Monter cock destroyed pussy extremely hard

Monter cock destroyed pussy extremely hard
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It should be easy enough, at least I thought at the time. Make sure a dozen teenage girls at a slumber party don't burn the house down or start a riot. Our place is out in the country, so the riot issue is greatly reduced, only 4 of the girls were going to stay all night so I only had a few hours of serious concern; but they wanted a fire to roast hot dogs and make smores, so burning the house down was a real possibility.

Little did I know that wasn't the kind of fire that would break out. School was finally out for the summer and my daughter, well my step daughter technically, and all her friends were ready to let loose after finals, relatively that is. There were other parties that were going on around the area where it was known the kids would be drinking heavy and probably doing drugs; this group of girls planned on chubby busty big ass blonde german masturbates and smores as their way to celebrate.

But we all know of the well laid plans of mice and men.and 15 year old girls. My wife had helped Dakota, our 15 year old plan the party, swimming in the pool, that I would clean and have ready; volleyball on a court I would create in a level spot of dirt near the barn; hot dogs and smores over a fire I would build and maintain; and then sleeping under the stars on sleeping bags I would string out and keep snakes and other critters out of.

Through all the planning she (my wife Heather), promised she would be there right after dark to maintain order. Famous last words. At 3:00pm on the fateful day Heather calls to inform me she has a project at work in emergency and won't be able to get away from it until midnight at the earliest.

The girls all started showing up soon after school let out, they must have all worn their swimsuits to school. School let out at 3:45, with a twenty minute trip out to our place and the girls were all in the pool splashing and carrying on by 4:30. Dakota's friends spanned the various social groups found in every school. There were the brainy girls, the athletic girls, the band geeks and the cowgirls. Oddly enough the only kind of girls she didn't know seemed to be the ugly girls, or those with less than a C cup bra.

To keep the peace in the family, our 12 year old daughter got to have two friends of hers join her for the party. As far apart as 12 and 15 year old girls are in maturity, Nicole and her friends still very tomboyish, looked as grown up as their older sisters. So as the dedicated, delegated adult, I sat in my lawn chair readying the fire for cooking, drinking iced tea and watching the girls in the pool.

When they arrived I hadn't noticed how little material was involved in the suits the girls were wearing, wasn't really a concern, no boys were invited, but now while sitting there just watching, it was gaining my attention.

These girls didn't have the full realization of their bodies to be all consumed in maintaining cover, so when coming out of the water the small patches of cloth designed to cover or at least conceal their nipples, had often flipped around exposing rather than covering.

I soon had a mental catalogue of who had large areolas and who didn't. As well the bottoms of these suits often failed after a dive and as the girls climbed the ladder exiting ready to take another dive, an index of who the real blondes were was created, as well as notes on which of the girls grew natural and those that were tightly trimmed. I was glad I had decided to wear fairly loose fitting shorts, because I was beginning to need the room to move around, but I was wondering if the choice of going commando instead of wearing drawers was wise.

A little control could save a lot of embarrassment. By 6 o'clock the girls were getting restless in the pool and the hotdogs were ready so I let them know it was time to eat. After drinking tea for a few hours I needed to take a brittany bliss in spinner likes it rough. Heather in her planning, decided it best the girls not go into the house and make a mess after swimming and such, so we planned on a stall in the barn for to serve the call of nature; Heather didn't figure all the girls would be comfortable peeing behind a tree.

So I head to the stall to relieve myself. Just as I get unzipped, with my cock out, pissing like a Russian race horse, the stall gate opens and in rush a herd of girls urgently dropping the bottoms of the tiny suits they were wearing.

I had been so deep in my need for relief I forgot the nature of girls and pools. There I stood, in a stall full of hot girls, with their pants down, squatting and peeing; my cock in my hand. It was all I could manage to finish my business as the site of all those tight young asses, spread pussies, and golden waterfalls was causing the semi erection I had to begin growing.

As difficult as it was I kept my gaze on my business and quickly finished, shaking my cock, stuffing it back in my shorts, zipped up and turned to leave the stall walking through the girls as if it was a regular occurrence.

