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Yo girl with the biggest boobies on the net
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Daddy and Son Cumming Together. As I poured another shot of crown and we shared a shot of the golden courage and looked at each other. It was normal for me to drink but my dad wasn't much of a drinker and he would only do a few shots with me.

I would always take that opportunity to kiss him while I could taste the whiskey on his mouth and we would kiss deeply and suck each others tongue. I slowly pulled away and I placed the clear cylinder upon his cock and began to pump it up until he told me to stop. My dad was a strong muscular man and his cock was huge. It was uncut and it had a thick base and yet it slimmed down some and then was even thicker before it got to his head which was small in comparison to the rest of his cock.

His cock was perfect to me and I loved the way it could make me feel. I poured myself another shot of crown and my dad quickly pulled me to him&hellip. I knew he wanted to taste the crown in my mouth and I was eager to kiss his mouth.

I loved the way his strong hands would pull me to him. The way he made me feel while I was in his arms was one of comfort and erotic. I knew that he was taking advantage of me and I loved it. Once the whiskey began to take its affect we both became so horny for one another even more so than we were already.

I couldn't wait to have his cock enter my ass and fuck me to the point that at times I couldn't get enough of and I often would beg him not to stop fucking me because it felt so good. The way he could make me sexy babe cassidy gets fucks brother of her boyfriend in kitchen was absolutely amazing and I couldn't even begin to describe how it felt having your dad plow his massive cock into you. He told me to stand up and to bend.

He wanted me to show him what he was going to stick his swollen cock in. He asked me to part my cheeks as he sat there on the couch with the vacum pump on his cock. He told me to come over to him and to get up two classy brunettes have some lesbian fun the couch where he could rim my ass. As I stood over him I slowly lowered my self down to where his tongue to touch me hole.

It was freshly shaven and very clean. Slip japani oman xxx story would tease him while doing this by lifting my self up to where he couldn't get his tongue up to it. He only allowed that for a few minutes and then he reached up and grabbed my waist at the top of my thighs and pulled me down to where he could really get his tongue up to my hole.

He could literally get his tongue up in me just a bit and when he did I would tremble from the tingling sensation that it gave me. I began to grind my ass in my dads face and told him to suck that young tight ass. We did this for a few minutes and then I turned around and we began to kiss again. The level of horniness between us was incredible. It was so taboo to be doing this and it was one of the things that would bring us to such a state of craziness.

That and the whiskey was allowing us to really let ourselves loose. The time had come for me to remove the cylinder from his cock and massage his thick shaft and balls for a few minutes before repeating the same sequence for another 15 minutes.

This would allow his cock to get to its most swollen state by forcing a large amount of blood to flow in and through his cock. There was a slight amount of pre cum on his swollen cock head that was glistening in the dimmed light and when the light caught it just right you could see the pre cum stretch from his swollen head up to my lips.

I never really like the taste of cum at first but I had become obsessed with my dads cum and I craved it. Before I placed the cylinder back over his enlarged cock and pumped it up I slowly took his enormous cock in my mouth and took it as deep as my mouth would allow. He grabbed me by the head and place his hand on my throat as he felt his swollen manhood begin to choke me.

My eyes were starting to water and I began to gag as his enormous cock stretched my throat. I tried to pull away but he forced me to keep it there for just a few seconds as he thrust his hips causing his cock to choke me even more. You could hear the gurgling sound of his cock abusing my mouth.

As he allowed me to pull away, he told me he loved the way my throat felt. I looked at him and smiled and then spit on his cock. I slid the cylinder upon his cock and pumped it up until he told me to stop.

This had become a ritual. He wanted his cock as big as it could get so that he knew I would probably never have anyone fuck me with a cock that would even come close to his. It was large and thick and I would say 8 maybe 9 inches long.


My dad was a large man and he shaved his head because he was starting to go bald. I liked the way it looked and soon found myself admiring how good he looked. He was a hard blue collar worker and his life had not been an easy one. His hands were large and he was just a solid man from his feet all the way to his neck.

He had a demeanor about him that put people at ease. I just really liked being with and around him. My mom had left him a few years ago and ever since then I felt closer to him than ever before. We never saw her much and it was pretty much just us. While I poured myself another shot of crown he told me to pour him one and so we had another drink together.

I shot the whole shot down in one gulp. He grabbed me by the back of my neck and pulled me into him. My dad wasn't mean but yet he handled me in a way that was firm and was still loving in the way he did it.

He pulled me near him and told me to take the cock pump off. I released the valve and you could see his cock raging to get out of there and into me. He couldn't hide it from me nor did he try to. His huge and thick cock with the uncut skin on it made it look even more amazing. I loved everything about it and he knew it. He told me to suck it without saying a word as he guided my head down to his dick.

He knew I couldn't take it all in and yet he loved to hear me gag on it as he tried to make me take it all. I actually liked the way it felt when I could feel his massive cock head hit my throat and cause me to give a reflex gag. He would talk softly to me and tell me how good it felt and how he loved knowing that his son was sucking his cock. He pulled my head away from his cock and began to kiss me and he pulled my naked body up doggy style pussy fucking for abella danger top of his and my legs were straddling his waist.

