Couple film sex on the kitchen floor iknowyourgirl com

Couple film sex on the kitchen floor iknowyourgirl com
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Daniel's POV It's about 12 pm when I wake up. I have to leave soon. I send Holly a text saying "Good morning" and wait with a bowl of cereal and a cup of coffee.

It doesn't take long for Holly to reply. She says good morning back and I ask her if she's given any thought to my offer. She says "I need to talk to you before I decide." She gives me an address and I tell her I'll be by soon.

I pack up my bags and put them in the trunk of my car and set off. It takes 20 minutes for me to get to her house. She comes out of the house as I pull up outside. She's wearing a tight chocolate bitch sucking cock with face full of sperm of black jeans and a white blouse. Her red hair is down by her shoulders. She looks so beautiful. She jumps in the car with me and I kill the engine.

"So, there's a rumour going round that Enrique was found tied to his back fence. Someone beat him up and drew cocks all over his face." I smile. "I wouldn't know anything about it." I say shrugging my shoulders. I can see she's not convinced and says "Uhuh ok." I see her smirk and ask her if she's coming with me. "I wanna go but I want a peaceful trip, no trouble." She says in a serious.

"I promise there'll be no trouble. I also promise to protect you. No matter what." She stares at me for a moment and nods. "Ok then just let me grab my bags." She runs back inside and comes out with a suitcase, a back Pack and a hand bag.

I open the trunk for her to place her stuff in. She keeps her hand bag with her and jumps in the car beside me. She cracked open a can of soda and we set off, next stop Woodchip.

"So what really happened with Enrique?" She asked. "I admit I had a a few words with him, what did you ever see in that guy." She laughs and says "He was tough and scary. It was so hot! He asked me on a date and I melted. We had an amazing date and we got together that night. After a few weeks he asked me to give some biker a blow job as part of a business deal. He got a hot coffee in his lap for that." That part has me laughing. She's got fire in her, I like that. "I dumped him then and there.

He tried getting me back and kinda became a stalker. Standing outside my house, even sending me threats." She says with a worried tone. "Don't worry, I promised to look after you and I will." She looks at me and smiles appreciatively.

"Thanks, I'll look after you too. Its obvious you need to someone to keep you outta trouble." We share a laugh. "look you don't have to keep secrets from me. If we're gonna be friends we need to trust each other. Thank you for what you did. I owe you." She says. Then something happens that I don't expect. Her hand creeps over my crotch. "What are you doing?" I ask her. "Like I said, I owe you!" She says with a naughty smile as she unzips my jeans lexi belle tyler nixon ma belle babes pulls out my cock.

That's when she takes off her seat belt and her head immediately goes down to my cock and she starts sucking. I grip the steering big titted boss fucks with her employee tightly and try to focus but Holly's mouth feels so warm and cozy around my cock. Her head bobs up and down my cock and im working hard to keep the car in a straight line. I can feel her tounge snaking around my cock and she's making slurping noises.

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I take one hand off the wheel and place it on the back of her head and push her down. She starts gagging and I start cumming as I fill her mouth with cum. I moan loudly and accidentally hit the car horn while I cum. I watch her gulp it all down and sit up flicking her hair back. She licks her lips getting the last traces of my cum and giggles at me like a school girl. She puts my cock back in my pants and zips me up. "And here I thought you were sweet and innocent!" I say smirking.

"innocent little girls always make the biggest sluts!" She says sweetly. We share a laugh and talk about everything and nothing.

I learn that Holly is a smart girl who had the potential to go to college and do whatever she wanted but her parents just couldn't afford it. Holly gave all her money from work to her family to help pay bills. Her parents didn't have very good jobs and it only got harder when her father was diagnosed with a spinal injury.

Holly's mother often took time off work to care for him.


Holly took it upon herself to find a job and contribute to the house. Holly had told her parents that she was going on a road trip with a friend of hers and that she would call everyday to check in. Her parents were happy that she was finally going out to have fun. I wanna tell her that I'm sorry about her situation but she doesn't need my pity.

adorable licker aria skye masturbates and ends up pounding dudes cock can understand wanting to look after your family" I tell her.

"I grew up in a council estate in London. My mom found it hard to get a job. She did whatever she could to get money. I did my best to help her." She looks at me and nods "You got a job to help her?" I nod and say "A job of sorts, didn't pay very well, teen secretary teen mia pearl was on her way to get some tacos takes a wrong turn and hours and it was hard." She smiles lightly and says "It doesn't matter, you did your best to help.

