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Tour of booty local arab working girl entertains american soldiers in the middle east
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"That's the last one," Michael says as he stretches, putting the last of my and Ali's boxes in our new on-campus apartment. Ali claps happily, wrapping her arm around her dad and then me, pulling us into a group hug. My heart stammers at my closeness to Michael, my ex-lover. I don't think you can really call him my boyfriend, seeing as he was twice my age and my best friend's father. "Thank you daddy!" she says happily. Ali and I are both wearing workout legging capris and skintight cropped t-shirts, showing off our newly pierced belly buttons.

"Yes, thanks Mr. Johnson," I say casually with a small smile. "Anything for my two favorite girls," he says while looking at both of us, a spark in his eye as he looks from his daughter to me, smirking. He looks gorgeous in his workout clothes, despite the sweat spots on his neck from the Texas heat and humidity in August. We've spent the majority of our day moving boxes into our new apartment, our first day of college just days away.

"I need some food, I'm gonna go pick up some food at that restaurant we saw on the other side of campus. Do you want to go with me, Charlie?" Ali asks as she grabs her purse and phone from the counter.

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"I think I just want to rest, if that's okay," I say with a small smile as I sit on the opposite side of the couch Michael is sitting on. "Of course," she says cheerily, waving at me as she walks out of the door. My stomach stirs as I look at Michael to see him looking at me too. It's the first time we've been alone with each other since the day we decided to call our "fling" quits. I'd never stopped being attracted to him, and I know I never would.

"Ali should be a while, knowing the traffic throughout campus with everyone moving in…" I say, trailing off as Michael looks me up and down.

"One last time before not seeing each other for who knows big titty webam milf fucks her holes long?" Michael asks, looking nervous—completely unlike his confident self.

I can't help but giggle at how cute him being nervous is, but I'm quickly cut off by a pool of wetness forming in my workout capris. I nod and not even two seconds after my nod, I'm being pulled onto Michael's lap. I gasp and chuckle, "Excited…?" I ask with a smirk and he bites my bottom lip.

"Oh I've missed you, Charlie." he whispers against my neck as he trails kisses along it, placing little bites and suckles all along it, knowing my tender spots. I moan quietly, rubbing my crotch down to meet his, feeling his hardening bulge as his hands lift my top off, taking my sports bra with it.

Sunny leone and jessi capelli xxx storys lust-filled eyes stare at my 34C cup breasts with complete adoration just as he goes in with his mouth, sucking on my nipples and pulling on each with his teeth.

I whimper and gasp as I feel his hand slip underneath the waistband of my tight workout capris leggings, hearing his satisfied groan at my being panty-less. He begins to rub my clit firmly, not wasting any time as I lean back, my hands on his knees and moan out louder. "Michael!" I moan, almost whining with the need to feel his cock inside of me as my orgasm hits, my body rocking on his lap with his fingers fervently rubbing my overly sensitive bundle of nerves over and over, my moans getting louder.

Once my orgasm subsides and he slips his hand out of my leggings, I quickly get on my knees, thankful for his elastic-banded shorts as I pull them down with his boxer briefs, giving his engorged cock freedom. His cock is at full mast and I moan with excitement as I lean forward, taking it in my mouth happily and sucking it, my tongue running along the underside and around the tip.

My hands go to his balls, massaging them softly as I take him deeper inside my mouth, feeling the tip of his cock hit my throat. I hear him gasp and I pull back from his cock just to feel his hand pull me back onto it. I giggle softly at his excitement but am quickly interrupted with the constant rise and fall of his hips as he begins to fuck my mouth. Minutes later, he groans and pushes my face slowly away from his cock, "I want to cum inside you, baby… Come up here," he says lovingly hot abella danger sex with nikki benz I look at him, bite my lip and happily oblige.

I slide my workout leggings down and climb onto his lap, kissing him deeply, biting on his lip as I pull away from the deep kiss, slowly lowering myself onto his hard cock. I forgot how much he filled me and how amazing it always felt.

I whimper, "Oh, Michael…" as his head pops into my tight hole, then the rest of him, until our hips are just barely touching. "I'm going to fuck you, hard and fast now baby," he says as he grabs my hips, lowering himself and me on the couch so my feet are firmly planted on the ground as he half sits and half lays down on the couch, giving him better leverage to plow into me, which is exactly what he starts doing.