He took his cock and placed it at the crack of my ass and began to dry hump me while he kissed me. He soon was kissing my neck and my shoulders and them back to my mouth again. He knew how much I liked that and how it turned me on and made me so horny. He pulled my head away to where he could look me in the eyes and just stared at me while he continued to hump his cock up against my ass crack.

He knew I wanted him to fuck me and he loved the fact that I would get drunk on whiskey so that I could handle all of his cock. I eased up close to him and began to kiss him and suck on his tongue. Our kisses were crazy good and we loved the foreplay as much as anything else.

I whispered to him that it felt good and that the whiskey had me feeling good. I hotmom fucking my son full him how hot he was and that I loved the way he held me firmly and I wanted to feel him inside of me. He looked at me and said you want your daddy to fuck you don't you. I just nodded but that wasn't good enough.

He wanted to hear me say the words to him. He said tell me how much you want your daddy's cock in you. Before I could answer he asked me if I was craving his massive cock and asked me how bad I wanted it. In a innocent voice I told him that I loved his swollen cock especially after it was pumped and that is was just right for me.

I looked at him and said don't make be beg you for your cock daddy. He said please beg me for it. Tell me how bad you want your daddy to fuck you tonight. With that I reached down and grabbed his cock with my left hand while I had my right hand around the back of his neck and began to struggle with it so I could ease it into me.

He gently lifted me up just a bit so the head would get to my little whole. He reached his hand over to the lube and put some on his cock and rubbed some on my love hole. He softly whispered to me that he was lovely hottie gets pleased on the sofa fucking horny knowing that I loved the way he fucked me. I leaned into him and began to kiss him knowing I would soon feel my little ass being impaled my his massive uncut cock.

As I felt the head of his cock touch my asshole I shuddered just a bit. He told me to relax and let it slide in. No matter how bad I wanted it and craved it there was always the adjustment period from the time it first went in me until I could become comfortable with it being in me. I let out a soft moan as I felt it pierce my little hole and squeezed his arms.

He pulled my tensed body next to his as I sat on to of him and held me firmly up against him. He slowly began to force his cock into my ass and he could tell that it was hurting me. I asked him if I could have another shot of crown. He said sure. He just handed me the bottle and I took a shot that was much more than just a shot. As soon as I took it he danica dillan in rainbow socks gets nailed his cock in just a little bit further and he could tell by my reaction that I loved it and yet it still hurt.

He asked me if I wanted some more of his cock. As I started to answer he forcefully held me tight to him and forced his cock deeper into me. I clutched onto him and whimpered just pinay student high school finger bit. He knew that I wanted it and yet he knew he had to be gentle with me. He began to softly kiss me and tell me how good I felt upon his cock. My desire to have him in me was starting to take over the uneasy feeling I had of him stretching my ass.

I tried to lift myself up just a bit to adjust and allow it to enter again but, he wouldn't allow it. He controlled what was happening and pulled himself out just a bit before sliding his way back in. He continued to do this until he could feel me relaxing. He told me to look him in the eyes while he was fucking me.

I looked at him as I was told and I loved the look he gave me and the expression he made as he pushed his massive cock further up inside of me. My desire to feel his entire cock in me was causing me to try and force it in deeper. He pulled his cock out of me and reached around with his hand and stuck one of his thick fingers inside of me to get me loosened up.

He had big fingers and compared to his cock I could take his finger pretty easy. He massaged my little hole and then I felt him reaching for his cock and then he pressed the head up to my asshole. He slowly entered me and this time he was able to get much more of it in me. I started to fuck my dad by sliding up and down his shaft.

He allowed me to set the pace and I quickly began to try and get passed the thickest part of his cock. I know when I get passed that point things begin to get easier and they start to feel really good. He would mutter to me fuck me baby.

Fuck your daddy. Take this big cock like you love it. The more he would say those things to me the more I became determined to take all of it inside of me. As we continued this his urge to enter all of his cock in me became to much for him and he began to slowly force me down on his thick fuck pole.

I resisted but I was no match for his strength and he forced me to take it in deeper. I whimpered and whispered that it was hurting me. He grabbed me firmly by wrapping his hands and arms around my waist again and began to fuck me deeper and deeper with his uncut cock. I struggled to take it in and I was hurting and yet I was loving it.

He soon became so obsessed with fucking me to the hilt with his pumped cock that he lifted me up and placed me on the couch while he was at the edge with jennifer hole got filled tube porn knees on the floor.

He lifted my legs up to where he could get to my love button and started to massage it with his tongue. I loved it when he rimmed me and it would usually take me to another level. He reached up and grabbed my neck with his hands and began to gently choke me with uk milf eva jayne loves dildoing her hungry pussy hand while he was asking me how I liked that.

He knew how to turn me on and by choking me and acting like he was hurting me began to turn him even more so. Then he said you like it don't you! You want some more of it don't you. He really like talking dirty to me and to be honest it made me so fucking horny to hear my dad speak to me that way. He grabbed his cock and begin to enter me again. He was able to get much more of it in this time and it was starting to just feel good with no pain at all.

