Blowjob by adorable horny babe hardcore handjob

Blowjob by adorable horny babe hardcore handjob
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The Houstonian Hotel, Club & Spa in downtown Houston is the hotel my assistant booked for my three days in Houston. The suite is an opulent retreat in the heart of the city. Two elegantly appointed bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms.

Formal dining facilities for up to ten guests and a private butler pantry. An oversized living room complete with a fireplace and a custom-painted grand piano. All accented by expansive views of the Chicago River and city scape framed by floor-to-ceiling windows. I threw my suitcase on the sofa and lay down on the hotel bed. I had a smile on my face. It had been a long and tiring day but I had come out on top.

I had inked a deal with a client and I would fly back to Dallas tomorrow with the knowledge that a hefty contract was on its way. Hell yes! Life is good. I got rid of my clothes and started to get ready for a shower. I needed to get refreshed and then chill out with a drink, enjoying and toasting my success. Then look through my black book for a female to keep me company all night. I got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around my waist and walked back towards my bed.

" Mmmmm&hellip. Isn't that a nice ass. Pity it is covered." It is a lust filled woman's voice. I spun around startled. What I saw took my breath away. Lying on my bed is a gorgeous woman, she is wearing the traditional "Abayah", covering her from head to toe. Her beautiful soft features are highlighted by some very light make up. She wore mascara highlighting her green eyes.

She is resting on her arm and looking lustily at me. " Who the fuck are you", I demanded. " How did you come into my room." She tauntingly said " I'm Lola.I was sent here by Mr. Ellison. I'm here to provide you pleasure." Secretly recording super hot teen call girl fucking shot in pov stood by the bed staring at me, " Take your Abayah off." I said. She has long black hair, almost C-cup breasts, long slender legs and flat stomach.

She is 36, divorced and from Yemen. She has a hot curvy figure. A wave of uneasiness washes over her. She quickly considered feigning illness and leaving. Lola sees my eyes glint devilishly in the low light. " So you're here to be my naughty girl." I said, whispering.

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I suddenly cross the room towards her, " Yes." She gulps, clenching her fists. The way I said naughty made her tense up. She feels her pussy tingling. " Oh, I'm sure you will pleasure me." I'm now behind her, my breath tickling her neck. " I know that you must serve me when I want and where I want." She bites her lip.

What I was saying was true. " Yes." She said. She wants me so bad. She feels herself getting wetter down there. " Mmmhm." I ran a finger up her side, all the way to her neck.

She gasps at my cool touch. " You like that?" She thought about it for a moment. " Y-yes, John." She is too turned on to lie. I suddenly begin kissing her neck from behind, a slow chain of kisses that went from her collarbone to her jawline. She moans, as my hand grasps her neck, while the other slips down her stomach to her groin.

I pull the straps of her bra off her shoulders, exposing her bare breasts to the cold air. My warm hand travels up her stomach and cups her breast. She shivers, thinking back to all the times she wanted a man to touch her like this. All the times she fantasized about this for the last six years after her divorce. Her panties became soaked as she realized just how much she wanted me. She wanted me to take control of her, to fuck her senseless, to feel my hard cock inside her.

She needed me. " Fuck me." She whispers quietly. She can't believe she said that. " What?" I replied, momentarily stopping the kisses. " Fuck me." She said louder, her voice still a whisper. " Your wish is my command." I said.

I turn her around suddenly and press my mouth to hers hard. She kisses me back, our tongues exploring each other's mouth for the first time. It feels amazing. She wraps an arm around my neck. The kisses resume, as she moves her other hand up my abdomen.

" Get on your knees." I demand. She did as she is xxx fulle sex stories story beak and got on her knees. She sees that the around towel my waist is bulging out.

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There is a big cock waiting for her. Lola moans softly, her voice hot and breathy as she let her tongue roll from her mouth, her lipstick is smeared. I pull the towel free letting it drop to the floor around my ankles.

My monster hard thick cock came springing out of hiding and almost hit her in the face. " OMG!" Lola mumbles as she looks in awe at the monster cock in front of her. It is 9 inches long and as thick as her wrist. It is topped by a large mushroom shaped head that is already leaking pre-cum from the slit. " Good God! That is the biggest cock I have ever seen," she marveles as she begins to gently stroke it with both of her hands.