That's when I noticed they had all been staring at me when I was trying not to stare at them. As I shut the stall gate behind me I heard the roar of whispering girls and muted nervous giggles.

Nothing was said of that awkward encounter as the girls came out of the barn and settled in to devouring the hot dogs.

I wondered if it really happened or had been just a crazy fantasy. Then as the girls were headed to the volleyball pit I noticed one of the girls with a hotdog wiener in hand mimicking me pissing. Then she put in her bikini bottoms as I had put my cock back in my shorts had happened.

I couldn't figure to be embarrassed or turned on; I was a bit of both, what happened next decided it for me. A girl ran up from behind the girl with wiener, dropped to her knees, pulled the swimsuit down exposing the hotdog and began to suck on it. I felt a throbbing in my pants, who was this hot young thing putting on the slutty show.then I realized it was Dakota!

And I was hard as a rock. Just as swiftly as she had swooped in and performed oral on that hot dog she jumped back up, ate it in 3 bites and called everyone on to the volleyball pit. The girls settled in to a serious round of volleyball, and again the swim suits were no match for the bounties they had been charged with. As I tried to distract myself from the pit it occurred to me that Nicole and her friends were nowhere around. Right on cue, three wild indians emerged with water hoses, soaking the older girls and turning the volleyball pit into a mud wallow.

Soon a free for all mud riot had broken out, at least it was all in fun.


At first all the older girls were all against Nicole and her two friends, slowly the tide turned as more and more of the older girls were fighting with Nicole. Then the hair hot blonde slut in stockings gets nailed started and I had to intervene. There were no hard feelings and all the girls decided mud wrestling was much more fun than volleyball had been; and they asked me to referee so it wouldn't get out of hand again.

"Simple rules now, no hair pulling, no kicking, and no hitting". With that the first bout began innocently enough.

One on one, young girls in bikinis rolling around in the mud; in the city they pay to watch this kind of action, here i was in the middle of it for free! Soon enough it became tag team two on two, then team matches and finally all out battle. All the girls at one time, but good clean fun, sort of.

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No anger, no beautiful teen lesbian super kiss just lots of rolling around and mudslinging. The more they rolled the muddier the girls got, the more they rolled the less the suits covered.

Then someone started untying suit strings. Tops were soaring through the air, bikini bottoms were trampled into the mud. Tits were bouncing free, tits were bumping tits. To this point I had managed to stay mostly clean, a few mud splatters here and there, of course i had mud up to my shins and all over my hands from my duties as ref, but that was nothing.

With all the naked bodies slamming around i had a growing hard on, then they all jumped me and slammed me down into the mud. Mud was dumped on me in handfuls, they rolled me over and over. Necked young girls piled on top of me holding me down.


I had a full on hard on at this point, i was sure they all knew because I felt all of their hands check my package at least a couple of times. Finally domination squirt this is our most extraordinary case file to date folks mayhem settled down and all but two of the girls got up off of me, but after rolling in that wallow as long as we had I couldn't get up with those two on me.

A couple of the other girls came over taunting me, nothing I could do but endure the good natured ribbing. They began tickling my feet and I started thrashing around in the mud, that allowed for their next move, they grabbed the bottom of my shorts and yanked them off! Now we were all necked. Heather and I usually lay out and tan without clothes, but when the shorts came off the area that had been covered was pale in stark comparison to the mud covering the rest of my body.

Making my crotch area an obvious target for mud. It came in handfuls! At first thrown on, then rubbed on.very sweet lips sucking his dick rubbed on.

My cock had been hard from the naked girls playing the mud, but it grew to a size I had never achieved before, as the young hands were grabbing and stroking as they rubbed they mud on! I knew I felt my balls constrict and knew I was about to unload a stream of cum into this mayhem, when someone pushed Rachel a very blessed young barrel racer down on top of me.

Rachel landed with her very full D cup tits straddling my cock, and as the other girls piled on I lost it and spurted everything in me into her mud caked cleavage.

I'm not sure she realized what had just happened but there was a fire in her green eyes as her head was pinned to my stomach, and it was plain she enjoyed the position we ended up in. As things began to settle down someone realized it was getting close to time for the girls who weren't staying the night to leave. So we untangled ourselves and I led everyone into the barn to the wash rack, lined the girls up and turned a water hose on them. Sierra grabbed another hose and began to rinse the mud off of me.

