German babe toys her ass masturbation and european

German babe toys her ass masturbation and european
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Success. how do you measure it. wealth, happiness, longlife? Most usually considered the first to be enough. have lots of money and you can buy all the others. In many cases this is true. but stress is the killer. quite literally in my case. Im accepted as one of the best stockbrokers in the field. I make descions every day that could make or cost millions. trash peoples life savings. cause suicide. do you have any idea what that kind of responsibilty can do to you. If you cant deal with it.

then you can expect a whole family of ulcers by the time your thirty. and a heart attack shortly after. thats if you dont go completly hat stand and drive your self into a freeway bridge.

So, you look for ways to relieve the stress, I had tried shooting, skydiving, all manner of zen relaxtion techniques. they all worked to some degree but the niggle was still there. I knew I had most bases covered.

im not stupid like some of the get rich brigade. when i started I lived simply long after i could afford not to. my money was invested in sophisticated software that monitored all kinds of indicators and paged me if changes required my attention. A network of informants fed me constant streams of data. political moods in china, crop results in russia, rebel acticity in the Sudan. it all effects somebodys stock somewhere. Knowledge is power.

So. i make millions. my personal portfolio was equal to the GNP of some small countries. I was a silent partner in all the major mega corporations. I have more money than i could possibly spend.

Im still making those descions. but stress isnt an issue. Why? well thats an interesting story. Its a friday night. The markets have just closed in LA. and the weekend has finally hit the world, As I walk back to the parking lot the day creeps back into my head.

the anger begins to rise anew as i think about Jones. the fucking moron had made a serious of catastophic recomendations to some of our customers, in order to make him self a few million. It had taken me 6 hours of frantic phonecalls to 4 continents, called in countless personal favours and and cost me a year of my life in additional stress to clean it all up. he had played it cool.

claiming he was acting in good faith. right up until my tracker software gave away his profits from the deals. then he tried to bluff. I got asked what I wanted for a bonus. I wanted his head on a stick and I meant it, I settled for his immediate dismissal. I have it under control again by the time i reach my car. the Aston Martin Vantage was an old style piece of British engineering. rugid, throaty and spartan. yet it accelerated like a Nascar and handled like dream.

I Loved it. it was one of the few visible signs of wealth that I flouted. I never liked flashy people. no style. As I sit down the phone rings. there is no caller ID, which makes me curious as very few people have this number.

about 6 that I can recall. So I answer. 'Fred Reed?' 'Yes. may I ask who is calling and more to the point how you got fuck rape in the wood number?' The voice is soft.

a slight southern twang. mixed with northern accents. odd mix. She breaths into the phone rather than talks. ok. im REALLY curious now. 'Im a businees woman Mr Reed. And like yourself, believe that knowledge is power, I paid for it Mr Reed. a great deal of money in fact, Your people are very loyal.

Something else that I also appreciate.' 'Ok. You have my attention. but not for long Miss?' 'Please just call me Red' 'Well Kelly. I have had a horrendous week. if i dont get home and swallow a small lake of antacids I fear for my stomach. so what do you want?' 'Hmmm stress Mr Reed. Thats the point here really. you have it, I can help you to make it go away.

Jones really was a moron you know. and had everything coming to him. I am surprised you handled it as well as you did considering his past incompetence.' What the fuck? How the hell did she know that. My eyes narrow as I reply 'Red. now im not curious im concerned. you have access to information that is confidetial and I dont like it. what is the point of this conversation?' 'Please calm yourself.

as I said. Knowledge is power. and I always thoroughly research all potential clients, I need to know them. intimatly.

to enable me to employ a wide range of skills that do one thing and one thing only. drop your stress levels to nothing and allow you to enjoy a long fruitful life. one that you have made a great deal of effort to procure.' 'Go on. whats this then a sales pitch for a new yoga group?' A throaty chuckle 'Hardly Mr Reed. its Oh so much more than that. if you agree to my terms. I will guarntee no stress. ever. I willl monitor your vital signs via a small bracelet and know when you are in need of my services.

and with all the data I have on you, will perform whatever service is necessary to ensure that you return to work the following day ready to go again.

and always on a friday. you always get Friday. I work for one client at a time Mr Reed. A secret employee that meets every desire. knows your every thought and fantasy and delivers them when you need them.

