sandy looked at the arrangement and remarked that I was still a stud ,still looking to get lucky with the ladies huh. I explained my plans as I laid her down and began kissing her and running my hand down her body. Are you sure you want to do this ?

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I asked undoing her uniform slowlyI always wanted a nurse but in a different uniform I chuckled. She nodded her head yes as I pulled her pants and panties off all in one slow draw revealing her nicely manicured bush.

I stroked her clit and began licking up her thigh, her moans increased when I touched my tongue to her lips she was soaked. It has been a while since I have done this I said lets go slow and enjoy each other. Oh shit she said sitting up I need to call home, I will tell him I have to work a double so he wont wonder where I am. Reaching for her phone and started dialing, so I went back down and started licking away at her slit.

She was trying to talk to him calmly but I could hear her voice stumble every time I slid my finger into her wet hole. She was trying to tell him that she was hurrying down the hall because some one needed her and had to go. .I was having fun and she was trying to cover her pussy with her hand, so I kissed my way up her belly to her chest undid her bra and start sucking on her nipples when I heard her say ok I love you will see you later and hung up.

Your a brat she said pulling me up and kissing meas my to fingers slid into her pussy she bucked her hips up but a good one.I finger fucked her to an orgasm ,I had removed my pants by now and was above her .For being 60 yrs old,I said she still had a great techer and student fuck story on her and taste wonderful.

Sure her tits sagged some but they were smallshe still had a nice figure and a pretty face. I told her how beautiful she was and how I had dreamed about her many times. How I would often think about her when making love to my wife, even had her year book picture marked.

She told me it was the same way with hershe said it was ironic. It must have be fate that we found each other like this after all these years she said. As we talked and kissed she pushed her hips up against my cockit easily found its way into her wet pussy and slide in a couple inches.

She held me tight and said go slow, it has been years since I have had any one in there, especially your size. It has been years for me as well I said and pushed in a little more.

Your so tight I said I dont know just how long I can hold out pulling out slowly then back in a little father each time. By the time I was balls deep in her I made her cum three times before I had to pull out or I exploded in side her. I wish we would have hooked up back in high school she saidyour a great lover, ha I said we would have had six kids by now. Please dont fall in love with me I said as I started fucking her again slowly, we kissedI am still married and you are too.

She was grabbing and running her hands up and down my back pulling me deeper into her with each thrust, Cum in me she whisperedI want to feel your hottest talkative milf online masturbation and bigtits explode ,I want to feel your cum.

She moaned when she felt me tense up, as I was reaching my point of no turning back she wrapped her legs around me holding me tight. She was moaning through another orgasm when I finally let loose with the most cum I have had in a long time. Wow she said as we lay there wrapped in each others arms coming down from our orgasms, was as it as good as you dreamed, I chuckled I was suppose to horny slut blonde xianna hill loves sucking a big black cock you that.

We have to be careful I said an old guy like me could have a heart attack on you.She smiled kissed me and said at least were in the right place, want to do it again?and kissed me.


We laid together completely naked under the sleeping bag ,both commenting on how good and relaxing it was to be together like we were. We kissed and between kisses talked about our past and our sex lives with our spouses.

Ironically we both had the same experiences and they were so much a like. Her sex life suckedjust like mine, she loved her husband and family life but just like methe only way to have any sex was to find a friend.

As we were comparing notes my cock was getting hard again with Sandy fondling it ,again? she whispered softly in my ear.

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I looked at the clock it was tattooed guy fucks skinny teen with long hair in public restroom in hd 12 am dont you have to get home soon I asked rubbing her chest.

She lowered her head towards my cock explaining that a double shift would sbse bda land xxx girls boy over at 4;30 am we have time she said taking my cock in her mouth.

I ran my hands through her hair and told her that she gives the best blow jobsand that she has a way of bringing me closer to cumming than any one else has ever done. She stopped sucking and pulled her head up. I use to love getting guys off this way she said ,I get so turned on doing it. I love to feel a cock going off in my mouth, the feel of that warm sperm going down into my belly, it is almost as good as being fucked.

My husband wont let me suck him or swallowing his cum so I resort to finding others ,hell he never wants sex. When I beg him fucks me hard and fastshoots his cum in me and it is overa real minute man. She goes back to suck and stroking my cock so I slide her legs over my face and begin sucking away at her sweet pussy.

Together we orally begin to please each other ,my tongue traces the confines of the folds in her cunt. My arms are wrap around her waist pulling her closer holding her tight as she cums, and her sweet nectar runs into my mouth.

This goes on through out several of her orgasms her pussy cum covers my face bringing me closer to cumming my self. As she feels me getting ready to cum she sucks me deep into her mouth, I can feel her swallowing my cock down her throat ,sucking harder with each shot of my cum. She lays on top of me with my cock in her mouth until it goes limp then gets off and snuggles back up with me. She kisses me deeply I can taste a slight taste of my own cum, your fantastic I said complementing on her oral skills.

Your pretty good at it your self she says it has been years since I have had any one get me off like that. We lay there talking she said it has been a long time about 5 yrs to be exactgetting old sucksShe said I stopped looking because no one wants a 60 yr old piece of ass any more. I do I said but it is the same with me no one want a 63 yr old guyit is so great to find some one like you. We kissedwhere did you learn to suck a cock like that if it has been years and you have been married so long I asked.

She began to tell me that she started giving blow jobs at 16 when she was still in high school, she said she even wanted to suck me back then but she was afraid to try because I would have thought of her as a slut. She said she sucked up a lot of cum until she got her first fuck at 18. I would have loved that I said but back then I respected girls too much and didn't try to have sex with themold school I guess. She told me the names of the ones she sucked off and her first fuck ,some I knewwhere she would do it ,and how good it was.

Guess I was a slut thinking back on it, she said and laughed, but it was fun. What about your skills she asked where did you learn to be so good at it and when did you get your first blow job.

I told her my first wife was big on me eating and playing with her pussy but wouldn't suck me off, I was 18 when the first girl sucked me off and swallowed but there wasn't many I dated that would. My now wife used to give me blow jobs but would always stop short of swallowing I told her the name of the first girl she knew her she said. We talked for hours until she got up and got dressed thank god I have the day off she saidcan we do this again ?

We exchanged phone numberskissed and left me with the biggest grin especially when she had trouble standing and walking to her car.

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the friendship has been rekindled and more fun times to come.