Adriana chechik porn preference test

Adriana chechik porn preference test
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I first went to Florence with my parents when I was a teenager. We were to spend five days there as part of a tour of Italy. When we arrived at the Hotel late in the afternoon we were met by the manager who was very friendly and seemed only a couple of years older than me. We found that we could talk to each other in French and so, as my parents didn't speak Italian, I did the negotiations. When we had sorted out the rooms the manager asked me quietly if I would like to take a bath a little later and I had agreed that I would like a bath sometime after dinner.

We finished our meal about 9pm and I said good night to my parents and went back in my room via the totally bored girl looking for a better entertaiment. The manager was there and smiled at me as I passed.


I had only been in my room for a couple of minutes when there was a quiet knock on the door. The manager was there with a couple of towels over his arm and asked me if I was ready for the bath. I said I was, and he invited me to follow him as he would open the bathroom and make sure that everything was comfortable for me.

He led me down to the basement where there was a long dark corridor running to the back of the hotel. I was slightly worried but he confidently put his arm round my shoulders and leading me down it. He said that this particular bathroom was very nice and quiet and I could take my time and wouldn't be disturbed. We reached the bathroom door and he unlocked it with his pass key. The room was very nice, a large old-fashioned bath in the centre and soft lighting and mirrors all round.

As I was looking round he locked the door behind us, and took his jacket off. I watched him as he started running the bath. He looked over at me and invited me to undress. There was no screen or anywhere I could go and I could see he was watching me. I was slightly embarrassed about undressing in front of him, but started to take my clothes off until I got to my underpants.

Smiling, he came over to me, said his name was Gino and again put his arm around my shoulders. He said I had a beautiful young body and shouldn't be shy of letting him see all of it. The bath was just the right interracial bondage with big tit sophie dee so I should take my sexy little pants off and get in. I reluctantly slipped my pants down to the floor and stepped out of them. He still had his hand on my shoulder and turned me round to face him.

I saw him smile as he looked at my small furry genitals and his eyes drank in the sight of my nakedness. He led me to the bath. When I had climbed in he asked me if it was the right temperature and would I like him to wash my back. I said it was very nice and agreed he could. He got me to kneel down and he lathered my back, chest and arms, and then gently rubbed the soap in.

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He was leaning over me, with one hand on my back and one on my chest. His massaging gradually got lower and lower until one hand was massaging my buttocks and into the top of my slit and the other was on my rough sex excited sexy gorgeous girlfriend a lot hardcore and blowjob and just into the top of my pubic hair.

Then he pointed at my genitals and said "You have a lovely soft body, and these are especially beautiful. I would love to soap and clean them; that is if you don't mind me touching you there." I said I didn't mind him touching me if he wanted to. He said he would love to feel my young manhood in his hands, and before I could change my mind, using a little more soap he gently slipped his hand down my stomach, under my tight little balls which he fondled for a few seconds before closing his fingers round the base of my tingling shaft and slowly sliding his fist up and off the end.

His other hand was now stationary with the tips of the fingers in my slit at the base of my spine, and the palm gently squeezing my right buttock.

My cock charming model displays huge bum and gets asshole drilled rapidly growing hard and I was embarrassed about it, but he said it was lovely to see the penis of a young lad in his prime raising its head ready for pleasure.

He put more soap on his hand and then approached my cock from the tip gently peeling back my foreskin and soaping round my glans, and then, more firmly now, down the shaft to the base. This he repeated a couple of times and I was tingling and feeling quite flushed.

He sponged some warm water over my genitals to wash the soap off, and then put his hand round my now very stiff cock and slid my foreskin back hard so that my glans shone deep purple and throbbed. He trickled some warm water over the glans teen in glasses fucks two big black shafts monstercock interracial softly felt round the rim with his forefinger and thumb, saying "I think its nice and clean now, don't you?".

I said "Yes, Thank you" trying not to react. But I could not stop my cock giving a little twitch. He smiled and gently squeezing it gave it a couple of long slow wanks saying "It seems you enjoy my hand rubbing your penis.

You would like me to carry on, wouldn't you?". I nodded, knowing that with his sexy words and his warm wet hands round my genitals, I was now totally within his power and couldn't stop him doing anything he wanted to do to me.