each especially tailored to you and your mood' 'And how much is this going to cost me?' '2% of the interest from your personal portfolio. every month. no other charges. ever' 'Lady you must be out of your fiery hot oral stimulation from a sexy doll hardcore and blowjob mind. Thats close to a million dollars a month.' 'Actually. its closer to a million and a half at your current holdings value.

but then if your performance drops. so does my share. and if you die . it stops all together. its a very small price to pay. but I can understand your hesitation. you are probably thinking im just an expensive whore. at the basest sense I am. and make no apologies for it. but I choose whom I work for. and this is a once only offer. but I wouldnt expect you to invest these sorts of sums without proof. so here is what I propose. I will deposit one million dollars in an escrow account, the details are being datalinked to your PDA, you will do the same.

If after this weekend you opt not to take up a contract with myself. then my million becomes yours. does that sound fair?. If you decide that you require my services full time than I will take your million as a Deposit against injury to myself.

returned at the termination of our contract.' 'You are obviously very sure of yourself' I downloaded the data to my PDA. it was all as she said. the contract was simple yet ironclad. Escrow ones usually were. I mulled it over. this weekend huh. damn i could do with the relief. and I had nothing to loose.

'Ok Red. good offer and I accept. so what now?' The voice had changed now. from professional to a brother and sister sleeping xxxx of things to come.

'Sign Mr Reed. biometric signature is acceptable. then return the contract. then simply go home. everything is in place. all is prepared. go home.' The phone line clicks off. and I start the car.

home. the best place for a dick is a black pussy home.

I can do that. and a little smile of anticipation fights its way onto my face Its about a 20 min drive to the coast and the gated estate I live on, exclusive quiet.

even inside the secure perimeter its 500 m's to my nearest neighbor. Which is why I like it. I never invite anyone here.


it's my little fortress of solitude. if I have to entertain I do it at a restaurant or a function room. Despite the fact that i have more money than god I know people would be very surprised if they could see my home.

its bloody spartan to be honest. 5 bedrooms, four of them empty. mine only has a bed and a tv. a large living room with a single sofa and a huge tv plus my games consoles. a dining room. with a simple table and two chairs (i put my feet on the spare). a simple kitchen. and a fridge full of beer and bacon imported from the UK.

even after all this time here I still cant abide the rubbish that Americans settle for. Oh and the study. stacked to the roof with monitors and computers all tracking various news groups and stocks. tools of the trade. Its a good job The Aston almost drives itself. im not concentrating really. my mind is full of images of what this intriguing woman is going to look like. and I cant summon an image.

not enough information. that alone is distracting. well soon find out. I pull up to the gate and Charlie.

one of the swing shift security team. steps out. he runs the pda scanner over my cars IFF then steps forward.'You know the drill Mr Reed'. I lean out the window and open my left eye fully. and he places the retinal scanner to my face. it bleeps once. (I love tight security. keeps unwanted guests away).

'All clear sir. and the last of the contractors left 30 mins ago. all accounted for'. now that goes right over my head. till im driving away. What the. what bloody contractors. Im suspicious as I approach my house. The lights are on and the perimeter defense is on standby. OK. she said go home. I was expecting another call when I got there. not a visitor. There is a new Porsche 911 ragtop on the drive. to the right of my usual spot.

So. I get out and tuck the 9mm into my pants, just in case, and approach the front door. The lighting seems different, softer and I can hear the faint strains of classical music playing. The door senses my approach and opens automatically. and step into. well not my house. its all changed. Its as if an interior designer with access to my brain has gone nuts and decorated it the way I would have if I could have mustered the time or energy.

A lot of warm browns and scarlet. soft furnishings and light fittings. all my personal effects, medals. certificates. all framed and on display. wow. I step in. the dining room table catches my eye. it is huge. a good 12 seater. looks to be ewe. a deep orange and simple grain. tasteful. I like it.

a simple brass candle holder. 4 candles glowing. enough illumination to reveal 2 place settings one is empty. a bowl of soup sits steaming. the other contains a shadow. 'Good evening Mr Reed. I hope that everything is to your satisfaction?' 'I don't know how you pulled this off. quite frankly I don't care. its perfect. and smoothly done. but you know that don't you? 'Time, money. spend enough you can get anything done.

believe me Sir You already represent a considerable investment on my part. friends. family. mom and boy sexs porn. all interviewed carefully. all paid to be discrete. I have to know you.