I cry out and say in a squeal, "Fuck!" as he begins to plow into me, the sound of our skin slapping together the only noise in the room. He's fucking me faster than ever before and my entire body is burning at the amount of pleasure he's giving me with his cock.

"Oh my… Michael!" I scream out and grip his knees behind me as he continues to pound me, his breathing ragged as his stamina is pushed to the limit. My breasts are bouncing quickly as his cock enters and leaves my pussy at an unbelievably fast pace. I can feel my juices making the fucking easier, I hadn't been fucked this good since spring break, and my god had I missed being fucked like there was no tomorrow.

"I'm gonna cum, Charlie!" Michael shouts in a groan, and his words make my orgasm come faster and just as he begins to shoot his cum inside of me, my entire body stiffens, my pussy squeezing his cock tightly as my body rocks back and forth, my moans filling the room as my eyes squeeze shut and I see stars. "Oh my…" I hear Michael say softly as I fall onto his chest, exhausted. "Oh my is right…" I whisper, giggling softly and breathing hard at the wonderful fucking I had just been apart of.

"I've missed your tight pussy baby," Michael whispers as he places a kiss on my forehead. I lift my head, smiling as he kisses me on my lips. I kiss him back deeply and we begin to make out lazily—and we continue to for what seems like an hour but must be only super mom and milf krissy lynn in the sinful stepmother minutes or so. By the time Ali returns, Michael and I are both dressed. We all eat, unpack the majority of the boxes and say our goodbyes to Michael.

Ali starts to cry and wipes her face, smearing her makeup so she hurries to the bathroom. I look up at Michael and he looks down at me and plants a hard kiss on my lips quickly, his tongue seeking mine before pulling away.

"Take care of yourselves," he tells me playfully, with that handsome smirk on his face. "Yes sir," I say in a playful tone as Ali walks out and gives him one more hug. We follow him down to the parking lot and wave at him as he drives away.

I give Ali a side hug as we watch him leave. "Here's to the next chapter of our lives, Ali." "Party time," she says with a raise of her eyebrows. I shake my head with a smile and walk back towards our appointment building as I hear a whistle behind us. I turn around and see someone I didn't think I'd ever see again. The hot blonde from Cancun, Jason. His eyes widen as he realizes who I am, as do mine. "If it isn't the wonderfully sexy Charlie!

My my, I didn't think I'd see you again!" he says with a smirk as he runs forward, picking me up and hugging me. I laugh and hug him back, placing my hands on his shoulders as I look him up and down, "What a small world, I had no idea you go here." "We didn't do much talking in Cancun, did we?" he asks with a grin and I laugh, remembering the many times we fucked, along with his friend Matthew. "No we didn't," I say and hear Ali clear her throat. "Oh, sorry, you remember my friend Ali?" I ask and gesture to her.

"Yes, of course, you were the taken one, my friend was quite disappointed," he says. "Well I'm single now, maybe I can meet up with him and make it up to him," she says with a grin and I smile at her forwardness.

Her breakup with Josh had been hard on her, but I was glad she was opening herself up to other guys. "Oh he would love that, wouldn't mind seeing Charlie either," he says and holds out his phone to me. "Put your number in my phone, my fraternity is having a huge party to welcome the new school year tonight, we'd love to have you girls there." "Oh I'm sure," I say with a grin as I type my number in his phone and hand it back to him.

"Wait, are you two freshmen?" he asks as he looks at the on-campus apartments we're living, which are specified for freshmen. When I nod he looks surprised, "Damn, you did not fuck like a high schooler." Ali starts laughing and so do I, "Thanks so nicol black in sexy russians perfect body fucked, I think." "Oh believe me, it's a compliment," he says.

"Man, I must be really lucky today, running into you. Mature lady urges clients to request extra heading to the frat house right now, you got pretty lucky, you live just two blocks from Greek Row. You planning on going Greek?" Ali and I look at each other and shrug, "We've thought about it," I say.

"Well you definitely have the looks for it," he says, looking us up and down again. "Damn, please join a sorority, we'll have a lot of fun at events.

Rush week starts Monday, think about it." "We will," Ali says happily. "Alright, I'll text you with the exact time for the party, remember, it's the FIJI house on the Row," he says as he points to his shirt with FIJI written on it. "Wear something hot, even though anything you wear will be hot," he smirks, winks and walks away. "I don't remember him being that hot," Ali says and I laugh. "You only had eyes for one guy back then… Guess we're going to our first frat party tonight!" I say excitedly and rush back into our apartment to get ready for the party.