While he began fucking me with his massive cock I was soon starting to fuck back and trying to get to where I knew I was taking every bit of his cock. He noticed that and continued talking dirty to me again. Saying. You fucking like your daddy's big cock deep inside you don't you.

Fuck me baby…Take that cock. Let you daddy have all of that little ass. Milk your daddy's cock with that ass. While he was talking that way I was getting into it and was soon talking back to him and telling him things like. You like ripping your sons ass with that fat cock you got. You like making me beg for more of it. Huh! He would say. You love your daddy fucking you like this don't you. You like it when your daddy cums in your ass and fills you thick mature woman fucked by twguys his seed don't you.

Look at you fucking me like you like it. Your little asshole craves your daddy's cock doesn't it son. I began to relax my ass muscles as it went in and would tighten them as it went out. I was milking my dads cock with my ass as best I could.

The sensation of him fucking me was amazing and I loved it.

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I began to tell him to fuck me. He was fucking me deep and slow and every once in a while he would make sure I was taking every last bit of it and would hold it there for a second and I could feel him swell his cock when he knew he had it as deep as it would go. That was it I was taking every bit of his cock and we were both so fucking hot and horny.

The fact that we had a slight whiskey buzz made it even better. He would stare at me while he would slowly sink his cock deep inside of me and watch my reaction knowing that my dad was fucking me.

I don't know who loved it more me or him. Every once in a while he would take it out and look at my little fuck hole and tell me how stretched it was and that it was gaping wide open. Then he would ask me if I wanted him to put it back in. I quickly told him yes that I wanted it back in me.

He told me to beg him for it. I very quickly told him to please put his thick cock back in me and fuck me like only he knew how to hot babe mary fox getting rammed on bed. He lifted me up and grabbed me in his arms completely picking me up. He began to walk to the bedroom where we could stretch out and he could power fuck me better. He laid me down on the bed and was on top of me.

He positioned my legs so that they were spread wide and he held me by my ankles. I lifted my ass as best as I could so that he would be able to get in as deep as possible. He smiled at me and said you love the way I fuck you don't you.

I just smiled back and said you know I do dad. He took his hard cock and entered me again. This time he wasn't as slow and gentle as he had been. He was fucking me with a little faster tempo and it was driving me crazy. I would constantly tell him to fuck me over and over again. He soon laid down on me and we were in a missionary position and I wrapped my legs around his thrusting hips to encourage him to continue fucking me at he exact pace that he had set.

He began to kiss me as he went back to slowing down and sinking his cock in me as deep as it would go. His kissing me while he was doing this was taking me to the edge. I reached for my cock but he pulled my hand away and told me to wrap them around his neck. His cock felt so amazing that I thought I was going to cum with out even touching my cock.

He asked me if I wanted to cum. I told him that I did. He asked me if I could cum with out touching my cock? I told him I didn't know. He said lets find mind control suggestive behavior jenteal. He continued fucking me in a deep and slow fashion and I could feel myself getting closer and closer. I told him to kiss me. We started sucking on each others mouth like crazed lovers.

I began to buck my hips and I felt the first thick load come from his thick cock and then another. He continued pumping his cum in my ass and it was so hot and thick I could feel each time another volley would come out. The feel of that hot cum shooting in my ass and the lube it provided made his cock feel so intense that I couldn't control myself and I began to shoot cum out of my own cock.

I could feel the warm cum between our stomach and I was amazed that I was able to cum without him or me stroking my cock. I wrapped my arms around his body and held him close to me. He felt so good and he continued to stroke his massive cock in and out of me. I told him that I loved it and how amazing he was. He told me that he loved it and that I felt so good.


I could feel his cock starting to soften just a bit. He slowly pulled it out of my ass and raised up and then leaned in to where he could lick my cum up off of my stomach. I would help him by getting what I could onto my finger and let him suck it off of it. Once he had cleaned up all of my seed he crawled up over on top of me straddling me tight eurobabe gets fucked in the woods his legs.

His cock was drooping down and as it came near my mouth I took it in my mouth and began to suck it to get all of his seed out of it. I could feel it twitch as I rubbed my tongue around the head and I reached up with my hand and pulled his foreskin back and started jacking it with my hand. He would shudder as I did this and you could tell he loved it.

He would look me in the eyes while I did this and wink at me. Once I had made sure it was empty I just gently massaged his balls and rubbed his thick cock with my hand. I loved the way his cock felt it was so thick and heavy. The veins were still swollen and the glistening wetness from my mouth made it look so good.

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He asked me if I loved his cock and I told him you know I do. He rolled off to the side of me and pulled me over next to me in a spooning position. I loved being snuggled up next to his beautiful cock. I was just so relaxed and satisfied from the deep, long and thorough fucking that my dad has just given me. He was satisfied as well knowing that he had just sunk all of his swollen cock deep inside his sons ass and pumped his thick hot load into it and that I was laying there with his seed oozing out of my ass.