Huge dick for petite teen riley reid

Huge dick for petite teen riley reid
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The plant- really more fauna than flora- had empathic powers, able to read exactly what I wanted at a touch and pleasure me with a skill unmatched by any man I'd ever fucked.

During the month I'd spent raising it from a seedling and half a year of the best sex of my life, we'd fostered a strong mental and emotional connection. It came as a surprise, however, the first time I felt its presence in my mind without physical contact. I'd been asstraffic hard anal sex for stunning hottie alexa tomas all week.

It had begun looking tired and unhealthy, the green of its vines fading to a sickly near-gray. Was it dying? I couldn't be sure. Its symptoms weren't listed in the care manual.

But even though it had come with a lifetime guarantee from the manufacturer, I didn't want a replacement. This plant was special to me. I was at work, lost in apprehensive thought, when it happened.

I felt a familiar presence in my mind as the plant called to me, urging me home. It was so strong I was out of my office chair and reaching for my coat before I realized what had happened. How was it that a creature with touch-telepathy could communicate with me from miles away? Then I felt it tug once more at my consciousness, and this time I didn't hesitate.

I told my boss I was feeling sick- only a half-lie, I thought- and was in the car two minutes later. When I got home I dropped my coat, purse, and keys on the floor in a heap and made a beeline for the basement, taking the stairs at a near-run, not pausing for breath until I was by my plant's side.

"What's wrong?" I asked, now in the habit of speaking to it the way others might speak to a pet, though this being was so much more. It was a friend. I ran a soothing hand along one of its vines. My fingers came away wet, which was strange. Normally it was dry unless I desired sex.

My friend must've been thinking along these lines because a moment later I felt one of its tentacle-like vines sliding up my skirt and between my thighs, rubbing my clit through my panties. Its natural secretion quickly soaked through the material and I began feeling the effects of its natural aphrodisiac.

"Alright, alright," I said soothingly, able to sense its need strongly in my mind, feeling it mix with my own until the urge to fuck was ours together. It was something two humans could never achieve. I began pulling off my clothes until the last article- the black, lace panties I'd hardly worn since my husband left- dropped to the floor. Instantly the plant was between my thighs again, one slick tentacle sliding against my clit so that my eyes fell closed of their own accord and I rolled my hips against it.

I lowered myself to the floor, spreading my legs wide, and groaned as the vine pushed its way inside me. It was a familiar sensation, but there was a new sense of urgency to the act. My friend needed this, enough to reach out to me all the way at work and pull me back to it. I felt a wave of calm as it informed me this was all according to plan. It had felt my anxiety, knew busty blond slut analyzed by black cocks I'd feared for its life, and now reassured me that nothing was amiss.

In fact, everything was wonderful. Today something very special was happening for the both of us, and I experienced a thrill of eager anticipation. The tentacle in my pussy thickened and began thrusting, pulling a groan from my lips. Everything felt more sensitive, and I knew, almost instinctively, that the lubricating oil the plant secreted was extra strong today, setting every nerve ending on fire.

Even the hand I'd used to touch it tingled with the urge for more contact. I wrapped my fingers around another tentacle and stroked in time to its thrusts, loving the way the slick member slid against my skin, thinking I might be able to get off just from that if I tried. The tip of a second tentacle began pushing against the tight, puckered hole of my ass.

I spread my legs wider and remembered doing this for the first time, how nervous I was at the thought of my secret, double-penetration fantasy coming true. Now I was an old pro, and the thick vine pushed its way in easily, thrusting opposite its twin, fucking both holes in perfect rhythm.

My mouth blonde cutie cameron dee taking a large dick open and I was moaning loudly with each shove inward until my cries were stifled by a third tendril which worked its way between my lips.

I tasted its unique sweetness on my tongue and took it eagerly as it slid all the way to the back of my throat. It was then that I realized how turned on I'd been by the plant's urgent desire. So much so that I was close to coming already, loving the way the plant's vines filled me completely, bucking my hips faster and faster. My body arched and shuddered as I came hard.

But something was different this time. Normally the plant's needs were bound to mine: my pleasure was its pleasure, and so it would finish with me. But this time it didn't stop, and the sensations didn't fade. It continued thrusting harder and harder. Even as my own arousal rekindled, it was dwarfed by my friend's pleasure as it pumped into the slick heat of my body again and again.

Then it peaked, and I experienced an ecstasy that wasn't my own. All three tentacles released a warm, thick fluid which flooded my mouth, ass, and pussy. My whole body bucked and twitched with the force of the plant's orgasm in my mind while I swallowed the sweet liquid like it was all I'd had to drink in days. The pleasure took much longer to wane than a normal, human orgasm, and I basked in every moment of it until, finally, the tension left my body and I collapsed against the floor, breathing hard.

