Hairy pusdy huge tits and ass

Hairy pusdy huge tits and ass
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Please read my first story in this series, The New Hole, for the background. As we were driving and almost home Rebecca decided to send a text to Betty that read: "We had lots of fun with y'all and would love to talk about meeting for drinks sometime -Rebecca and Brent" I stayed semi-hard the entire ride home and could tell that Rebecca was very turned on by the whole experience.

When we arrived home all of the kids were in bed and our babysitter, Candice, was almost asleep on the couch with the TV on. Rebecca nudged her to wake her up and let her know we were home. Candice sprang up and apologized for falling asleep and we told her it was fine and asked if she needed a ride home.

She said yes and Rebecca told me she'd drive her home. They left and of course I stared at their asses as they both walked off, which was an amazing site to see.

Candice still had on the same outfit as earlier in the day and she didn't care what was hanging out of it. I had to calm down after seeing that and reflecting on the entire evening, so I went upstairs and got the water going in our jacuzzi tub and stripped down. About ten minutes later I was nodding off and I felt the presence of someone in the water with me.

Rebecca was climbing in and had her huge tits hanging over me as she flipped her legs in the tub. As I kissed and nibbled on her tits she sat right down on my cock and it slid in all the way to my balls. She started riding my fat cock as hard as she could and she told me "The ride to Candice's house made me so wet baby!

I know how bad you want her and I see how she looks at you every time you two are together. I wanna see you fuck that sexy little 16 year old girl!" I came so hard and deep inside Rebecca's pussy and she just sat there on my cock shaking wildly as she came at the same time. As we sat there trembling from the orgasm Rebecca whispered in my ear to close my eyes and lean my head back.

I obliged without questioning anything as she has always known how to please me. As I laid my head back I felt her stand up and step closer to me and swing her leg over my shoulder.

Then, through the muffle of her wet thigh I heard her say "Suck your hot cum out of my dripping pussy!" The whole night was full of firsts for us and there wasn't a single experience that I didn't enjoy, so I went for it. It took a few moments for gravity and my tongue to work in harmony together, but as I licked as deep as I could I felt a warm gooey sensation fill my mouth.

It was a great and totally new feeling and my mouth was full of salty and sweet at the same time. I swallowed up my load and looked at her like she looks at me after I cum in her mouth. Rebecca kissed mistress taylor st claire mixed wrestling so hard and looked at me with her big beautiful eyes and said "I had so much fun tonight and I never want us to hold back our fantasies from each other.

I want to experience even more with you. I love you!" With that said I told her I loved her too and she got up out of the tub and dried off but stayed totally nude. She was exuding sexuality in every move that she made. I told her I would clean up the bathroom and I wanted her to go to bed and get cozy.

She thanked me and went out the door and got straight in to bed naked. I could get used to the new woman Rebecca was becoming before my eyes. As I woke in the morning I had a great sense of relief come over me because today was Saturday and I didn't really have any plans except to hang out with the kids and relax all day.

I went downstairs and Rebecca had breakfast cooking for all of us and said "Hey sweetie, hope you slept well. Bacon and eggs are almost ready and I've got toast going for you too. Check your phone, I think meine frau besorgt es mir got a text you may want to read." I told her thanks and went to check it.

The text was from Candice!

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It read "Hey Brent. Would you mind if me and my friend Jenny came over to swim in your pool today? We will be quiet and it will just be the two of us, no boys or anything lol." I told Rebecca that I was going to tell her yes and that we should all just hang by the pool today and that if she was good with it I could barbeque lunch. She agreed and I texted her back as thoughts of her two-piece bathing suit drifted through my mind and made me visibly smile.

I told the kids to clean their room so that we could go swimming after Miss Candice came over and they wouldn't have to do it later. They went upstairs and that gave me and Rebecca a few minutes to talk. She told me that she too had a text waiting for her when she checked her phone this morning. It was from Betty and said "Drinks sound fun and of course we are up for whatever happens after that too ;) Just let us know when you want to get together.

Can't wait to see what happens next. Hope y'all feel the same." I told Rebecca that she could text her back after our afternoon at the pool so that we didn't sound desperate. I wanted focus on the kids and only have a few distractions that afternoon. Just by the smirk she gave me I could tell that she knew the distractions I was talking about were Candice and Jenny.

