Huge white dick for teen alyssa cole

Huge white dick for teen alyssa cole
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Nargis got out of the bath drying herself off, standing in front of the mirror looking at her body, imaging men lusting for her.

Her breasts are firm medium size with pink erect nipples. She made her breasts bounce and jiggle to see what that looked like deciding it looked sexy. Her tummy is not perfectly flat, just a bit rounded below the navel. She looks down at her crotch seeing her cunt lips exposed below the trimmed patch of hair. She knew that men loved to see those lips and told her so in their messages.

Finishing with the blow drier, she rubs moisturizing body lotion all over herself, imagining that her hands are my hands, a bit rough, but gentle. Starting with her feet, then up her legs, feeling the warmth and tingle as she spread it over her newly shaven lower lips, then on to her tummy, and up to her breasts.

She rubs the lotion onto her breasts, massaging her nipples, imagining me suckling on them, and feeling the response in her pussy, and the clenching inside her belly that it causes. Still totally naked and getting very aroused, she decides that since she is aroused, she had time to take a few pictures to post before I got home.

She went downstairs and got out the camera and tripod.


Looking around for a good location, she to take some " naughty lingerie" shots in the kitchen. She put on a short, frilly, black negligee that barely covered her breasts and stopped just at her crotch. She ran back upstairs and got her black spike heels; she knew they made her butt stick out sexily.

She set the camera to take a sequence of pictures ten seconds apart. The camera is by the doorway to the kitchen aimed toward the counter by the sink. She checks in the viewfinder to make sure it is zoomed out to just about her height. As the flash starts going off at ten second intervals she starts flirting with the camera, standing coyly facing it, so the negligee covers her " essentials " [flash].

She pulls the negligee tight so her nipples stick out on each side of it [flash]. Her nipples are starting to get hard from thinking about herself being displayed so erotically [flash]. She reaches back to untie the string of the negligee behind her neck [flash] her breasts thrust out proudly [flash]. She begins letting the negligee down, little by little, revealing her body six inches at a time, exposing her breasts [flash], her torso [flash], her waist [flash], her tummy [flash], and her strip of hair [flash], her pussy lips [flash], her thighs [flash], and finally dropping it to the floor [flash].

She stood sideways sticking out her butt, [flash] her arms pretending to cover her breasts, but purposely not doing a good job of concealing them. [flash] Finally, she turns to face away from the camera. [flash] She stuck her bare ass out at the camera. [flash] She leans forward against the counter to emphasize the roundness of her butt. [flash] She spreads her legs, her feet in her spike heels about 18 inches apart, [flash] leaning forward, [flash] thinking that her pussy is probably exposed from behind, [flash] and maybe her asshole.

[flash] She tilts her butt up a little higher, [flash] leaning forward more, [flash] to expose her bare pussy a little more, [flash] imagining men going crazy with lust, rubbing their cocks. [flash] Her pussy is getting warm. The tingling is spreading. She starts to smell the scent of her arousal She imagines not just one guy looking at her picture, but lots of them, guys of all ages sizes and varieties, a big group of them, greedily wanting her pussy---wanting desperately to use her ruthlessly on their throbbing cocks.

She imagines them there gay dennis the menace cartoon free porn the kitchen, right across the room, behind the camera, a room full of horny men all wanting to fuck her from behind, thinking how it would feel to have a cock slide into her oh-so-wet canal.

She is lost in reverie, daydreaming, as the camera went flash .flash.flash. She begins massaging her breasts with one hand while the other creeps down toward that patch of hair.

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She imagines herself no longer in her kitchen but on the stage at a night club or at photo shoot, her naked ass facing a room full of desperately horny men, the flash, flash, flash of the stage strobe lights. She imagines the music, a rhythmic gypsy beat of cymbals, tambourines and drums. She pictures herself, breathless from her just completed dance, naked, her costume tossed to the cheering men, the music still pounding exotically.

She pictures the men, filled with lust staring at her ass and pussy thrusting out toward them, their hands furtively moving on their laps. She begins swaying to the beat of the imaginary music, her ass beginning to make circles in rhythm with the beat of the music. She is so absorbed in her day dream, she didn't hear the front door open as I came home and came to the kitchen to check on dinner.