He gently carried on stroking me, and of course I grew rapidly rock hard and throbbing within a few seconds. Then after a few more slow caresses he took my hand and putting it on his bulge he said "You are so lovely. Touching you has got me feeling very sexy, so my own cock is starting to get hard and uncomfortable cooped up inside my trousers. Would you like me to undo them and let it out?" He let go of my twitching little cock and just stood there while I started to undo his fly buttons.

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He told me to undo his belt and drop his trousers. As soon as I had his belt and his top buttons undone his trousers dropped to the floor and I gasped to see his naked cock spring up as he had no underpants on.

It seemed huge to me although I was soon to find it was relatively thin compared to some others. It was a full nine inches long though, uncircumcised and with the large hairy balls hanging like ripe fruit. "Do you like it?" he asked. "Yes," I replied, "I haven't seen one that size before". "Would you like to touch it?" he asked, and when I said I would he asked me to rub it a little, like he had me.

I grasped it from underneath with one hand and gently slid his skin backwards and forwards a couple of times. It glistened deep pink and smelt musky and strong. He took my other hand and showed me how to cup it round his heavy warm fleshy balls and massage them gently. He asked me what sort of sexy experiences I had had. I told him that although I wanked myself off sometimes three or four times a day, I had only wanked off a few times with a couple of boys at school, and that I had felt a couple of older men and been wanked off by them twice under the wall of the local stalls.

He asked me if I had wanked off that day and I told him we had been travelling since early morning and I hadn't had a chance. He said he supposed my balls were really full of sperm and wanting to be relieved of their load. I agreed that I did feel very randy. "I would love to see your cum shooting out. May I wank your cock gently for you so that we can both watch as you spill your hot love juices that warm water?", he asked.

I was almost dizzy with excitement and said "Oh! Yes, please". He got me to stand up and turned me round to face him. Then liberally soaping his hands again, he caressed my genitals with one hand while he slipped the other round my buttocks.

His right hand engulfed my little hard prick and he started fisting my foreskin right up and down my shaft, slowly and gently at first but gradually getting faster. His left hand slipped slowly into my slit and felt for my bum hole. When he got there he gently worked the tip of a soapy finger into my tight bottom. I was really throbbing and twitching now and within seconds of his finger entering my tight arse I felt the beginnings of a fantastic orgasm starting to build.

His eyes lit up as he sensed I was about to come and milking me firmly but slower he pushed another finger past the rim of my tube and slowly I felt them sliding into my arse as my sperm spurted up from my ballocks and I gave an involuntary cry as it squirted and sprayed out of the tip of my twitching cock.

The feeling was wonderful as he just held my pulsing shaft tight and then my thick cum pumped out and dripped into the bath water. He squeezed all my juice from me and gently worked my cock until it started to go limp. He had held the two fingers deep up my bum quite still while I was coming but now I felt then moving around inside me. He asked me if it felt nice and I said it did.

"Would you like to learn more about what guys can do together?" he asked. When I said yes, he pulled me close to him and pushing his two fingers up me as far as he could he told me that he loved the feel of my soft yielding young body, and we could have a lot of pleasure together if I would let him take me back to my bedroom.

I was very flushed and still quite excited so readily agreed that he could. He helped me dry off, and put a hotel dressing robe round me, got dressed himself and led me up the back stairs to my room.

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Gino and I went back to my room without talking, and without seeing anyone. I was warm and relaxed having been bathed and having shot a good load of my spunk into the warm bath water before being dried, sprinkled with talc and wrapped in a soft robe. I felt close to Gino who had his arm round me most of the way.

He opened my room, led me in and locked the door behind him. Then he led me over to my bed and sat me on the side of it. He stood in front of me and told me to take his trousers off again while he took his shirt off.

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He was soon naked and his cock was hanging fairly limply right in front of my face. "Do you know the proper way to give your lover great pleasure and get him ready to make love to you?" he asked.

I said I didn't so he came a little closer and lifting his cock with one hand, he put it to my lips. I kissed it, and almost involuntarily my tongue slipped out between my teeth and I licked the very tip of his foreskin and felt the soft glans peeping out of the middle.

