Ava addams caught the panties thief andinvited him in house

Ava addams caught the panties thief andinvited him in house
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This story does not reflect the attitudes or characters in the Harry Potter series, or have any affiliation with the author.

Chapter 9 March had rolled in and flowers had started to bloom all around rare story massage fuck best grounds of Hogwarts. It was the weekend, and it was time for the monthly visit to Hogsmeade. Harry and Hermione ventured together to the village and made their way to the Three Broomsticks as they enjoyed the fine taste of a butterbeer. Since Ron had revealed his dark secret to Harry around 6 weeks ago, Harry had refused to talk to Ron, who in turn made no effort to talk to Harry either.

The door to the Three Broomsticks suddenly creaked open and in a bask of sunlight; in stepped Ron. Harry and Hermione looked up at Ron from their table who noticed them sat in the corner. Hermione gave Ron a warm smile which Ron returned.

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Ron then looked at Harry and his expression turned to that of disgust as he walked over to the bar to get a drink. Hermione sighed as she saw Harry look coldly back at Ron. Hermione had been trying to act as a courier between Harry and Ron for the last few weeks, even though Harry wouldn't tell her why he and Ron were not talking. 'I'm going to get another drink,' said Hermione to Harry, who nodded to acknowledge he heard her.

'Hi Ron,' said Hermione cheerfully as she stood by Ron at the bar, waiting to be served. 'Hey Hermione,' said Ron softly. 'Ron, I'm really missing you, we're both really missing you, please. make up with Harry,' said Hermione desperately. 'Harry's not missing me, he hates me, and I hate him,' Ron answered darkly. 'Harry doesn't hate you Ron, he still loves you, if you both just said sorry to each other.' Hermione responded.

'Yes dear?' said Madam Rosmerta to Ron as she emerged from the back glamorous model showcases huge ass and gets anus nailed into the bar area.

'Look Hermione, there's as much chance of me making up with Harry then there is of Neville becoming Minister of Magic. I've come in here for a quiet drink, I'll speak to you later Hermione,' said Ron finally as he turned towards Madam Rosmerta. Hermione looked on at Ron in sadness before going over to Harry and together they left the pub.

'I'll have a butterbeer please Rosy,' said Ron. Ron couldn't help but look at Rosmerta's curvy ass as she turned around to get a glass from the shelf. Ron had always had a crush on Madam Rosmerta since he first saw her. She was around 40 years old and had blonde hair which she styled in a bob. Though she was approaching middle ages, she still had a pair of fabulous double D tits, which still remained pushed up like she was a teenager.

Her stomach was still relatively flat and she had a beautiful round bum which was hidden behind a tight fitting skirt. 'O dear,' said Rosmerta, 'it looks like the barrel has run dry. You look like a strong young man; you wouldn't come to the cellar with me and help change the barrel?' Rosmerta said with a wink to Ron. 'S.ssure,' stammered Ron as Rosmerta raised a wooden sax story sex stories xx 2019 in the bar so Ron could walk through.

Ron walked ahead of Rosmerta who glanced down at Ron's tight bum as he walked through to the back room, causing her to bite her lower lip. 'It's just through there,' said Rosmerta as she gestured towards the cellar stairs.


They both made their way down together. The cellar was rather gloomy and was lit by torches that were placed in brackets along the stone walls.

Barrels and pipes littered the floor as Rosmerta closed the heavy wooden door behind them. 'It's just that one there,' said Rosmerta pointing towards a barrel in the far corner. Ron immediately went over and lifted the heavy barrel on to his shoulder with ease.

Rosmerta couldn't help but notice Ron's strong biceps through his tight t-shirt.


After a few minutes, a hot and sweaty Ron finally had replaced the barrel. 'Is that all Rosy,' said Ron as he dusted his hands down. 'Yes.yes thank you,' said Rosmerta softly, 'my my you've got all sweaty look, let me give you an ice-cold butterbeer on the house,' she said as she picked up a glass from on top of a barrel and filled it with foamy butterbeer from the tap on the barrel.

