Nearer xxx mom hot six night

Nearer xxx mom hot six night
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Last night felt like a dream, my dick is still throbbing and there is a cum stain on the floor; It couldnt have been a dream, my fantasy had become reality.

I got dressed and went down stairs to find mum making breakfast. She was wearing the night gown from the night before, a white stain around her cleveage could be made out. "Morning sweetie i made you breakfast" She smiled, kissed me on the cheek and placed breakfast before me as i sat down. Everything seemed normal, as if nothing had happed. As puzzled as I were, I had to find out. I stood up and turned to my Mom.

I walked over as she was slightly hunched over cleaning the counter and took her hips and pressed my cock between her ass cheeks. "Honey, what are you doing?" She questioned. "youre acting like in this hardcore interracial threeway youll fin night didnt happen" i replied.

She didnt reply. I slammed my cock into her a little harder. She welped with pleasure. "Im not saying it didnt happen, it was a one off. We cant do these things im your mother. Now finish your breakfast sweetie, im going for a shower" She didnt sound too sure with herself. I watched her ass sway as she left the kitchen. I couldnt stand it, i became horny and my mom is wishing that it shouldnt have happened. I left my breakfast i wasnt hungry for food; and made my way upstairs.

I could hear the shower running, the door was unlocked.

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I turned the knob and entered. My mom was washing her hair, and didnt hear me come in, i stood there, watching, her hips moved slightly from side to side, i ass petite ariana marie and halle von lesbian fun shiny from the running water and shampoo flowing down her back. She turned and was startled by my presence. She covered up, "what are you doing here?" "Watching you shower, can i join?" i said in a cocky tone, "No, i said we cant do this" She got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her.

I stopped her leaving, and took her towel off, she resisted very little, i knew she wanted me. I took My hand and cupped her pussy; massaging it with my middle finger. She closed her eyes, biting her lower lip, her knees were shaking with pleasure, she moaned with excitement. She took my head and brought it to hers and began to kiss me with such passion and ferocity. She took my hand away from her pussy, and started to suck on my middle finger.

Tasting her own juice made me so horny, my dick had grown strong and ready for bursting out of pants. I couldnt wait any longer i span her round and bent her over the sink. I spread her legs took my cock and penetrated my own mother. I pushed it further and further into hey pussy till i was balls deep into her, juice began pouring out of her and dribbling down her legs and across my balls. "Fuck Me, Fuck Me" She cried, she didnt need to ask, i was slamming in and out of her, she was so tight for a woman her age, and it slid in and out because of how wet and horny she was.

My balls began to tighten i was ready to come, i needed to slow my pace. "Dont stop please, i need it!" she begged. I tried to keep going, but fucking my mother aroused me so much.

"Im almost there, i dont know if i can." She stopped me in my sentence, "We'll cum together, fill me, oh god please fill me up" With her saying that i unloaded everything i had into her, i thought i was going to pass out, cum spirted out of her pussy and onto my stomach, it poured out down her legs and formed a pool on the floor.

Mom was quivering, and still moaning from her orgasm. She turned herself still bent over and with me still inside her to kiss me. After the amazing sex,and we had cleaned up and got dressed, we sat downstairs smiling to eachother, drinking a cup of tea. Mom was wearing a nice flowery dress, another one her clothing that stops above her knee, she loved showing off her legs, who could blame her, they are amazing.

"We need some groceries, we cant stay indoors fucking all day" She smirked, i love it when she talked dirty, it made my dick pulsate. "Sure, lets go. I can help" We left for the car, i slapped her ass on the way out, locked up and we drove down to the supermarket.

The first isle we went down was the fruit and vegetable isle, i checked her ass as she bent over to look at the bubble but babe yui kyouno enjoying a racy doggy. Next to me was a cucumber, i grabbed it and when i was certain no one was looking and placed it passed her panties and deep into her vagina.

She almost screamed, she had to cover her mouth from making a scene. She turned to me as if to say 'what the hell are you doing', i smiled as i knew she couldnt remove it, as other customers were now around.

We continued to walk around, the cucumber was still deep inside her; she was limping slowly so not to draw attention to herself, she could barely talk as i am certain she has had several orgasms; i could see streams of juice down her leg, which sparkled in the light.We went round to the frozen section, were she had the chance to finally remove the cucumber; she smiled at me in a sexy manner and left it in.

I wanted to fuck her there and then but i didnt want to get caught. We finished shopping, paid and left. We got back to the car and began to pack the shopping into the boot, when mom removed the cucumber from between her legs.

"Ooooh, there we go. Oh, i shoplifted this, im such a naughty girl" She teased. I got so horny i looked around and then whipped my cock out.

"Suck it, please. I need this" With out hesitation she dropped to her knees and gobbeled my cock into her mouth, she slurped with it in her mouth. She used so much tongue it was incredible. "Im cumming!" I whimpered. I shot my load into her mouth. "MMMmmmmmm!" She gulped down my cum not once, not twice but three times; there was soo much come. She licked the remains of my semen from my cock and returned to the car. When we had arrived home and packed up, the phone rang. It was my aunt susan, moms sister.

We havent seen her in ages, so mom was catching up.

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"Hey sue, how have you been? How was france?" Mom sat on the sofa and began her conversation. I will still wanting her from the supermarket, i wanted in on the conversation. "Oh wow, i cant wait till i see your photos" She continued, i walked in and placed myself before and put my hands on her thighs.

She frowned at me, but i knew she loved it. I slid my hands up her legs, and gripped her underwear. I smiled and licked my lips as i pulled them down to her ankles.

She signaled to not do what i was thinking but i had already made my mind up and her gap looked so inviting. I began licking up her thigh, the smell of her filled my nostrels, i wanted to continue. I licked between her lips it tasted so good, my mom was struggling to hold the coverastion with auntie. "oh.I.I.would love that" she continued on japanese teen takes on two cocks uncenso verge of orgasming.

"Yes, fine." I buried my face into her, my tongue stretched out and went in deeper. My mom bit her knuckle as she was coming, so not to scream.


Her juice flowed out, it was all over my face and down the sofa. I was in need of a release, i pulled my cock out and started jacking off.


I stood up and lent it towards moms mouth, where she immediately took hold and began to lick it. "Oh, im eating a bannana" she said as not to arouse suspicioun. She then gargled my cock to the back of her thought, pre cum seeped out down the back of her throat, and she began to suck.

I was about to cum, when she pulled it out and started jerking it towards her face. "Ok, we'll see you tommorow sis" She said as i exploded as over her face and hair. "Bye" She put the phone down and gave my cock a final suck.

"That was really awesome Mom" She smiled, still completely covered in jizz, "It was, i needed your cum after that eating out you gave your mom" "Yeh it tasted so good! I want it again and again mom!" "well its yours" she smiled "And i want your cum again and again, im your cumslut" She giggled. "By the way, aunt susan is visiting tommorow" Aunt susan was visiting, maybe this situation could get more interesting.