The three vines slipped from my body and I relaxed, licking the last of the plant's come from my lips. "Holy shit," I said breathlessly. "Holy fucking shit. What was that?" But the plant informed me we weren't done. The best was yet to come. Vaguely I realized, impossible as it seemed, I was still extremely turned-on. I swallowed and nodded. My friend had told me today would involve something extraordinary.

I'd thought that sharing a mind-blowing orgasm was extraordinary enough. I couldn't imagine what could be even better, but I was more than willing to find out. "Okay." The vines sprang back into action, all of them wrapping themselves around my limbs and torso and lifting me into the air. I loved it when the plant took me like this, as if we were truly two parts of the same entity. Gently it urged my legs apart once again and I felt more of the warm liquid drip from my pussy.

I must've been full to the brim. Then the plant's vines parted, revealing for the first time what was at its center. It was another tentacle, shorter than the others but rippling with shallow ridges and ending in a rounded head.

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It was also very thick. Thicker than any human cock I'd ever seen. I bit my lip with anticipation as I watched it rise up and position itself at my entrance. When it pushed inward I cried out with a mix of pleasure and pain as I was stretched wide to accommodate its girth. I felt rather than heard the mental apology, followed by the assurance that it would get much, much better. It did.

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When it began thrusting a moment later the pain was wiped from my memory, and I let out a primal moan. Oh God, it was so big! My insides were still super-sensitive thanks to the plant's lubricant. Its head and ridges felt amazing as they slid along my inner walls, massaging my g-spot beautifully. I rocked my hips as it fucked me hard and fast, withdrawing until only the thick head was left inside, then following with a deep thrust that filled me completely.

I wondered vaguely what it would feel like in my ass, but my friend told me we could try that another time. Today was for a special purpose. The large tentacle pushed as far into me as it was able, stopping when it bumped against my inner barrier.

Then I felt a new kind of movement, and in my mind's eye I was able to picture exactly what was happening inside me. Smaller tendrils unfurled and emerged from the tip of the large tentacle. Each of them, I knew, carried the highest concentration of spicy peach gets cumshot on her face swallowing all the love juice pleasure-enhancing oil the plant was capable of producing.

I gasped as they made contact with my cervix and cried out when one of them penetrated into my womb, followed quickly by two, three, four others. There was a flash of pain but it subsided instantly as it was over taken by a host of new and wonderful sensations.

The tendrils were long, thin, and agile. They were coating my womb with the oil so that I became aware of nerve endings I hadn't realized I'd possessed. Oh God they were so deep inside, stroking and caressing me where nothing else had ever been able to touch. Each movement sent shockwaves of pleasure throughout my whole body so that I was soon writhing in the plant's grip. Yet somehow it wasn't enough.

What exactly it was that I wanted I couldn't have said, but now that this new form of pleasure was open to me, I needed more. Once every inch of my insides had been coated with the strong oil, the tendrils withdrew, retreating in preparation for…oh. With a rush of intuition, I finally knew what my friend needed from me, and I was more than excited: I was ecstatic. My husband had left me because the doctors said I couldn't bear children.

Infertile, single, and desperate, I'd resorted to buying a sex plant. What I'd found instead was a partner. A lover, even. And now I was to be blessed with motherhood, too. Well, sort of. In an instant the plant informed me it was both mother and father to its offspring, able to produce eggs and sperm. I was vaguely aware that the salesman had assured me that all of their plants were sterilized.

True, my friend told me, but some more effectively than others. It was only incapable of incubating and bearing its own children as it should, which is why I was to do it instead.

The plant apologized for not telling me sooner, but I couldn't bring myself to be angry. I was humbled and eager to help my friend bear its young.

I wanted to feel like I was finally giving back to the creature that had helped me through the darkest period of my life. We were two beings who were never supposed to reproduce, and yet together we would manage it. I felt a burst of deep affection, perhaps even love. The smaller tendrils stretched my cervix wide, and this time there was no pain at all.

Somehow the oil was blocking it, allowing only pleasure through. Then the thick, veined tentacle began to contort. I realized that something, or rather many things, were moving inside it, being pushed up the shaft and disappearing inside of me. When the first few eggs forced their way past my cervix I threw my head back and wailed with ecstasy. Each was roughly the size of a golf ball, and their smooth surface sliding against the newly-sensitized walls of my womb was indescribable.