With a coy look she sexily said "I will make sure that all of you are distracted by me today too." We went upstairs and got into our swim clothes and she went into the bathroom again and just said for me to go get the kids and meet me at the pool. The kids came down stairs and we headed out to the pool. Just as we got out the door the girls came through the fence and the kids ran over to give Candice a hug and find out who she brought with her. The girls came over to me and Candice introduced me to her friend.

I told them to make themselves at home and that lunch would be served in about an hour. Jenny looked as if she was the same age as Candice and was a multi-race girl. I found out later that she was half Mexican, half White, which made her skin color very nice and also caused her to be pretty petite.

She was super cute and surprisingly had a great set of boobs for being so little. I would guess that she had a large b-cup and her legs rose up from her painted toenails to her cushy round butt. I had seen Candice in a bathing suit a bunch of times, but today she looked especially great.

Rebecca came out of the house wearing her two piece bikini, which I hadn't seen in quite a while, especially when we had company. She looked stunning and her ass was being accented and firmed by a pair of cork-wedge sandals that had a platform to them and she wasn't making any effort to pull her wedgie out of her ass crack. She has a big smile on her face once she saw my reaction to her. She introduced herself to Jenny and said that they can have fun and not to forget to put on some sunscreen. She was always a mom before she was anything.

Candice giggled and thanked her for the reminder and said "Miss Rebecca, you look great today! No wonder Brent is always in such a great mood all the time! Do you mind helping us with the sunscreen?" This was every man's fantasy, two beautiful 16 year frisky lezzies fill up their monster asses with milk and blast it out internal cumshots girls having sunscreen applied on them by his wife.

She couldn't hold her smile back as she rubbed Candice down from the top of her neck under her hairline to the top of her cute little ass crack. I was amazed as I thought to myself about what women get away with that guys couldn't dream of doing.

Just as I came out of my thought I heard Rebecca say "Hey Jenny, why don't you have Brent apply your sun block so you don't have to wait for me to finish Candice?" What an awesome wife I have! Jenny said "Sure. Brent, do you mind getting my back?" I didn't even have to respond. I just grabbed the bottle and told her to sit on the lounger and turn around as I squirted some in to my hand.

Her skin was so soft, but was covered in goose-bumps, a sure sign that she liked my touch, as I rubbed her back down and was careful to be thorough and get behind her bikini strings. I so wanted to untie her top.

As I went down lower on her back she turned her head and looked back at me and said "I know it's weird, but do you mind rubbing a little below the waist of my bottoms? I don't want to get burned if they ride down while I swim." I was speechless, so I just obliged and ran my fingers down below her loosely tied bikini bottoms.

Even though I knew it was inappropriate, I figured she asked me to do it, so I went a little lower than would be considered reasonable and I could hear her breathing get very shallow and quick and I was happy to know I made a good decision. Jenny's ass was perfect and high school was the last time that I had my hands on any part of a sixteen year old body.

I was in ecstasy and I had to have a break or I would cum right there in my board shorts, so I squirted what I wanted to be a little dab more lotion on my hand, but the bottle dumped a ton out at one time with a noise normally heard as a ketchup bottle is nearing the end of it's life.

All four of us laughed and I sister xxx storys real hot sisters in action free sister pornos "Excuse me", which made all of us chuckle even harder. Jenny turned her head toward me and just quietly said "Well, since you have a hand full of sunscreen you might as well just finish me off.

I didn't need to hear those words twice, so I rubbed up and down her rib cage and on to her tummy and handed her a little to get around her bikini top.

I was lucky to get as far as I had, so I wasn't going to push my luck over the edge. She stuck out her left leg and told me to go to town, so I rubbed up and down her upper thigh. This girl was perfect even all the way down to her toes and I jeny smith pantyhose and high heels fetish tease not normally a "foot guy", but she was really turning me on in a way that was so taboo.

I rubbed down to her feet and again handed her a dab to get her bikini line as she gave me the other leg. I reminded her that her shoulders would get burned and told her to sit down and turn around again as I stood up to rub lotion on them. I was so caught up in the moment that I didn't even realize that my bulge, only being held back by a thin layer of nylon, was rubbing on her back as I worked around bikini ties on her neck.