I got to police girls nude sexy xxxx doorway of the kitchen, seeing the camera flashing, and stopped.

I stood there staring for few seconds, I realized what Nargis is doing. I see her smooth pussy, opening up wet, all the way across the room. I see how aroused she is. I watch her ass waving in circles round and round. My lust is instantaneous, with a tinge of jealousy about her showing her pictures to other guys. The jealousy just made me horny all the more. I can tell how much she wants to get fucked rough, hard, and deep.

My cock is throbbing painfully and is rock hard demanding to be used. I want her and I want her NOW. I drop my pants on the floor and in two steps I'm across the kitchen.

In her imagination she never realized I was naked ready to mount her like a animal in heat.


Before she realizes what it is happening, I'm on her, grabbing her around the waist with one hand, around the breasts with the other. I snarl at her in my animal lust. " Looking at your butt sticking out so you show your pussy from behind, and knowing that showing it off makes you want to cum all the time, I know; You are a bitch in heat.

You are just like a mongrel, wagging your tail, hoping to get mounted by whatever mutt comes along. You don't care who fucks you, as long as you get fucked. You are obviously just asking for it." My words hit her like electric shock sending shivers all through her body. Nargis is so startled, she can not even speak; she has never had a man talk to her like that, she groans with lust and desire.

She breaks out in goose bumps. With a deep growl I pick her up from behind, I carried her to the big oak dining table. I roughly push her against it, bending her over the table, her ass sticking out against my hard cock. In a throaty jealous lust, my jaw clenched, spoke.

" You fucking sexy little bitch. You've been posting your ass all over a website again, haven't you? You want fucking? OK, I'll give you a fucking you naughty slut that you will not forget." With one hand I hold her down against the table so she can't raise up. I stood to one side placing my leg behind her legs, trapping them.

With my free hand, I roughly grope between her legs, wiping the pussy juice across her lips, stroking, feeling how wet, open and aroused she is. I spoke: " You fucking naughty little bitch, you're so wet, I'll bet you'd let anyone or anything fuck you right now!" I spoke.

" Have you ever been mounted like a bitch in heat?" Nargis shakes her head no, I press hard against her growling in her ear to emphasize my point. Nargis struggles pushing back against me breaking free running for the door, I reah out grabbing her waist pushing her to the floor on her hands and knees. I roughly push her legs apart kneeling between them, then I mount her, laying my body on top of her and wrapping my arms around her chest grabbing her breasts.

I pull her back towards me, as she struggles to get me off of her back, trying to crawl forward, but my weight is to heavy. I thrust forward and pull her back at the same time, nearly impaling her with my cock just missing barely. Nargis is terrifed, she is sex usaxxx move com pk as tears run down her face. She never wanted this, she is on the floor with me behind her trying to impale her with my cock.

Nargis didn't want to be my whore or dignity stolen from her. Nargis has never experienced rough animalistic sex with any man, she has not been with a man in a year and has never experienced rough penetration. I didn't care, I'm going to have her, I'm going to enter her lovely teen gapes pink vulva and gets deflorated she wants me to or not. Nargis is crying and begging me to stop.

She stops struggling and fighting me, thinking that maybe I'd get tired and leave her alone.she feels like an idiot for thinking that. Suddenly she feels intense pain, her stomach is cramping, her pussy feels like it is burning. My long baseball bat cock is ramming into her, stretching her tight pussy wide. It feels like I'm ripping her in half as I continue pushing my cock deeper inside her.

It is happening so fast, my cock is driving deeper stretching her tight narrow canal wider, scraping the tender walls with every thrust. I'm relentlessly ramming into her like a drill burrowing deeper, she is screaming and her body is shaking beneath me. Words can't describe the pain she is feeling with my monster cock buried deep inside her.

Nargis didn't understand, she is bleeding from the penetration, as the pain subsides a little as she goes limp. Nargis had heard stories about a wealthy man called the bull because of his monster cock and the deformative at the root of the penis. According to the stories once he fully buries his cock inside a woman this knot locks them together french jessie volt likes big black cocks bigblackcock and monstercock to fist side.

No woman has been able to have intercourse with him more then two times because of the knot.

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Nargis always thought these stories were rumors until now, she is experiencing the most painful intercourse and is terrified of the knot. All this is happening so fast, I'm behind her forcing my monster cock inside her tight pussy relentlessly.

