Chaca chaci sex storys bed

Chaca chaci sex storys bed
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As Maria kissed my tummy, she pushed me back over the sofa next to Uncle Dave. He smiled down at me and began to lightly rub my hard little nipples. Maria never stopped kissing and caressing me with her hands and tongue.

She gently pushed my legs apart and kissed me right on my pussy. At that point, I was in heaven. I thought that it could just not feel any better.I was wrong! Maria slid her wet tongue into my cunt then wrapped her lips around my clit and began to suck. "Oooh, Maria," I was breathless and squirming in ecstasy.

"Oh, that feels so good." My pussy was throbbing and she just kept sucking and tongue fucking my little pussy. Uncle Dave, moved over close to me and put his cock to my lips. I opened up readily and began licking his glistening cock head. He shoved it between my lips and I couldn't help but suck him in rhythm with Maria sucking my clit.

All of the sudden, my pussy exploded into a mind blowing orgasm, Uncle Dave took advantage and put his whole cock in my mouth, gagging me.


I didn't care, Maria's mouth was my new favorite thing in the world. She kept kissing and licking until I came down. She looked up and Uncle Dave, "Come here, lover boy, and fuck this little pussy.


She is so ready, so wet." She moved aside so that my uncle could take her place between my legs. "Wait," she said, " turn over, Lana.

I want you to eat my pussy now while Dave fucks you from behind." She spread her beautiful tanned legs and pulled my head into her crotch. I loved the way her grown up pussy smelled.

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I tried to mimic the things she did to me however, it was difficult to concentrate on her pussy when Uncle dave pushed his big cock into my cunt.

He was holding my hips tight and kept pushing, he was a bit big and I was sure he was either going to rip me apart or give up.

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Well, Uncle Dave didn't give up.he just kept pushing. Finally, he got the swollen head inside me. "Owww, no Uncle Dave, that hurts," I managed to get out before Maria pulled my mouth back firmly against her pussy. "Suck my pussy, Lana, don't be such a baby.

Let Dave fuck you with his big ol' cock." She smiled down at me as I went back to work on her clit. "Now, that's a good lil slut. Suck me baby, I wanna cum in your mouth." "She is so tight, maria. MMMMMMMMmm, I'm going to fuck the mature darleen with glasses masturbates her hairy pussy out of her cunt." Uncle Dave managed to get a few more inches inside me and began pounding my tight pussy.

I tried to keep the tears at bay as I concentrated on making Maria's pussy feel good. After a while, Uncle Dave's cock began to feel pretty amazing pounding in and out of me. I closed my eyes and really worked on Maria. I reached up and pinched her nipples and pulled them hard. "Ahhhh, sweet Lana, I'm cummmmmmming," she moaned.

"OHHHH, sweet little girl, you are sooo good and eating pussy.

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oh yes, oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh." she ground my mouth into her pulsating pussy as she came so hard. "Ohh, yes, baby, I'm cumming, too," Uncle Dave shoved his whole cock into me, I could feel the warm, sticky cum squirting into me. Oh, wow, this was so cool, I thought. I never dreamt that real fucking could feel so good and hurt so much at the same time.

Maria pulled me up to lie beside her on the sofa. She stroked my hair and kissed my head. I instinctively began sucking one of her large breasts.

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"Ah, little one. You are amazing." she crooned. Uncle Dave leaned over and opened an end table.


He pulled out a big black plastic cock. That thing was at least twice the size of his own dick. He then began fucking Maria with it. He was moving it in and out of her so fast, his hand was almost a blur.

Maria began bucking and pushing her pussy up so that the dildo could go deeper and deeper. "Fuck me hard, baby, ram that bitch into me," she was screaming. "Ohhh that is so good fuck me hard, fuck me fuck me.AAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhh" This was so hot I had to raise up and watch, she was bucking all over the sofa. Finally, she came, squirting her cum all over Uncle Dave's crotch.I was almost jealous that I didn't get fucked by the big dildo, but I'm pretty sure I could not have taken that.

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"You know, pretty girl," Maria gained her composure once again, she pulled me close and began stroking my pussy again. "I think my daddy would love to meet you. He knows how to make a pussy feel so good." Wow, I was thinking that maybe that's where Maria learned to make a pussy feel nice.

My own was now oozing with juice again, and my hips were moving in rhythm to her strokes. I reached down as Maria spread her legs and began pulling and rolling her clit between my fingers. Uncle Dave watched us as he stroked himself, "Yes, Maria's daddy is very talented." He and Maria smiled at one another.

"He likes to fuck boys as well as girls." "Oh," I said, wondering what it would be like to watch two boys. " Uncle Dave, did her daddy fuck you?" "Yes, Lana, he did. He sucked my cock, too." "Wow, oooh, I'm cumming again" I could not wait to meet Maria's daddy.