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Adriana chechik gets bent like a pretzel while fucked in the ass
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Sign of the times The Michel Family Part 1 Prefix It was the spring of 2015 the world was heading for unprecedented disaster.

The western governments were mucking around with the weather after the earth move on its axis. Causing disasters throughout the world defeating exactly what they were trying to prevent.

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Governments and countries were falling Greece is the latest one they are looking for a 300 million loan payment midyear, and all indications they won't have it. China is becoming the new rising sun and what Japan was is no more the USA was in its own trouble. President Obama they figure was working against its own people in allowing what would never be tolerated by any previous administration. Obama was supporting Iran to develop nuclear capability and Palestine as a state, to an area that is so close to ending the world.

If Greece or better still when Greece defaults the end of the euro in Europe their currency is linked with it now Germany is next to fall and so goes the euro dollar and their economy structure. Over the past ten years the world was in turmoil with natural disasters. The western countries were sending money and aid to all these countries but no one realized that this money was borrowed money increasing our national debt and we were falling into the same trap as Greece not being able to make our interest commitments.

In 2017 everything fell apart borders were closed dollar was worth nothing oil stopped flowing food stopped getting to markets bartering was a way of life. The cities were the worst off. For decades people flocked to the city for a better life and it was as long as the economy stayed working. The government did what it could bring food from the farms but to large cities they couldn't supply enough. Canada was struggling to feed its teens piss n grandpas 1 dvd rip by icmn as was the States we had it better than most countries but even still, our government couldn't feed the large metropolitan centers.

Riots, starvation, rape, murder, you name it was happening in the cities out in the rural areas was not a bed of roses either people starving were flocking to the food farms stealing seed corn cattle corn and anything else they could beg, borrow, or steal.

The government tried to patrol these farms but were too few so the farmers were given weapons to defend themselves and the life giving crops. Chapter 1 The year is 2012 John Michel lived in Nova Scotia had a small place outside of Windsor Nova Scotia.


They called it a hobby farm and he was not only a farmer like his father was that passed the year before but he was an investment banker making over seven figures a year.

He seen a lot of this coming so he bought 800 acres back a dirt road fifteen miles from the paved road which was another 10 miles to the main road which was a secondary road taking another half hour to get into Windsor. On the 800 acres was an old farm falling down he restored it made all kinds of improvements he brought people in from Northern New Brunswick to work and they were not allowed to leave the place and when he took them out to bring other workers he had an old school bus with black out windows so no one knew where this place was.

John even bought an army surplus (APV) armoured personnel carrier and had all kinds of weapons. He had two daughters ages 18 and 19. His brother was in Chester one of the communities that was put to sleep so the government said.

He missed his brother he was more the farmer and the tinkerer He seen him and his son Brad take apart old generators and make them work. He wished they were with him. John's wife was only in her early 30s she was his child hood sweetheart and they married out of high school.

Still at every opportunity they made love he loved sinking that cock into her tight pussy, she would ride him and he would enjoy those bouncing tits and the hugged and kissed so passionately they always came multiple times and never a word by either of that old saying, "I was two tired." Melody was in love with her husband as much as any two could be she felt the sun rose with him and he thought the sun set with her. Often they would walk and talk about the farm, and she didn't want to really hear about the world trouble but knew it was part of his life, therefore was part of hers.

She was five foot 4 inch tall small frame her hair was blond with red auburn streaks and she kept her pubic hair trimmed like a landing strip leading to her pussy. He C size breast made her look top heavy in her small frame. Her daughter Bridget and Cindy were both taller they favoured John in height one was five nine the other 6 foot both with flaming red hair and freckles like their father.

Thin like their mother with B breast. He tried to teach them but they were interested in boys and were not looking forward to living like hermits in the woods. Sign of the Times The Michel Family Part 2 Chapter 2 John even bought heavy equipment from out of Province and they would drive it to town and John would pay the driver to go to a motel and he would be back the next morning. Before any gear was taken to the site all G.P.S.

locaters were removed. He then drove all the gear in he had loaders cement trucks trailers of raw cement dump trucks his own gravel maker harvesters tractors backhoes over 2 million in equipment most of it on lease as it would never reach pay off anyway before the markets crashed. He bought a portable lumber mill and he even got some ultra lights aircraft and some drones. Seed he bought by the container and He brought to the farm.

He was even able to luscious hot chicks getting fucked by huge dick special apples orange trees lemons bananas coconuts trees and coffee bean bushes.

He stocked up on can goods and K rations clothing winter boots hats coats. John got books on tanning, machinery to make clothing out of hides. He bought mini generators to put in the river running by the house and a brazzer porn hub lela star wheel wind power and solar they were totally off grid.

He bought penicillin and books on how to make it gravel aspirin Advil tooth brushes and tooth paste baking soda and all the baking supplies he could get his hands on the dug a huge hole and but a concrete type building for a root cellar had electric golf cart to get around in there and over the top four feet of soil and a garden.

By the year 2015 he had the farm set new fields cut back, roots pulled.


It was a farm large enough for a hundred people hot tory likes her some anal pounding he knew what was coming and over time would be his jade russell gets a guy to deposit a huge loa and his children he even got doctors to develop a solution that would change his DNA to enable incest children with no defects.

Although he did not want to, the thought of it disgusted him even though he knew it was and inevitability if they were to survive. The year was now 2015 they revived his brother and his wife with their two children. It took 6 months before they could get around they brought them out of this stasis as the government could no longer afford the resources needed to maintain the program. Steve lived in the town of Chester his work had closed. He had a small home on a quiet street and there were no groceries or much money the government supplied them with some seed.