I'm slamming into harder and deeper with every in and out stroke, every stroke is pushing and pulling her body with me in rythem. She feels her pussy still struggling to stretch to accomidate my monster cock, it feels like my cock is growing bigger and longer inside her. The pain is overwhelming causing her stomach to cramp.

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Nargis closes her eyes hoping it will end soon or the the pain and cramps will go away. Like a pile driver long hard fast strokes in and out as the pain and cramps subside. Nargis feels humiliated for being seduced by money and power to further her acting career.

She is now being forced to act like a whore. Her pussy is becoming wetter encouraging me to fuck her harder, deeper, and faster. I slam my cock all the way into her, the tip enters her cervix, she never had experienced having a cock so deep inside her. She never thought any man could go that deep inside her vagina.

Her pussy muscles convulsions around my cock sheathing and unsheathing it with every stroke. She feels my cock throbbing as I continue slamming into her for nearly fifteen minutes. Then she orgasms unlike any orgasm before a massive explosion of pleasure cascading through her.

The orgasms continued coming eight more times each one more xxx hot grils with story then the one before. Wave after wave making her body shake and go limp, she feels her pussy seizes up as my throbbing cock begins jerking sending jets of sticky wet cum inside her. For what seems like twenty minutes of explosive jerking filling her with cum.

Nargis is panicing when she feels my knot slapping against her pussy lips. It is hitting them hard trying to enter her, she is now terrified as she struggles to excape. I push harder against her, with a massive thrust I slam into her sending my knot deep inside her. The pain overwhelms her as my huge knot is lodged deep inside her. As the pain subsides she feels it swelling inside her as I thrust again impaling her cervix. Then wave after wave of cum filling her uterus and seeping out running down her legs.

Nargis collapses onto the floor as I lay on top of her still buried deep inside her as my orgasm slowly fades. Nargis is tired, her body aches, and her pussy is sore. She now realizes she is mine and mine alone, after a few minutes I pull out of her, she looks back at me seeing my penis, it is unlike anything she has ever seen nearly ten inches long, at least three inches thick, and at the root of it a large round knot with a pair of balls hanging on each side of it.

Nargis quickly gets up grabbing a towel and ran for the bathroom. Her pussy oozing a mixture of blood and cum, she cried for almost thirty minutes. She took a shower then wrapped a towel around her body, she opened the door looking around not seeing me. She ran for the bedroom as tried to slam the door shut I forced the door open. Nargis is struggling with me trying to avoid my hands, but I'm to strong and she succeeded only in exciting me again. I grab her pushing to the bed, forcing her to bend over the edge of the bed, I said " OK, bitch, you want to get fucked again?" " No.please." She gasped.

" Please.don't fuck me like a dog." I force her legs apart, feeling the semi-dry pussy, rubbing her cunt lips and clit with my hand. I force my thumb into her dry cunt slit. The entry makes her gasp with pain. " Is this where you want it, bitch?" "Oh, god, no." She pleads. " No, please, it hurts.I'm sore." I reach over to the night stand by the bed and pick up a bottle of lubrication gel, spreading a small drop on my index finger.

I press my index finger against her clit, making her writhe. I pull my wet thumb from her cunt and push it against her asshole. My index finger now replaces my thumb in her pussy. My thumb forcing its way into her ass, causing her to gasp with pain. I mature blonde wants his hard dick in her my thumb and forefinger together inside her, while massaging her clit with my middle finger. She shivers. She feels a rush coming. It feels like another powerful orgasm like the ones eariler.

With a groan, she came, gushing over my hand and down her legs, convulsing, her legs stiffening. The sight of her orgasmic convulsion brought my lust to its peak.

Her exhausted body is too drained to raise up, I unzipped my pants pulling out my cock. Not bothering to drop my pants, I got behind her, forcing my raging cock into her cunt, taking her from behind again.

He begin thrusting into her.

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I lean over her grabbing her breasts, crushing them in my hands, squeezing them, using them as handles to pull against while I thrust my cock into her hard and deep.

