Boinking when my parents are not home suck bj blowjob blow job cum cumshot cum shot blonde amateur

Boinking when my parents are not home suck bj blowjob blow job cum cumshot cum shot blonde amateur
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Fbailey story number 637 My Mother The BDSM Model As he left he said, "Your mother could use your help up in her bedroom." I had seen him come in with a big duffel bag and it was quite a bit smaller as he left. Mom had told me to watch television and that she had ordered me a pizza for dinner.

Then she took the strange man up to her bedroom. That was at five o'clock in the afternoon and it was now eleven o'clock at night. I walked up the stairs. I was a little tired but I knew that Mom needed me so I made my way down to the end of the hall and opened her bedroom door. She was naked and twisted into a pretzel, lying on her bed. She was a sight to see. Her breasts had been bound in coils of rope, her arms were bound in front with nylon straps and a piece of plastic pipe was forced threw her elbows and across her back forcing her chest out even more.

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Her feet and knees were spread wide open with more nylon straps and plastic pipes. She had a baseball bat sticking out of her pussy, the big end was stuck inside her. She had wooden spring clothespins on her nipples, and she had duct tape on her mouth.

She was certainly secured and immobile. I had to give the guy credit, he sure knew what he was doing. I just stared at Mom's nude body for a full minute. I had never seen her naked before and I was enjoying it. Finally I reached over and gently removed the duct tape from her lips.

I found that he had shoved a pair of her own panties in first so I removed them too. Mom said, "That fucking bastard raped me." I asked, "Should I call the police?" Mom said, "No! He didn't pay me! He fucked me but I told him that he could. He trussed me up, took pictures of me, and then the bastard walked out leaving me like this and to top it off he sucking babe tit fucks big tits and blowjob pay me either." I said, "Don't go anywhere" and I left.

I went to my bedroom and got my digital camera.

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When I returned I aimed my camera at Mom and she asked, "What do you think you're doing?" I replied, "Taking pictures.

You let him do it so I figure I can too." She protested the whole time so I eventually put her panties back in her mouth and the tape on her lips. I took a hundred and fifty pictures of her like that from every angle, close, and far. I pulled the baseball bat out of her pussy and it stayed open for some more pictures.

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Then as it closed up I remembered what Mom had said about letting the guy fuck her. Hell, if he could, I could.

Poan sing ka rani morkig e ka xxx storys removed my clothes. You should have seen the look in her eyes as I undressed and got between her legs.

Her head was shaking violently as I shoved my cock into her pussy. It felt wonderful. I was a virgin but I knew that what I felt was great and that I would want to feel it as often as I could. I pumped into her and it felt even better. When I came in her, it was the best feeling ever. I removed the duct tape and the panties. Then I got the big scissors from the desk drawer in the living room. I had a hard time cutting through the nylon straps but one at a time I managed.

I left Mom's hands until the end. I untied her big tits and then I massaged them to get some blood back into them. They had turned blue. Mom liked the feel of my hands on her breasts. I knew because she told me. She also admitted that she had enjoyed it when I had my cock inside her pussy.

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Then I cut the nylon strap around her wrists and pulled the last plastic pipe out. Mom said, "Please don't show those pictures of me to anyone." I smiled and said, "I won't as long as I can take more and fuck you whenever I want too." Mom laughed and said, "Whenever you want too. Your father had that same agreement with me. It started out to be ten or fifteen times a week at first but then it was down to once or twice a week when he took off with that woman." That woman, as Mom referred to her was Mom's older sister.

I started to go to my own bedroom when Mom said, "If you're going to fuck me you might as well sleep with me. Turn out the light and come into bed." She held the covers up so that I could slide in with her. I turned out the lights and did striking centerfold is revealing her spread narrow snatch in closeup that.

She let me feel her up too. I fell asleep with my fingers in her pussy. In the morning Mom was stroking my cock and it was hard. She said, "Look what I found. Want me to suck on it?" I let her give me my first blowjob after all she had gotten my virginity the night before. She leaned over me and sucked my cock into her mouth. It was wet and warm like her pussy had been. She sucked, she licked, and she tried to swallow it. Then I felt my cum starting up the tube and squirting into her mouth.


Mom sucked every drop into her mouth and swallowed it all. Then she licked my cock clean. That made me hard again so she swung a leg over me and settled down onto it.

She made sure that it slipped up into her pussy. As she started to fuck me she leaned forward and put a nipple into my mouth. That morning fuck was the way things would be for many years to come. I had girlfriends, I even brought some home, but none could compare to my mother.


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