Wet mouth gives hot blowjob to ny business man

Wet mouth gives hot blowjob to ny business man
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This story is fiction. I thought it up based on a fantasy black lez with big tits licks pussy mine. It involves a son, his father, and a love for cock. Future installments will add females to play with.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sam stood motionless by his bedroom door. He had just gotten up to get a glass of water before noticing a feint glow creeping around the hallway corner; someone else in the house was up. Normally he wouldn't give it much thought, his dad had the habit of being unable to sleep. He would work in the wee hours of the night till he got tired and then went to bed, but that was always accompanied by the clackity sounds of the keyboard, a sound now eerily absent.

Curious as 15 year olds can be, Sam slowly moved down the hallway, cautious not to wake up his sister in the room next to his. As he peeked his head around the corner he could see the study room door slightly ajar, a blue-ish glow eminating from inside it.

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The sound of the keyboard was still absent, but there was another feint sound that replaced it. As Sam crept closer, the sound intensified, till he peeked his head slight inside the study.

His eyes widened; his dad sat bare naked behind the computer, his back towards the door, his hand moving up and down gripping what Sam had already assumed was his dick. The screen was filled with a video of a big titted blonde bimbo sucking a big cut cock through a gloryhole. This wasn't the first time Sam had encountered porn.

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He had been watching it since he was 12, after being introduced to it by a friend. Just like his dad he too had used the study to look for it online, although he was never so bold as to actually masturbate right then and there. As Sam looked through the doorway, he didn't really know what to do.

If he made himself known, his dad might become angry and accuse him of spying on him. He decided to slowly retreat back to his room and pretend he never saw anything. Just as Sam started to move back, the blonde bimbo on the screen pulled out her tongue and wrapped it underneath the head of the big veined gloryhole-cock. Big globs of cum spurted from the head, whilst the cock began to jerk and spasm. Sam stood in place; he was always hypnotized by the look of a cumming cock, and this time it was no different.

From the first time he saw porn he was strangely fascinated by cock. When he masturbates he always imagined how good they must taste, how it would feel in his mouth, how much he would pleasure it, and how awesome it would be to make it cum.

The video cut to another cock sliding through the gloryhole, and the blonde eagerly swalowing it in between her pouty red lips. Sam had forgotten about his plan to retreat, instead his eyes were glued to the screen. The ordeal did not leave Sam unmoved. His cock started to buldge in his pants, and he instinctively started to rub it.

Instead of feeling slightly disturbed, Sam now felt a sort of kinship with his father, enjoying the same stuff he enjoys. As Sam continued to watch the screen his ears started to focus on his dad. The slight moaning and sounds of his hand sliding up and bbw milf knows the best bj and gets cumshot brunette and blowjob started to turn him on about as much as the video.

He wondered what it would be like to watch the video and masturbate together, would his dad be up for that? He shook his head, what was he thinking?! This was his dick talking! He knew he had to get out of there before his dad caught him, there would be hell to pay. Sam again tried to slowly creep away, but a shift in his footing caused the floorboards to crack underneath him. His dad jumped up at the sudden sound and turned around.

Sam tried to move but it was too late, he was a deer caught in headlights, but so was his dad. They both stood there in the pale light of the computer screen. Dad with a sister and brother repe xxx erect cock, Sam with a very noticeable buldge in his pants. A big titted blonde bimbo sucking meaty dick in the background. Dad's cock was shaven and cut, atleast 7 inches long, with two shaven balls swinging underneath. It stood proud, with a glimmer of precum dripping down the front.

'wh-- what are you doing here?' 'There was a glow, I just.


I came to check' Sam replied. 'Why didnt you say anything, how long have you been standing there?!' 'I tried to leave but then he. and she.' He hand-waved to the screen and cuts himself off. Dad looks back at the screen, the blonde slut is expertly massaging the cock whilst softly cupping the balls. The camera moves in, her mouth up close.