to better serve your. needs.' She stands and moves into the light. she halts a few paces from me. one foot slightly forward.

presenting herself for inspection. she is wearing black sandals. 4" heels. a deep blue skirt, split to the knee, a matching corset. simple elegant. her neck is encased in a white gold torque. I take in her shape. its full and curved. (thank god. cant stand women who are all bone). her hair is red as expected. I play my eyes over her taking in small details. french polish creampie inside tight shaved black pussy of cassidy clay. burgundy toe polish.

a single simple ring. celtic i think. a similar design on the ear rings. full lips. dark eyes. the sort of simple make up spicy lesbians fill up their big butts with milk and squirt it out requires real skill and a lot of time to make it look right. then I end at her eyes. green. bright green. they sparkle with the candles.

and she has a smile in them that matches the slight smirk on her lips. impish. playful. 'Very nice Red. very nice.' 'Good. dinner is served' she indicates the soup and I sit down. now I could go on and on about that meal, suffice to say it was also perfect. simple and well cooked.

im a man of simple tastes I guess. I drink wine but cant tell the cheap crap from the good, you understand. After dinner we talked, about everything. politics. history. work. well my work. 3 hours of conversation. some quiet some animated as we disagreed. and in all that time I learned next to nothing about her. So. its close to midnight. we have had a few beers.

split a bottle of wine. when she leans in.' 'You know. I warmed up that hot tub of yours. seems a huge waste.' I grinned at her. 'Well you seemed to have changed everything else. you lead the way.

I may get lost.' I follow her outside to the pool area. the bulbs in the hot tub have been changed to red. how appropriate. as she turns to face me she pulls the cord on the front laced corset and runs a finger slowly down the hooks. all the time she is looking straight at me. the laces give way and the corset falls super dirty talking white woman loves bbc the ground.

she takes a pace towards me and the skirt falls too. she is naked beneath it. her breasts are full and her nipples hard. her pussy is shaved clean. She steps in and begins to slowly unbutton my shirt. she breathes slowly in to my neck. inhaling my cologne. She wears something subtle.

It simply smells fresh. crisp. 'Do you know what the secret of a really good blow job is?'. 'Just getting one is a good start.'. she chuckles in my ear. 'OOO no.

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its more than that. its about. rhythm.' she kicks off one shoe. 'Suction'. she kicks off the other as I support her. 'And Friction.'. she drops to her knees in front of me. my pants are undone. and she pulls them down. then my underwear. and she looks in me in the eye as she slowly grabs my hard cock.

'Oh yes. and always.'. she licks the tip 'Always'. she runs her tongue up and down the shaft briefly. 'Swallow'. With that she sucks my cock into her mouth and and takes the whole length. she applies slow suction whilst keeping the tip of her tongue pressed against the underside. then she begins to work her head back and forth.

all the time. suction. friction. a steady rhythm. slowly increasing in pace. I have to spread my legs as I can feel the tension in my balls. she cups my sack and gently squeezes.

I want to grab her head and shove my cock in deep. but this is her show and I settle for her shoulders.

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she is sucking a finger as she sucks me. then I feel her hand on my ass. she slowly plays with the entrance to my asshole.

then gently pushes in the wet finger. That's new!. it also sends me over the edge. as I begin to buckle she drives her head forward taking every inch into her mouth. each spasm sends a spurt of cum straight into her throat.

I can feel her swallow each time. she keeps going till the shudders stop. then stands and kisses me. I can taste myself on her tongue. I don't care 'Fucking hell' She simply smiles and and steps away. stepping into the pool. I follow and she stops me at the edge, I was about to get in when i realize I still had my pants and shoes on. idiot.