I know your mom has to appreciate that." I take her hand and squeeze it lightly. If Holly only knew. To be honest I don't know what mom thinks of me.

I didn't get the chance to say a proper goodbye, I feel a sudden burst of guilt for up and leaving like that. "Daniel what's wrong?" Says Holly snapping me out of my daydream. "Huh? What?" I say.

"Your crying." She says. I wipe my eye and find tears. "Sorry, I'm embarrassed." I tell her laughing. "No, it's ok. Let me help. What's wrong." "I just miss my mom." I tell her trying to get off the subject. "why don't you call her, I know she'd wanna talk to you." It's the best idea I've heard since I started my journey. It's nearly half an hour when I see a pay phone. I pull the car over and tell Holly "I'll be right back." She tells me to take as long as I need.

I pick up the phone and dial the number. A few rings later I hear a "Hello" and I take a second before answering. "Hi mom." There's a moment silence before she answers "Daniel?". "Yeah mom its me" I say smiling. "Honey where are you, I've been so worried. We have alot to talk about." I shake my head and say "Mom I can't tell you, can we just talk?" I ask. She's silent for a moment then says "Ok honey." I smile and say "How are you?" "I'm fine baby, I got a job at a recruiting agency.

It's a good job with really nice people." I smile at her success and say "Good. What's the estate like now?" I ask. "It's great. That Crossblade guy did a great job cleaning the streets up." We share a laugh and says "I know his mom is so proud of him." I pause for a minute and say "Mom I'm sorry I left like that. I promise Sister force brother in sex make it up to you." "Daniel you did what you had to.

I'm so proud of the man you've become. You can make it up to me by coming home one day." I smile and say "Ok I promise. I love you mom." "I love you son." I hang up the phone and smile. As I head back to the car Holly looks at me smiling and smiles back.

Once I'm back in the driver seat, Holly takes my hand and squeezes it. "Thank you." I say to her. "No problem. Shall we get going?" She says and I nod and start the car up. Rick's POV I'm sat at the dinner table contemplating what I'm going to say.


I realise that I've never actually asked someone on a date before. All the women I've been with just sorta happened. But I've never gone through the whole dating process. I dial the number and wait for Sarah to answer. "Hello?" She says. "Hi Sarah, it's Rick Green." "Mr. Green what can I do for you?" She asks pleasantly.

"I was just wondering if you wanted to join me for dinner this evening?" I ask her. I'm really nervous but I don't let my tone reflect that. There's a moment silence. "Yeah, I'd like that. Is 6 good for you?" She asks. I feel like my heart wants to jump from my chest and do a little dance on the table. "Great!" I say a little too excited.

"6 is great! I'll pick you up at yours." I hear her laugh a little and say "good. I'm looking forward to it." We say our goodbyes and hang up. I look at the clock and see it's 2 o'clock. I stand and see Jodi leaning against the wall with her arms folded smiling. She just walks over to me and hugs me. She says she's happy for me and kisses me on the cheek before going to the sink to do the dishes.

I can't believe my luck, I've got a date with the most amazing woman I've ever met. I feel like a little kid as I run up to my room to make reservations at Antonio's. David's POV I'm in Lisa Pride's office and she's bent over her desk as I fuck her from behind. She's moaning loudly as I thrust my cock in and out of her. She looks so hot in her work clothes. White buttoned shirt with the sleeves rolled up, short black skirt which is currently pushed above her ass and her black panties which are around her ankles.

"Ohhh fuck. Yeah, keep fucking me!" She cries. "You like me fucking you don't you?" I ask her. "Ohhh fuck yes! I love it." My balls start boiling as I grunt and thrust my entire length inside her. We both call out each others names as I cum inside her. I pull my dick out of her and watch my cum leak out of her.

She looks back at me and smiles wickedly. She pulls her panties up, trapping my cum inside her. I pull my pants up and she pushes her skirt back down. We share a kiss and make plans for me to pay her a visit her later tonight.

My plans for the day consist of sitting at home with a beer and watching the game. Those plans are shot down when Katy calls. "Sup kitty Kat?" I say. "Hello David. Just wanted to remind you to visit the Smith's." She says making me sigh, I'd forgotten I was supposed to do that. "Yeah thanks I'll get on it." I hear her laugh before she says "Chin up Davey." That's her nickname for me. She says it to wind me up cause she knows I hate it. "Screw you!" I say laughing back. "maybe when you grow up." She says before hanging up.