It was quite a site, all the girls rubbing the mud off of each other as I sprayed water on them. My mind begin to wander as I watched the attention to nipples that seemed at least in my mind to being given.

Oddly enough when it came to cleaning their crotch areas, each girl took care of their own.and it seemed a number of them were.taking care of their own!


I felt a stir again in my own crotch, even though it had only been minuets since my huge release. I began to notice the water coming down my head from the hose Nicole had on me, and the she was using her hands to rub off the mud.

Around my ears, my neck and shoulders, and down my back. She rubbed her hand up and down each leg, getting the mud out of the hair on them. It was like a soothing massage, her firm little hands kneading and rubbing my muscles. When she ran her fingers between the cheeks of my ass my dick twitched as the blood rushed back in. With the water hose at the top of my crack and her fingers working around to make sure all the mud was cleaned out of my ass my cock was indeed coming back to life.

When she was sure my backside was clean, Nicole placed the hose over my shoulder to rinse my chest. To my dismay she didn't come around in front of me I so wanted to see her perky breasts about this time, for twelve year olds she and her close friends have very well developed tits, they have to be full C least; Instead she pressed up against my back, wrapping he arms around me to get to the mud on my front side.

In doing so she was pushing those magnificent tits right into the small of my back. She makes short work of the muck on my pecks, but manages to dawdle around my nipples long enough to send sparks directly from them to the head of my growing cock.

Then working down my stomach when she reached my crotch she hesitated but only for an instant, just long enough to move the water hose from my shoulder down to my waist. One of the girls in the wash rack burst out "shit! Now I'm clean and I have to piss, I don't want to get my feet dirty again in that stall!" I had the easy answer.

"Just piss where you're standing, I have the hose on y'all over there already". Her need must have been very urgent, she didn't contemplate a second, just squatted and let a waterfall out. Like an epidemic all the girls suddenly had to piss again and did so. A few tried to be funny or cool and put one leg up on the wall to pee. Most only succeeded in having piss stream down their legs which started them giggling. It seemed this wasn't Rachel's first rodeo; she shot a hard stream that thundered off the metal wall at the back of the wash stall.

Indeed all the pissing was contagious, watching that entire group of girls drain their bladders and holding that running water hose in my hand awakened my need as well. I walked up next to Rachel, with the water hose in my right hand, I used the left to hold my half hard still muddy dick and pissed on the same spot on the wall she was.

One of the squatting girls, Missy, made some comment to Rachel that I didn't hear, whatever it was caused her to turn from the wall and piss right on the Missy's belly. Rachel defiantly caught Missy off guard with that move and Missy fell on to the concrete floor of the wash stall laughing.

With her legs spread leaning on her elbows she let out, If I could piss like a guy you would sooo get it" This when I realized Nicole had followed behind me and was still pressed up against my back trying to clean my front; because she grabbed my pissing dick and turned it on Rachel! What a feeling, my mind was spinning. I'm standing naked with more than a dozen young naked girls all pissing in my barn, my step daughter with her tits against my back, rubbing the mud off my pissing dick and aiming it one the hawwwtest creatures walking the Earth.

The flow of piss from my dick began to strain as it became fully engorged. It had only been a few minutes since my orgasm in the mud pit, but I was now rock hard kinky orgy action with seductive sex bombs cumshot facial. One of the girls behind me brought me out of my trance, "dang!

I wish Ronny was teen mia malkova lesbian sex with mature milf big and got that hard!" Dakota piped in "Ronny's not that big, but he gets that just doesn't last long!" Rachel caught my eyes "And Ronny never pumped a load as hard on my chest as your dad just did in the mud pit". Cheers went wild, I didn't know what to do so I just winked at Rachel and turned the water hose to finish washing the piss and mud from the floor of the wash rack.

Nicole decided I was clean enough and with one more rub down the length of my shaft she let go of me and turned her hose on the floor as well. The other girls stood up and crowded in around me to get a closer look, Channing, one of the band girls reached out and petted the head of my cock, "Shit! If you're riding with me cop a quick feel and move your ass. It's not like anyone didn't grab in the pit. I can't miss curfew again bitches" With that they all proceeded to reach out and pet me on the way to grab something clean and dry to put on for their trip home.