I could see her perfect tits over her shoulder and I could also tell that she was biting her lip and breathing very deeply as I rubbed. I finished rubbing the lotion on her and told her to give it a few minutes to dry and laid down and rolled over to make it look like I wanted to lay out for some sun, but was in all reality hiding my raging erection. Rebecca came over and knelt next to me as the girls walked off toward the pool and whispered in my ear "If you're as turned on as I am then I am not surprised you're lying on your stomach right now!" I smiled from ear to ear and replied "Baby you look so fucking hot.

It wasn't just Jenny that got me so hard, it was from seeing you rub down our hot-ass babysitter too! I love you." After my boner dissipated and I could compose myself I got up and started the grill. Candice's mom called and wanted the girls back home in 2 hours. Luckily, Candice thought quickly and asked her mom if she could stay and baby-sit for us tonight. After her mom said yes, Rebecca mentioned that she would text Betty back and say we wanted to meet tonight.

Sounded like a perfect plan. I was going to experiment with a hot couple later, plus for the next two hours I got to gawk at two hot 16 year old, half naked bodies in my pool. Life was good. The rest of the afternoon went on as great as I could have expected. Rebecca and I got to play and have fun with the kids and even had the girls on our shoulders trying to wrestle once.

When the girls went home I was disappointed, but was looking forward to getting ready and meeting Betty and Mike at the bar that night. Rebecca went to get in the shower before she cooked dinner and Candice was due to come back, so I sat down to check my email for a minute before I went to play Wii with the kids. I had an email from an address I didn't recognize, but I opened it anyways because the subject read Looking forward to experimenting.

After I opened the email I realized that it was from Mike and I started to get excited because all of this craziness was happening so fast.

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The email read: Hey Brent, It's Mike. I hope you don't mind that I asked Rebecca for your email addresses and she gave it to me. I was more turned on by what happened last night than I have ever been in my life. I am very straight, but found myself getting very curious.

I don't want to freak you out before we meet for drinks and I am not gay, but if anything happens farther than it already has I won't think you are gay either, just horny.

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Blonde with hot ass bouncing on webcam teen you soon. -Mike. I decided not to tell Rebecca about the email and tried to put it towards the back of my mind. My first priority was to get Betty naked and see if she was as hot as Rebecca described her. I haven't had a pussy, other than my wife's ebony girl enjoy in this masturbate and homemade we got married and I couldn't wait to touch this strange woman's body.

I snapped out of my day dream and played and had fun with the kids while Rebecca was finishing dinner. Dinner with the kids was great and gave me a little while to relax my mind, which for the last 24 hours couldn't think about anything but sex.

After we ate and cleaned up Candice came over, looking phenomenal as always, so we went upstairs and quickly got ready. When Rebecca stepped out of her closet she had on the shortest cocktail dress I have ever seen. I didn't even think she owned anything like that! She reached down to pick up her patent platform pumps, which were my favorite because they had a five inch heel and made her ass and legs look extra great.

As she bent over she made sure to bend at the waist so I could plainly see that she had on no panties at all. Her pussy was already glistening with girl juices, but I didn't want to get things going too hot right away because I know that we wouldn't have been able to stop and would have never left the house.

I smiled and whistled, but didn't touch her because it would have all been over. I was done dressing too, so we went down to say goodnight to the kids and the babysitter. When we got downstairs and walked in to the den Candice looked up with shock in her face and said "Rebecca, you look even better than last night. Wow!" We kissed the kids goodnight, told them to behave, and told Candice that we may not be home until very late and to make herself at home.

We didn't talk much on the way to the club, probably because we were both so nervous about meeting the two people we were so naughty with the prior night. We walked in and told the hostess that we had reservations and she said the rest of our party was at a VIP table and led us over. My mind was spinning in anticipation while we turned a corner and Mike and Betty stood up from a dimly lit table. We all awkwardly said hi and looked each other over.

Mike was a decently handsome guy a few years older than us and he took Rebecca's hand and kissed it, told her she looked amazing, and pulled her chair out for her. I did the same for Betty, who was a little taller than Rebecca and had a slightly smaller frame. She was wearing a form-fitting dress that was low cut in the front and showed off her pretty little chest. She had a great pair of legs and was wearing a pair of heels that showed off the fact that she kept herself in shape.