One day John talked to Steve told him what was about to happen and he was more than happy to be back with his brother they were close in the before time. Steve and his family had some unique experiences while they were under. The government had them on a sleep learning program they were all educated in advanced first aid and farming also conservation of soil operating machinery all aspects of farming and living off grid.

This fit Johns needs to a tea also they were told that their DNA was changed for having kids due to what was coming they knew that neighbor house girl fuck young boy few that survived would need children and probably be in house.

One other thing their immune system was boosted and even radiation treated to a certain degree because of the ozone holes that had formed. By 2016 Steve's family were on the new farm. The other thing they had not aged they were legally five years older but Brad looked like 13 years old and Judy a fourteen old. Judy was Five foot Five inches tall and an A size breast and was thin build she had blond hair like her mother Mom looked like 25 same as dad mom was beautiful nice round face blue eyes like Judy not like the rest of us with green eyes.

Back on the farm we loved it we would get up in the morning and weed dad took us out in the afternoon and showed us how to shoot even mom was there we knew from sleep learning but we needed to practice and we reloaded our own shells and fired again Judy and I liked the cross bow. Private moments (mrno tube porn were proficient in that real quick. I was great with the 22 semi and I could shoot the 308 but I needed it on a rest, like between branches on a tree to support the gun, but I could handle the 270 composite stock.

It was light and had a light gathering scope. Dad taught us how to use the compass and start a fire in the woods even in winter. There was a lake behind our house maybe half mile but from the open field was only 500 feet we had solar powered walkie - talkies we had to carry with us and we had to be armed even going in the yard to feed the chickens or cows. Mom said that clothes was something we had to conserve so we all had shorts and mom and Judy wore a half tee shirt mom had no bra and that made me tingle in my little cock.

The heat of the summer we all went swimming and no one wore anything my little cock got hard but I noticed dad's huge cock was to and when I looked at mom her nipples on those big tits were standing a good inch straight and Judy's were standing two but maybe half as much as mom. As we swam Judy used to swim under me and feel my cock and balls and I would swim under her and run my finger accidently on purpose the length of her slit. When we got out in the warm air we would walk back to the house naked to dry off and dad had a 306 rifle we called the cannon.

Mom had a 9 mm strapped to her leg. Judy and I had the cross bow then. We all heard the noise in the bush dad went to the ready with his cannon. Judy and I had practice heads in and two Grosse took flight, Judy and I fired and the two of them came down Dad said, "Great we now got supper, after you two clean them." Judy said, "I can't," and dad forced her she literally threw up and mom finally stepped in.

"Steve let her be give her time." Steve gave in reluctantly and said, "It is part of our life she has to learn." Judy was green I cleaned both went back to the lake and washed them off and took Judy with me. Judy she was still green and I hugged her and said, "It's alright we well find a way so it don't bother you." She put her arms around me and hugged me and I felt her small breast brazzers brazzers girl in a brazzers world against me and for some reason it felt nice and my cock began to grow.

Judy smiled and said, "Somebody likes me," and I swatted her firm ass smiling, and said, "Get or I will make you carry these birds." She grabbed her busty buffy loves anal toys in her 18yass porn story sex fairy tales flv passed me mine and as she walked ahead I was looking at this cute ass and almost tripped over a root. We were dry but never bothered with our shorts and walked in the house only to hear moans from the bedroom and Judy said, "They are at it again, making love." "How do you know Judy maybe dad is giving her a massage like he tells me a lot?" Judy just looks and says, "Maybe one day you will know." Judy took the birds, made a bread stuffing and put them in the oven, while I peeled potatoes and scraped the carrots.

Judy was still nude and I enjoyed watching her. My cock was hard and I wanted to jerk off I only shot clear fluid but it felt good. I said, "We need wood I will get some," so I went out. Guess Judy thought she would help and she came out and seen me pulling on my cock and seen me shoot then she clapped, "Very good brother that was hot." I turned red as a beet embarrassed that she caught and watched me. "Don't be embarrassed we all do it. That is natural for us all." That made me feel a bit better and she hugged me and said, "I enjoyed it like you enjoy watching my ass." We got the wood and went back in mom was at the stove dad was wiping down his gun.

He said, "So we are running a nudist colony now?" laughing. I said, "I thought it was nice walking behind her she walks different than we do." Dad said, "They certainly do son I enjoy watching your mother two and Judy starting to take on that same walk very sexy." "Stop it Steve and you kids put your clothes on." We dressed good thing two because we heard what sounded like a bulldozer coming.

We were armed and took up positions when the walkie talkie came on it was John. We went out to meet him he brought his family John and Steve hugged then Mom and Britney hugged, the girls looked like they step daughter catches dad jerking off their best friend.

I said, "Hi Bridget and Cindy you guys look great." They shunned me saying, "You look like a little kid same as Judy there." I said, "Your right isn't it great, I am 18 and got all this growing to do." John said, "Give it a rest you two or I will have you both big dick taker amia pornstars and hardcore my knee, we are a family this is it we best learn right from the get go to get along there is nobody else just us and what we produce." "Eww gross you're not actually suggesting we mate with that child." Whack across the face.

"That is no way to talk to your brother, we are now one family." Steve said, "I take it that it got bad in town?" "Yes," said John and Melody said "There is no more law the military what's left are in the cities." John said, "It is mayhem out there ranchers are killing people to save what they have. People are selling themselves as slaves just to eat from the farmers." "A bunch came through the other night and took our garden and livestock to eat.

I tried to stay there was a few nonessential things I was trying to get but we got most everything brother." "I see you got a good crop started now there are four more hands to help." Bridget said, "You expect us to work in the dirty ground." Steve said, "No you don't have to work and help bring in the food but remember you reap what you sew, you don't help raise the food you don't eat the food."

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