She bends forward and removes them quickly and I step down in front of her. she slips into my arms and we begin to kiss. slowly. teasing.

tongues touch and dance. hers into my mouth. mine into hers. I fall back onto the seat and she comes down onto me. her legs astride mine she begins to grind against me. Im already as hard as a rock again. 'My my Mr Reed. you are a healthy boy.' She steps up onto the seat and grabs my shoulders. then sinks back down onto my lap. she doesn't need her hands as she expertly guides herself onto my cock. I feel it enter her and slowly push in. her pussy is boiling. or seems so. I can feel her heat .

as she begins to work up and down she slowly grinds in a figure of eight. gripping me with her muscles as I enter and relaxing as she pulls her self up. All the time she is breathing in my ear.

soft moans build to small cries as she approaches orgasm. im just along for the ride. with a final scream she bits my neck and rams herself down onto me. she shudders.'yeeeessssssss'. then kisses me. 'No stress Mr Reed. all your fantasies. and you will never have to ask. I will anticipate them all. and deliver. tonight. tonight is simple we will cover the basic common ones that all men have.' With that she raises herself and reaches behind her to grab my still hard cock.

she leans in and whispers in my ear. 'Starting with you fucking my ass.' She places my cock at her ass and slowly pushes herself down. then a small cry escapes her as it pops through the muscle. then my cock begins to sink into her. its tight. she grunts as she bottoms out. then begins to fuck me in earnest, no slow build up . straight into a hard fuck. she leans back and I take her weight. then she looks at me and snarls 'Now fuck me. fuck my ass hard.

fuck it like you have always wanted too. Im a slut who likes it. do it. go on. FUCK ME!' A growl escapes me as i ram my self up into her ass. 'YES. just like that'. I grab her and buck her up and down on my cock.

she is grunting each time I slam in. then she reaches down and pinches her nipples hard. pulling them tight. I push my hand into my lap and place my thumb against her clit. she bangs into it each time iI ram home. I can feel another orgasm approaching. as can she. 'Yes finish it. finish inside my ass. cum in my ass. come on you bastard FUCK ME HARDER!.'. that's too much and I ram home in quick jabs. I feel her ass clench my cock as I shoot my load into her.

she screams and falls across me as her second orgasm hits home. we both lie there. exhausted. 'Wow. just wow. ' 'Oh. this is just the warm up Mr Reed.

but you need to rest a little. so why don't we retire to the Bedroom?' We climb from the tub and briskly dry off with the towels that were by the tub (no surprise by now). then she takes my hand and leads me upstairs.

we enter the master bedroom. and another surprise. more decorating. the room is burgundy and cream. all coordinated with drapes etc. a new bed. and a huge bed.

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brass head and foot. cream bedding. pillows and in the middle of the bed. was a blonde. she was naked apart from leather manacles on ankle and wrist and a collar round her neck.

she stretches ,posing artfully. Her shoulder length hair frames an impish smile. 'Welcome Mr Reed' 'To the other most common fantasy for men.' Red takes my hand and leads me to my new sofa. 'Sit. enjoy' She kisses me briefly and moves to the bed. She sits on the corner and draws one knee upto her chest.'This is Dee.

we have been friends for a long time. close friends.' Dee moves up behind her and cuddles in close. she begins to kiss Red's neck and ear. gently nibbling. Her right hand moves up and round and caresses Red's breast, twisting and tweaking the nipple gently. her left moves down between Red's legs and strokes her pussy. running her finger up the slit.

it slips in easily and she begins to finger her with slow strokes. Red reaches up and pulls Dee's head down to her mouth. they kiss. with a languid passion. slowly. with a familiarity that is obvious. both of thier hands are in constant motion exploring, lick suck bj blowjob blow job cum cum shot cumshot brunette, teasing and stroking. Red's hips are begining to move against Dee's hand. becoming more urgent as her excitemnet mounts.

the kisses become stronger and more demanding. Dee backs away pulling Red down onto the bed. when she is flat on her back they kiss again. the kiss moves from the mouth to the neck.

slowly down. the chest. both nipples are briefly sucked and licked. the stomach. inner thigh. Dee's eyes flare briefly then half close as Red burrows into her pussy. licking and sucking with abandon. Dee drops her head between Reds legs and it seems like they are in competition as to who can make the other cum first.

Low moans change to small cries. Red breaks first. she thrusts her hips up onto Dee's tongue as her clit is nibbled and licked. Her orgasm shatters her concentration and she stops briefly. Dee spins round and sits directly on Red's sassy amateur blonde fucked hard and riding cock in kitchen. 'Finish me'.

I cant really see what is going on.


so I stand and move round. Red has her arms locked round Dee's thighs and is pulling her down onto her mouth. she appears to be rolling her tongue round Dee's clit. Dee is breathing harder. Small grunts and moans. she throws back her head and an animal snarl breaks free as she cums.

then she collapses forward. Red moves out from under her and grabs her wrists. then pulls them together and quickly shackles them to the head board.'Your a long way from finished yet'.