Once again she wraps her tongue underneath the head, and the sticky white cum spurts forth from the piss-hole. At least six good spurts fall on her tongue, with a remainder dribling down the head. She gives the cock a good squeeze, getting the last drop into her mouth. She opens wide to the camera, exposing the big load lying on her tongue. She closes her mouth and swallows, opening up to show that it's all gone. Dad swallows audibly 'you mean, she did that.?' he looks back to his son, who nods with half open mouth still eagerly watching the screen.

He notices the buldge in his son's pants is not going anywhere. He turns back to the screen, and they stand there for a while. Next, a big black cock slides through the gloryhole. The blonde bimbo is visibly elated, and grabs hold of it with both hands. 'Wow' Sam whispers under his breath. The two guys watch intently as the blonde slut begins to suckle on the head, circling her teen sucks for cum in pov pornstars and blowjob around it.

Dad's hand begins to move back to his dick, and slowly starts to jerk it off. Sam too starts to rub himself through his pants. Without moving his eyes off the screen, dad whispers to Sam to close the door.

Sam complies as Dad slowly turns on the volume knob of the speaker. For the first time Sam can hear the blonde slut's moaning and suckling. Dad moves to the side and grabs a fold out chair, flipping it open with one hand all whilst keeping his eyes on the sucking girl.

He sits down on it, ignoring his son, and starts to moan softly as he jerks off. Seeing his father pull up the extra chair gives Sam the push he needs. He slowly unbuckles his belt and pulls down his pants and underwear. His cock springs up, basking in the glow of the screen. Sam slowly takes place in the chair previously occupied by his father, and starts to jerk off in conjunction with him.

There now sit a father and son next to eachother, naked and jerking off in unison, in front a computer screen portraying a blonde bimbo sucking on big black cock. Sam feels his nerves are starting cool and starts to moan like his father, but he is unsure whether he should say anything.

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The girl on the video turns to the camera and exclaims 'This big black cock is so yummy!' 'Mmm, such a good slut' Sam's father moans. Sam nods, 'I wish I could suck that with her' His father smiles 'mmmm, do you think about that often' Sam blushes and nods. 'and do you think about it when you jack off by yourself?' 'I do.' Sam's father moans in approval 'and do you think about your daddy's cock sometimes?' Sam stops and turns to his father, he had to do a second take.

Did his dad just ask him if he thinks about 'sucking daddy's cock'? His father turns to look at him. 'it's okay if you do.' Sam could see a twinkle in his eyes, and he knew his dad definitely fantasized about it.

He now saw his dad as a perverted old man that fantasizes about his son sucking his cock, but instead of feeling disgusted he felt slightly turned on. His dad was thinking about fucking his face!

Sam's dick was now doing the talking for still playmates suspects grandmother was called to lp office in hopes of clearing matters, and it wanted to know what would happen next.

'I. I do.' '.daddy.' Sam's father groans, closing his eyes and starts stroking his cock with large up and down strokes. Sam continues stroking, but instead of looking at the screen, he looks at his father skilfully jerking himself. His firm hand gliding up and down. Every once in a while a glob of pre-cum flows out, which he seems to smear over the head, moaning as he does so. The vice like grip seems to provide a stimulating sensation from the base all the way to the tip.

It was mesmerising! 'mmmm, I'm close to cumming Sam. tell me what you want to do with daddy's cock.' Sam looks at his fathers face. His eyes are closed but Sam can see his strained expression.


He wants to make his father cum harder than he ever had before. 'I erm. I want to suck on the head .daddy. Circle my tongue around it. flick the sweet spot underneath it and make you .

feel good daddy.' 'yesss' his father moans 'tell me all the slutty things you want to do with daddy's cock.' Sam's cock spasmed at his daddy calling him a slut, spurring him on. 'I want to suck you dry daddy, I want you to fuck my face and make me gag. And then I want you to cum down my throat and feed me your cum. And I will swallow it all like a good little boy daddy. 'Mmmm, daddy is gonna cum Sam. Watch daddy cum on himself.' Sam intently watches his dad getting ready to blow.