Ron drank deeply from the goblet, enjoying the sensation of the cool drink soothing his dry throat. 'Thanks,' said Ron as he handed the glass back to Rosy and made his way to the door. 'You know,' Rosmerta suddenly said as Ron's hand reached the door-knob, 'I get awfully alone here, especially since my husband left me. I miss the pleasures a man gives me, especially young.strapping lads such as yourself,' Rosmerta said seductively as Ron turned around to her in excited anticipation.

Rosmerta put a finger to her lips and started to suck the bisexual plumper babes in threesome tube porn of it slowly. Ron could feel his cock jolt in excitement as without taking his eyes of Rosmerta, he locked the door shut with a loud satisfying click; confirming to both of them that they wouldn't be disturbed.

Ron removed his t-shirt and flung it to the floor, his strong, muscle-bound body glistening in the dark light. 'Oooooh,' moaned Rosmerta lightly as she eyed up Ron's strong body, 'come here now,' she said, beckoning Ron over. Ron swaggered over to Rosmerta with a smile as she reached out her hands to feel Ron's torso. Her fingers ventured towards Ron's 6 pack which she squeezed and felt whilst she sucked and kissed on Ron's nipples. 'We'll have to be quick,' said Rosmerta as she looked up at Ron, who had one hand on her hair, 'I have to be back at the bar soon.' Ron smiled at her before giving her a long kiss on the lips.

'Then we'll be quick then,' Ron said, 'suck my cock Rosy,' finished Ron as he undid his jeans and pulled them down, allowing his stiff 6 inch cock to spring free. Rosmerta looked down at Ron's fat dick with longing before she quickly dropped to her knees and grabbed Ron's cock in her small hand. She peeled back Ron's foreskin, revealing his dark red head before quickly rubbing Ron's dick at a furious pace.

Suddenly, she engulfed all of Ron's cock deep into her wet mouth. 'Ahhhhhhh,' moaned Ron in delight, thrusting his hips further forwards, so that she could suck more and more of Ron's cock.

Ron could feel Rosmerta start to shake with the effort of keeping his entire dick in her mouth. After a few moments, Rosmerta suddenly broke away, gasping for air with strings of saliva connecting her chin to Ron's cock. Once she caught her breath, she continued sucking Ron's cock; giving his dick long quick sucks whilst she fondled his balls with her hand. Ron shivered in excitement at the feeling of Rosmerta's experienced warm tongue, swirling around the head of his cock while her soft hands stroked his ball-sack.

Suddenly, Rosmerta lifted up his cock and suckled on his balls, instantly shy blonde teen gets fucked out by hookup hotshot to suck and pull at his tight ball-sack.

Ron slowly jerked himself off as she did this, whilst her hands went to Ron's bum, which she began to squeeze and slap. Feeling his orgasm coming, Ron pulled away from Rosmerta and helped her to her feet. She quickly removed her thong and lifted up her skirt so that Ron could see her semi-shaven pussy. Ron kim k breaks the internet again nikki benz turned her around and bent her over a barrel, so that her curvy ass poked invitingly out into the air.

Ron gave her ass a hard spank before guiding his hard cock straight into her pussy. 'Ahhhhh,' they both moaned as Ron's cock sank easily balls deep into Rosmerta's pussy. 'Ram me hard Ron,' begged Rosmerta, 'it's been so long.' Ron obliged as he soon started to buck his hips faster and faster into Rosmerta's pussy. Ron soon felt Rosmerta's experienced pussy clench around his dick, giving him instant pleasure as he pounded faster and faster into her.

Ron bent around her and felt her tits through her skimpy top; they felt like melons in his hands. Rosmerta placed her hands on top of Ron's as he began to squeeze her huge breasts. The sound of his hips slapping into Rosmerta's ass sent Ron wild as he started to thrust at a furious pace.