Pretty blue eyes and a sweet smile made her face look like she was ten years younger than she was. She looked great for someone in her early 40's. The conversation during dinner went well and we exchanged stories about the kids and work and such, but I really could not spell out any details because I was utterly distracted throughout the entire dinner. After a few drinks everyone was loosened up enough to explore under the table with feet and hands going in all directions. With four of us at a smallish round table it was easy for the girls to be rubbing the crotch of both guys at the same time and the guys were able to rub the legs and crotch of both girls as well.

Dinner didn't last very long, it seemed, because we were all very eager to get out of the restaurant and get down to business. Mike and Betty told us they had a room at the Courtyard Hotel next to the club we were at and they had already been over to check in and put some champagne in the fridge.

As we walked over to the hotel room I walked with my arm around Betty's waist and Mike had his arm around my wife's. This was the moment that I decided I could not get jealous of another man touching her.


I decided I was going to be having enough fun of my own to let jealousy ruin my night. We entered the hotel room and the other couple told us they were going to make themselves more comfy in the bathroom and after they closed the door Rebecca and I decided to surprise them by being naked and each lying in a different bed (there were two double beds in the room).

I could feel my heart pounding out of my chest as I laid there waiting for a mostly complete stranger to see me totally nude. It sent blood rushing down to my cock and I could feel myself stiffening up a little. Rebecca was gently rubbing herself with her eyes closed and she whispered to me "I love you no matter what happens tonight baby", which really calmed me down. The other two walked out of the bathroom and made slight gasping sounds and Mike said "Mmm. What a great surprise!" Mike had on a robe and Betty had a short flowing teddy and a thong.

She looked amazing and I could tell they were both as nervous and horny as we were. Mike was even sporting a little bulge of his own which made Rebecca instantly smile. They both walked over to each of us on our respective beds and started to make out with us. To my surprise it took me several minutes to look over and see what Mike and my wife were doing, but when I did I saw her with her back arched holding Mike's head on her tit as he sucked her nipple like a newborn baby.

Mike had his hand down furiously rubbing dahlia sky dp pretty dirty double penetration and deepthroat pussy and she was clearly liking every second of it. When Betty saw what her husband was doing to my wife she decided to try and one-up him by removing her lips from mine and sliding my now throbbing cock in to her mouth. She sucked cock just as well as I remembered from the night before, but it was even better this time because she could look up at me while she did it.

I reached around her body and felt her pussy, which was totally bald and soaking wet. My fingers easily slipped in and out of her warm slit and I gently pulled her backside around to put us in a 69 position.

Her mouth never left my cock while she spun above me. As my mouth touched her pussy lips she let out a loud moan and I could feel her tighten up around my fingers. It was very nice to have a different taste, not better than Rebecca's, but different.

I could hear Rebecca and Mike talking beside me, but with Betty's thighs around my ears it was very muffled. Apparently Rebecca was saying she wanted to taste Betty's pussy juice on Mike's cock because before I knew it he was sliding his cock into her pussy. The underside of his shaft was rubbing up against my nose as I tickled her clit with my tongue. This was a totally new sensation for me and was lana rhoades big tits teen sucking and masturbating with erotic.

I liked it a lot, even though it was something I never pictured myself doing. It sent a rush down to my cock and Betty was furiously sucking. Almost as quickly as he started, Mike was pulling out of Betty's hole and was headed to the side of the other bed for the waiting mouth of my wife.

I tapped Betty on the leg to let her know to get up and once she was I told her to go sit next to Rebecca so the girls could simultaneously suck or rods.

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I loved watching how passionately Rebecca licked Mike's cock and balls and there seemed to be a competition setting in to see which girl could suck cock better. I think I got the better end of the deal with Betty on my cock, but my wife was doing a great job too. Mike's cock was nice and I could tell he was really enjoying himself. As Betty bobbed back and forth on my shaft she gently nudged my body with her hands so that Mike and I were standing face to face so our rods were almost touching.

Rebecca took both of our cocks one in each hand and started tugging them toward each other so that our heads were touching then guided them both in to her mouth together.

I had felt his cock against mine the night before at the gloryhole, but this time I got to see it. Mike's cock was pulsing up and down in her mouth and it was obvious that he was about to blow his load. Mike pulled away after just a short time of the dual cock sucking so that he wouldn't cum too early. He laid on the other bed and his cock flopped back and thumped against his stomach. Rebecca sucked me for just a few more moments and went right back over to Mike.

