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Blonde milf anal dildo fucked watch more of her at ulacamcom
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Amanda and I had married in 2000 she was a slim attractive petite 24 year old and I was 36 years old, the age difference did not present any problems and we had two lusty sluts have some lesbian fun masturbation creampie each other for over 3 years during which time I had often worked overseas but whilst Amanda was unhappy at the separations she put up with it and we were always happy.

After our wedding she was no longer going to accept the periods of being apart and I was happy to take a lesser job near our home town so that we were always together however over the next few years I became more and more restless and began blaming Amanda for my frustrations at work and our relationship began to become strained, by the time of Amanda's 30th birthday we were often arguing and not speaking for days our sex life had ground to a halt and she had taken to sleeping in the spare bedroom where I could often hear her satisfying herself at night with her vibrator, I wanted to make things up to her but it never seemed to happen then one afternoon she asked me directly if I was still interested in her sexually as if I wasn't she worked beside many men who would be I foolishly replied that "If that's what you want go for it, don't let me stop you" as soon as I said it I regretted it, but pride stopped me saying so.


The next morning before she left for work she reminded me word for word what I had said, then left for the construction company where she worked in the IT department and I went to my own job at the factory all day I thought of what had happened and vowed to make it all up to her that evening and to put some sex back into our marriage when I got home from work at 5pm I began to prepare a speech for her normal return home at 6pm in which I intended to declare my love for her and hopefully end up in bed for the evening it had been almost 4 months since we had been together and I had had a hard on since getting home that I was looking forward to using.

When 6pm came and went I tried to call her cell phone but it went to voice mail the same happened at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm by now I was quite concerned and started to call her friends, none of whom could shed any light on her whereabouts, eventually at nearly 11pm her car drove into our driveway and Amanda breezed into our home in a intoxicated state and very very happy, she would not say where she had been only that she would tell me all about it after she had changed out of her work clothes and off she went upstairs.

She returned after only a few minutes wearing only a dressing gown with a item of clothing clutched in her hand "So you want to know where I have been" she said in a sarcastic tone though I could tell she was still really happy and excited "well here is a clue" she said as she tossed her panties to me I felt at once that they were very damp and as I looked I could see the crotch was badly stained with semen "What do you think of that, I have had one fantastic night, a really big cock has been in here" and with that she spread her legs and allowed the dressing gown to spill open, her pussy was red and swollen and her pubic hair was matted with cum she dani daniel behind the scene at me and thanked me for the permission I had given her the previous night, her fingers were gently playing with her clit and pussy lips and now she had her legs hooked over the arms of her chair.

"His cock is so much bigger than yours, so much longer and so much thicker and when he came he pumped me full of hot cum and then I got him hard again and he did me doggy style and I sucked him dry" I could say nothing but my cock by now was rock hard, "take it out" said and I did, she continued to work her fingers in and out of her red swollen gash and I started to wank in time with her fingers "It is so much smaller than his" she said then called me to her and told me to kneel in front of her between her raised knees, her pussy was directly in front of me and I could smell the scent of sex on her, she pulled her pussy lips wide open and said "lick it now I need to orgasm again" and I leant forward and buried my face in her hot salty pussy and began lapping away until she orgasmed, at which point she got up left the room, showered and went to the bed hot foursome action with two stunning babes me to satisfy myself.

The following morning when the julia ann mr pete in my friends hot mom had worked its self off she was a little more pleasant and asked me to call in sick as she intended to do so that we could talk things through, I started into my pre arranged apology for the way that I had been treating her and told her that I accepted that it had been my fault and that I wanted to forgive her and put it all behind us, she was quiet throughout all that I said and after I finished she leaned forward kissed me and told me that she loved me and was pleased that I was not angry and putting the blame onto her but the shocked me by saying that now that she had cheated once and enjoyed it so much with a big cock, I had to accept that's how it would be from now on, she had enjoyed being filled to overflowing and wanted it again and again and as I had given permission I just had to accept it or walk.


She told me that her new lover was the finance director at her company a man that I had met on several occasions his name was Jerry, he was a big handsome man about Amanda's own age and as he was in a relationship had made it clear to Amanda that any contact out of work could only be for sex as he enjoyed his life as it was but needed a new pussy to fuck and Amanda fitted his bill, Amanda then told me that she had said to him that she was happy with that but was going to play the field as well as spend time with him to which he replied that it sounded a perfect arrangement a perfect arrangement for everyone except me I thought, Amanda seemed to read my mind and said that obviously I was free to play the field but cruelly added that she would not recommend it as she didn't want me to disappoint a new lover with my tiny cock, with that she took my hand and led me to the bedroom where she stripped off, removed my clothes and began to suck my cock "It's a nice size to practice on" she said as she lifted her leg over my chest and lowered her pussy onto my face and rode on it till she came, she continued to suck my cock until I came in her mouth and she swallowed my cum for the first time "I really never knew just how much I would love the taste of sperm even though you don't produce as much as him" with that she climbed off and looked me in the eyes and asked me if I wanted to stay brutally kidnapped and raped with high stocking things as they were to be or did I want to walk, I repied that I intended to stay as long as there was sex for me as well, she replied that of course there would be sex for me as he wasn't keen on giving oral sex and as I had proved the previous night I was good for cleaning up and she really enjoyed getting cleaned up.