Rosmerta soon felt a powerful surge of warmth and pleasure flow through her body and suddenly she screamed out loud, as she went through her first orgasm in years, her large quantity of juices lubricating Ron's hard cock. Rosmerta quickly turned around and dropped to her knees as Ron pulled out of her and started to pump his shaft furiously. Rosmerta pulled her tits out of her top, causing Ron's mouth to drop in awe at the sight of them.

They were huge, and though Rosmerta was getting on, they had yet to make the journey south as they hung there, defying gravity. She had huge brown, circular areolas and large button like nipples, which were sticking out by at least an inch. She grabbed Ron's cock and placed it in the middle of the chest, as she took hold of her own tits and enveloped Ron's dick in its warm flesh. Ron's knees began to tremble in pleasure as he started to thrust wildly, as Rosmerta spat in between her tits and began to massage Ron's dick with her enormous mounds.

Rosmerta jiggled her tits around Ron's dick, causing him to rest his hands on her shoulders for support. Ron was so horny and after a few minutes he felt a powerful orgasm surge through his body. 'I'm gonna cum!' shouted Ron. Rosmerta quickly grabbed his dick and shoved it deep into her warm wet mouth. Ron stood there, legs wide apart and hips forwards as he felt Rosmerta's wet mouth finally tip him over the edge.

Just at the point at climax, he looked down and instead of seeing Rosmerta's face; he saw Hermione's cute face with his dick inside her mouth. Ron laughed as he finally came. 'AAhhhhh.ooo my god.ahhhhhh,' sighed Ron loudly in pleasure, as his body stiffened and he felt his cum spurt out and hit the back of Rosmerta's throat, causing her to gag.

After a few moments, Ron pulled his cock out of her mouth; a string of his young white cum dribbled out on to Rosmerta's chin. Rosmerta opened her mouth and swirled Ron's hot cum around her mouth before swallowing it all in one. Ron smiled at this as he went over to Rosmerta and gave her a brief kiss and squeeze of her spongy tits.

'God I've missed the feel of a young cock in me,' panted Rosmerta. 'Anytime,' smirked Ron as they both re-dressed and snuck out of the cellar together. * While the rest of the students enjoyed a fine springs day in Hogsmeade, Draco Malfoy sat alone, crying in Moaning Myrtle's bathroom. Though his plan of corrupting Ron was progressing smoothly, the key to his plan; the repair of the Vanishing Cabinet was going disastrously. Draco had made use of the quiet castle whilst everyone was at Hogsmeade to have another attempt to fix the cabinet.

After a few hours of trying, Draco gave in and whilst making his way back to the common room, he broke down in tears and hurried to the nearest toilet. Cho Chang had decided not to go to Hogsmeade for the weekend. After so many times she thought, it got rather boring and so decided to spend her weekend around the school. Cho was walking along the 2nd floor corridor when she heard sobbing coming from the girls toilets. Cho hesitated before deciding to enter the bathroom.

'Draco?' Cho said in a puzzled voice when she saw Draco by the mirrors wiping his eyes clear of tears. Draco spun around to her in shock. 'Cho! I.erm.what do you want?' Draco blubbered.

Cho looked at Draco in concerned pity. She had never thought much of him but now she looked at him, she thought he looked quite cute. He was tall and wiry; no doubt possessing a strong body underneath his robes. He had beautifully pale white skin and piercing grey eyes, with white blonde hair that currently hung loosely around his face.

'Hey, what's the matter,' said Cho as she walked over to Draco and put a comforting arm around his shoulder. At her touch, Draco broke into tears once again. 'I'm a dead man Cho. there's something I need to do.and I can't. I don't want too,' stammered Draco. 'Ssshh,' said Cho as she placed her hands around Draco in a comforting embrace, 'I'm sure you're worrying over nothing. This thing you have to do, is it really that important for you to do?' 'Yes,' answered Draco as his head fell onto Cho's warm, soft shoulder, 'I'm dead if I don't do it.' 'Well, you have to ask yourself, is it that important?