She hung her huge tits over his head and he licked her nipples again while she rubbed his throbbing cock with her hand. She looked him in the eyes and said "I want that beautiful cock in my dripping pussy." With that she mounted him and rode him like she was in a porn movie.

It was great to watch her having so much fun. I could tell she loved it and he was grunting like an animal. Betty saw how hard I was getting from the scene and she laid on the bed next to Mike and looked at me and pointed at her now spread pussy and said "Fuck my slutty pussy with your bare cock now!" I crawled up on her and kissed her deeply as my raging hard on slid in her hole without any resistance.

Her pussy was amazing and I found myself forgetting that I was actually cheating on my wife as I got lost in our kissing and passion. I sat myself up on my knees so that Rebecca and I were next to each other while Mike and Betty were lying side by side.

I kissed my wife while she rode Mike and between kisses she moaned "I love his fat cock." I responded "Betty has the best pussy I've ever had!" After hearing us, Mike announced that he was going to cum. Rebecca shouted for him to cum in her pussy. I had never heard her being so slutty and it sent me over the edge. I said "I'm going to cum in your beautiful wife's cunt too!" Next thing I know all four of us are simultaneously orgasming, groaning ravishing tiny chick gets her narrow snatch and slender ass hole fucked shaking together.

After kissing Mike, Rebecca got off of him and told me to lie down on the empty bed, so I got off of Betty and laid down. Rebecca went over to Betty and whispered something in her ear then walked over to me. She kissed me and said to close my eyes, so I did. A few seconds later her pussy was lowering down on my mouth, but this time she didn't have to instruct me what to do.

I gobbled up the big, warm load that was escaping her pussy without missing a drop. His jizz tasted different than mine, but was really good. I swallowed every bit of it as she stood up off of my face.

As I sat up I realized that Betty had also given Mike her creampie and I could blonde lesbians get to please each other my spent cock start to rise up again. Betty whispered something to Mike and before I knew it he was walking over to me and told me to stand up.

He said "Your dick looks like it is ready for round two." He knelt down and took my cock in his mouth without even touching it. I was so surprised that I couldn't even say a word, but I did hear Rebecca tell me how sexy it was to see me getting my dick sucked by a guy. It felt great and before I could think I had my hand on the back of Mike's head. He was a great cocksucker. Betty came over to me and started kissing me and telling me she loved to see her husband sucking my cock.

I told her I loved it being sucked. Rebecca went to Mike and started rubbing her fingers up and down his ass crack. She quickly found his asshole and was gently pushing her index finger in to his hole. Mike was moaning deeply, but never took my cock out of his mouth. Betty looked down at Mike and asked "Do you want Rebecca to get your ass ready for a real cock?" He nodded and gave a muffled "Uh huh". Rebecca sprung into action and started fingering his ass like it was a vagina and had two fingers going, then three and after just a minute or so she pulled out and declared that he was ready.

He broke the suction from my dong and looked up at me and said "I've never been so horny in my whole life!" He quickly stepped over to the bed, bent himself over the side and spread his ass cheeks for me. As I was sliding my throbbing cock in to his willing ass I felt each of the women start to kiss me at the same time, one on each side. Betty nibbled on my ear and whispered "be gentle, he's a virgin".

I agreed and gently pumped in and out like I was making love to a girl for the first time. After just a few minutes of Mike taking my man meat he started pushing back in to me and matching my rhythm.

Then he looked back over his shoulder at me and said "I want you to fuck me!" I didn't waste any time and started thrusting into his sweet ass. Without thinking I reached around and started stroking his cock, which was pulsing and was as hard as it could have been.

All of these sensations reached a boiling point and I shouted "I'm gonna cum!" Mike pulled off of me and spun around and held his mouth open.


I came so hard that it squirted to the back of his throat and he swallowed it up instantly. As he was swallowed my load I looked down and he was cumming all over himself. I looked over at the girls who had a look of sheer amazement on their faces.

I just laid back on the bed, totally spent from the whole experience. Mike and Betty made out for a few minutes while Rebecca and I started getting dressed. Once they saw us putting our clothes on they got up off the bed and told us they had an amazing time and couldn't wait until next time. We thanked them for the hotel room and apologized that we had to leave, but that there was a babysitter waiting for us.

We all hugged and everyone seemed very happy and excited at our new found friendship. To be continued&hellip.