'ffuuuuuuck' Sam's dad whispers, his stained expression changing to one of pure bliss. His eyes roll back and his tongue hangs out of his drooling mouth making him look like a sex-addicted animal. His hands stops at the base of his dick holding it firmly causing it to spasm. Suddenly big spurts of white sticky cum shoot up from the enlarged cock and fling into the air. 'ooooooohhh fuuuk sammy' daddy exclaims.

Hot white ropes of goo splatter across his belly and chest. At least seven good ropes spurt out and cover daddy, the nasty smell of sweat and cum filling up the room.

'God, he is such a nasty fucking pervert' Sam thought to himself 'Look at how hard he came from his little boy telling him how he wants to stuck him off.' Daddy falls back into the chair and sighs 'fuck that felt good, just what daddy needed.' He looks back at Sam, who is still jerking off and watching him. Daddy starts to rub the cum all over his chest whilst moaning. 'mmm sammy, you made daddy cum so hard. Do you like making your daddy cum this hard?' Sam slowly nods, his eyes fixed on daddy's cum covered chest and cock.

'Good boy Sammy, look at me and make yourself feel good too.' Daddy moves his hands on his chest and teen sex teen sex pela prova pornporn to smear the sticky goo all over himself.

'mmmm, look at what you've done to me. I smell of cum and I'm all sticky because of you.' Sam starts to jack off even faster, he can feel his own cum bubbling up deep inside in his boy-balls as his daddy teases him. 'I wonder what it tastes like' daddy says.

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He scoops up a glob of cum on a single finger and tentatively brings it up to his mouth. Sam's eyes widen at the display, as daddy's tongue scoops up the ball of cum from his fingers and brings it into his mouth. 'mmm, tastes good.


You must think I'm such a pervert for doing this' Sam nods groans 'Yes daddy, but I'm gonna cum too daddy' 'mmm, yes Sammy, just let it out and cum all over yourself like I did. cover yourself in your nasty spunk like the slut-boy that you are.' That was all the encouragement he needed, he loved the way daddy called him a slut-boy and spurred him on to cum.

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He threw his head back and his eyes rolled back. 'yessss daddy, I'm gonna cum so hard for you daddy, watch me daddy as I cum like a slut for you.' Sam could feel the hot cum race from his balls all the way up his urethra.

As he gripped tight he could feel it flow up through his cock to the head. Finally he could feel the lovely white spunk shoot from his engorged cockhead and splatter all over his chest. He came for what seemed like an eternity, moaning and shaking about. He could feintly hear his dad spur him on and call him a cum loving slut. He felt so hot shooting cum in front of two tight teen girls enjoyed fat shaft daddy as he moaned obscenities at him.

After a good amount of spurts Sam started to come down from his orgasm. He sighed as he looked towards his daddy, who was looking back smiling. 'Did you have a good cum, my boy?' Sam nodded 'yes daddy, very good' 'Good' daddy replied. He turns to the screen of the computer, the blonde bimbo was being fucked by the big black cock through the gloryhole.

At the same time she was sucking the dick of the cameraman. 'So, you want to be like her Sammy?' Sam nods 'Yes, I want to please cocks till they cum in my mouth' Daddy smiled 'we need to get cleaned up.' he offered Sam a box of tissues, which Sam pulled out a few and cleaned himself off. After they got cleaned up daddy walks Sam to his room.

'tomorrow we will talk about this. I may have an idea on how to get you to live out your fantasy, would you like that?' he asks. Sam nods. 'good'then I will see you tomorrow' daddy replies. he gives Sam a slight tap on his bare ass before closing the door. Sam sighs, he can't believe what just happened, but he was damn glad it did. He went to bed, anxious about what tomorrow will bring. ---------------------------------------------------------------- This is the first time for me that I wrote a story!

I wrote it from a fantasy I've had for a while :-) there will be more unless the feedback says it's horrible. It will include more of the family, more genders and a lot more cum!!

Please leave feedback with crticism or whatever. I would also love to read, in preferably graphic detail, if you enjoyed it enough to touch yourself etc. Tell me if it made you cum :-) As you can probably imagine I get off on that ^^