I set my GPS for the smith residence and set off. One of the thing we do at private heroes is recruitment. We notice when people are in a bad way and offer them the chance to work for something better. We noticed Michelle Smith.

cop traffic stop and still horny suspect initially denied lp officers charge of theft year old widow and a mother. She works for a factory on a wage. On top of that she's a night time cleaner for a school. She works too hard for too long trying to support her son who's 16.

My job is to try and recruit her to the company. We focus more on personal qualities rather then qualifications. Anyone can be taught how to do a job but if you don't have the will, drive and determination to do it, then what are qualifications worth? It's efficient. I arrive at the house and put my weapon in the glove compartment, there'll be no need for it. It's a nice change. I walk up to the door and ring the bell. The door opens and I pamela alone in the face of danger adr a young man answer.

He's short, brown hair, kinda skinny. He's wearing a football shirt and a pair of shorts. "Hello?" He asks. "Hi, my name's David." I say showing him my ID. "Is your mother home?". "No she's working, why?" He asks with a suspicious tone. "I just need to talk to her. What's your name kid?" "Eric." He says. I shake his hand and thank him for his time. Back in the car heading towards Michelle's work place.

I'm in the factory looking for Michelle when I hear shouting. I look over and see an old man shouting at a short brunette woman. As I walk up to the two of them, I can hear the old man calling the woman "Incompetent!". As I approach he says she's fired and stormes off.

The woman breaks down in tears and runs off. "Excuse me." I say to one of the onlookers. "that woman, who was she?" "That was Michelle." She replies. "Poor thing, she's a good worker but she's been under alot of pressure and the boss is an asshole who doesn't care." I nod lightly and follow Michelle to the canteen.

I enter to see her still crying, wiping her eyes with a tissue. "Hey, are you ok?" I ask sitting opposite her. She looks up at me and says "I just lost my job. What am I gonna do now. I have a son too provide for, im barely getting by as it is." She says still crying.

"Maybe I can help." "Yeah? How?" She says sarcastically.

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"Mrs. Smith I work for Private Heroes, I actually came to recruit you to our company. Your a fighter, hard working and commited. We need you." She stares at me for a minute as if trying to work out if im teasing her. Eventually she brightens up and says "Really?" In a hopeful tone. "what kind of work would it be?" I smile and say "Secretary work. You'll be working with our intelligence manager Katy. She'll take you through the work. Help you learn and improve your skills.

It'll be a steady 11.50 an hour day. If you accept, you'll start at 9 tomorrow til 7. So what do ya say?" She stands from her chair and nearly jumps into my arms hugging me tightly as she says thankyou repeatedly.

I have to laugh as she starts pacing around the room talking to herself. "Eric will be so happy! I can quit my other job. I can spend more time at home." Seeing her happy warms my heart. I place my hand on her shoulder and talk in an official tone. "Be at the office tomorrow at 9 and I'll get the process rolling." She nods and says "Yes sir" Smiling.

I walk out with a smile and call Katy to tell her she has a new recruit to train. She's happy to hear it. As I'm about to leave the boss walks over and says "Can I help you?" I show him my ID and he tells me to follow him to his office. "No actually I came here to see Michelle Smith." The manager chuckles and says "She no longer works here, she's a nice woman but damn incompetent." I keep my temper under wraps and say top and bottom boys xxx storys I just hired her to my company.

She's smart, honest and full of courage. A valuable employee for anyone." I walk past him as he stands there dumbfounded. I look back for one final word. "Word of advice, people work better when they're respected by their boss." I turn and walk out with my head held high.

Rick back home. I'm dressed in my best suit. Navy blue suit and a claret shirt underneath. I put on some cologne and leave the house getting a hug from Jodi. I picked Sarah up and was greeted with a kiss on the lips. She was happy to see me and was excited for our date. She's wearing a white evening dress that showed alot of cleavage.

We're sat in a posh italian restaurant having a good time. She tells me that the divorce went through and she is now officially a single woman. I make a toast to the single life and she laughs. We clank our glasses together and sip our wine. I tell her about how I started private heroes and what we do in more detail. I don't give her specifics about any cases since all our clients are entitled to confidentiality. She takes my hand from across the table and tells me that what I do is a good thing.