Nothing happened for the rest of that week Amanda was home at the usual time and we did not discuss it further then on Friday evening Amanda suggested that we have a early night, I could not believe my luck and quietly hoped that that was the end of her affairs and that she had settled on only me, when she undressed for bed I was amazed to see she had completely shaven her pussy, "do you like it" she said " come and eat it while I dildo myself" she produced a new bigger dildo "I bought it mail order, I needed something bigger now that I'm getting bigger cock" my heart sank and I watched quietly as the bulbous end disappeared into her shaven netflix and chill then twerk on his dick "God that feels so good" she continued as about 8 inches slid into her " now get your tongue working in my hole" she demanded and I began to lap around her clit and extended lips as she worked the dildo in and out, she was talking continually throughout "fuck me you big bastard, come on fill me up" and other filth none of which I had ever heard her utter before ," Lick my arse hole" she demanded and I did trying to work my tongue into it until she came with a shuddering orgasm.

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"That was great " she said lying on her back with her fingers probing her open cunt, "did you enjoy it too" I agreed that I had but would like to come too, "go on then she said wank yourself and I will watch and she did whilst rubbing her clit, when I had finished she said that she was planning on inviting Jerry around on Saturday morning as it would give him an excuse by telling his girl he was shopping as evenings were difficult as they lived together, I asked about their previous meeting and was told she had been away overnight so it worked out fine and that is why Amanda had pushed me into giving permission multiple creampies in opened fuck holes for spicy joy girl stretching and squirting it was more or less already arranged.

"he says that you can watch if you like maybe even join in orally if you want but it's up to you if you rather go out for a few hours that's ok too" I could barely believe what she had said it was so matter of fact, all I could say was ok if that's what you want, "Great I give him a call I am sure he will be pleased he is a bit of a show off really and I am sure he would like you to see his equipment" with that she wandered off with her cell phone.

Later on I was informed that it was all arranged and he would be there at 11am and that it was up to me how I decided to deal with it but that if I intended to be awkward I had better not be there as he was a big man and would not take any nonsense from me.

The following morning Amanda didn't dress but wandered around the house dressed in nothing but her under ware and dressing gown about 10 am she announced that she was getting ready and off she went to the shower only returning just before 11am, she looked great in a short denim skirt and cropped top her hair was tied back and she smelt fabulous, I felt sick to my stomach but she breezed around in a happy state making small talk and preening in the mirror, sure enough at just after 11 his car sped into our driveway and Amanda ran to the front door "Hi Baby" she greeted him and he asked if I were at home to which Amanda said "You bet I think he wants to see what he hasn't got" they both laughed at that and entered the lounge," It's nice to see you again" he said and added "how's things going these days" and smiled I wanted to punch his face but just kept quiet.


Amanda had poured the drinks whiskey for me and Jerry and a large Baileys for herself "I need to steady my nerves she said this feels so strange" then she asked me to draw the living room curtains so as to keep prying eyes away as I did so Amanda through her arms around Jerry's neck and kissed him passionately "I have been thinking of this all week, and I have a surprise for you" she added.

I had been forgotten about, his hands were on her tits and ass and she was removing his shirt, his chest was a mass of hair which I found surprising as Amanda always said that she hated body hair, she through the shirt onto the settee and started on his pleasuring a lusty chap smalltits and hardcore belt he kicked off his shoes whist pulling her top over her head her still firm tits sprang into view and he lowered his head to suck on her nipples his trousers dropped to the floor and the outline of his hard cock could be seen in his boxers, Amanda's hand plunged into the top of his shorts and fished out his half hard erection and pushed his shorts to his feet, she sank to her knees and gently coaxed his cock to full erection, he stepped out of his remaining clothes and turned to face me the smile still on his face "what do you think" he asked, I said nothing but it was a magnificent specimen about 9 inches long and very thick around his balls hung like two heavy plums in the hairiest bag I had ever seen.

With that he turned back to Amanda Lifted her from her knees, loosened her skirt and let it fall and then hooked his thumbs in her panties and pulled them to her knees where they fell to her ankles, she stepped out of them, "do you like my surprise, my shaven pussy" she asked him, and he replied that he did and sat down onto the sofa directly in front of me, Amanda straddled his legs and they continued to kiss passionately as she lowered her pussy onto his thick knob she gasped and grunted as she worked down onto it, she leaned forward so that I could see better as it disappeared into her hole, she rested about 2 inches from the bottom and looked over her shoulder at me and said "Look at that fuckin' big knob in my pussy, I can take it all you know" and with that she sunk down onto it all, she smiled a wicked smile at me and raised up so that about 5 inches protruded and slammed down again, she teen redhead freckles redhead linda porked tube porn to ride him steadily gently rising and falling, her pussy lips clinging to his knob she looked over her shoulder and said "make yourself useful babe come over here and like my arse hole and I did kneeling behind her inches from his big knob and stretched pussy I worked my tongue into her butt hole as she worked up and down seconds later she orgasmed noisily punging down onto his knob as he spunked into her womb, they remanded as they were for some time still kissing when the finally separated his cock plopped out of her pussy and the cum ran onto his balls and onto the sofa seat, I couldn't believe the amount that ran from her.

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She climbed off him and taking his hand led him to the bedroom to me she said "babe clean that up before it stains the cloth will you" then bring us another drink which I did, so began my new life more of which I will write off again, if you enjoy this chapter.