I just sat there enjoying the feel of her soft hands and her awe of my cock. I gently put my hand on the back of her neck and pull her down toward my cock. She didn't resist at all as her mouth came in contact with my massive cock. Her tongue darted out and licked the pre-cum off my head.


Then she slowly begins to run her tongue around the head, licking and covering the top of my dick with her hot saliva. When she has the head completely coated and wet, she brought it to her lips and sucked it into her mouth. The sheer width of my cock stretched her lips so wide that she can barely get my dick into her mouth. Slowly, she works on my cock moving her head back and forth. Inch by inch, she manages to work more and more of my giant dick into sporty rude french chick full on analized and mature mouth.

I lean back as I watch this horny, under-sexed woman try and suck my cock into her hot mouth. She is good. I sigh and close my eyes as she managed to get 4 to 5 inches of steel hard cock into her mouth. Her saliva drooling dos tetonas grandes folllan con dos chicos de brunoymaria por todo el hotel of black guy and gral xxx storys mouth and ran down the sides of my cock, where her hands are continuing to stroke my massive penis up and down.

Finally, after several minutes, she lifted her sore jaws off my towering dick and took a deep breath. " God, you are so thick I don't know if I can get you up in my pussy," she panted as she looked at the column of male meat sway before her eyes. " Let's see. I bet we can." I said as I push her back toward the bed. She leans back against the bed, and I brought her legs up on the bed. As she stared into my face, I reached up under her short skirt, found the waistband of her panties and pulled them down.

I tossed them on the floor and raised the hem of her skirt. Slowly, a very pink and very wet pussy came into view. She has dark hair with a little landing strip of hair just above her clit.

Ever where else she is smooth as silk. I took her legs and placed them on each side of my body. This caused her pussy lips to split and widen, and I see just how wet and hot she is. It seems as though there is steam rising from her cunt, and it is suddenly very hot in the bedroom. I put my index finger in my mouth and covered it with my spit. Then I slowly slide my finger up into her hot wet pussy. She tilted her head back and moans softly as my finger pushed deep into her burning cunt.

" God, you are soaking wet. This won't be tough at all. I am going to enjoy fucking your tight little cunt," I said as pull my finger out of her sizzling cunt and licked off her cream. I move forward on the bed between her legs. She stares in amazement as the thick column of flesh waved and bobbed across the bed seeking the heat of her pussy. The sheer size of me is overwhelming. " Oh please go slow!" she pleaded.

" I am not going to hurt you, I promise." I took my cock in my hand and begin to rub the large head up and down the wet, smooth lips of her hot pussy coating the head with her juices. I rub the head up and stunning sex for a hot slut smalltits and homemade her juicy slit several times always paying close attention to her rock hard clit.

I nudge it and rub it on every upstroke of my cock until she is whining in protest. " Oh Fuck, put it in!! Oh I want you so bad. Come on FUCK ME!!!" I place the big head between her wet cunt lips and slowly push forward.

The big head slowly moves forward pressing against the tight mouth of her burning cunt. She feels the pressure building as the big head presses against her hot hole.

The head seems too big to fit inside her famished cunt, when suddenly, the muscles at the mouth of her cunt gave way and three inches of thick hard cock buried itself in her warm buttery cunt.

" UUUNNNHHHHH!" she groans at the sudden intrusion. The pressure inside her is amazing. Even with only three inches of my surging cock inside her, she feels stuffed. How is she going to get more of me inside her pussy?

I'm an expert at making small cunts open up to my monster cock. It just took a little time and patience, and soon she will be like a fucking the shit out her creamy pink pussy while she sleeping in heat begging for my huge pussy pleaser. I let the head of my cock rest where it is for a few moments until her pussy adjusts to my girth.

Then I slowly begin to rock my hips back and forth. She watches in fascination as slowly inch by inch of my long thick cock disappears into her pussy. Her pussy squeezing around my big cock tight like a vise and her cunt muscles seem to try to pull more of my cock into her. I fucked her nice and slow, feeding another inch into her pussy every few thrusts and she starts to cum almost at once. She is so stretched by my massive dick that all the folds inside her pussy seem to be completely smoothed out.

I'm touching her in places she didn't know she had. At first her orgasm seemed mild, but as I press more and more cock into her, the orgasm got bigger. The angle of my thrusts cause my cock to rub against her pulsing clit on each stroke in and out.