She pulls some sort of harness from under a pillow. Its a strap on. about 8". and pretty life like. Im begining to feel inadequate. but hey. who cares. Dee is looking at me . a half smile on her lips as she braces herself. Tuebx porn sex stories uttar koria slips up behind.

'Where you want it. pussy or ass?'. 'Both' Red positions the head of the rubber cock and rubs it up and down Dee's slit. teasing. she enters. then withdraws. never letting more than an inch penetrate. this goes on for an eternity. well it seems like it to me. and to Dee who is becoming increasingly frustarted. pushing backwards, straining.

never quite enough. then as Dee rams back to reach the withdrawing cock. Red reverses and slams forward. burying it to the hilt. Dee screams as Red begins to pound in and out. She is held by Red.

who seems intent on pushing it in as far as she can. and as fast as she can. Red grabs Dee's hair and pulls her head back and bites her neck. I can just make out her whisper. 'You ready?' 'Yes' 'You want it in the ass?' 'YES' Then I notice that Red had been working her fingers in and out of Dee's ass. lubing it. I could see 2 fingers slipping in and out easily. Red Quickly shifts position. the head of the cock slides into Dee's ass.

then slowly slips in about half way. Red pulls back. then pushes about three quarters in. pulls back. then slams it in to the base. Dee has her eyes closed and her head on her hnads as Red begins to stroke back and forth,, slowly and with the whole length. 'Faster?' 'Yes. oh god. yes' The pace quickens. I can see sweat running down both thier backs. I watch as the muscles in Reds ass flex. the whitening of Dee's knuckles .

Rapid breathing . The pace quickens again. Dee is moaning each time the shaft is buried in her. Red seems to be close too. As Dee's second orgasm hits her. her legs twitch and she cant seem to decide between collapsing or rearing up. Red grabs her hips and drives it fully home one last time and grinds her hips. then cums again herself.

The pair. stop. spent. Im sat there. mouth open like a complete half wit and a raging hard on. Red chuckles. nudges Dee 'I think we broke him'. Dee Laughs. 'Na i can see life from here.' 'So you can. now we cant let that go to waste. come here Mr Reed. your turn.' I climb up unto the bed, between the two of them, and lie on my back. they both snuggle in close and begin to gently trail thier fingers over my chest.

then down my stomach. my thighs. then back up. all the while they are nibbling my ears and neck. then they kiss gently round to my mouth and there is this strange three way kiss. tradin partners constantly or all together. I dont know what to touch first. so settle for just holding them in close. Red pulls away briefly, then comes back clutching 3 straws.

'OK. we all pull one of these. there are numbers on each. thats the order we go in. who gets complete attention.' I draw first. second. then Dee. third. 'oh my'. says Red. 'Little ol me gets to go first' With that she crawls over me and deposits herself in the middle. She throws back one arm and in a awful southern accent declares. 'Take me. you use me as you will. Dee jumps off the bed and starts rummaging for something. I begin by kissing her deeply.

I can feel her legs being drawn apart. I look down and see Dee attaching cuffs to Reds ankles. then she attaches a leg spreader. she passes me the wrist cuffs and Red presents her hands. pouting in mock dismay. a flash of inspiration takes me. and I pull her wrists down and lock them to her ankles. she is held tight. open. I grab a dildo from the pile and move between her legs. its a 'rabbit' style vibrator. As I tease her with the tip Dee moves up and begins to rub a bullet on Reds nipples as she licks and kisses them back to hardness.

As I slip the Vibe in I drop down and taste her myself. I run the tip of my tongue round her lips. the vibe slips in. out. she is thrusting up to meet my tongue but I pull away each time. I can hera her moaning as she is stimulated. then a gasp. Dee has attached nipple clamps to Reds breasts. I begin to lick her in earnest. swirling my tongue on her clit whilst pumping the vibe in and out.

I slip a finger up her ass and pump that as well. then I bury the rabbit deep . the ears locked onto her clit. she begins to gasp and thrust upwarsd. as her ass leaves the bed i slip my head under and run my tongue from her slit to her ass. teasing it with my tongue then pushing it in. rimming her. That sends her over. she orgasms again. 'OH GOD'. 'Dee put on that strap on'. she grins and obeys. I detach the spreader bar, then move back to the top of the bed.