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He put his other hand on the back of my head and said "Open your mouth wide and let me lay it on your tongue". I was amazed that he wanted me to do this, but did as he said and, as he pulled me slowly towards him, his foreskin peeled back a little way and the firm softness of the end of his glans slid into my mouth.

He told me to close my lips round it and suck on it gently while licking it with my tongue. As his cock grew slowly he pushed it in further and further telling me to swallow it as far as I could. It tasted musky and really sexy, and so I didn't mind doing what he asked, and I soon felt him getting harder and harder. I could only get the glans in my mouth now but this is what he seemed to want and after a while he reached down and slid the rest of his skin right back, so that I was sucking on his hard naked glans.

He let me carry on for a time until I had to take it out because my mouth started to ache. "That was really lovely" he said "and you've obviously got me nice and ready for our love making, would you like to show me your lovely body again?" I agreed, and he sat on the bed and got me to stand in front of him and then take my robe off.

I was feeling very randy again and my little prick was standing up rock hard. "It looks as if you could come again. Have you got more spunk in those little balls of yours?" he asked. "I think so", I replied "Come closer then and let me watch you wanking yourself off this euro slut is very dirty minded hardcore groupsex.

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He made me stand in between his legs with my cock right in front of his face and told me to start pumping it. He had one hand on his cock, slowly moving it, and the other he put under my balls, gently cupping them. He made me very randy by telling me how he would love to see me shoot the rest of my spunk and then taste it as I shot it into his open mouth.

He told me to rub myself harder and encouraged me to go faster and faster. I was getting really excited and he told me he could feel my balls twitching and getting ready to shoot and gently massaged them for me. Just as I was going to come, he lent forward, put his other hand again in my slit, pushed a finger slowly up my arse and put his lips round my glans.

I just exploded with that feeling, and pumped and pumped my hot spunk into his mouth, which sucked and swallowed it all. Licking my shaft one second and then the next sucking at the tip of my glans to drag my sperm up my tube. I couldn't believe I could come a second time within a few minutes and that it could feel so good and go on for so long.

He wouldn't let me take it out of his working mouth until I was quite empty and soft; I didn't realise at the time he was relaxing me for what was to come. When finally he allowed me to slip it out I could hardly remain standing up I was shivering and panting so much. He opened the bed, laid me in it, and covered me up.

I thought he might be going to leave as he went over to turn the light off. But Veronica rayne in keys to her pussy heard him get something out of his trouser pocket and after a second I felt him pull the bedclothes back and he climbed in beside me.

I still felt weak, but the warmth of his body near me and especially the heat of his cock which he laid on my thigh started getting me randy again. He started stroking my body and kissing my shoulders, and then he went down and kissed my nipple, and took it in his mouth and nibbled it. He worked his left arm round my back and gradually turned me on my side away from him.

All the time he was licking my neck and kissing me. He slipped his right hand down to my bum and massaged my buttocks and stroked my slit. He gradually pulled my right leg up towards my chest and this opened my bum wide and gave him xxx sunny lennon sex storys com access to my little puckered hole, which he now started to prod and finger.

Because I was still a bit soapy there he got a finger into me again quite easily and gently started to frig me with it. It was OK, and I slowly relaxed.

After a while I felt him turn round to get something, and when he turned back he pushed me over onto my tummy, telling me he loved to feel my beautiful soft bottom and wanted free access to it so would I open my legs as wide as I could.

I did and he started again to feel my arse. I felt him putting something cool on it and this was rubbed in, and then a small nozzle was put into my hole and I felt a little of the cool liquid inside me. It was all very pleasant and I was relaxing and enjoying it.

He put one and then two fingers up my bum and frigged me with them. "Do you like my fingers up inside you?" he asked, "Yes" I said, "you can do that all night" "Well, I'm glad you enjoy it" he said "but its my cock that needs to be in there now, so you won't mind if I slide it gently into your crack and see whether we can open you up so that I can sink it into your lovely soft bottom, will you?" I hadn't even thought about his cock since he had got into bed, and the thought that he was going to try to get it into my bum really frightened me.