That dedicating my life to helping others is noble and that im an honourable man. It's at that moment our fun is ruined by a drunken asshole walking to our table. Richard Parker stumbles up to us with an empty bottle in his hand. He doesn't look at me as he's focused on Sarah. "Sarah we need to talk!" He says with slurred words. "Go away Richard you're drunk." She two asian sluts gets long schlong in threesome reading the menu.

"Stop this nonsense now!" He demands. "Just come home and we'll forget all of this." I'm starting to get angry but I hold back and let Sarah handle it. "Richard we're over, the divorce was finalised." She says finally looking at him. "Stop being so fucking dramatic and come on!" He says making a grab for her arm.

I stand and grab his wrist twisting it against itself. He cries in pain and stap daddy and daggers tits are starting to watch the confrontation. I release his wrist and gently push him away. He looks at me with shock then anger as he walks up to me and tries to stare me down.

"What the fuck are you doing with my wife!?" He says loudly. "Ex wife." I clarify. "Richard he's my date." Sarah says getting frustrated. Richard looks at her stunned. "Yes! He asked me on a date and I said yes." Richard looks me in the eye and I see his hatred for me. At that moment the manager walks over and speaks to Richard. "Sir, your causing a scene and im gonna have to ask you to leave." Richard smiles at me then turns to walk away. Its so predictable what his next move is as he quickly spins round and swings his fist at me.

The old turn round and try to catch me off guard. That old bullshit. I see his fist coming a mile away. I simply lean backwards and his fist goes straight past my face. That's when he looses his balance and collapses on the floor in front of me. The police are called and both me and Sarah are questioned. While they talk to the manager an older couple in their 40s walk up to us and say "Hey son, I just wanted to let you know that me and my wife saw the whole thing.

We know you didn't start anything and we'll back that up." His wife nods and I shake his hand, thanking him. They walk over to the police to talk to them and sure enough we get cleared and freed to go while Richard gets put in the back of a police car. Me and Sarah decide to walk through the park while we talk. "I'm sorry, this evening didn't go the way we wanted." She waves me off and says its not my fault.

Its at that moment I notice her shaking and I realise how cold it is. I remove my jacket and hold it open for her. She smiles at me and I slide it on for her. "You know when Richard walked in, I thought the night was going to be ruined.

But the way it played out was actually pretty entertaining." We share a laugh and walk around the park before heading back to the car. I drive her back home and follow her to her front door. She thanks me for the evening and kisses me on the lips. I just stand there smiling. She opens the door and looks back at me shy cute amateur girl loves to flirt pornstars hardcore. "What?

you wanna come in?" She says and I shrug my shoulders. "Would it be wrong if I did?" Sarah laughs a little and just walks inside leaving the door open.

I follow her in and close the door behind me, locking it. Sarah lights up the fire place and turns to face me with her hands on her hips. "Now what do you want?" She says mocking seriousness. "My jacket back for a start." I say making her laugh.

She takes my jacket off and hands it back to me. "Thanks. Bye then!" I say turning towards the door. I'm just messing with her and sure enough, as I reach the door I get spun around and pushed against the wall. "Where do you think you're going?" She says with a sexy smile. She takes my hand and drags me towards the bedroom. As we reach her room, I realise she planned this. The curtains are drawn and there are candles all around. I watch as she lights them all and pushed me on the bed, where she straddles my lap and places her hands on my cheeks and kisses me passionately.

I slide my hands up the back of her dress until I reach the zip and slowly pull it down. She moves off of me and slides her dress down and lets it fall. I stand their open mouthed as she stands there in front of me completely naked, save for her high heel shoes.

She takes my hands and begins undressing me slowly. She pushes my shirt off and begins kissing my chest. She moves her kisses lower until she's on her knees in front of me and pulls my pants down.

By now I'm already hard as a rock and Sarah takes my member and gently strokes it as she licks the tip. Bit by bit, she takes more of me in her mouth as she sucks me slowly. She looks into my eyes and I see love and appreciation. I decide to show her the same love as I lift her up and lay her on the bed. I lean over, I'm lined up and slowly push into her.

She gasps and throws her head back as I slowly thrust in and out of her. She looks back at me and we stare into each other. She strokes the side of my face and I place my hand on hers. I thrust my whole length inside her, making her moan and hold myself there as I kiss her. She places her hands on the back of my head to hold me their.

We kiss for a minute before she flips us over so she's on top. She has a naughty smile on her face, I'm still inside her as she starts grinding on me. "I couldn't wait to feel this again." She tells me and I place my hands on her hips.

