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Jake and I were sitting by the reservoir, passing a bottle of rum back and forth. I watched his Adam's apple rise in his sinewed neck as he took a swallow. Jake had been working out and I couldn't help but notice and admire how ripped he'd become. "Geez, Nathan, you're practically drooling!" Jake said.

"What?" I mom and son romantic sex v, taken by surprise. I looked aside quickly.

Had I given myself away? Jake pushed the bottle forward. "Such a lush - you look hypnotized. Here, have some." I took the bottle and took a swig.

It was a close call. Jake and I had been friends for years, since we were young kids. We got along, joked around, shared secrets.


I couldn't remember when I started realizing my true feelings for him. I remembered a wet dream - maybe that was the first time? In the dream I saw Jake in the shower, rivulets of water streaming down his toned body, stroking his big, straining hard-on covered in thick, white soap suds. I woke up with the sheets covered in cum. The whole day I remembered the dream and couldn't believe it.


Why had it happened? What were these feelings? I felt ashamed of them, even while I felt myself irresistibly drawn to them and pretty soon it was all I could think about. And Jake gave me loads to think about.

He was an accomplished athlete, and avid weightlifter. Though I wasn't nearly as strong as him, I agreed to spot him and we spent a lot of time in the gym together.

Jake kept his eyes tightly shut while lifting, summoning up the power to push through difficult reps and I would use the opportunity to study his body, committing every sweaty inch of it to memory as fuel for my nightly jerkoff sessions.

I would also sneak glimpses of him whenever I could, peeking at him as he got dressed or even while he showered in the locker room. He was well hung, with a cock that was even more impressive than in my fantasies. I longed to see him fully erect, and even more to feel that impressive slab amazing gf is getting nailed doggy style meat in my hand, my mouth, or penetrating me to unimagined depths.

But Jake didn't know anything about my fantasies. If he ever found out, I knew it would be the end of our friendship — Jake was just about as straight as they come.

He had a string of girlfriends and I loved to hear all about his romantic conquests, putting myself in place of the wicked kitten is brought in anal asylum for awkward therapy. Tonight, as we drank rum by the reservoir, we were talking about girls. "Who's your ideal?" Jake asked. I thought for a moment "I don't know if I have one." "What? Come on, man, you must!" said Jake. I knew I had to say something. I looked at his handsome face, rimmed by light from a streetlamp — strong jaw, cute upturned nose, short dark hair and light blue eyes.

"You know," I said, "I like dark hair - a brunette." My eyes traveled down Jake's strong shoulders encased in a tight cotton t-shirt, leading down to healthy pecs, the nipples visible through the cotton "and she's got to be fit" I said as my eyes caressed the thin waist I knew was rippled with toned abs.

"like maybe not a six-pack, but" I thought of the many times I spotted Jake through squat reps,"she's gotta have a great ass." Jake laughed and high-fived me "and legs too." "I think I know who you're talking about," Jake said, pausing to throw back another swig of rum. I raised my eyebrows - did Jake understand? "I wasn't thinking of anyone specific…" I trailed off.

"Yeah, but it sounds like this girl I've seen - a trainer at the gym - she's so fucking hot" he said "but she's way out of our league." "Yeah, that's her" I said, a mix of relief and disappointment that he hadn't understood who I was talking about "she may be out of MY league, but I don't think there are many girls out of yours" I said. "Yeah right" said Jake. I wanted to go on complimenting my friend, but thought better of it and took another swig of the rum.

"But if I had her - my god what I wouldn't do." Jake said. "That ass - those lips, I'd love to feel them around my dick." I felt myself getting hard at the thought of Jake's cock sliding between the trainer's lips. I knew the woman he was talking about - her name was Natalia. Once I noticed Jake staring at her bending down to do deadlifts in spandex shorts as he was doing benchpresses.

After one rep on the benchpress he racked the bar quickly and sat up, leaning his elbows on his knees. I could tell he must be hiding an erection. "Why don't you train with her?" I asked. "Hm" Jake was silent for a moment. "That might be fun…but I don't know how I'd be that close to her without making a move on her." "Well, who knows" I said "maybe she'd go for it.

Next time you see her you should just talk to her. She's a trainer - you could make an appointment." "Yeah - maybe…" Jake said, taking another swig. That night I got home late, slightly drunk from john strong rough sexual preferences and orgasm frequencies the rum. As on every night I spent with Jake, I found my mind consumed by images of him - his handsome face, soft lips against mine, the taut swell of his biceps, the way his package looked covered in the thin nylon of his soccer shorts.

Lying back on my bed, I spat on my hand and began to stroke my aching cock. But tonight was slightly different than the others. I found my thoughts drawn to Natalia, the trainer - life is so unfair - the fact that I, who wanted Jake so badly, would never have him, but that Natalia, who was seemingly completely oblivious, could have him any time she pleased.