Really? I mean it's obviously causing you some distress. Remember, the most important things you have in this world are your family and friends and you still have them right?' said Cho as she stroked Draco's soft hair. 'Yeahhh.,' said Draco, 'you're right, I don't have to do this, I won't be treated like this anymore, thanks Cho.' 'You're welcome, glad I could be of help,' said Cho with a smile as Draco lifted his head and they looked into each other's eyes, 'you know Draco, your actually pretty cute,' said Cho with a giggle as she stroked Draco's cheek with the back of her hand.

Draco's eyes widened in shocked delight. 'What.really?' stammered Draco. 'Yeah.really,' said Cho as she brought her lips to Draco's and gave him a long and passionate kiss. Cho's soft, tender lips brought warmth and hope to Draco as they continued to kiss each other tenderly, their arms wrapped loosely around each other's middles.

Cho's tongue slipped into Draco's mouth, making him moan in delight as their two tongues probed each other. After a few minutes, they broke apart from each other.

'That was.nice,' said Draco as he gave Cho a watery smile. 'Yeah it was.do you want more?' said Cho in a teasing voice. '.Yes.,' said Draco, feeling his cock start to grow in his boxers. 'Well let's get you out of them clothes,' whispered Cho as she undid Draco's robes and let them fall dramatically to the ground. Cho lifted Draco's t-shirt over his head, revealing his wiry, pale body, which shone in the dim light.

Cho smiled as she eyed Draco's torso and immediately began to kiss and suck his round, light brown nipples. Draco closed his eyes in ecstasy brynn tyler and tanners mayes handjob sperm swap he began to play with Cho's dark curly hair, as she continued to kiss and lick his body, gradually getting lower and lower until finally she was on her knees.

With a final kiss of Draco's belly-button, she placed her hands at the bottom of Draco's back, and removed his boxers by lowering her hands, until his 7 inch long upskirt and touch 720camscom tube porn cock sprang free and her hands rested on his bum.

'Beautiful cock,' said Cho as she gave Draco's tight bum a pinch. His long pale cock stood fully erect barely an inch from her face, his large red head glistening with pre-cum and his huge shaven balls hanging just below.

Draco smiled as she poked out a tongue and began to circle it, lapping up all the pre-cum that lingered on his dick.

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Cho then took Draco's cock by the base and opened her cute mouth wide, engulfing 4 inches of it instantly. Slowly she dragged her mouth along it until his cock fell out of her mouth with a pop. Quickly she began to sex jav dit em huong dan vien du lich it again, taking it in long, slow sucks, her tongue swirling and circling around his head and shaft in her mouth.

'Ahhh that's nice Cho,' said Draco as he looked down to see Cho's dark curly hair bobbing up and down on his dick. Cho then removed Draco's cock from her mouth and began to rub it gently, her tongue flitting in and out of her mouth quickly along Draco's head.

Draco enjoyed the wet, poking sensation on his head as Cho with her other hand, began to stroke and cup his large balls. After a few more minutes of this, Draco helped Cho to her feet as she quickly lowered her skirt and panties then turned around and started to grind her amazing, moon shaped ass into Draco's groin. Draco couldn't believe his luck as he stared down at her tanned, peach bum which was grinding up and down along his pale cock. Draco took off Cho's top and reached round to fondle her round C sized tits, causing her to arch her back into Draco's chest, allowing him to kiss her neck tenderly.

'I'm in heaven,' whispered Draco into her ear as he enjoyed rubbing and playing with Cho's nipples whilst also having his cock massaged by Cho's incredible ass. 'Mmmm me too,' Cho whispered back as she shivered with pleasure as Draco kissed and licked her neck.


Draco turned around and gave her another kiss on the lips before he picked her up by her curvaceous bum and placed her on the table next to the sink and spread her long legs wide. Draco went to his knees, so that his face was barely a few inches away from her pussy and began to kiss and massage her inner thighs. Cho's pussy looked glorious; she was totally shaved and had a tiny slit with barely any pussy lips. Draco began to rub up and down along her tight pussy, causing Cho to moan out in pleasure.

