Amateur sluts sucking and fucking strippers at houseparty

Amateur sluts sucking and fucking strippers at houseparty
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It was a sunny Friday afternoon. 17 year old Alex made his way down the wooded path. The doppled sunlight fell on his medium length light brown hair that ended in a skater's flip. He had a nice thin, athletic body, and at 6'6", he had to duck under a couple of the branches.

He blinked as he stepped out into the bright sunlight. When his vision cleared and the blur faded, the local mud flats stretched out before him. He waved to his friends who were already there. He slipped out of his flip flops and started walking, feeling the mud squish between his toes.


Alex reached his friends and dropped his stuff. They had been there for a while, and were waiting on him so they could begin the fun. They got up and split into two teams facing each other on the mud. Alex found himself standing right across from Jesse. Jesse was much shorter than Alex, about 5'10" with a dirty blond crew cut. He had wide shoulders and a good body from wrestling. Alex felt something stir in his shorts, but dismissed it as nothing.

He stared down the other team. Eventually, someone shouted "go!" and everyone reached down and grabbed a handful of mud.

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The first shot hit Alex square in the chest. Not wanting to ruin his new shirt, he took it off and threw it to the side before charging the other team. Mud was flying everywhere. Pretty soon, all the guys, including Jesse, had followed Alex's lead and had taken their shirts off too. In the middle of the mob of opposing sides, Alex gets shoved into Jesse quite hard and the pair toppled into the mud. Alex apologized as he felt his face get hot. He wondered why he was embarrassed that he had fallen on Jesse.

He got up, then helped his friend up. His cock began to get hard. He ignored it and pelted Jesse in the back of the head with a mud ball. A few hours later, tired and dirty, the group started to break up and head home. Alex looked down at himself. He was grey all over from the mud. Jesse was too. Jesse had stuck around with Alex because Alex's house was much closer to the mudflats than his own, and he wanted to clean up before going home.

They began their walk to the parking lot. "So what's new?" Alex asked, trying to make small talk. "Not a lot really. Just enjoying the summer." "Me too." They walked along in silence until they reached the parking lot and got into their respective cars and Alex led the way. It was a 20 minute drive, and all that time Alex was thinking. The thought of Jesse naked in his shower was kind of turning him on, though he didn't know why.

He drove all the way home brooke haze fuck interviewed in side of the road his dick pressing up against the fabric of his shorts. Alex eventually turned into his driveway, followed shortly by Jesse. Alex climbed out of his car and saw that Jesse still hadn't put his shirt back on. Alex felt the strain in his shorts and quickly led the way inside. The pair went up to Alex's room and he grabbed a towel and a pair of basketball shorts and headed into the bathroom, telling Jesse that he could just hang out in his room.

As soon as he shut the bathroom door behind him, Alex tore off his shorts and underwear and began to lightly stroke his nice big dick.

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He turned on the shower and got in. The water felt so good against his dirty skin. With one hand he began to scrub the mud off, with the other, he stroked his thick cock. He kept thinking of Jesse in his shower, soaking wet and naked. The thought turned him on, and spent the last couple minutes of his shower stroking furiously until he came.

His spunk got washed down the drain as he turned off the water. He stepped out, dried off, and put on the basketball shorts, feeling his junk hang free. He walked into his room and found Jesse in just a tight pair of boxers. "Dude, where's your pants?" Alex asked, throwing his dirty clothes into the bin. "I went and put them in the garage so that I wouldn't dirty up the place." Alex just nodded, noticing the slight bulge in Jesse's underwear.

It took all his will to keep from getting hard. He tossed Jesse a towel and laid down on his bed and began messing with his phone. About ten minutes later, Jesse walked back in, with only a towel on. "Hey. The shower kinda attacked me so my stuff is kinda you have a pair of shorts or something I could borrow?" "Yeah, sure." Alex got up and threw a spare pair of shorts at Jesse.

Jesse thanked him and to Alex's surprise, just dropped the towel. Alex just stared. His eyes looked over Jesse's muscular chest, following the semi-visable abs to his crotch. Alex couldn't help but get hard looking at it, which made a noticeable tent in his shorts. Jesse looked over and laughed. "Boner alert!" He kept laughing and just let the shorts drop. He walked over to Alex, who was feeling quite embarrassed. "I've been watching you." Jesse said. "I see how you look at me.