Crushed against her ass, Nargis feels the rough cloth of my pants and the zipper. She feels me thrusting in and out and grunting like an animal. She feels my weight pushing her down onto the bed. She is being bounced around under me helplessly. She grabs onto the sheet and blanket with both hands, hanging on for dear life. Nargis feels my surging cock stretching her sore pussy again, the head coming almost out and then back in, feeling my forceful strokes.

Her pubic bone is being ground against the top of the bed. Her clit is mashed against the bed edge. Her feet are coming off the floor with the force of my thrusts. Her nipples are throbbing. Then, as Hottie blonde teen kenzie reeves sucks gets fucked in the car slammed into her gripping her breasts, I'm grunting, animalistic noises, forcing words out between grunts: " Ohhhhh Gaaaawwwwed what a slut you are!

You just remember that your body is MINE, you little bitch! Nnnnn, mmmmm, I'm gonna use your sexy cunt any time I want, anywhere I want and any way I want mmmpph, unnnkk, ggggghhhh.

You're such a horny cunt. You stick your pussy out like that girl and it's gonna get fucked, oh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh!

I'll take your tight ass, but good, you bitch! You want cock? I'll give you more cock than you can stand! You naughty bitch! You go wagging your fucking ass at me. I'll damned well use it. You show your ass to me, just remember that it's MY cock that's gonna get rammed up it, uhh, ohh, nnn! You feel me, bitch? You hear me bitch?" My grunts and groans mixed with my words in a fury of animal lust. The dirty talk got to Nargis.

She can't take any more. It pushes her over the edge. Her legs curl up behind me. Her feet wrapping around my legs, clutching at them. Her fists tighten on the bed covers. She feels the convulsons all through her body. She feels a hormone-drug rush surging through her. She lost awareness of anything except the feel of her stretched, sore swollen vagina, her over-stimulated clit, her crushed nipples hot-wired directly to her clit, the rippling of the convulsions washing over her in wave after wave and the massive powerful orgasms.

With a loud groan I feel her pussy clamping down like a vise on my cock. I went into convulsive spasms. My weight fell onto her harder as my legs lost control. My fists dug into her breasts harder and harder. She cries out with pain, causing me to groan a sadistic chuckle. The pain, the pleasure, all mingling together with a new surge of warmth, she feels my body, tighty sport couple enjoyed in a sex after a training on top of her, surging rhythmically as I thrust into her, again, and again, and then another massive thrust sending my knot deep into her again.

Her screams are muffled by the bed covers in her mouth, she had forgotten about the knot. She is writhing in pain as the knot swells deep inside her, then she feels the massive explosion sending my seed spurting deep, deep up into her, driven into her, forced into her again. My spasms subsided and I lay on top of her, satisfieded and spent for now.

I lay there for a few minutes, as my cock slowly shrinks. She feels the dampness under her, spreading. I stood up backing out. She feels the hard suck of my knot and cock coming out, the emptiness in her pussy, missing me inside her. With my left hand pressing her back down on the bed, I rub my right hand all over her ass. She feels the soreness in her pussy. I reach in between her legs and gently stroke her pussy, feeling inside her cunt, then rubbing the wetness up across her anus, circling it with my fingers.

I start rubbing my limp cock up and down her ass crack, my cock slowly begins to get hard again. Nargis is shaking her head " more.please stop.not won't fit.please no." I spread her ass cheeks placing my hard cock against her crack. Then I position the tip against her small tight anus and in one swift thrust I slam into her tight ass. " Aaaaaaaaaaaa! it hurts!" Nargis yells as I thrust into her ass. She feels like her butt is on fire!

I ignore her plea's continuing to fuck her tight ass hard as she struggles under me. Finally, Nargis relaxes and realizes when she did, it feels good to have my cock rammed up her ass. She begins to rub her clit while I fuck her and before long she is cumming again. She cries out in pleasure and hears me grunt with her as my hot cum explodes into her.

I didn't pull away from her, I knew she hadn't realized it but my knot is inside of her again and we are stuck together. I waited until it is possible to pull out. I'm still excited and I rose to mount her more deeply from behind. I arched my back and slam against Nargis's ass with my engorged shaft.

I jack-hammered in and out of her ass grunting loud. Nargis is about to cum again and realizes I'm going to cum with her this time. She came screaming while I groaned. I left her lying exhausted, sore and bruised, on the bed. Tears running down her face.