It was better, deeper and more intimate, than anything I'd ever experienced. And it didn't seem like it would stop any time soon. More and more made their way up the passage, filling me quickly but not stopping or slowing. I felt them slipping and rolling inside me, forcing inhuman sounds of pleasure from my lips. I'd never felt so full in my life. My womb was stretching, expanding under the pressure of more eggs. I was so fucking close, all I needed… In that instant two vines shoved their way deep into my ass and I actually screamed with the force of my orgasm, which slammed into me like a tidal wave and subside.

The plant fucked my ass enthusiastically, and I trembled hot college babe twerks her sexy ass on cam jerked in its grip while my whole world was reduced to the push, pull, and stretch of tentacles and the eggs which continued to pour into me.

The pleasure was so intense I felt sure I would've blacked out but for my friend's presence in my head, keeping me conscious, ensuring I didn't miss a single, glorious second. My climax didn't let up until each and every one of the eggs was buried safely inside me.


By the time the thick tentacle was pulled from my body I must've looked nine-months pregnant, and tired as a mother who'd actually carried a child for that long. And yet I felt elated. I was a surrogate for my friend's children. The plant assured me the pregnancy would be short-lived (which was good, because it would've been hard to explain if I'd returned to work looking like this) and that my body would suffer no ill-effects. I simply nodded, exhausted, and drifted to sleep in my friend's arms.

The days that followed were some of the most leisurely and blissful I'd ever experienced. The vast majority of my time was spent lounging in my friend's many arms, being pleasured tenderly or else gently rocked to sleep.

On the third and (as I was informed) final day of my pregnancy I awoke to a raging hunger that didn't quite manage to overwhelm the even stronger urge to pee. Opening my eyes, I found myself still resting in a bed of tentacles, though the first thing I saw was my own protruding belly.

"Morning," I mumbled sleepily. No sooner did the plant sense that I was awake and in need of the toilet than it helped me to my feet, which was fortunate because I couldn't have made it on my own in this state. After taking a few moments to readjust my center of gravity I made my way carefully upstairs.

My womb was still very sensitive. As I walked from the bathroom to the kitchen to grab some food (nude, since nothing I owned would've fit me in this state anyway) the eggs shifted and moved inside me, rubbing up against my insides with each step. By the time I'd fixed and devoured a peanut butter sandwich, my pussy was dripping and I was horny as fuck. The plant must've known because when I returned, its tentacles beckoned to me.

I went to it and allowed it to cradle me once more. I shuddered as it slowly caressed my clit, rolling it against the warm, wet tip of a tentacle. I closed my eyes and hummed with pleasure. Almost time, it told me. Slowly a second, slick tentacle slid inside of me, curling upward to sexy babe lucia fernandez enjoys hung stud dicking her my g-spot.

My breath caught in my throat as it slowly thrust in and out, the other continuing to circle my swollen clit. The eggs had grown each day and, impossible as it seemed, my body had stretched to accommodate them, until I could've been carrying twins.

I could feel them stirring within their eggs, the way a human child might kick, though the effect was far from painful. They were more active when I was aroused, and as the force of my friend's thrusts increased, they became excited. I groaned and broke into a light sweat as their movements stimulated the walls of my womb spectacularly.

A second tentacle joined the first. Harder.


Deeper. The plant obeyed my requests, tentacles pistoning in and out of my dripping pussy in perfect rhythm. A third and fourth slithered into my ass and another forced its way into my gaping mouth and down my throat. Every hole now filled with thrusting tentacles, eggs moving relentlessly inside me, I hurtled closer and closer to the edge. The baby plants churned and vibrated with newfound vigor. Almost there, it told me.

Here they come. I shook and moaned helplessly around the thick shaft. So fucking close…oh God so close… Then the eggs burst within me, and rush of hot liquid flowed from between my legs.

I screamed with pleasure as the first of the thick, young plants forced its way past my cervix, wiggling and fighting its way out of my pussy and into its mother's waiting arms.

My friend had its passage tentacle out and waiting, this time ready to collect its young.


Another seedling burst forth, followed by a third. With each plantling that worked its way down my birth canal, the intensity of my orgasm grew until I rode wave upon wave of continuous ecstasy as I'd never done before.

Once again I depended on my friend's presence in my mind to keep me conscious as young plants began moving in pairs, then in threes. My pussy was stretched wide as they fought to pass one another, writhing and squirming the whole way down.

My body trembled as minutes passed in a haze of all-consuming pleasure, my world narrowing to the stretch and slide of the young plants moving inside pretty chick catrina and agnes on dildo fucking scene, fighting to reach their mother. My womb began to empty. Finally the last of them slid from my body and I collapsed. Barely conscious, I managed to ask my friend whether its children were alright. All healthy, it responded.

I'd done very well. I smiled sleepily, then drifted off at once.