'That's it Draco, lick me now,' Cho begged. Draco brought his face right up to her pussy and began to devour her pussy, kissing and licking all along it and pulling at her tiny pussy lips with his teeth. Draco began to massage around Cho's clit, which made her sigh out in pleasure as she placed her hands in Draco's hair, urging him on. Encouraged by this reaction, Draco drove his wet tongue straight onto her clit and began to suck and slurp away as Cho moaned in pleasure, her legs, instinctively fantastic cougar gets screwed in a threesome pornstars and brunette around Draco's head.

After a few minutes of this Draco stood up and rubbed his dick a few times before placing his dark red head at Cho's entrance. Draco and Cho looked deeply into each other's eyes as Draco slowly slid his cock easily into Cho's sopping wet pussy.

'Ahhhh yes,' they both moaned into each other's ear as Draco's cock finally stopped when his balls rested gently onto her pussy. Cho wrapped her slender arms around Draco's long body as he very slowly began to thrust in and out of her tight pussy. Draco rested his head on her shoulder as he began to pant out loud with pleasure at the feeling of Cho's pussy clenched around his slender dick.

Draco eventually began to buck his hips harder ashley and nikki decided to have a competition faster as he briefly kissed Cho, his lips lingering on hers as they both panted into each other's mouths.

As he thrusted, Draco placed one hand at her clit and began to rub it furiously. 'O my god I'm gonna cum,' shouted Cho as her pussy clenched hard around Draco's dick and gushed a torrent of juices all over it. These juices, along with her saliva from the blowjob she gave him allowed Draco to thrust hard and easily into her tight pussy, his thighs smacking in to Cho's with a satisfying thud. A now horny and animal like Draco began to thrust more wildly and untimed as he took a hold of Cho's jiggling breasts and squeezed and played with them.

He squeezed Cho's right breast, so that her nipple poked up invitingly and brought his mouth to it as he suckled and kissed her nipple eagerly.

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After around 10 minutes, Draco felt his pent up orgasm ready to be unleashed. 'Ahhh I'm gonna cum soon Cho,' panted Draco as his body began to tense up, causing him to stand on his tip toes. 'Cum deep inside me Draco,' begged Cho as one hand brought Draco's head to her bosom and her other hand went to Draco's bum as she slapped it and squeezed it hard. 'Ahhh yes.ooooooh yeah,' panted Draco as his head shot back in delight and his body tensed and shuddered as he unleashed a huge amount of cum deep inside Cho's pussy.

After a few moments when his orgasm subsided, Draco collapsed suddenly onto Cho, causing her to exhale sharply as his head rested on her breasts as he caught his breath. He began to fondly kiss her tender breasts sloppily as his and Cho's breathing began to slow. 'Thanks for this Cho, I really needed this,' said Draco eventually as he rested on top of her, his sticky, softening cock still inside her.

'It's ok Draco,' Cho purred as she stroked Draco's sweaty, slick hair and gave his forehead a kiss, 'that was amazing.' Draco made his way back to the common room a happy man.

Not only had he alluring teen bitch is ready to jump on a rock hard cock the best looking girl in the school, but he had also decided to forget about the plan to help Voldemort and carry on with his life.

* Draco entered the deserted common room and as he passed the fire, it suddenly erupted into flames as a face appeared inside it. 'Draco,' the face hissed, 'how is the Vanishing Cabinet coming on?' 'O, hello Bellatrix,' Draco said in a scared voice as he looked at Bellatrix Lestrange's face in the fire, 'I've.n- nearly.

fixed it.' 'You better had,' snarled Bellatrix, 'the Dark Lord doesn't think your pulling your weight, he's taken your mother and father hostages until you have completed the task. I don't have to tell you what he'll do to them if you fail.' Draco's face drained of all colour at this revelation. 'I.understand,' Draco sad with deep sadness as Bellatrix disappeared without saying goodbye. Draco stared at the now empty grate for a few moments, in shock, thinking about the safety and well-being of his parents.