The combination of clit and vagina stimulation is driving her insane with lust. My cock met resistance at six inches, I stopped moving my hips.

I wasn't lying on top of her; I'm still between her these hot adorable gals hardcore and reality about 3 inches away.

She is sweating and breathing heavy, but she looks like she is in heaven." Your body was not built for a big cock," I said as I backed my cock out her of her molten cunt. My cock is covered with her blood tinged juice. It seems to glisten in the dim light. " Yes GOD!" she screams. " I love your big cock. I feel like such a slut. Fuck me like a slut with your fat cock.

OH FUCK!!!!!!!" I lean over her, putting my hands on the bed above her head, and began fucking her with long slow strokes. Her eyes are glazed over and her mouth hung open. Her face is flush with color eastboy gay cz 2019 hero I continue to slowly feed her stuffed cunt with a steady diet of long thick cock.

As I continue to saw into her, my cock managed to open her up more and more. Little by little I'm getting deeper and deeper into her over-heated and under used cunt, the sensations are blowing her mind. The length of my cock rubbing against her rock hard clit on each thrust, the contact is sparking a continual series of small but building orgasms that left her breathless. She begins to shudder as she builds toward a massive orgasm, I just continue to slowly fuck her with as much cock as I can get into her tight accommodating pussy.

The pressure keeps building and building in the depths of her over-stimulated pussy until all at once, her cunt muscles clamp down tight on my throbbing cock and her world imploded around my thrusting cock.

" FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKK!!!!!" she screams as she sees stars and flashes of colors, the sensations are so unreal for her. I just keep stroking and feeding more cock into her gushing cunt. " AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Lola yells as the powerful orgasm over whelms her and drove all thoughts from her mind, except the thoughts of endless pleasure that my monster cock is giving her climaxing cunt.

I stop thrusting and lean back on my haunches. Lola's breathing slows and she opens her eyes to stare at me. She is amazed to see that even sitting back from her, I still had about 6 inches of iron hard cock stuck up in her rippling and clutching cunt. She knew I was very powerful and hadn't started to really fuck her yet, and the thoughts of the pleasure to come overwhelms her.

" Her tits are small firm round and a mouth full. She had to be a 34 B. Her breasts are tipped with long rose colored nipples that point straight up toward the ceiling. I ran my hands over her creamy breasts and caressed them gently. She moans when I tease and pinch her sensitive nipples.

He bent down and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking it between his teeth and gently biting it. Her cunt muscles gave a spasm around my cock as I suck on her nipples.

I quietly waited for her to recover from her first orgasm. I gently stroke her breasts, stomach and thighs as her breathe returned to some semblance of normal.

" What are you doing?" " Making us some room to fuck." She moans in anticipation. I pull her ass down even further until her head is away from the bed's headboard. I lay down on top of her mashing her tits against my chest.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my back. My feet are at the foot of the bed. With all the moving around, my huge dick never left the comfort of her hot liquid cunt. " Are you ready to fuck?" " Oh my God." was all she could murmur. I slide my hands down and grab her ass checks and lift my hips.

I pause a minute as I look into her somewhat frightened eyes, then I slam my cock deep into her and she screams from the pain as the large steel hard rod drove into her upturned cunt and bounced off her cervix.

I had managed the last fuck to get all nine inches into her. I begin fucking her hard, slamming my cock into her over-worked pussy. " Are you my slut?" I demanded as I pull my thick cock out of her juicing hole and slam it in again. " Are you?" " Y-yes GOD!! OHHHH, I'm your slut." she groans. " I'm a slut for your big cock." I lift her butt and drove deep into her with long, hard thrusts.

As I drive my raging cock deep into her womb, my only thought now is the complete domination of this soft, pliant plaything in my hands. As I lance her creaming cunt with my prick time and after time, a wailing cry starts to come from deep inside her, " OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO." An almost continuous cry escapes her lips as I continue to slam into her with hard, deep, fast strokes that stretch her to her limit, impaling her, making every nerve end in her pussy fire in ecstasy.

Nothing existed but the prick that filled her; everything is driven from her mind as wave after wave of orgasmic bliss envelopes her.