Seemed most of the girls were satisfied to just slip a t-shirt on and get going. Nothing like the site of thin cotton clinging to wet, erect nipples. Or a tight young ass bare beneath the hem of a t-shirt. I wasn't sure which Ronny the girls were talking about before, but he seemed to get around, and without causing much drama. I will have to find out from Dakota and her friends that stay the night. I managed to find an old but clean towel in the tack room to wrap up in while the girls were slipping their shirts on, and as the last of the trucks left turned out on the road taking home the girls that weren't staying I looked at my watch to see it was already 11:30.

"well Heather missed some crazy shit, but she should be here before long". no sooner had the words left my mouth you could hear truck horns honking out on the road where the girls had just left, and the headlights of Heather's little four wheel drive turned off the road and onto our drive. Nicole and her friend Sierra jumped up to go greet Heather as she got out of the truck. "Damn, I sounds like I missed one hell of a party!" remarked Heather as she joined the older girls and me by the fire.

She grinned as she looked at me, "and you didn't think you would have any fun looking after all these girls" I winked at her "you can plan all the parties you want and bail on me, as long as they are indian big tits glirl on cam camaster like this". Heather turned and headed for the house, wiggling her ass as she walked off. "I'm going to get comfy strapon loving babes ruling over their sub I'll be back" The girls decided it was time for more smores, I stoked the fire for them and left them to it and sat down in my chair with a great view of all those young butts bent over the fire, in the back of my mind still wondering who this Ronny was, and what a lucky dog he was to have been between all those legs.

I didn't know that Heather's daughter was no longer a virgin, no wonder though, the line of young studs asking her out was long and even a dead man couldn't argue she didn't have a stunning body. I knew Heather had her on the pill, so I wasn't worried after all she was a smart kid.

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I figured Heather would come back wearing a t-shirt like the girls, she often did after she could fill out a t-shirt! Instead she returns in one of my old denim work shirts, with just the middle snap fastened. She walked over to my chair, bent over to kiss me and as she did she turned to cause the shirt to spread open providing me an excellent view of her beautiful rack.and then jiggled.

"I like you in a towel honey, but i figured you would be more comfy if I brought something else out" As she stood back up Heather dropped a pair of boxer briefs in my lap. "they're sexier" I stand up and start to head for the barn to put on the drawers my wife has brought out for me.

As I do Heather grabs my hand, "you ain't got nothing we haven't all seen before" Before I can say anything she grabs my towel slaps me on the ass. I give her a wink and step into the underwear she so thoughtfully brought me, as I do the girls whistle and cheer. Heather and I pulled two chairs together and caught up on her day of work and the girls pulled their chairs together and seemed to have a lively and deep discussion of their own.

From time to time there was giggling, gasping and even some raucous laughter. Heather was catching me up on all the details of her client emergency when Nicole jumped out of her chair and declared "no way! that's disgusting!!" and ran over to where her mother and I were sitting.

"Mom, Sierra said that guys really just want their dick sucked.and that you promised to show her how!! That is so gross, you wouldn't let anyone put his dick in your mouth?" Heather took Nicole's hand, "Not only would I let him, I would make him put his dick in my mouth".

"Not only does it pleasure the guy, but it excites me too". "It's called oral sex, or a blow job, not only do guys like it, but girls want it too!" Nicole's face squinched up, "but why would someone want to put where you piss in their mouth?" "Because it brings so much pleasure. You know how good it feels when you touch yourself and make an orgasm, fingers are nice, but a tongue is so much more gentle.and warm.and wet. Let me give you an example." Heather raised Nicole's t-shirt, exposing the pert young tits she had been pressing in my back earlier.

She began circling Nicole's right nipple with her finger tip. "That feels nice doesn't it?" "MMMM" was Nicole's only utterance. Then Heather moved her face to Nicole's left nipple and began flicking it with her tongue, licking around the edges and nibbling lightly.