Hours later, I am shaved, showered and look great with soft waves and a face of natural-looking makeup. I look at myself in the mirror and I'm very pleased with my outfit. I'm wearing a black leather mini skirt beefy dong for a curvy beauty hardcore blowjob an asymmetrical hem, a skin tight white and black striped halter crop top and high heeled sandals with straps wrapping around my ankles and up to my calves.

I shift around, already wet at the thought of going commando in a skirt this shirt, and as I do I see my nipples harden—I also skipped a bra. I thank my perky 34C cup breasts for not sagging, grab my purse and head out the door with Ali, who is wearing a tight body con striped dress, looking gorgeous with her long blonde hair straight and over one shoulder.

"Ugh, Charlie, you look so tan and gorgeous," she says with a frown. "It's because I'm Hispanic sweetie," I tell her with a grin as we ride the elevator down and begin walking towards Greek Row where music is booming and can be heard blocks away. "I'm still jealous," she says with a smile and bumps my shoulder. After a five minute walk, we arrive on fraternity row. Gorgeous, huge houses line the street on either side, each with their own party going on. We get cat-called a few times, whistled at more times than we could count until we reach the house with FIJI on the front.

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We walk up the sidewalk, smiling at the guy 'guarding' the door. He's wearing a FIJI shirt and a backwards cap, looking adorable. He looks at us and his eyes widen a little.

"Damn," he says with a smile and holds his hand out. "I'm Brad, y'all here for the party?" I shake his head, then Ali does and I look down at my outfit and then Ali's. "I think it's what we're dressed for, yes," I say with a playful smirk and hear Ali giggle beside me. He laughs softly, "Well normally I'd have to ask you who you know in the house before I could let you in, but uh… I'm pretty sure none of my brothers will oppose to having you two at the party." "Well I do know someone, Jason and Matthew," I say and he nods, gesturing towards the door and opening it for us.

In an instant, we're surrounded by the smell of booze, marijuana and smoke from the smoke machine. The lights are off and the only light in the room are string lights strung from the ceiling and black lights placed in certain places.

There's a DJ playing the latest hip-hop hits and techno, along with trap music—some of my favorites. "Drinks?!" I hear Ali say, even though I know she must be screaming because of how loud the music is. I nod and grab her hand, pulling us towards a door that keeps swinging open and shedding light. I can only assume it's the kitchen where I hope there is plenty of alcohol.

As we push through the door, I'm very pleased to see an industrial kitchen, a kitchen made for a chef and instead of a large kitchen isle like I expected, the entire middle of the kitchen is filled with not one, not two, but 14 kegs and 6 black giant trash cans. As I inch towards the trash cans, I see that yes, they are filled with trash can punch. A mixture of lord knows what with punch. As I bend over to sunny leone bf story jabardasti rape sin it, I feel hands come up behind me and pull me to the body of the owner.

"I'd know that ass anywhere," I hear someone whisper in my ear. I turn around to see Jason grinning at me and I laugh, shaking my head.


"I hope so…" "Well you definitely listened to my advice, you and your girl here are the hottest girls here," he says as he points to our outfits. Ali and I look at each other, giggling as the door swings open and in comes Matthew, the very handsome brunette with the very thick cock that I fucked in a threesome with Jason on several occasions during my week-long trip to Cancun over spring break.

"Jason told me you and your blonde friend were here but I just could not believe our luck!" he says as he inches towards me, pulling my face up and landing a hard kiss on my lips. "Looking hot babe," he says as he kisses me again. I laugh at his forwardness and he pulls back, moving towards Ali and grabbing her hand, planting a kiss on the back of it.

She blushes and I roll my eyes, grinning. "Drinks?" Matthew asks, as he scoops out some trash can punch and pours two cups, handing us each one. "Thank you," Ali says in her flirty voice and Matthew practically melts.

After several drinks, all from the trashcan punch bowl that I could barely swallow down with the very strong alcohol taste, but after about three or four, it became easier. "Well now that we have an even number in this group, how about we head out to the party area so we can show you two off?" Jason asks with a smirk. We agree and head out of the kitchen and into the area that has basically been turned into a dance floor, feeling much too drunk for just being there for an hour. Ali goes with Matthew and dances against him like he's a stripper pole, and he of course just stares at her and enjoys himself, as do other onlookers.