She places her hands on my chest and starts bouncing on me slowly. She's moaning loudly as we're both about to reach our orgasms. "Cum in me baby! Cum in me." She gasps as I hold her down and shoot my load inside her. I feel her tremble, her pussy clamps down on me making us both moan and grunt and she collapses beside me. I pull her close and she cuddles up to me as we fall asleep.

David's POV. 8:50am the next day. I'm just finishing off some case files when my phone rings. "Yeah?" I say holding the phone to my ear with my shoulder as I continue working. "Mrs. Smith is here for you." Says May, our receptionist. "Thank you im on my way." I get down to the desk and see Michelle satin a chair, dressed smartly in a white shirt and a black knee length skirt with a black handbag.

As soon as she sees me she stands and walks over. "Mrs. Smith. Please come with me." She follows, smiling ear to ear as we enter the elevator. "Thankyou so much for this opportunity Mr.?" She says. "No Mr. Just David, and you welcome we're lucky to have you here. I'm taking you to Katy, she'll be your supervisor." Michelle nods as we get to Katy's office. I really hope she's not having sex right now. I knock three times and I hear "Come in." Katy's POV This is so annoying, I had plans to get some from Tyrone this morning but I gotta look after a new recruit.

According to David she's a nice person and I look forward to working with her. At the same time FUCK SAKE!!! I'm so horny, I might just have to fuck this recruit. I hear a knock on my door and tell them to come in. David enters followed by a short, curvy, brunette with large tits. If I was the jealous type, I'd feel threatened by her. Nevertheless I may have to fuck her just so she understands who the queen bitch is around here.

"Katy this Michelle. She's gonna be working with you today." Says David and I nod. "Michelle this is Katy she'll be teaching you." I see her look at me with what looks like shock before she nods. "Right I'll leave you two to it. Katy play nice" he says smiling. Once the door is shut I stand, shake her hand and say hi. I offer her a seat beside me and before I can talk she asks "How old are you?" I'm a little put off by the question and say "25.

Why?" It's then she looks embarrassed and says "I'm sorry it's nasty honey gets team fucked at home. David told me alot about good you are.


I was just expecting someone a little older." "Is that a problem?" I ask her and her face goes red. "No! No not at all. I'm sorry. You must really be good." She says kissing my ass. I laugh and tell her not to worry about it. She's embarrassed, I take her hand and tell her to relax. We spend a bit of time getting to know each other and soon enough, she starts to get comfortable. She's a fast learner and quickly picked up on the work that I was showing her. She helps me with the end of week case files and soon we finish what would take me all day to do.

We talk a great length about our social lives and she tells me about what she was like at my age. Damn! She was almost as much of a slut as I am.

She seems proud of it and I like that about her. This is gonna be fun. Daniel's POV 23:30 that night. Holly's asleep as we're coming off the freeway. It's getting kinda late and I'm getting tired but we're almost there. As we get off the freeway I turn onto a bridge that leads me into a city. It's busy on the streets, everyone is dressed up smart, probably heading to the clubs. Once we're out of the city I drive into a nice little community and I pass a sign that says "Welcome to Woodchip." It's quiet and there are some really nice houses.

I'm following my gps to a hotel. Once i park outside I gently push Holly to wake her up. She looks a little confused as she looks around. She turns to face me and smiles. We check in and get a room with two beds. I don't really know what my relationship with Holly is right now. She's become a good friend, who gave me a blow job. She's doesn't argue about the two beds and I decide to let it go for now. I got more important things in my head. Tomorrow I get to meet aunt Jodi.

I haven't seen her since I was nearly 5. Me and Holly get into our room and its pretty nice considering how cheap it was. There's two beds beside each other with a tv at the opposite side of the room. There's a bathroom with a shower at the far end of the room. I drop my bag and Holly says she's gonna take a shower. I change into a simple pair of shorts and climb into bed to new hot maal sex com some tv. Holly comes out from the shower 20 minutes later in a pair of panties and a long t shirt.

She climbs into the bed next to mine and we talk a little until we go to sleep. At some point in the night I wake up and feel another body next to mine. My eyes adjust to the dark and I see it's Holly curled up against me sleeping. I place my arm over her and try to get back to sleep but I'm excited and scared of what's gonna happen tomorrow.

She could welcome me with open arms or slam the door in my face. I'm glad Holly's here. We haven't known each other that long but we've really connected and we've looked out for each other. I know she'll help me through this. That thought puts me to sleep and I know things will be ok.