I pull Red on top of me, her back to my chest. Then position my cock at her ass. and drop her onto it. she screams as I push my whole cock straight in. but can do nothing as I hold her in place. thrusting with only the last slutty women sarah and mindi sucks every others pussies of my cock. Dee crawls onto Red. 'Double. your favourite'. Red nods weakly as Dee gets into position. then begins to ease in.

I can feel the head of the strap on cock move past my own. through the thin wall I can feel that it vibrates too. Then we both begin to thrust. slowly. alternating. then faster. bottoming out at the same time. changing every minute. Red hangs between us a constant stream of gasps, moans, cries and swearing. 'God. im gonna cum again.'. I can feel Reds muscles contract. then her head jerks forward as her orgasm rolls over her.

'Keep going' I command. Im close myself. We contuniue to thrust into her. fast and hard. 'I have to stop. I cant take anymore',, That doesnt deter us as we thrust harder, if anything. Red is screaming each time we ram home. her legs are twitching and her hands flex spasmodically. 'SHIT. NOT AGAIN'. Red convulses into another orgasm. I thrust up. lifting both of them off the bed.

I cum in her ass. it feels like im exploding. Dee gives three final quick thrusts and cums herself. she shudders then collapses to the side. onto the bed . 'Holy Shit!'. is all I can manage. I lift Red off me and release her.

she pounces on me. sitting on my chest. she pokes a finger at me.'YOU' . 'Are going to pay for that!.'. 'Oh really.?' 'Yes. because .

now its your turn.' Red slid down my body and led against my right side. she slowly kiises me and trails her fingers up down my chest. Dee slides up my othe side and pulls my face to hers. she kisses me deeply. forcefully. her tongue pushes into my mouth. probing. They both bring one knee up onto my thighs.

and draw my arms above my head. I am stretched out fully a beautiful woman on either side. hand and tongues exlplore my chest and neck. SNICK. What the?. They ahve attached a pair of handcuffs and im now firmly secured to the headboard. 'ermm whats going on?'. 'Relax baby. we wont bite.


well not much.' They both slide down my body. keeping them selves pressed against me. I feel light kisses and licks trail towards my crotch. I cant see what they are doing. the angle is all wrong and thier hair blocks the view. its maddening. then a mouth engulfs my cock. . the warmth is incredible. her tongue slides over my tip. anothe licks up and down the shaft. they trade roles. they keep alternating. then a hand cups and plays with my balls.

a finger slips into my ass. They slip apart slightly and I get to see exactly who is doing what. They both look up and lock thier eyes on mine. i watch as two tongues lick up and down my cock. then Red sucks it briefly. then Dee. then they kiss. 'ughhhhh'. is about all I can manage. they start to quicken the pace. Red is actaully fingering my ass now.

Dee is szueezing my nuts whilst sucking me. Red wanks me under Dee's lips. I can feel it building again and start to raise my hips and thrust upwards. They quicken the pace again.

'Oh shit!. im gonna cum.'. Dee stops. my cock just in her mouth. but Red busty buffy gets rewarded with cumshot for titjob to wank me into her mouth. Naughty teens plow the biggest strapon dildos and spray sperm everywhere shoot another load.

I didnt think I would manage again. As I collapse Red pulls Dee to her and they kiss. I know that my cum is now rolling around in both thier mouths. Holy Crap.

I cant believe im still hard!. Red pulls Dee across my lap. facing towards my feet. I can feel oil being pored on my cock. Then Red reaches under her and holds my cock upright. Dee scoots forward and the drops slowly onto my cock.

spearing her self on my cock. she grinds briefly then raises up and moves forward slightly. then lowers again. this time i feel it push into ther ass. Red sets the pace by holding her self against Dee. hugging and kissing. she moves her up and down. She reaches behind her and grabs a double ended dildo. its about 18" long. she then pushs half of it inot her self then returns to Dee's embrace. she feeds the other end into Dee's dripping pussy and then they begin to grind.

slowly at first but the pace seems to quicken. Red freezes about 3 " away from Dee who continues to hump the cocks impaling her. as she slams forward the double neded dildo fills her pussy and her clit hammers into Red's. as she pulls back my cock spears her ass and she buries it in herself totally. They are bothe leaning back . thier hips pounding backwards and forwards. I catch a glimps that Red has buried a dildo in her own ass.

they fuck themselves harder and harder. and all I can do is watch. they are both grunting. screaming. cock hungry broad deserves a fat cock animal howl escapes them both as they cum. they slump over eachother. holding eachother upright as the spasms fade.