As I watch them, giggling with the world spinning as I get accustomed to the dark room with flashing lights and black lights every, I feel Jason pull me against him. My chest is against his and he leans down and kisses me, I kiss him back and as I open my mouth to welcome his tongue, I feel a capsule hit my tongue from his. He had slipped a molly into my mouth and I swallow happily, kissing him hard, remembering how much I enjoyed my last time with molly and him.

We dance like we did on the beach, pressed against each other tightly with the exception of Matthew getting to do the same with Ali. I press my back against Jason's front harder, feeling the bulge of his cock between my ass cheeks crying girl blackmailing forced strip feel his hand sliding down my stomach, his fingers rolling around my belly button ring.

I whimper as he rubs around my belly button, fingering the chain hanging from the piercing. "This is new… It's sexy," he says into my ear, I smile and giggle softly as he kisses behind my ear and slides his hand lower. The dance floor is packed and everyone is basically pressed against each other, so no one notices when he reaches the hem of my skirt and pulls it up, revealing my panty-less pussy.

"Oh and you're commando, you're just begging to get fucked tonight, aren't you?" He asks as he slides his hand up higher, reaching my slit and finding my sensitive nub, beginning to rub my clit softly. I moan louder, moving my hips to the beat of the music as he runs his fingers up and down my slit. When I feel one, then two slide into my soaking wet pussy hole, my knees go weak and he has to wrap his free arm around me below my breasts to hold me up. My hands grip both his arms as he begins sliding his fingers in and out of me in a torturously slow yet delicious pace as he fills me to his knuckles.

I place the back of my head on his shoulder and moan louder as he begins to finger fuck me faster. The pleasure is so great that I forget we're at a party, in the middle of a dance floor packed with girls and fraternity guys. My moaning gets louder as I feel myself inching closer towards my orgasm, and then I feel another touch, softer, rubbing my clit quickly as Jason's fingers fuck me harder. I american mom son incest storys with english subtitles my eyes and look forward as I see Ali staring at me, Matthew pressed against her back, his hands around her waist and looking down at my pussy being ravaged by his friend's fingers.

I look down to see Ali's velvety soft fingers moving quickly in circles on my clit. "Ali…" I moan and she puts a finger from her free hand on my lips and continues her assault on my clit.

I lean forward and kiss her hard, biting her bottom lip firmly as I begin to cum around Jason's fingers, my creamy pussy juice filling his hand as I cry out into my best friend's mouth, her tongue exploring my mouth and her fingers continuing their relentless movement on my nub. She pulls away as my clit becomes to sensitive from my orgasm and reluctantly, I pull away from her mouth.

"Holy fuck," I hear someone say as they begin to notice what's going on. More eyes are on us and I feel Jason's hand slip out from under my skirt, then feel his lips next to my ear.

"I think we should move this to my and Matthew's room, it's just upstairs, let's go baby…" he says and kisses my neck as he leads me away, my legs shaking from my intense orgasm.

I look behind watch your wife get penetrated harder than ever and grab Ali's hand so she follows me. Matthew is right behind her and following.

As we walk up the stairs I realize just how intoxicated I must be. My head spins as we climb the stairs and Jason has to practically carry me up the ret of the stairs.

I turn around as we reach the door to the guys' shared room and see Matthew having to do the same thing with Ali. I giggle at her and then walk into the room, seeing a huge room with two full sized beds and a TV with countless entertainment electronics. As the door closes, I turn around to see Ali removing her dress, showing off her slightly pale skin, beautifully contrasted with the black lace bra and thong she's wearing.

She walks towards me, ignoring the reaching hands from Matthew and grabs my face, kissing me hard. I start to giggle against her lips but I'm interrupted by her tongue. We begin to make out and her lips are so soft, her taste so good as we make out more frantically. "I've been wanting to do that since our threesome," she says in a dream-like voice, pulling away from me.

I realize she must've gotten some molly from Matthew too and she is probably feeling just as good as me. "Well, let's turn this into a foursome, shall we?" I hear Jason say as his arms wrap around me, and slide up my body, taking my halter crop top with him, throwing it across the room on his my ebony ex girlfriend sucking my hard dong and getting filmed from my. His hands grip my perky C-cup breasts and play with my hardened nipples as Matthew does the same to Ali.

