Sex stories in ebony dubbing

Sex stories in ebony dubbing
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Getting to know you Hi Here are a few questions so I can get to know you better Please answer them as honestly as you can and omit any which don't make sense or are irrelevant Thank you It will make our time together that much more interesting and prevent us wasting time and getting the wrong ideas from each other about our likes and dislikes Steve PERSONAL How old are you now?

How old were you when you lost your virginity Where did you lose it behind the bike shed, in a car, in bed (Whose bed), forcefully or by consent?

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Have you ever been pregnant? Was that by choice or accident?


Have you ever been married or are you married now? If you are married now what does your partner think about you and other men? SEXUAL HISTORY Have you ever had unprotected sex? Do you ever have unprotected sex? How many different men have you had sex with? Were they all your boyfriends Have you ever been on holiday sleeping with your boyfriend Have you ever been so drunk you didn't know if you had sex or not?

ORAL SEX Do you like receiving oral sex Do you like giving oral sex Do you give oral sex covered or uncovered If uncovered do you ebony teen cream and cum before sex a torment chair sexual teasing rope bondage or swallow If covered do you prefer flavoured condoms or ordinary ones Do you like giving oral sex in the 69 position LESBIAN SEX Have you ever had sex with a woman Did you kiss each other between the legs or was it just manual or toy stimulation Did you orgasm with her did she make you orgasm If so describe the event(s) and your feelings Would you have sex with a woman again?

OTHER SEXUAL ACTIVITY Are you into anything like bondage, mild or strong, Water sports, Do you enjoy sex rough or tender Have you ever had anal sex Did you like it or not Is it something you want to try or don't want to try VOYERISM Have you ever been watched having sex? Did you enjoy that Would you do it again Would you like to be videoed having sex Do you like pornographic movies I f so what type Do they turn you on or turn you off MULTIPLE PARTNER SEX Have you ever had sex with more than one man at one time Have you ever been part of a 3 some, 4 some or moresome?

Have you ever been spit roasted by 2 men?


Give details Have you ever used a strap on dildo on a man or woman? YOUR SEXUAL AREAS Describe your nipples and breasts Do you like them kissed, stroked or massaged Do you shave your pubic hair, wax it or trim it or let it grow busty trixie cas enjoys riding long cock in bedroom pornstars hardcore you ever let a man shave you?

Do like men who shave their pubic area or not? Have you ever shaved a man? YOUR PRIVATE SEXUAL ACTIVITY You told me earlier on that you have been in and out of sexual relationships with men In the intervening times how do you satisfy your sexual desires Do you masturbate?

How often do you masturbate yourself Do you use fingers, vibrator or other toys Do you do it in bed, in the bathroom, watching videos, do you buy girls magazines to see the naked men Have you ever masturbated yourself in front of anyone else? Have you ever masturbated in front of your boyfriend Have you ever done it at work at your desk?

Or in the office toilets If so give details What is the most public place you have ever masturbated yourself? How do you feel about men who masturbate? Suppose we were in a relationship and you woke up one morning pulled the bedclothes back and found me masturbating, what would you do? Kick me out of bed and tell me never to see you again, Send me to the bathroom to finish off, Take me in hand and complete me yourself.

Take me in your mouth and make me orgasm, Open your legs and tell me to burst the clouds inside you, Watch till I made myself orgasm and than make me tell you why I was doing it, tell me to go buy some magazines in future, buy me some magazines so we could do it together, take a visit to Ann Summers and let me buy an automatic masturbating machine Suppose that we have just had made love and I orgasmed inside of you but you did not orgasm.

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What would you make me do? Make me perform oral sex on you until you did cum either by me kneeling in front of you or you sitting on my face Masturbate yourself and make him watch Tell him to leave the room while you made yourself cum Make me finger you Get a toy and complete samantha mack joi cei instructions job yourself Suppose we had made love and you had orgasmed and I did not or for some reason could not orgasm What would you do?

Masturbate me till I did Suck me till I did Send me to the bathroom Roll over and go to sleep and ignore me YOUR UNDERWEAR How often do you change your panties What sort of panties do you wear? If a man wanted to smell or taste your panties would that be a turn on or a turn off?

Do you like stocking holdups or suspenders Do you have a basque, or teddy What is the most sexy outfit you have, the one that you feel really good in not what you think will turn a man on What is your opinion of men who like to dress up in ladies underwear? Your underwear?

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Is that a turn on or turn off YOUR TASTES IN FOOD AND DRINK Which wine do you drink? What is your favourite food? If I were to suggest a takeaway on our evening together what would you choose? YOUR FANTASY If we had only 4 hours together how much time would you want to spend in the following activities. Eating & drinking and getting to know each other Being sensually massaged by professional masseur If I do this for you it takes about 45-50 minutes Kissing, cuddling and arousal Bath or shower asian money and sperm for anal specialist or in underwear in bed having sexual experiences Where do you prefer sex?

Bed, bath, shower, kitchen table, car, hotel room, beach, woods, grassy bank, up against a wall, shop doorway Do you like being naked for sex of prefer to be partly clothed. What is you secret fantasy? What is your favourite position for sex and why? Which is most important to you in a man - length or width ? Would you like to have photographs taken of you having sex or being penetrated by a man or woman How about a video?

How wet are you now? Thank you for completing this Your answers will ensure that we have a truly memorable evening together.