You might think brooke scott has a face cumshot fetish

You might think brooke scott has a face cumshot fetish
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Not a real story.


Thanks to all the comments on my first story, greatly appericated if you dont likes my stories or my writing its plain and simple dont read it duh haha His/her point of view Chap 3 I held her from behind holding her tightly against me as I rubbed her soaking pussy.

She shook violently in my arms. Then something I never even imagine had happened. My golden retrevier Sandy came down stairs, his heavy paws pounding the steps as he reached the bottom.

His nose sniffed at the floor looking for something. I walked over to him "hey boy what you doing down here." I said as his big head shot up finding the source teen mia malkova and milf brandi love some the smell he was looking for.

He stared at her for a minute then ran straught for her pussy. I just watched in shock unable to move as she screamed at the dog to stop raping her with his long pink tounge, sliping inside of her over and over again. "Please please please get him away please.

I'll be a good girl I will do what ever you say. Just please move your dog!!!!!" She cried trying to move away but the rope only tightened keeping her in place. I watched as his long tongue snaked out and into her sweet pussy. Insluting it with her pussy licking up all her juices until she came hard from it. "This little bitch was liking it." I thought to myself, as my dick got harder.

Her screams brought me back to reality. I walked around her watching the sweat on her breast bead up, the raise and fall of her chest, i reached out running my hand through her hair, I pulled her head back in a snap. Undoing my pants, stepping out of them as my pants dropped. "You little slut. You like my dog licking your nasty cunt dont you. !!!" She screamed "NOOO NO PLEASE IM SORRYYY" I laughed and slammed my hard cock into her sweet tight soaked pussy as she screamed again.

I fucked her harder and harder. Seeing sandy lick her pussy turned me on to the point I cant control my urge to fucked her till she breaks. I sped up as the ropes dangled her from off the ground.

My cock felt at home as I fucked her hard. Her tight pussy squeezed until I was so close to cumming. I slammed into her pussy till I was balls deep and my cum shot out of me. Coating her unprotected pussy. ----------- I looked into space, still in shock at what happened. Omg I can't believe that dog licked my pussy and made me cum. It was all I could think about while he fucked me. While I cam again on his cock.

While I loved feeling him cum inside me. I was beginning to like his cock inside me too. I was liking him taking what he wanted from me, like I was nothing, and i couldn't figure out why. But I needed and wanted more. "Please sir fuck me more.

I need more of your cum inside me. Im yours. Please. You own me. " I pleaded. He just stood in back of me. Holding my hips as he finished cumming inside of me. He pulled out and i moaned and whinned. The feeling of having him inside me suddenly gone. He laughed as we walked around me standing infront of me. "Open up bitch" I opened my mouth wide as he slammed his hard cock inside it.

I sucked on it cleaning it. It tasted so good. Then he pissed in my mouth. I hungerly swallowed it. "Huh you learn quick I must say. For now on you call me daddy. Its fitting seeing as it is what Barbie nous reacuteserve une surprise tregraves anale am.

" My heart stopped I couldnt breath. What was he talking about.

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My dad? Then I felt air and then hard concrete as he untied me. I got on my hands and knees still trying to figure out if he was telling the truth or not.

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"Follow me but crawl you get up or try to run anything and ill tie you back up. Get it?


" I just shook my head as I followed him up the steps crawling, scrapping my hands and knees on the concrete, the dog followed us. Licking the cum dripping down my pussy. "What the hell is going on here? What is he going to do to me?" I thought. ------- He made me sit next to a big over stuffed chair in a cozy living room. I had to have my head down at all times and my chest poked out with my hands behind my back. He said it means im submitting to him. I don't know what that meant.

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He put a collar around my neck. It was blank he said soon we'd find a name to call me. He walked around naked now.

All day long i'd watch his cock swing back and forth as he walked around. I wish he'd stop and fuck me already.

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"Bitch do you know how to cook?" He said from his chair watching tv. "Yes si--daddy I do " "Good get up and make me something to eat now. Im hungry " "Yes daddy" I walked in the kitchen looking for food. I finally can across some chicken and rice with some canned peas.

I begain to cook. When dinner was done I set it in front of him. I began to get back in my spot but he said, "Wait I dont trust you. You eat it first. " "yes daddy" I cut a piece of chicken and ate baeb babe leah gotti seduces and fucks photographer hardcore and brunette. Then the rice and peas.

"Ok thats enough. Suck my cock till im done eating " "Yes daddy" I got in front of him amd started licking his cock.

----- Damn this bitch can cook. This shit good. And the way shes sucking my cock. Im going to cum soon. Damn shes so beautiful with her lips around my cock. Looks just like her mother. Just beautiful. I grabbed the back of her head and began to thrust into her face. Fucking her face till I slipped inside her throat as she gagged on me but didnt pull away. Damn I wonder why she so obidant now. Maybe its cuz. Sexy xxx school teacher and student sexy xxx i was her dad.

Did she really believe that ? Fuck man shes just to much for me. I pulled her off my cock and handed her the plate. "Go eat at the table. When you done I want you to take a shower. You stank bitch " "Yes daddy" and she left.

I contuined watching tv with a hard on. Damn her ass that ass good that ass. Mmmm cant wait till I spilt it open. ---- I had her sleeping on the floor next to my bed, as i slept comfortably. I was woken up by a knocking on my door. I rolled over and saw my beautiful babygirl looking up at me from the floor. "Shhh, you make any noise or trying to run, ill kill you ok babygirl?" I said carressing her face as she nodded.

I pulled up my boxers from the floor, making my way to the kitchen for a knife, then to the door. "Who is it!!?" I yelled through the door.

"It's me debby, i know you have her. just let her go and I wont tell the police" shit shit shit that bitch debby ugh fuck. How did she find me? Shit!!!! "I dont know what your talking about debs" I said as I opened the door. "Yes you do you bastard. I know you have her. I dont know how you found her at my dads. You wasn't meant to find her. I dont know what my sister seen in you but she dont need to be in this, please give her back to me!!!" She said as she searched the kitchen, then the closet, she stopped in the living room.

She looked at the couch then at me then back at the couch. She ran to the back rooms yelling her niece name the name i gave her when she was a baby.

after she was taken they took her and changed her name to Kim. "NILA NILA!!! Baby I know your here" . I looked at the couch and saw nila's hoody on the couch.


SHITTT!!!!!! I ran after her "DEBS ITS NOT WHAT YOU THINK!!!" "You sick bastard where is she" she opened a bedroom door to a empty room. Backing up to the next room then the next. I stopped dead in my tracks when she begin to open my bedroom door. She tood in shock when she saw her niece tied up naked with a ball gag in her mouth my my floor.

I stood behind her and slit her throat with my knife. I watched as the blood from her neck spread all over nila and my bed. "Nila meet your aunt sorry baby, daddy didnt want you to go just yet" I said as I watch her tremble in fear her eyes wide.

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