You wanna see it? Well you got it. But it's gonna cost you." A devilish grin spread across Jesse's face. Alex gulped. "W-what kind of cost?" His boner was throbbing now, begging to be taken care of. It didn't help that Jesse was naked and standing so close. "We'll work something out." Jesse grabbed the waistband of Alex's shorts and pulled down, freeing his throbbing cock.

Alex knew he was a big bigger than average in the cock department, around 8 inches or so, but when Jesse got hard, it blew his mind. Jesse began to stroke his flaccid dick until it grew harder, and harder, and harder until it was was at its full length. Alex stared. He guessed it had to be at least 9 inches, maybe 9.5.

His own dick throbbed painfully as Jesse stepped back and spun slowly, making sure Alex noticed every detail on the young wrestler's body. When he came full circle, he started to lazily stroke his dick. Alex reached for his and started pumping. Jesse just laughed. "Time to pay up," he said. "How?" asked Alex, still playing with himself.

Jesse looked down at his dick, then at Alex. Alex understood and got down on his knees and took Jesse's huge tool in his hand and began to stroke it slowly.

Alex knew what he had to do next. He gulped and put the head of it in his mouth, tasting the salty precum that had tiffany preston love to get mouth full of cum. Jesse let out a small moan as Alex stroked the base of Jesse's cock and tried to get more of it in his mouth, copying what his girlfriend had done so may times before.

He only got about 5 or 6 inches in before he gagged and stopped forcing it in. Instead, he started to bob his head up and down on Jesse's thick rod. Jesse moaned and started bucking his hips a little each time Alex went down. After about ten minutes of this,Jesse was getting close to the edge, but he didn't want to cum yet. He pushed Alex off his dick and told him to get on the bed on all fours.

Alex followed Jesse's instructions then realized what was about to happen. Be fore he could protest, Alex felt Jesse's spit covered fingers lubing up and around his tight virgin hole. Alex heard Jesse spit into his hand and looked over to see him lubing up his massive rod.

Withing the tiffany preston love to get mouth full of cum few seconds, Jesse had the head of his dick poking at Alex's hole. Alex begged Jesse not to do it, but Jesse responded with, "You gotta pay the price!" And then grabbed Alex's hips and pushed hard.

Alex yelled as he felt Jesse's head break through. Alex's ass muscles clamped around Jesse's dick. Jesse stopped and told Alex to relax.

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Jesse was loving the tightness of Alex's ass, and didn't want to be interrupted by him again so Jesse took firm hold of Alex's hips, and thrust the rest of his long dick in there.

Alex yelled out. Jesse waited a few minutes until Alex's breathing didn't seem so labored.


He drew his cock out until only the head was still buried within Alex, then drove it all back in. HE repeated the process, getting faster every time. Pretty soon, Alex was enjoying Jesse fucking him. He started to rock back into Jesse, making his already powerful thrusts that much more stronger.

The sound of Jesse's balls hitting Alex's filled the room along with his grunts and Alex's moans. "Faster!" Alex cried, pleasure shooting through his body. Jesse stopped and rolled Alex onto his back and lifted his long legs onto his shoulders. The wrestler used a little more spit to relube his cock and then entered Alex again.

Alex loved watching Jesse fuck him. He loved the look of determination on his face, the sweat forming on his chest, and how his abs flexed on every thrust. Jesse's thrusts got faster and stronger as he reached orgasm. "I'm.gonna.cum" He warned. Alex didn't care. He wanted Jesse to cum inside him. Jesse did a few more hard deep thrusts before his rick hard dick began to erupt in Alex's tight ass.

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Soft now, Jesse removed his cock from Alex's ass. Alex laid back in a daze, stroking his stiff cock. Jesse grabbed Alex's cock and to his surprise, went down on it, taking in most of its length. Alex began to throat fuck Jesse, bucking his hips up into his friend's mouth. He didn't give Jesse any warning and came, shooting is boyspunk deep in Jesse's xxx hot grils with story. Jesse swallowed it like a pro, cleaning every last drop off of Alex's cock.

Alex was truly in bliss. He watched as his friend got off the bed and put the shorts on, sagging quite a bit to give Alex a nice view of his body. "That was fun." Jesse said. Alex could only nod. Jesse was looking for his car keys when Alex got off the bed and walked up behind his friend. He wrapped his arms around him, one hand on his muscular chest, the other on his crotch. Alex leaned down and whispered "Next time, your ass is mine." He felt a shiver run through Jesse's body before he let go.

Jesse walked out and down to his car. Alex just stood there, his cock stiffening again. This time with the thought of fucking sweet wrestler ass.