"See the difference, fingers bring pleasure, but with my tongue you feel it all the way down here." As she was saying this Heather's finger tip traced its way from Nicole's hardening nipple, down her stomach, through her little pubic patch and flicked at the moistening little clit peeking out from the twelve year olds swelling lips; the sensation made Nicole twitch.

"Shiiiit Mamma!! That makes me want to piss myself, what if the guy pees while you have his dick in your mouth?" "Then you're doing it wrong" Heather replied with a wink. "Guys can't pee with an erection, and he'll have an erection if you have his dick in your mouth" About this time Rachel walked over from where she and the rest of the girls had been sitting, "Ms Heather when are you gonna show us how to give a blow job?

Can we get Ronny and you use him again to show us?" There's that Ronny guy coming up again, and it sounded as though my wife knew who he was and well enough to "use" him to teach the girls about sex sounded like. "That won't be necessary, we won't need to bother Ronny tonight, just bring me one of those hot dogs" Sierra ran to get a wiener from where we had been eating, "Ms Heather, Dakota was already sucking on one of these earlier", she said in a tattling sort of tone. "She was now, maybe Dakota can show us all how to suck cock?" "No mamma, I was just teasing", was Dakota's retort.

"It's always fun learning from you!" I wasn't sure if it was sitting in such close proximity to all of these nearly naked young girls, or watching my wife as she was about to teach them the art of oral pleasuring; but something was causing a rise to start in my shorts. Heather took the hot dog from Sierra and looking at it, then looking to all the girls and again at the hot dog; "It's not much but it will serve the purpose" She looked my way, and winked; took a step closer to me, pulled down the front of my shorts and placed the hotdog next to my stiffening cock.

"This will never do, not big enough and will never be hard like the real thing," "I think I need a volunteer from the crowd, anyone have the right equipment and feel inclined to help me teach these girls ?" It was a rhetorical question obviously, I had the only dick in attendance; no complaints though, the night had surely been fun to this point. As I stood up Heather kneeled between my legs, grabbing the waistband of my underwear and taking them to the ground as she went down.

I stepped out of the discarded cotton, Heather popped the single snap she had closed on the shirt she was wearing and let it fall open and off her shoulders. I always loved her in this position, looking down into her icy blue eyes, rio lee and katt dylan enjoying a cock view of her firm tits in their teardrop shape pointing slightly outward and her hard nipples stretching out.

Heather had the longest, hardest nipples I had ever encountered, 3/4 of an inch long and when she was excited they were rock hard.and they were visibly hard now! With her right hand Heather held my balls and wrapped her thumb and index finger around the base of my cock's shaft. With her left, she reached around and grabbed my ass, and slowly began licking the head of my engorged cock like an all day sucker. Between licking and sucking on me Heather would give a play by play to the girls on what hairy masturbation with cumshot tube porn tongue was doing it and how she was moving her hands.

Her verbal lesson was lost on me, I was lost in the ecstasy of her skills. I raised my eyes from the view of Heathers tits to notice I could see erect, hard nipples trying to rip through t-shirts on each of the girls.I thought I was as hard as I could get.but I got harder. Heather seemed to notice amateur czech babe gets nailed in public and rolled her eyes at me. I finally had to speak up.

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"A blow job isn't just a one way activity" With that I handjob cumshot compilation liza and glen hit the bases my cock out of Heather's mouth, laid on the ground with my head between her legs where she was kneeling and began to lick at her swollen, sopping wet pussy; she knew just what I was thinking and moved into an all fours position and went back to work on me.

It usually doesn't take Heather long to cum the first time, and the sound of her moans and screams always add fuel to my fire. When she started screaming my pleasure intensified. Her juices running down my cheeks as my tongue swirled around her clit and in and out of her tight twat, as she convulses and squeezes my face with her thighs, as she cums the first time, and quickly a second and third time her voice filling the night air and she never missed a beat attending to my throbbing cock.

.how could she scream with her mouth full? I slap the ass hard that's straddling my face and Heather swings her leg over and rolls to sitting on that ass. Now that my view is no longer obstructed I see the mouth on my cock belongs to Nicole! The twelve year old daughter has the same natural talent of her mother.

Nicole is no longer wearing her shirt and has one hand between her own legs as her face is bobbing up and down between mine.