'Wow'. 'What next?' Red chuckles and looks at me over Dee's shoulder. 'It's Dees turn. and I know just the thing.' Red whispers something to Dee. I cant hear what. but she then moves to the centre of the bed and kneels up, knees spread. Red moves up behind her and slips a blindfold over her eyes.

her hands trail lightly down Dee's arms and she graps her wrists, pulling them up. there are two light clicks as Red fastens the wrist mancles to D-rings on the collar. Dee laces her fingers behind her neck. to ease the strain. and waits. Red motions to me to get off the bed and I join her by the Stereo. she turns on a CD of dance music. dont ask me what. it was all bass and looped samples. She whispers to me. 'We are gonna tease. torment. get her close and stop.

then start again.and no talking.' With that she returns to the bed, kneels to the left of Dee and runs a single finger across her stomach.

barely touching the skin. Dee gasps at the unexpected touch. I move to the other side. taking my lead from Red I place my hand briefly on her leg.

then touch her shoulder. Red is planting small kisses on her shoulders. We circle her like a pair of sharks. a touch here. a kiss there. all fleeting. gentle. 'Oh please.' she moans. the gentle torture continues. Dee's body pushes towards each touch. hoping for more. her whole body has become an enormous erogemous zone. I lie down in front of her. my mouth a few inches from her pussy. I breath a little more deeply, so that she can feel the heat of my breath across her lips, thigh.

The touch of my tongue to her skin. so close. Dee tries to push down. to guide my tongue to her but Red grabs her hips. holding her. a silent command to remain still. 'God. this isnt fair.' I cant help but smile and return to gently biting and kissing her upper thigh. I can see the muscles in her leg twitch each time I touch flesh.

inching slowly inwards. eventually I close on the lips. they are puffy. wet. her clit is almost poking out between them. I run my tongue up. stopping just short. then back down. I lick her slowly and delight in the trembling I feel. push my tongue in. and run it up to her clit. barely resting the tip on it. Dee is breathing in short gasps. Red is continuing her touches.

shoulder, breast, back, neck. sucks a finger. kisses an ear. I still havent moved. then I burrow in . sucking her clit into my mouth. I circle her clit with the tip of my tongue. keeping a steady pace. I match it to the motion of her hips. as she jerks faster I lick faster.

I listen to the small moams as they become ragged gasps. I can taste a slight differnce and she throws her head back as an orgasm approaches. Ad she screams. as I pull away and sit up. 'NONONONONO you bastard. ' I kiss Red briefly and she smiles that wicked smile. then takes my place between Dee's legs. Three. no four times we do this. each time it becomes harder to stop in time. the gaps shorter. Dee is sweating girl with big tits enjoy in masturbate fingering homemade jerking at every touch.

no matter where or how light. I catch Reds eye and she nods. and mouths 'NOW' Red begins a fresh assault on Dee. her tongue working clit.

You might think brooke scott has a face cumshot fetish

lips . ass. I take Dee in my arms and kiss her neck with fervour. biting and sucking. I grab her hair and twist her face to mine. Pushing my tongue into her mouth.

she responds in kind. its an angry frenzied kiss.I reach round and take hold of both nipples, twist them harshly.I lean back pulling her up slightly so that Red has better access. the kiss breaks and Dee flops back against me then rears off the bed screaming as the orgasm is finally allowed to finish. her hips jerk and I have to hold her tight as spasm after spasm racks her body.

after I dont know how long we all seemed to calm down. It has almost felt like I had cum too. I unclip the manacles and Nikita loves black cock nick manning and pornstar stretches.

pulling off the blindfold she stares at the two of us. 'Thats just MEAN!'. 'I cant help but grin.' I would like to say im sorry. but im not. would you like me to?. I will' 'Bastard' 'Mr Bastard to you.' Then the fact that I was exhausted seemed to just flood in. I yawned and lay down . opening my arms to these delightful women.

I pulled them in close. as I felt the darkness creep over me.I said. 'Red. your hired'