Again.and again as I drilled deep into her open womb. Her second spasming orgasm hit her hard and exploded behind her eyes in a wash of color, but still I continue to jackhammer my massive cock into her abused cunt. My hips slamming against her rapidly, driving my cock in and out of her hot cunt. She groans as she feels my fat cock stretching her tight muscles, rubbing against the walls of her vagina. As I punish her pussy with my massive cock, she slides her hands all over body.

Her hands slide down around my waist to my ass as she pulls me into her, feeling my powerful muscles tighten with each thrust of my long cock.

She spread her legs wider and raised her legs above me so I could go deeper. Her eyes are closed as she moans and writhe under me. " OOOOHHHH, I love your cock.I love how you're fucking me.fucking me with your big cock." I responded to her praise by slamming the last hard inch of my fat, long cock all the way into her tight pussy.

She gasps out loud as she feels my full length penetrate her to the hairs of my pubis. Her eyes went wide from the shock of it. " I knew you would like that," I grunted as I slam into her once more. I hook her legs over my shoulders so her feet hung over my back. I rose up on my knees and begin to slam my big hard cock straight down into her upturned pussy. She looks up at me slack-jawed as I slam my body into over and over.

She claws at my back and cries out, " Oh god. .oh please.ohm.uuhhhh." Our bodies making wet slapping noises over the sound of the bouncing and creaking bed, with each fast hard thrust of my cock. My eyes were closed with intense pleasure as I slam my cock into her.

I grunted, " Yeah.take my cock.fuck.yeah.good tight pussy." " Oohhh.goddd.yyesss.fucckk mmmeeee.uuhhh.pppleassse." She cries in response. I continue to rise up and down on top of her, sliding my fat, hard cock in and out of her drooling cunt. She feels my thick cock stretch her wide. She ground her hips against me on my down thrusts and tingled as she feels her clit being stimulated by my plunging sword. She ran her hands over my back and ass.

It is endless. It never stops. Drilling deep inside her endless orgasming cunt. She feels the beginnings of a huge climax coming. She feels it in her chest and stomach. She feels it deep inside her cunt. She needed it. She wanted it. She starts to bounce up and down under me.

Her pussy got hotter from the friction of my cock and even more wet as my thick cock slams into her. She begins to moan and whimper and her tits bounce and sway as I slam into her. The union of cock and cunt made loud lewd noises as our bodies slap together. " Yeah.that's it.fuck that cock, you slut.make yourself cum.cum on my fat cock." Her orgasm is coming closer. My cock, my words are making her body shudder. She feels her cunt muscles begin to twitch and then convulse.

She begins to moan and shout as her pussy came hard around my huge cock.

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The spilling juices from her cunt flows over my hard shaft and balls. " OH GOD.OH GOD.OH FUCK.YESSS.YYESSS.YYEESSS.I'M.I'M.FFFFFUCKINGGGG.OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!" She bucks under me as I continue to thrust my hard cock into her steaming hot pussy.

Her tits are pressed against my hairy chest as she pants and tries to catch her breath. I had both of her fleshy ass cheeks in my hands and I spread them apart. As I speared her clutching climaxing cunt, I plunge a finger up her tight ass. Her world exploded into a million pieces as I drill my long hard cock into her tight pussy. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" Lola screams as her orgasm crested again and both holes clamped down on my invading body parts.

Her eyes rolling back in her head, she arched her back in one last powerful convulsion and she passed out from the intense overload of pleasure. I continue to slam the pussy of the passed out woman. Her pussy is still clutching and gripping at my plunging column as it rippled along my entire length. I'm sex fairy tales porn sex in the morgue this moment.

The tension, the pleasure, the possibility. I thrust down hard once more into her hot cunt with all 9 thick muscled inches. I thrust deep into her cunt to the hairs and exploded. Volley after volley of hot cum fired out of his erupting cannon coating her womb with his thick creamy sperm. His load just kept firing and it spilled out from her cunt in long white strands and dripped all over the truck seat.

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He stayed in the saddle thrusting and shooting into her swampy cunt, enjoying the thrilling sensations until there was nothing left inside his balls. Then he slowly pulled his deflating monster out of her. There was a big slurpy sound as the big mushroom head pulled out from between her slimy cunt lips.


He eased off the seat and stood up on the ground. Looking at her all spread out on the bed for a moment and went to the bathroom.