I began to imagine myself as her, working out at the gym with Jake. I fantasized that I mounted the rigid hard-on I'd inspired, kissing him on his pillow mistress taylor st claire mixed wrestling while I began to grind on his delicious cock, letting my hands play along his well-toned torso.

Outside there was a growing storm - the wind was picking up and it began to rain. Thunder rumbled in the distance. I imagined being snuggled up with Jake inside, cozy and warm next to him, his hand pressing against my throbbing clit as he kissed me. I felt my breasts aching for his touch.

I imagined him poised above me, his rigid dick positioned to enter the swollen lips of my pussy.


The thunder was loud now, all-encompassing as I felt my orgasm grow inside me, grow, and then as lighting lit up the air around me, explode outward in waves of delicious pleasure. And immediately, I began to drift off into an incredibly deep sleep. And my last thought before I drifted off was that, though I'd had an amazing orgasm driven by my fantasies, there was no cum to speak of, as though I had experienced the orgasm as a woman teacher and student hot boobs experience it - completely inside my body.

********************* I woke up to hear my phone ringing a strange ring tone I'd never heard. I grabbed the phone and automatically answered.

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"Hello?" I said, startled to hear a female voice, slightly groggy. "Girl, it's good to hear that sexy voice" a man said on the other line.

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I threw the phone down as though it had just bitten me. "Hello? Babe?" I heard the voice continue faintly from the phone. I rubbed my eyes, looking around me. "Okay, be calm" I said, hearing the new voice in my ears. All of these sensations came to me in a short period of time, but I'll try to describe them here in order. My mind struggled to catch up. The first thing I noticed was the long, shiny dark blindfolded wife unaware she sucking multiple cocks in my eyes.

I brushed it aside and was surprised to feel my fingers moving through a lustrous head of hair. Feeling my fingers caught in a lock, I brought my hands down to look at them. The nails were long and polished bright red. My hands were smaller, tan, with elegant, slender fingers. I threw off the covers to see two shapely legs and tiny feet. I was wearing a little pair of white cotton panties, and of course I was shocked to see that I was missing any bulge between my legs.

I jumped up and felt a movement in my chest I'd never felt before. Instinctively, I brought both hands up to steady two firm, round, wobbling breasts covered in a small cotton t-shirt. I felt large nipples tighten at my touch as I explored these new, startling parts of my body. I looked in the mirror to see a face I recognized - Natalia, the trainer I had fantasized about the night before.

It's silly, but I jumped aside, feeling as though I might be intruding on Natalia. But as I drew closer to the mirror and saw Natalia appear in the glass before me, and as I put my new hands to my new face, and said "is this real?" in my new voice, I understood that somehow I HAD BECOME Natalia. I kind of freaked out at first, running out of the bedroom to see where the fuck I was. Natalia's place (my new place?) was a small but well appointed bungalow with a pool in the backyard, and a large home gym with free weights, a treadmill, and other exercise equipment.

I closed my eyes. My heart was beating quickly. What was going on? "OK, calm down" I said to myself. "Calm down." I was scared - gripped by fear and the strangeness of the situation. But as I tried to slow my breath a new feeling began to spread within me. A feeling of joy and elation. I looked at myself in the mirror again, turning my body to get a look at myself.

I was beautiful - a mane of dark tresses that hung down just below my shoulders, expressive brown eyes, a heart shaped face with sensuous lips. And I had the compact little body of a trainer topped off with the natural blessing of two exceptionally perky tits. I swiveled my hips to get a look at my round booty, the product of thousands of squats and lunges. And my thoughts suddenly filled with the possibilities. I was practically irresistible to men.

And — how had I not thought of it yet — I remembered that I would be particularly irresistible to one man - Jake! While absent-mindedly running my hands all over my new body, and feeling a deep horniness overwhelm me, I began to think of Jake's body.

What I could do to him.

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But I needed a plan. I couldn't just go over and ring his doorbell - what would I say??

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But what was I supposed to do as Natalia? I knew nothing about her life, her acquaintances, her daily routine. I suddenly felt pangs of fear that I'd be found out. What could I do? As I showered and got myself ready for the day, all the while luxuriating in my new body, I thought of a plan.

I had to find a way to be in the same place at the same time with Jake and be able to introduce myself. Maybe I could text Jake and get him to meet me (Nathan) at the gym, and then conveniently I (Natalia) would be there! Maybe Jake would follow the advice I'd given him the night before and make an appointment. Then I could set up a session at my very own private gym and…nature would take its course.

Hopefully he'd have the balls to make a move on me. I blushed as an image of his heavy hanging balls appeared in my head and felt a throbbing between my legs. I slipped my hand down, over my flat belly, and my well-trimmed pubic hair, to a surprisingly large clit which seemed to radiate pleasure throughout my body as my fingers lightly pressed against it. It wasn't long before I felt an incredible new sensation building inside my like nothing I'd albela danger in yoga classes felt.

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I heard my new voice involuntarily rising in my throat as a delicious release shuddered through my entire body. I could get used to this.