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Her body begins to quiver and her legs clamp tight around her hand, I feel her moans vibrating, she still has my cock deep in her mouth. When her orgasm hits full on, she release my milf babe fucked hard for her honey, rolls over on her back laying out spread eagle and just lays there breathing heavy.

Heather walks over and takes Sierra by the hand and leads over to where I'm still laying on the ground, pulling her shirt over her head as they move, leading her face to replace that of her best friend's, on my cock. With another twelve year old holding my dick in her mouth I look around at the older girls; they either have their shirts off or are taking them off. All rubbing themselves, fingers moving in and out of young wet pussy and circling, teasing the erect nipples that I had seen trying to break free of the shirts they had been wearing.

Heather walks over to Rachel, reaches to the hand she is using on her pussy, takes it and leads Rachel and positions the cowgirl to ride my face. "I understand he blew a load on your tits already, he owes you." With that, Heather winks and walks out of view and I begin on Rachel.

Rachel straddles my face and presents her beautiful pink slit to my mouth; I know Heather had taken Dakota and Nicole to the salon the other day where they all got manicures, pedicures and wax jobs; it seems the Rachel had gone as well, she was bare and smooth around her puffy full lips, with a pubic patch in the shape of Texas.

I begin licking around the edges of the beautiful smooth pussy and feel Sierra releases my cock. The evening breeze is cool on my hard, saliva dripping manhood but it isn't exposed long before I feel more lips and a tongue that knows about french kissing. Rachel has some stamina, it doesn't take long till girl juice is all over my face, but she holds out climaxing; two more mouths come and go on my throbbing member before she lets go of her first orgasm, the second, third and fourth cum immediately and I feel her go limp sitting on my chest.

She stands shakily and I get a glimpse of Heather with her face between the legs of another one of the girls. Heather notices I had finished Rachel and brings Dakota over to my spot on the ground. Having been laid out on my back on the ground for all of this so far I was ready to change positions. I got up to my knees and had my fifteen year old step daughter stand in front of me, as we were positioning ourselves I heard some of the girls lament the fact they had not done well enough to make me cum.

Heather reassured them all it wasn't they weren't doing well, but that I last forever before I cum; but when I do it will be worth the wait. I reach my arms around Dakota, grab her ass and pull her body to my waiting tongue. First thing I notice is the Texas shaped patch of fuzz above her sweet little hot box, there must have been a pre party, party at the salon.

My tongue starts its attention on this lovely young creature, my left hand caressing her ass cheek where it meets the top of her very toned leg.

I move my right hand from its grasp on Dakota's other cheek, dragging my fingers across her skin moving up to her large firm tits that always distract me when I see them. When my hand reached its destination, found someone else had beaten me there. As I looked up to see whose hand was fondling Dakota's tit, I saw Heather pull her hand away and begin sucking on her daughters hard nipple. I knew I wouldn't last much longer now!

The hand that was denied the tit found its way to Heather's leg and soon my fingers were back teasing her pussy. Heather must have been enjoying all this as much as I was because there was a steady trickle of her juice streaming down her legs. She had another orgasm immediately upon the insertion of my fingers. Soon there was another mouth on my cock, Rachel was getting her turn at learning .she didn't need any instruction, none of the girls really did; they were all naturals.

My head began spinning with my impending orgasm. I heard Heather call all the girls closer and instruct them to close in around us on their knees. Suddenly Dakota clinched all of the muscles in her body, Heather patted me on the head, "hold on now baby". Suddenly Rachel takes my whole cock into her mouth, I can feel it go into her throat; at that moment Dakota reaches the top, lets out a shriek and begins squirting a solid stream of cum into my mouth and all over my face.

That was what I need to go over the edge. I heard a giant boobs woman banged in local store for a few bucks as my cock broke the suction of Rachel's mouth when I jumped to my feet. Heather pushed Dakota to her knees as she went down on her own. I grabbed my cock as I began to cum, rubbing it and spraying my jizz over a crowd of tits and faces!

Soon I was on the ground on my knees and heard Dakota from behind me, "Glad things turned out like this!! We didn't have any batteries for Ronny tonight".