Ali and I reach for each other and begin making out again, our tongues doing a fast dance as we moan into each others mouths, both of our breasts being squeezed, pulled and fondled by the two fraternity guys on either side of us. I then feel my skirt being unzipped and falling to the floor and hands reaching for my pussy for the second time that night. I pull away from Ali's mouth and see her trying to reach my pussy again. I shake my head and push her towards one of the beds.

"It's your turn to get some pleasure," I say in a playful voice as she shimmies upward, giving me room to kneel on the bed between her legs. Matthew had completely undressed her during our make out session and I silently thanked him as she opens her legs, giving me the perfect look at her milky pale thighs, perfectly contrasting against her bright pink pussy petals, surrounding her hardened clit.

I lean forward and lick up from her tight little puckered asshole to her clit, loving the sound of her squeal.


"Holy fuck," I hear Jason say behind me and hear clothes being thrown on the floor. My mouth is wrapped around her clit, my tongue moving in circles around her clit quickly, my fingers teasing her tight cunt as I lick and suck her clit. When her moans stop, I look up to see what's keeping her so quiet to see Matthew kneeling beside her and her mouth wrapped around a thick cock, her jaw strained as her mouth tries to take all of it in.

The sight is so hot that I quickly lean forward, my tongue going back to her hardened, protruding clit as two of my fingers slide into her slick cunt. And not two seconds later, I feel two hands spreading my ass cheeks and feel a tongue licking up my slit, ending on my tight, virgin asshole. I gasp at the strange feeling and wiggle my ass as I finger fuck my best friend's tight pussy.

Jason's tongue licks a few times around my asshole and then moves down to my slit. He suckles on my clit firmly, his teeth grazing the sensitive nub before licking up my slit and reaching my cunt.

I feel his hands spread me open wider as he begins to tongue fuck me quickly. As my moans get louder around Ali's clit, I begin to finger fuck her harder. I look up, my mouth wrapped around Ali's nub to see her sucking and bobbing on Matthew's cock quickly. Her little gags are so sexy that I finger fuck her harder than I've even fucked myself and hear her moan around his cock as she begins to release her sweet cream around my fingers, her orgasm making her gorgeously pale body stiffen just a little.

I take my fingers out of her pussy, loving the smell of her and licking up the thick cream on my fingers. As I suck on my fingers satisfyingly, I watch Matthew as he grabs either side of her face and begins to fuck her mouth, just as I feel Jason slide into me. I cry out, having to grip the bed as Jason grabs a hold of my breasts tightly, pulling me closer to him as he begins plowing into me.

I throw my head back in ecstasy, feeling one of his hands wrap around my hair, twisting it and wrapping it around his own hand as leverage for his relentless pounding of my pussy.

The sound of Ali's gagging ceases and I look around to see her placed in the same position as me, inches away as Matt slides into her, his thick girth making her cry out loud. Within seconds, the pounding of both of our pussies are synced up and our moans are loud, turned on by each other and the beyond sexy guys plowing into us.

Jason pulls my hair back, pulling my head with it as he bites my ear lobe, whispering roughly in my ear, his breathing erratic as he pounds me, "You are such a fucking slut, do you love giving my brothers a show?

Huh?" he asks and I look to the door of their bedroom where at least ten pairs of eyes are looking into the room, some with phones out with the flash, recording our foursome.

For some reason I've never discovered, the fact of being watched and recorded while getting fucked with my best friends makes me pussy absolutely drenched, and within seconds I feel my juices sliding out of blonde with big tits in vaginal action pussy and down my thighs.

As the pounding of both my and Ali's pussies gets harder, rougher and faster, with the groans of the guys getting louder, my orgasm hits and I scream, crying out and moaning all at once, my body stiffening.

I feel Jason begin to shoot his loud inside me, a few seconds past my own orgasm, but as I ride it out, my pussy grips his cock, milking it of all his cum. I fall onto the bed and breathe hard, feeling my skin sticky with perspiration as Ali falls beside me, her orgasm having hit seconds after mine.

We look at each other, grinning at the amazing fucks we had both experienced together just as Jason leans down between us, looking lucy lee tight ass gets rammed well both of us with a huge smirk, "Welcome to college, girls…"