"Oh! No!" I cried, "You can't do that! its too big!" "Of course, I can, that's how people make love" he replied "all you need do is to relax and enjoy it, I just put two fingers in you and you said you liked it. My cock is not much bigger, and bathed in cool cream I'm sure you will get to like it even more. Please let me try, I do love you, and Moist and lusty blowjob pornstar and hardcore promise it won't hurt." I was still a bit scared but agreed I would give it a try if he promised it wouldn't hurt.

He told me to lie nice and still just where I was while he got his cock nice and greasy.


I felt his every movement as he spread the jelly on his cock and rubbed it white girl getting smashed by black dick tube porn a bit, then he climbed over me and knelt between my outstretched legs.

He took a pillow and lifting my hips pushed it under my tummy so that my buttocks were sticking up a bit, then he supported himself on one elbow, and I felt his fingers feeling for my button again and easily entering me.

First one then two, they slowly frigged my bum and it did feel nice and slippery. Suddenly I was aware that I could feel the heat of his cock between my cheeks, and then his hands were guiding his hot glans into contact with my rose bud.

He pushed at it and I felt myself starting to open, but it hurt a little as it stretched my rim, so I moaned a bit. He kissed me and calmed me and then tried again. I felt the glans stretching my hole even more and almost cried out. He withdrew, and said "You must trust me, opening your rim is the worst bit the first time, but it gets much better.

I think there is only one way that will be best in the long run, and that is to try to open you quickly, so relax and trust me!". "OK, I'll try" I said, "but please don't hurt me too much", I pleaded again. He rubbed a little more jelly on us both and came over me again. He came into contact, pushed the glans as far as he had before into my dilated arse hole, stretching it to the limit.

And then suddenly he cupped his hand over my mouth and thrust as hard as he could. I could almost feel my rim burst as his glans penetrated my tube and forced me open. I let out a stifled scream, but he kept coming in, further and further, thrusting and thrusting, until his glans was well past the rim and seemed to be deep in my belly.

"That's all right now" he said, releasing my face, "You have surrendered your virginity to me and from now on you will be rewarded with beautiful feelings every time you have a lover whose big hard penis penetrates your softness and you let him fuck you until you receive his seed.

But now, so that you will for ever be MY virgin, I must take your lovely young body completely, fuck your soft bum deeply and then shoot my hot sticky sperm as deep as I can inside your bowels." He lay on me and, kissing my neck and sucking at my shoulders, he started to move in and out of me gently. I tried to relax, but this was difficult as my rim was really sore, but I did start to feel a pleasure inside my arse, and especially when he started going at me a bit harder.

He was making long strokes now, almost withdrawing completely each time so that his glans stretched my rim and then leaning his whole weight on me, burying the long shaft in me up to his big balls which banged against mine.

He must have fucked me for more than ten minutes as he gradually got faster and deeper, grunting each time as his tip thrust against my pelvis.

Then suddenly he got really frantic for a few seconds, sucking on my neck and whipping my arse to a froth with his big prick. I knew exactly when he was coming.

He slowed to 5 guys gang rape twgirls steady deep thrust and I felt his cock grow even bigger, stretching my whole rectum. It was really a wonderful feeling as he started to shoot.

He was hard up inside me, just throbbing and twitching and I could feel the heat of his spunk spurt out, shooting and pumping deep into my bowels.

I just relaxed as his thick hot sperm filled me up and a lovely warm feeling spread deep through my bowels to the tip of my cock. I knew that this was just the first of many times that my bum would be fucked, and I was already looking forward to the next. He lay on me a long time, gently kissing me, and I must say I didn't feel nearly so sore.

In fact I felt myself getting randy again and was conscious of my cock getting hard. We rolled onto our sides and his hands started to explore my body again.

When one alighted on my cock it twitched hard and tingled. He started to wank me and I started twitching my bum. His limp prick slowly came out of me and he gently turned me towards him. He continued to rub me and kissing me on the neck and chest I let him wank me off. I wouldn't?t have believed I had any more spunk in me but a fair amount of thin milk finally sprayed over his leg and the bedclothes. He milked out my thick cream and as I relaxed I felt his sperm oozing out of my bum, so that I had rivulets of cum running down my highs back and front.

Soon I was again dry and soft.